MASSIVE 100x Gains from NFTs (Newest Frontier in Crypto)

uh somebody has you know burned a physical banksy and tokenized it to have it sort of like immortalized it you know it kind of like teleported from our physical realm into this virtual you know nft blockchain environment it's it's almost the opposite of the matrix he blue pilled his his art bitswap is the hottest new way to trade tokens calling all the top decentralized exchanges biswap gets you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name has been every day on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money and crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button and if you love nfts and you want more nft content every week make sure to smash the likes today i'm bringing on an expert in nft's ken bozak to discuss how he's been able to change his life this year with nfts now some people are selling nfts for 100 times what they bought them for you gotta have a listen to this one hey guys welcome to the show today i have my bro bro the truest of all bro bros ken bozak on the show you like him you'll love him ken how are you doing hell gooseberries i'm doing well how good is the day it goes well anytime you're on the channel it's been a while since you've been on i haven't been on since last year but we're going to get you on the channel a lot more regularly here soon because one of the hottest things in crypto right now is your specialty nfts so i want to bring you on we want to do this show every week talking about what's happening this week in nfts so what's going on uh i guess kind of the the weirdest you know big story is taco bell nfts let's uh let's let's talk about it let's taco about it bro bro i ain't got no beef with taco bell's nfts all right uh i will say that you know i think let us discuss sorry was that cheesy uh that was that was a hard show to swallow all right so we we got everybody talking about this in the mainstream like it's a it's a franchise it's not a video game you know it's fast food coming into something that they have almost like no right to be in but it it's because this fits everybody it feels it feels okay right and the art looks in my opinion very crypto twitter friendly like they they did some research they probably have a collab with an artist that signed an nda that you know like it it doesn't look like the clip art that we've seen come out of some celebrities or some mainstream yeah the the problem i kind of have is the scarcity like your taco bell remember when i told you about the scarcity issue you may have had with your nfts because you're so big they're taco bell and they only made five of each nft and very few of those right so i mean it's like why not have an infinite print where it could just infinitely be printed but at least everybody could have a cool taco bell nft why not do that right so i kind of feel like they missed the mark on that end but i'm excited to see you know mcdonald's and burger king you know how they the wendy's you see how they trolls are gonna spit fire you know when he's gonna come with the fire they always on twitter every day i mean i follow wendy's on i have notifications turned on for wendy's just for the lulls yeah they're good i can't wait for their nfts they're going to troll each other on the blockchain and i'm excited for it i feel like wendy's will accept taco bell nfts uh for a trade-in to get a wendy's nft and then they'll burn the taco bell nft oh my gosh that's fire okay so it's very interesting i would like to say though that uh you mentioned my nfts that we did last year and we had you on the channel the day that we launched them and i'll be honest with you i didn't think they were going to sell i was like ah we did them they looked good it was great artwork but like i didn't think they'd really do that well and then you told me you said oh you're going to have a big problem with the scarcity we sold them all out in like two hours and you were right on that you know so and then of course this is one thing though that is that the the craze kind of came and it went and now it's back how what what's the difference you see right now with the with the excitement about nfts compared to kind of you know over the summer and do you see it having a similar rise and fall yeah actually been comparing this a lot to 2016 2017 sort of how we've seen in 2016 you know the natural growth right that natural playground that we had in 2017 we saw a lot of mainstream come in and try to play with us in the sandbox that we're experimenting in and it didn't work out very well for them then and it took a while for them to figure it out and they still kind of are you know we had oscar meyer coin a lot of people don't remember oscar meyer ico and you know do you guys remember the telegram ico kick ico yeah i'm waiting for all those nfts to be an equivalent of that moment but we'll grow past that but right now this is that micro bubble you know it's a small bubble we have a macro one in the future this is just the very first micro you know wave of adoption we're seeing yeah i think you know you make a lot of really good points there i mean some people have been comparing nfts to the to the latest uh new ico craze i guess people could say but the thing that i really have a hard time with is the a