MASSIVE Crypto News to Launch HYPERBOLIC Bitcoin Bull Run

welcome to your daily crypto wrap up where i give you all today's crypto news in about three minutes all right guys today bitcoin looking decent like we could finally be getting the bounce that we're looking for we've got some very interesting stories including a very big story about the united states and crypto regulation let's go ahead and jump in so here we are the market cap this number here is very important we are back over 2 trillion we're barely hanging on but 2 trillion needs to be flipped back into support for the overall crypto market bitcoin coming in at about forty three thousand six hundred and uh ninety three dollars or exactly uh almost to uh forty three seven the forty three thousand six hundred seven hundred dollar level is really important we need to get above that ethereum over three thousand dollars xrp at 94 cents um cardano at 212. so let's go and look at the biggest gainers of the day we have cutem v chain amp omg and luna with all over eight percent pumps v chain and amp two of the bigger holdings that i have so really excited to see that all right let's go ahead and jump into the news because we've got some huge news today uh today on capitol hill in a house financial services committee meaning jerome powell the chairman of the fed said the united states has no interest in banning crypto they don't want to do what china has done i think this is really big news but i think it also goes to the point that they can't do it they know they can't do it china knows that they couldn't really do it but the chinese you know the chinese citizens are under a little more control some would argue this but i believe they're under a little bit more control than uh the united states citizens uh we at least have some kind of semblance of freedom here um and you know the thing is is that um you know he continued to attack stable coins as well as we've been talking about this is a huge target for the fed for the united states government that's what they really care about avalanche let's go avalanche avalanche today and ethereum competitors a lot of competitor i'd call it has now been listed not just on coinbase pro but on regular coinbase as well there's a little avalanche logo avalanche following how about that guys this is big news i told you avalanche is gearing up for a run we know they got the news with the coinbase pro listing yesterday morning while we were on the air on the live stream and then today it's officially gone on coinbase it just got a modest bump it didn't go up significantly but the coinbase listings set it up for bigger bumps down the road last story of the day lil nazex grimes elon musk's former girlfriend um she was voted most likely to break up with a muskrat they have now been included in the tick tock nft launch these are going to be moments can only be a top shot but for tick tock where big creators like little nazaks bellaport some others they're going to be paired up with some nft artists in crypto to launch uh nfts of their best viral videos so like moments from tick tock so very interesting tic toc is supposedly not making a dime on this but i think it's gonna go further to push uh you know tick tock into the future which will have a good effect on the bottom line all right guys big news today that's all i got let's see bitcoin go bullish be blessed good boy out

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