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Let's get into Altcoin redemption. Right guys today, we're going to take a look at what's really going on here in the crypto space, specifically some altcoins and how there's a little bounce from those lows. Obviously, there is still a lot of fear. We 're going to get to the index of fear and greed. We're going to take a look at Evai and look at the dashboard to see what's going on in terms of some of these specific projects. We'll take a look at Bitcoin's dominance and what's going on there, along with the total market cap of Altcoin as well. We'll be taking a look at some altcoins in particular that seem to be having a really good time. And you know if you're lucky enough to buy that dip, you've probably won a huge amount of money. So when we get to these guys, if you find it useful , hit that like button, we both really appreciate it. And of course, if you are new to the channel and want to stay updated with these new cryptocurrencies and hidden gems, why not become a subscriber by becoming a subscriber? You will always be informed of everything we do here.

it's free. You'll be well informed so why not Chris? Anything else you'd like to add before we move straight down and delve into all about recovery. Now, let's get right into it. Let's do it nicely. Well you guys are here. We have an index of fear and greed. This is the indicator of fear and greed for the entire crypto space and we can see how we had some difficulties here today, so yesterday, this was the intense fear at the eleventh and today.

We 're pretty scared at 19, so we added eight points to the graph, but in the end, it's still scary now. This is just generalized across the entire space and there are pockets of altcoins that actually work well and aren't as scary as what they tell us this indicator gives you that kind of overview a little bit and you can use something like the Evai platform here dashboard up dashboard., sign up, it's free. You will have access to this and you will be able to learn about all these alternative coins here. They are constantly adding more to the platform, so now it's about twenty years here and you can go into the details of those and. Finding out how scared you are or knowing about liquidity issues and all that sort of thing when it comes to these specific projects is a really useful way of understanding what's happening not only for the generalized market, but for specific projects as well.

So, for example, if you want to look at Vechain, you can see how the ratings have stayed the same , but it was three times yesterday. It's three today we face . We can just open the dashboard here for Vechain and we'll lock those pointers down for a second. We can go down and here we can see you know. The plug index is at a D level, so we know there's a moderate amount of fear there.

We can see that from the graph. So in the end the rating is downgraded here. Based on that fear and again, you can see that with the sharp ratio as well, you can see it happen there and obviously you know otherwise. I mean liquidity too. So that's totally fine and we have a maximum bottom line value and you know the profitability. All of these look very good, so profitability is here for VeChain. He was clearly incredibly good because he moved to know 6000% in a relatively short amount of time.

So when you start looking at them in more detail like this, it tells you a bit of a different picture than what you see here. Well this is obviously just a V series and you can look into additional projects so that the V series was there. If you want to look at something different, let me scroll here and open something like this here. So this will be XRP and once again you can come. Just scrolling down through the chart here, you can actually see the XRP Fear and Greed Index, which is unique until it comes in at 3rd.

Once again, XRP is not as scary as Series V again. You can see that the liquidity is fine. You can clearly see that moving averages are fine. I've got two peak and value values. I got profitability again. One because XRP has been very profitable since let's say the lawsuit, for example, if you buy it at 17 well done and if you don't sell and hold on. Very good guys and again here you can see the sharp ratio too. So there are a lot of additional things that you will be able to get from this platform. This is just outside of the generalized data you see from the Fear and Greed Index here. So in the end, he tells us there is still great fear in the right place, he says he's nineteen, but he recovered from the day before.

We can see that from 11 to 19, but also when you start looking at it in more detail here, you can actually say OK, OK, what are the scary projects , and which ones are really recovering well and making it. Bounce to the upside and this is where this platform can really help you. So if we take a look at some of these extras, we have the cardo. It's probably one of the things that should really calm down if you pull it off. So, if you get into Cardo here and close that, Cardo is one of those things that bounced really well. There is still yes.

So here's a really good example of what's going on as to why Cardone bounces so well. We have a fear in the agreed pointer here at nineteen, a ferocious fear for the entire crypto space. So far it's atwo for cardo. So Cardo doesn't have that fear. We talked about this before in one of our previous videos. So it's a really good way to configure an area on very specific projects . Since you can actually take a look at everything that's going on here, you can say, OK. Well, perhaps the shopping pedigree is where it let down a bit. You have a good profitability that you have little liquid. A problem when it comes to the card, but then again, you might expect to think that over 74% is immune. Well, there are a few liquidity issues. So I'll watch that but other than that this seems like a really good situation you know you'll come after you've properly evaluated the Btwo, so I'll always say that's a good overview.

It gives you a bit of an idea of the flavor, but if you go ahead and take a look at you, you'll actually get the exact level details that could be exactly you. And what we're going to do is take a look at this. This is bitcoin dominance and that's what we've been talking about before where we are likely to see this bounce in bitcoin dominance. So we hit 40 and now it goes up to 42.9. So bitcoin is actually gaining ground after having such a small crash. And that's what we've seen here , so we actually thought it might drop to about 37% before it bounces, but that's happened earlier in terms of Bitcoin dominance and you can see that. There's really at the end, that's what we're expecting and it's already back to about 67% or so before it kind of dips and drops all the way down to under thirty- two right now we're down here. we arrived to. I think it was as low as 39 instead of 37 and we are starting to move that needle again.