lot of the people that say they're saying nft is a bubble and it's going to go away and everybody's going to get wrecked and blah blah blah blah they're the same people preaching sound money and preaching cryptocurrency and preaching supply and demand the market will fix itself this is not some kind of like gigantic problem what's going to happen is a lot of these nfts are going to come out quickly and then people are going to buy them at over inflated prices and then they're going to realize they can't resell them and then people are going to have to drop the prices until it reaches that equilibrium so like i don't get it like can we just let the market fix itself without everybody having to complain or cry about it what do you think about that yeah i'm with you i don't i mean we obviously already have that issues in the real world of collectibles physical collectibles people argue over you know which pokemon card should be worth more than the other due to scarcity you know there's only x amount of surfing pikachu but you know there's so many holographic charizards why is that one worth more than this one it's the the the community the majority of them have decided that is what it is and you're right we will get there uh unfortunately it's going to have to go with that you know pet rock and beanie baby level of collectibles that we're at right now we don't know what's going to be a pokemon card or what's going to be a beanie baby something you may be a bag holder or something where you may become an investor for getting yeah and if anybody knows anything about this channel they know i love beanie babies i i love when we go to conferences and we're the most famous beanie baby collectors at the beanie baby conference you know beanie baby nfts are coming i i know it they have to be can we get the license for that let's call tai do it do it let's do it that's a great idea we would crush beanie baby nfts oh my tabasco the bull still the only one i know to this very day okay so let's what else is going on in fts this week i know there's a lot of really interesting stuff and involving big artists and music artists and there's a lot going on there what do you think the top stories this week are uh for nfts um i guess right now we have banksy art somebody has you know burned a physical banksy and tokenized it to have it sort of like immortalized it you know it kind of like teleported from our physical realm into this virtual you know nft blockchain environment it's it's almost the opposite of the matrix he blue pilled his his art you know he put a physical thing into this you know mage and i love seeing that you know what is tangibility anymore these days you know like what is it what is real you know is this an original piece of art because this is now the only living remnants of that physical piece that was destroyed does this count as an original or is it only count as a photo of an original uh and i think that's where we're gonna start to see these debates philosophically start to get you know balanced out we don't we now have something to talk about we don't know where it's gonna go but our the conversations are brewing now you know what is value in collectibles what is an original what is real yeah i love the experimentation like i think that's really great and i know we're playing a role in that here billy crud but we have our own deck builder game coming out on wax here in a couple weeks uh very excited about that you guys it's gonna be awesome uh so can't wait to see where that's going and then we're gonna go in a lot of different directions within fts and uh you know i know ken you're gonna be part of all that in the future so it's definitely gonna be really cool um but what else i know you had talked about some some music stuff because we're starting to see more development starting to see more development and kind of some different niches other than just collectibles uh that are you know kind of like cards or you know art right so what what are we seeing on the music front right now so yeah i mean along the sides of the collectibles we have dead mouse on wax that has just you know collectibles not really you know any utility outside of collect them all uh we also have steve aoki on uh what was it nifty gateway sold packs of nfts like that is so cool to get a pack of nfts on on like an ethereum platform now it's like kind of new for them but over on wax we've been playing with pax for you know a year now and some change so it is what it is it's just cool to see artists using that but i mean personally i and a lot of people are asking me and again i it's like i nothing i've ever done is from the investors perspective it's always from an end user and i've just been benefiting from being an end user of things that have you know succeeded so i'm i'm looking at buying music and not when i mean like buying a song on itunes i mean i want to own it i want to own it i want redistribution i want licensing this nft in my wallet to that music that i own i want to be able to walk into a production company studio and say hey you know that fight scene i think this song would fit that fight scene fairly well and they put my music in that fight scene that i own and now i that's where i'm at now i'm buying music that i own who am i fighting uh probably