Massive Bitcoin Crash! 5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Will Crash

Bitcoin price dropped to 35K dollars at the
time of this script. Just a month ago, most people were thinking
that the only way for bitcoin is to hit at least 100K dollars. But it seems like their plans have backfired
and the price of bitcoin seems to keep plummeting. So lets find out why the price of bitcoin
is crashing? How bad the crash is going to get? And will it ever rise back? Lets start with Elon Musk. Recently he said Tesla will stop accepting
bitcoin for car purchases, because of the negative environmental impact of cryptocurrency
mining. So a few months ago, mining bitcoin didn't
have any negative environmental impact. Or maybe Elon musk didn't know how to mine
bitcoin. He purchased 1.5 billion dollars worth of
bitcoin without knowing how to mine bitcoin. Lets give him the benefit of the doubt. He is building electric cars. How could he possibly know that you need electricity
to make these computers work to mine bitcoin? How could he possibly know that most of the
electricity in the US, for example, is generated from fossil fuels? Even Tesla cars are charged using electricity
from fossil fuels.

That's not something an average person knows
like Elon musk knows, especially since he is are trying to help the world move to sustainable
energy. Don't get me wrong. I am not trying to villainize Musk. he is
a great guy! he deserves a lot of respect for everything he is doing. But let's be honest, that's pure pomp and
dump! He didn't do that because he cares about the
environment. Because the majority of electricity in the
world and the US comes from fossil fuels. That's a well-known fact. And Elon Musk is not someone who doesn't know
how we generate electricity. He tweets bitcoin price is too high, bitcoin
price falls, he buys a lot of bitcoin and then says that Tesla will be accepting bitcoin
as a form of currency, then bitcoin price rises, he sells a share of his bitcoin.

Then he tweets something negative about bitcoin,
like saying that it has a negative environmental impact and bitcoin price falls. In the previous video, I actually talked about
that! How Elon musk is playing with bitcoin price
to profit Tesla. The price of bitcoin dropped about 5% in the
first minutes after Musk's announcement. In fact, at the time of this script, the price
is below 50K dollars. But you know what else he has tweeted? Do you want Tesla to accept Dogecoin? He ditched bitcoin, and now he wants to pump
Dogecoin. The price of Dogecoin grew by over 30 percent
in less than 24 hours after musks tweet. If that's not hyped and a bubble, please explain
to me what a bubble is. Again, I want to make something clear. I am not saying that crypto is bad, bitcoin
is bad, or blockchain is bad. All I am saying is that these coins are getting
pomped, which means all that's waiting for them at the end of the tunnel is a crash.

Here is a step-by-step plan on how to make
money with Dogecoin – but here is a disclaimer – this is not financial advice, and all that
I am saying in this video is for education and entertainment purposes. So please do not do what I am saying in this
video. Dogecoin will keep rising as long as Musk
keeps tweeting about it positively. If he can move the price of bitcoin dramatically,
the price of the largest cryptocurrency in the world, he can destroy the price of Dogecoin
in no time like you can destroy the like button. That was smooth. You didn't see that coming, right? )
Anyways. Now isn't the best time to buy Dogecoin. Just wait a little bit until everything cools
down, or Elon musk stops tweeting about it, or he will tweet something negatively, and
the price of Dogecoin will plummet by 20, 30, or even 50 percent.

That's when you should be buying Dogecoin
and then hope that in the coming weeks or maybe months, Elon musk is going to tweet
something positive about it and the price will skyrocket again. and that's when you sell, making 20, 30, or
even 50 percent gain in such a short period of time. Again, do not do what I am saying in this
video because this is all speculation. But some enthusiasts may say: Tesla will start
accepting Dogecoin! that means the number of users who will use Dogecoin will grow,
which means the price of Dogecoin will keep rising. If you believe that, then you are naive. Didn't you see how he ditched bitcoin? I mean, bitcoin is in a much better position
to be used as a currency than any other crypto, especially when that crypto started as a joke.

