Mar 13th, 2021 – ReddCoin/ProjectRedd Conference & Career Fair – Live Recording

[Music] welcome everybody welcome to the first red conference and career fair uh it really is meant to be a very casual event here we just want to share some information with you guys and if you have questions if you have you know something you don't quite understand about we're doing what we're doing we're happy to address that other than that this is really meant as i said just a couple minutes ago just to get some information out there about what we're doing what red is and what red coin is and where we see the future going so with that in mind i want to introduce or reintroduce uh my my partner in crime here in in red for the last five something years um and uh let him talk a bit about his role in what's going on here and and you know really really show his face for the first time in a little while uh john you'd like to step up and take the podium stepping up and on the podium welcome everybody it's uh glad you could make it i know um uh look at your faces for those like faces i can see i think we have a nice spread around the globe um it's it's always hard to tell it's uh my country is very multinational so you can think that just walking down the streets of sydney um so wherever you've come from i'm glad you've taken a little bit of time to uh come join us this morning this evening this afternoon wherever you happen to be and uh a couple of you have brought your kids up as well which is awesome it actually does make it feel like a family family affair it's uh uh my youngest is asleep at the moment it's uh 1 a.m in the morning so bear with me if i'm gonna feel a little bit uh incoherent sometimes um but uh uh i'll jump but so basically uh we we're coming together here to bring this together to bring everybody into the uh into this discussion really give a bit of a point of where we are as a as a team with the red point team and um if you've been following red for any point in time it's been a hard slog i guess trying to get information out to people and you know get them across into um getting involved or how do people get involved in this project sometimes it's a little bit hard to communicate or people want to be able to participate and don't know where to start and and uh thankfully uh jay has spent a good a lot of time in the social channels i put that put that part of my life to bed a long time ago i um just give a little history i i kind of took over the red coin project when the previous team decided that they were going to let it go i saw this as an opportunity too good an opportunity to let go i think the whole concept around social media and being able to share and reward people has a place in our society and not about which culture you're sitting i think people find um i'm trying to get the right word a better feel for receiving something that's tangible some value versus you know if you look at the likes of facebook or twitter or whatever you're just clicking a like or you know thumbs up or whatever the case may be i think a lot of people put a lot of time and effort into some of the work they do you know if you're you know a blogger and you're writing on uh medium or you're you're a graphic artist and you're putting photographs in fact even you know the nfts at the moment i think that's kind of a good case in point um really starting to take off in in different channels because people are well i find them exceptionally expensive for what they're doing but it's kind of that concept people are you know doing real effort real work and and uh and being rewarded for that now agreements are not for some of those nfcs um you know it's not for us to debate here but um i guess the whole concept for me in taking out this project and being involved in red even going back to when they first kicked off when i first got involved in red and heard about it in january 2014 i thought it was a really cool concept and you know i was just poking around a little bit and at that time you know i think i was like everybody else in 2014 was working out how how to uh get rich and you know go moon gangbusters on cryptocurrency and with bitcoin and litecoin um almost impossible to mine it was um this next thing of you know rewarding socially that seems to be the right message um and i think it's still continually the right message in our society because for me at least social media was a good communication tool it fell off the face of uh uh you know you know we moved into a more negative space i guess in in social media so without banging on too much about about that side of things um i do want to touch on what are we actually doing what yeah what are we building so um for for red coin itself the principal part for renkwein is obviously blockchain the wallet itself the main wallet uh we continue to develop we want to get the um at least get one update out a year you know to try and keep it you know in touch base with some of that you know uh with bitcoin and such or even a bitcoin cashier some of that takes those ideas that they're putting into the blockchain for yeah keep our security going bearing in mind that we are pos so some of the stuff makes sense and some of it doesn't um it takes a lot of effort um i did uh the last update i did which was last year you know a good six months up with the work just to move on moving forward so there's a number of few features in that we will find quite beneficial um one of those hd wallets we're having hd wallet support which is a bit