scorpion sub-zero super hypo in the mortal kombat movie yeah okay yeah i mean you think i could take him i mean i i i like johnny cage right now with a oh i love sub zero like that's my dude right there i will i figured you'd be a sub zero kind of guy yeah i'm i'm not too big on the advanced button pressing okay and i know it's sub-zero i got i've had sub-zero's moves down since since mortal kombat no number mortal kombat i remember the first time i did a fatality for scorpion and i ran down the street to bang on my friend's door not realizing it was 10 o'clock at night and we both got in trouble dude that game was so freaking lit back then like i just you know me and all my friends we play that game and we weren't supposed to play it you know number one well imagine if we could have owned those characters and owned you know that those those reputations or owned that in-game progress and we could have transferred that to our kids or nieces and nephews or our peers who just wanted to play mortal kombat this digital asset ownership era that we are in is game breaking and that that's a real problem like we are disrupting and with with disruption comes demolition and construction you know we're not making things better we are completely replacing things in industries they have to figure out how to just rebuild from a new ground floor up they we're not it's going to be tough but it's going to be a lot of fun we're we're ready for gaming 3.0 right like gaming 1.0 was what i grew up with and i really loved it which was side scrolling mario brothers zelda overhead view you play the game and you beat it gaming 2.0 started with double 07 with nintendo 64.

It's all sudden multiplayer becomes the primary function first person shooters playing online of course that was kind of a different phase but it all started with the multiplayer with d7 gaming 3.0 is now now you're gaming with ownership you're multiplayer gaming online with ownership and i was thinking about the mortal kombat example so many different places i could take that like you could actually own the moves and then you can own the skins and then you can create you basically your own character based off of what you thought unless you have the nft exact exactly yes button mesh all you want but in the wallet that you logged into the game with you don't own that fatality so your character can't do that action and the way gaming is moving right now uh and i i i'm again not a financial advisor but my best investment of the year has been chain and that's because i saw the potential in a blockchain you know gaming project that would say hey you play call of duty if you get a lot of head shots we'll give you some cryptocurrency and the amount of people that i've seen playing call of duty and you know earning crypto i i think you know moving forward you know with the amount of games like apex legends fortnite x y and z these games esports 2.0 is coming to you know things like chain or engine or wax or whatever and i wanted to be a part of all that i think it's way more fun to invest in toys than it is in [ __ ] coins yeah i know that's for real well we're just going to see how this space develops is going to be really fun and and i know i do think that i think this nft craze will last pretty much the rest of this bull run so we're looking at probably the rest of the year um and then this will actually be some of the stuff that gets made fun of next year probably so when it goes down you know like oh my god remember when you know they made uh nfts of all the parts bitboy's face uh did you collect the bitboy knows you know that's probably what it's going to be so ken definitely everybody if if you want to follow ken we'll put all his links down below to his twitter and to his youtube page he's got a ton of different places he's going on and if you want to own ken's beard we'll make sure to get nft uh of that so can anything else you want to say today yeah just um if you guys want to pick up one of my nfts uh uh i'm the kind of person who had enough hindsight to buy nft for spelled out i bought them all i just i own them all so go to nft for and pick up one of my nfts and join my telegram if you join telegram uh in my group every time we engage with each other you're automatically earning cryptocurrency that you can buy nfts with for free so let's just we're all having fun you know hanging out and playing with our crypto toys it's a lot less serious over here yeah i know it it's we love it though it's a break from what we do daily so yes we like the fun we like to say nfts are for fun you know cryptos are investing nfts are for fun and you really hit it earlier on the head when you said we're the end users like as long as we're using this stuff and it's fun that keeps you know stuff lighter that's what i think is important so we'll put the link to ken's telegram also down below i'm in that telegram group as well uh so if you guys want to go in there and you know stop by i'll probably see it can't promise y'all i'll respond to you but uh ken thanks for coming on today like i said guys hit up his links down below drop his comments down below let us know what you want us to talk about on our weekly nft show that's all got be blessed [Music] you

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