Don't you think that he is just playing with
the Dogecoin. Remember GameStop? When a bunch of Reddit users came together
and pomped GME and made millions while the world biggest hedge funds lost over 13 billion
dollars in the process? that turned the financial system upside-down. Since then, people have realized that if they
come together, they have the power to pomp any asset. That's of course, great and exciting from
one side, but whenever any asset is pumped, there will be someone who is going to lose,
so there are negative implications to it as well. You see, Dogecoin is not rising because it's
naturally growing. No one is using it as a currency. You cant use something that volatile as a
currency. Some people might use it, but that's such
a small number of people, and they mostly do it for fun. In fact, a lot of people are buying Dogecoin
for fun since it's trending and it's all over the news. Why not try your luck? Maybe you are going to buy it right before
musk tweets something about it, and you are going to make some quick money. I believe most people are buying Dogecoin
to make some quick cash.

No one is holding Dogecoin because they believe
in that idea. And for god's sake, don't tell me that Elon
musk believes in that since he wants Tesla to start accepting Dogecoin. What is certain at the end of the day is – the
bigger the bubble gets, the bigger the burst is going to be at the end when everything
crashes down. Even Elon Musk is saying that it's a bubble. He is literally telling everyone that do not
invest the money you are not ready to lose. What worries me the most is that this crash
will most definitely hurt legit crypto companies that are developing the technology. Remember how the 2017 crash drove away many
investors from everything that has any connection to blockchain or crypto. Well, if the next crash is going to get worst. Then that will delay most of the crypto projects
that are working on solving all crypto problems to make the technology more useful and practical.

Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency that is AGAIN
STARTED AS A JOKE at some point, was valued at over 80 Billion dollars. Yes, it worth more than some of the biggest
companies in the world, such as Moderna that's supplying the world with vaccines against
covid, DELL technologies, Activision, and many more. It's even valued more than Coinbase, the first
ever crypto company to go public. Some people might not see it but what's happening
now is no different from the 2008 crash, although the 2008 crash was a housing crisis, not crypto. Cryptos didn't exist back then. The 2008 crash didn't start in 2008 or 2007. The 2008 crash started back in 2002 when investors
were looking for a place to invest their money. They just got out of the dot com bubble. The entire market was down. No one was ready to invest in tech companies
and real estate seemed like a great opportunity. After each crisis or a recession, the economy
enters the expansion period, where the economy grows, and people tend to make more money.

So when the banks realized that there is such
a high demand for homes in the market. They gave mortgages to everyone and then took
these mortgages, bundled them together, and started selling them as securities to investors. And the returns were astronomical. Investors didn't care because everyone believes
that worst-case scenario is that the banks will sell these homes, and investors will
at least get back their principles, especially since home prices were rising. They were guaranteed to make a profit.

But what happened at the end of the day is
that the market wasn't regulated. It kept growing too fast because it was based
on speculation. The banks would give mortgages to anyone because
they would sell these mortgages in the forms of securities to other institutions anyways. These institutions didn't care because they
would sell them to other investors. Everyone knew that its a bubble, but no one
wanted that bubble to explode in their hands, so they just kept reselling them to each other,
while growing the bubble even bigger. In fact, some people thought that the bubble
will just keep growing forever and it might never burst.

But one beautiful day, it did burst, taking
down with it the entire global economy. If you lived through the 2008 crisis. You know how bad it was. People who are buying Dogecoin, SafeMoon or
even bitcoin, know that it's a bubble, but they don't care because they are just waiting
for Musk's next tweet when bitcoin will jump by 20 or 30 percent. Then they will sell and cash out. In the last crises, these securities were
backed by homes. In the current bubble, these securities are
not even backed by homes. It seems like a much more dangerous game. But the positive side of it is that once it
crashes, it will have a limited impact on the housing market or even the stock market.

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