Mark Cuban Loves ETHEREUM, DeFi & NFTS (2021 Crypto Portfolio Revealed)

i hate gold gold is a religion there's abs there's some some fundamental value to gold but everything else it's it's a collectible as as an investment okay you're right hate is not strong enough hate with extreme prejudice bit swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens crawling all the top decentralized exchanges biswap gets you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at bitswap decks dot io welcome to bitboy crypto my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money in crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button if you like hearing bitcoin and crypto comments from celebrities and investment gurus make sure to smash that like button so we know you like this type of content in this video i'm gonna be bringing down some of mark cuban's recent statements about cryptocurrency and d5 specifically we are seeing him become more bullish on cryptocurrency by the day despite some of his comments in earlier years calling bitcoin trash so glad satoshi didn't go on shark tank as you can see from the opening mark cuban is not a fan of gold he even called it a collectible which is kind of ironic since now he's into collectibles and devi and ethereum this guy is now all in on being a crypto degenerate we know that i'm going to reveal to you at the end of this video the top coin mark cuban is holding and i'm going to give you my opinion on it mark cuban has been very vocal about the recent turn of events on wall street he says that this is real and the reddit investors will not go away just because the gamestop hype has died down thanks mainstream media but he understands that these newer traders are a younger generation and cryptocurrency may be a big opportunity for them because it offers a different type of value proposition he said maybe bitcoin ethereum etc will go down again but at the same time we're starting to see the evolution of applications on blockchain that are really starting to build marketplaces i think younger kids gen z in particular maybe younger millennials have a different approach to how they look at stores of value how they look at how assets are priced than we looked at traditionally and he's putting his money where his mouth is mark cuban has now released his first nft on wearable and of course logan paul is now working with bondly for nfts if you didn't know even the famous in his own mind crypto youtuber bitboy crypto jumped into the nft game actually he was first and these guys followed suit but who who's counting me mark i'm counting this is mark cuban's nft on sale for essentially 10 eth but if you want some serious nfts at reasonable prices you can check out ours for real though on wearable by going to we've got so much big news about our own nfts that it's unbelievable also watch out for the bitboy comics deck builder game coming out on wax in a few months nfts are the future though and it's nice to see people outside of crypto recognizing that that's what we want but the really interesting stuff from mark cuban came on a recent ama for wall street bets when asked what industry has the opportunity to blow up over the next 10 years he responded with divides and nfts not a corporation then seemingly understanding the cyclical nature of cryptocurrency he said there will be a lot of ups and downs along the way he's been using hashtag ethereum all over his twitter account lately which is for now where defy lives of course we've been preaching this same message on this channel for the last year that's why we are heavy in nfts and heavy in d5 but he isn't just talking about ethereum defy in his nft collection he's even gotten specific with views on certain coins including sushi swap now i'm proud of never investing in food coins mostly because i'm a picky eater but mark cuban is making me hungry i just have to make sure i can order some rolls with no cucumbers because they're gross but there is one coin that cuban not only is discussed but was actually revealed to be his biggest holding ave if you want to see my thoughts on ave you can check out the video above but the fact is mark is riding my coattails again with this one because i've been on it since last year good thing i've got plenty of jackets now the thing is he didn't reveal it intentionally it was leaked unintentionally because of his collection on wearable users were able to trace down his wallet on either scan when it was revealed he has about 130 k's worth of the top t5 project he has in the past mentioned how slow it was for transferring money and of course that thinks the congestion on the ethereum network the question is does mark cuban know something that we don't as i've been mentioning for about a week now i'm hearing rumors of a massive mainstream adoption story involving ave channeling and compound still trying to gather intel on that of course but it's supposed to rip near the middle of february and after mark cuban discussed it it mooned just like dogecoin did when elon tweeted about it but this could be just the start remember i'm going to tell you this a lot if you want to be rich you should do what rich people do and with mark cuban revealing his ave holdings you may want to pay attention let me know what you guys think about this story what are your thoughts on ave dvi and nfts if any of that is interesting to you drop us a comment and smash the like button that's all i got be blessed [Music] you

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