So the question is that she's going to get back to that area there before she crashes all the way here. These are the questions we don't know yet. So bitcoin dominance really drives an interesting role in what's going on here, so it's important that we pay attention to this because this level of dominance is exactly what we expect. I thought it would come in a little lower than it was, but nonetheless, we're seeing some kind of bounce and that's what the data has done previously. So history is always something that tends to repeat itself, so always pay attention to what's going on and obviously that's just bouncing right there. So I was expecting a slight dip a bit sooner than expected, but then again there are other things. In play here outside of Bitcoin's hegemony only, you can see this knowing some of the things working properly that were going on with Bitcoin. Ultimately you can kind of see why this scenario exists and obviously we still expect it to go down about thirty-two years ago, but given that this bounce happened a little bit earlier then it probably won't be as low as it is there maybe it will go up a little bit by a few pips Celsius, so we 'll be watching that scenario really closely.

So this is Bitcoin's dominance and obviously there is an effect of that. Total market capitalization, excluding bitcoin, OK, so that's obviously how high we 've come for a total coin market cap of $1.49 trillion at its peak and it's obviously pulled back and what we've actually done is actually going back down towards the first target price here in terms of the correct Fibonacci level. . So in terms of how high this thing can get, we just went down and retested this earlier area here. One Wake has proceeded to descend, but we are firm. Between our 50 moving average, it's just there and the 100 moving average here, so it looks like there are two trading ranges and I think that 's sort of how it's going to happen.

I think we'll get the 50th moving average like this and we'll end up trading between those two lines until we get the breakout moment again. So again, I still think we'll be staying at this for a little longer than the appropriate time. We will have some time to trade in a sideways pattern and there will be volatility here and volatility there, but in the end, it will be an introduction. The recovery is here in my opinion, as we continue to push the old market capitalization of coins to where they are supposed to be headed because in the end, there are still two unmet goals that are these two streaks here.

So this comes in at about 1.64 trillion. Then we hit just under $2 trillion, and the market cap is at the top there. So all currencies have a long way to go and it may extend further than that. I know a lot of people are talking about the $5 trillion market cap, and you know it. It might indicate that this $2 trillion coin market cap is actually a bit lower than might be expected. So I think there is potential here to scale a little higher than that. Unlikely, but there is a possibility of it. So we will be watching that closely. But right now, it looks like we find support at the 100 SMA and then resistance at the 50th SMA, so I imagine that will narrow until that breakout occurs .

So I expect this to continue in some kind of side trade here, but it looks like we're firmly. Within the range here, you know about 750 billion up to about 1.2 trillion, I think that's the trading range we're going to temporarily leave until things recover in place and again that's back to the fear and greed indicator, making sure the overall market gets more. You know greed from fear. So I think this will come and make calls. But some of the coins that do well are things like Ada. Kind of mentioned this earlier. In terms of how it's index fear and greed and swearing. So if we just uploaded Cardo ada here, you can also see that you know he was right here all the way when he arrived. It's less than a dollar crash. I think it became like 99¢ or something.

Obviously, the recovery is going really well. It got it right back below the $2 range and it's back down again today and it's currently at $170, and what's really interesting about this is the daily chart that we finished on our way there. And the correction put this range in a pretty good range, so actually for now. It's not too bad at all. It's in a good range for a logger index that has a lot of room to grow upward, so it's really interesting to see how that kind of performs like you said. It's not as scary as any of those other coins out there. So this one has some unique sites that could see this thing continue to grow in value in terms of looking at some of this other tech stuff, just at that hour for.

For example, you can see that the Force Index is down again. We're finding good support here on the 50 SMA, so I imagine this is going to start getting a little bit of a recovery from that $171 level and rush back higher the same way we're just talking about total altcoins correcting market cap. We have support here at the 50 moving average and resistance at the 100 moving average, so we have to see what happens there. Whether we will get that face in this cross. Then we'll see how it does.

But for now, it looks very good, not scary, and there is hardly any fear in reality. Any really liquidity issue at this point and so it seems like a very good suggestion . But of course there are a few other key elements that do well and these are the things we talk about a little bit on the channel, so the V series, for example, does a really good job of finding good support here at 12.1. Again, this looks really good looking at our Force Index heading towards our support line, which is what you define 37.41 on our Force Index. This is the area we usually bounce from. It has been very volatile for a while. Although, we'll have to see if this actually comes in nicely decreasing volumes. So I think this is really getting to the bottom of the chain and it will bounce back to the upside and again here we can see that the 50 moving average was previously a good support area which is being broken at the moment.

