welcome back everybody to altcoin daily we 
have so much to talk about in today's video   my name is aaron the reason why you subscribe 
to our channel is because on a daily basis   we break down everything going on in the 
whole entire cryptocurrency space news opinion   interviews perspective all the top projects 
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i'm always looking for new projects to cover in   future videos with that being said smash the like 
button because i have a lot of key information   to share with you in today's video this is info 
you need to know about let's get into it based   on everything i'm reading based on everything i'm 
seeing and i try and follow some of the top people   in the cryptocurrency space bitcoin ethereum and 
the greater cryptocurrency market is about to   explode i was saying that here i was saying that 
here i was saying that here i was saying that here   here here here here here here here it's only my 
opinion but on chain fundamental metrics look   fantastic let's go through it and understand 
never underestimate the importance of boring   bitcoin when nobody's talking about it this 
is the time to get involved this is where   the real money is made in my opinion so let's 
take a look at some important bitcoin metrics   bitcoin's rsi is starting to break out of key 
resistance the rsi is an important metric to track   in any asset class and in this case it looks to 
be significant bitcoin is starting to break out   of the two-week rsi resistance that began 
all the way back in january solid analysis   by parabolic mat we know how rsi tends to lead 
price this could coincide with the two-week close   over the log 1.618 log-scale fibonacci which has 
historically marked bitcoin full send mode do you   understand this not only bitcoin on a weekly 
time scale has had its highest weekly close   ever in bitcoin's 12 13-year history bitcoin 
has never closed higher on a weekly time scale   combine that with the fact that bitcoin actually 
closed above an important log scale fibonacci   1.618 bitcoin just opened and closed above 
the 1.618 log scale fibonacci this has been   significant in the past in 2013 when this happened 
this is the full send in 2017 when this happened   this is the full cent 2021 this is happening again 
are you ready for what's coming i'm personally not   betting on this time being all that much different 
when you take a look at what happened in 2013 2017   you are here you are here you are here i'm 
actually going to take two seconds and like   this i'm actually going to take two seconds 
and engage with this because i truly appreciate   people like this putting out this type of content 
free you know this back in the day normal people   couldn't get access to this kind of information 
and according to all the indicators that we   mentioned in this video and we talk about all the 
time according to all these indicators that have   called every bitcoin top and bottom we are nowhere 
close to bitcoin's top a lot of people asking well   maybe we have a double top situation going on 
well according to many metrics take a look at   your screen right now we're nowhere near the top 
we are here we are here we are here we are here   this is where the top should coincide with 
full bitcoin top gauge issue out tomorrow   let's take a look at this so based on everything 
we've been talking about in today's video the log   scale fibonacci the rsi based on everything we've 
been showing you on this channel for weeks and   weeks for months and months for years and years 
subscribers know what i'm talking about what   is an accurate prediction for the top of this 
cycle with 98 accuracy we have a call for 231 812 as the top of this cycle this is 98 accurate 
in 2013 this called the top the prediction was   1264.

The actual top was 1242. accuracy 98 percent 
2017 this predicted the top predicted 19654 the   actual top was 19 804 almost 99 accurate in 2021 
all of these metrics are predicting a top of 231   812 in the past this has been 98 accurate let me 
know your thoughts on this in the comment section   below and if bitcoin gets to that price point what 
could ethereum get to what could certain altcoins   get to let me know your thoughts in the comments 
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choice app account today now there are really   two schools of thought on this number one that's 
way too bullish number two that's way too bearish   maybe some people are saying well that's moonboy 
talk a bitcoin price of 200 thousand dollars this   cycle will never happen then the other school 
of thought is that this is the first cycle where   people realize that bitcoin and cryptocurrency 
is not going away combine that with the fact that   bitcoin supply flow bitcoins issuance onto the 
market of new bitcoin is you know really at the   lowest it's ever been and we've seen this major 
shift happen in 2019 to 2020.

So understand this   peak bitcoin happened in early 2020 the 
liquid supply will never be that high again   8 billion people 56 million millionaires 41 000 
publicly traded companies trillions of cash and   pension funds bank accounts and bonds all trying 
to get a piece of the bitcoin pie number go up   this is probably the most important chart 
in crypto imagine being bearish when another   3.4 billion users are coming in by the 
end of the decade no one is bullish enough   well how about ethereum ethereum looks ready to 
explode as well eth to go thermonuclear start of   a parabola of sorts not trying to be a hopium 
dealer this is truly what i expect to happen   and i have my money where my mouth is i have no 
reason to turn bearish or expect much lower prices   i will milk the bull until it stops providing milk 
and with amc now accepting cryptocurrency they're   accepting bitcoin ethereum litecoin doge and shib 
to follow hey who wants to go to the movies right   with exchanges still listing popular meme coins 
like shib i mean these are bull market vibes my   friends this is what a bull market feels like the 
bitcoin lightning network capacity has increased   300 percent year to date hugely bullish famous 
musicians famous celebrities still releasing   nfts partnering with crypto companies getting in 
on this major major innovation and trend dao's   forming to buy multi-million dollar copies 
of the constitution my friends we've made it   congratulations if you've been here this entire 
time taking this journey with us how long have   you been in cryptocurrency how long have you 
been subscribed to this channel and understand   opportunity like this won't last forever and take 
advantage of it while it's here the cryptocurrency   market goes and abs and flows we're in a major ebb 
right now and i'm incredibly bullish all right my   friends i'll see you tomorrow that the chinese 
government out in beijing crypto currency it's   a real thing bitcoin an ethereum if you've got a 
lot of that you're a wealthy man but if you go to   the republic of china get a little coin out yeah 
it's a shiner see all the sunlight reflect off   the currency they're not doing that well though 
currently a trade war coming on between here and   china yeah the white house and fear saying all 
that yeah we got those tariffs god keep the money   in that balance if you don't study it fiscally 
there's no laughs in here it's a risk for me

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