It's whether this body of candles is going to go higher and beyond that in the next kind of hour, that would really be a good indicator to push things forward as well. So I think a lot of these projects will definitely be in this recovery. There is less fear when it comes to VA than there is in the car.

I know, but of course, I think Unleashed would do really well and again one of the others Chris who will probably take a few people through the third API surprises and have a really good time all the way from here all the way until then. Now, this is an area that hasn't been here since May 5th, so there's actually been an incredibly good recovery considering everything that was just going on. So even though she came straight here, she was completely blown away. Right now, he's had a dip recently due to his ending, but he has to back off. This is kind of a natural cycle for him, but it works really well. It went even higher here when it went from a low of $3 and sixty-eight to a fine of fifty-seven. And then it just has to step back to fix some of those technical things.

So the three APIs are doing very well and you definitely want to pay attention to the very low and very volatile market capitalization in this regard. Now, if we look at one harmony again, another harmony was. He is recovering well, and hasn't been much involved in the meltdown or in Chris' quick sale with blood pills spilling. So in the end, this was actually kind of having a pretty good correction considering it's already up and taking several targets.

So it didn't go as deep as the others and bounced back into good territory here at 11¢, which is unfortunate because we made some good progress with that little move. So when it required a bit of a hit, it really brought it back down. To pump up levels beforehand, which is a pity, but you know it can be one of those things that happen and are in one unison. This is the situation. I think this one is still going to do very well, although our schedules may have to adjust accordingly, but the Harmony one still works well. It's in the kind of area right here and if anyone picks up a bag of one harmony and was able to get a bag as low as 7¢ and yes well done the other Chris who was doing really well.

NS. The reporters were doing some good things, too. We can see the recovery here all the way down to the bottom from where it is right now, right above the 382 area there, and obviously I see we find resistance on the SMA 200 given that you find support somewhere in one of those others as well as the SMA area 382 . So this again, I think you have to keep in mind that at this hour it is clearly pulling back just as it reached the upper end of the 200 EMA, so the anchors are doing well too. And therefore. Lots of great things happen in this space of greed indicator which gets a little better to look at your projects in more detail and realization In fact, this particular project is not afraid of anything anyway. Bitcoin dominance does exactly what we thought it would, although a little earlier than expected and these ancient coins are clearly doing just fine. So overall, Chris, it was actually a good, good dip . As you know, tell us in the right comments. Do you participate? Are you able to? You know extending your trades through this market and you know because we've been calling it for a while that you end up buying the dip you really buy that fear runs down the street.

We've been talking about it for months and you don't know every dip you buy. But this was so important during a bull market that you kind of have to kind of take advantage of what you know. You will always bounce. You know you don't come down in a straight line forever. So there will always be a fairly immediate recovery. It can be gradual. It might take a week 2 weeks a month or something, but it always goes up, usually in reverse.

This is 618 ie 702 Fibonacci retracement area, so you go down and find that the bottom is going straight up so you know the number 618 to 702 and then you are at that point evaluating the situation in which direction it is going. To keep going up or it will go further and lower. So in the end, you know that there are plenty of opportunities in this field to make very large sums of money on the way down as well as the way up. I feel sorry for all those people who use leverage and. Filtered This is not fun . That's why we don't recommend it well. We do not recommend anything anyway as we are not financial advisors, but we do not use leverage as it is very risky and comes with a lot of risks associated with it.

So we prefer to buy coins in cold storage and eventually, you know, make decisions and make sure our positions are never liquidated because we never borrow and we never overextend and it's just us. Buy what we can afford to lose but Chris I think in the end the market is doing well but what are your thoughts on the whole thing? Well, you know we'll always be honest when we think you know people shouldn't buy a dip. You know we're going to say it, but it looks like this is a really good opportunity and as I say a lot on the channel, you know you know people want a cheaper price then you actually get it and everyone is afraid to go pick up.

The bag Nick and I were buying was a great opportunity. An opportunity in my opinion that should not be missed with what has been clearly said, do not overexert yourself and you know, sometimes an opportunity is not an opportunity for everyone. But for me, this was an opportunity to get in. We knew it was clearly going to bounce back to the upside. You know me. It was about buying at the right time, so I'm making money with my purchases. Another person we call Nick is a DSL a, and we often talk about projects you know. It's too early.

I remember talking about the V series months and months ago when it was less than a cent. One tune again one you know less than a dime and you know, I think we've got a great track record. So for me. If you haven't looked at DSA I would definitely go do some research on really evaluating this project. I think it would be really good and it's a really good price.

Absolutely. So we hope you found this video useful and informative. If you hit that like button, we both really appreciate it. And of course, if you are new to the channel and want to stay updated with these cryptocurrencies, those hidden gems, why not become a researcher. A. You will always be informed of everything we do here. it's free. You will be well informed. So why not with that, I did and out of the way hope you guys have a great day and we'll catch up with you all the next.

Yes, take care of yourself..

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