like the electrum wallet where you can restore from a seed phrase uh will make backing up your wallets it's just you know running down your c phrase as opposed to trying to physically back up the wallet that's a cool feature that we're aiming to get to this year on the core wallet um the next thing i wanted to talk about was uh tick box so uh you may or may not be aware that we're starting to get some interaction on um some of our social channels with uh twitter and reddit not just yet but uh telegram um discord i think is uh drug i can't remember whether you got that up and going yet or not but uh moving towards that and also twitch um and reddit should hopefully be uh by the end of this coming week we should have that up and functional again as well and um i think one of the one of the nice things about the tip bot is it's actually the original tip lock that we had before with it was taken offline for maintenance and we never got back to it because we just got so busy with other things in the in development it doesn't get time to resurrect it and and libraries moved on and it needed a bit of a bit of tender loving care to uh make it make it workable so we've spent a fair bit of time in the last several weeks uh repairing and bringing things up to date because apis and things have changed quite dramatically um uh for for reddit and twitter particularly um and one of the things what about that is being the original monitors before that they're fun to you know to continue um and it's a great way to it's a nice story to get out to different communities that um uh you can engage and you know and reward people with you know a a tangible amount of of red coin to you know participate whether it's on a tweet or telegram i think um if you are using telegram i do i do probably i don't say too much when i'm on there um but i can see tips going around and and different functions there with people sharing red queen which is fantastic um we have a goal to so at the moment the tip bots are just as they were before they're very you know quite centralized and without digging involves into all the security concerns on that um the functionality in and then we have a broader goal um with a red coin block chain and structure to actually attempt to decentralize hitbox so that uh no but no single person has no single entity has control of the uh the actual wallets um by decentralizing everybody who wants to engage in a social media channel will do do so through through their wallet or use their wallet as the um mechanism for for doing a tip which is quite exciting um uh what else i want to talk about um there's a bunch of things i'm not going to talk about too much uh james is on the call we'll talk about uh red chair which is an exciting thing that um we're working which um when we got to speak with james and jamo uh who brought this product to us um it was actually one of those uh little lights that you know as a developer and saw the the technology evangelist and all these big broad ideas and i don't always put them down on paper and or share them and they're just you know floating out there in the in the brain cells and when uh james and jamo brought this to me uh in their concept when it was first explained to me before i actually spoke to the guys um it was that little light bulb mum was like yes um the uh some of the other things that we're working on sorry or something some of our goals um you know what we've had on the roadmap and just to explain them for those who are listening one of the things for social engagement is that i felt is one of the challenges is how do you get that message out so you know whether you're somebody who's blogging and you write your post you put on medium or you might be a youtube tuber who's writing you know doing some crazy you know craft that you want to want to uh to get out there one of our broader goals is is basically trying to amplify that message so if you do get tipped on on the red coin network for your post or your video or whatever the case may be you actually take that content and broadcast that out to a much broader audience so that um we can um sort of amplify that message so that um or the goal is was the goal is to fail twofold one is by pushing that message out there that gets a attention to the contents that's being created with the goal of the person who's having the attention will gain more rewards and more tips for their um you know for their effort or not um you know we can't force people to do that it's a it's a bit more expensive than just liking the video but the the goal is from a asa uh or the vision there is that people can start you know earning some income for for their efforts you know and it's a little bit different to you know if you're a youtuber for example you know just to use that example in order for you to make any tangible income on on youtube you have to have a huge view account you know you have a lot of subscribers and people watching your content so that you can get an earning against that ad revenue that the channel puts up there but i think for me when i when i'm browsing through youtube you know every now and again sometimes you'll stumble across content where the person who's doing really great content um you know it might be an instructional type video or um or you know any piece of content that's got value you know or value to a certain number of audience but not many you know that the person may only have you know 10 or 100 users so they're not going to get an income stream coming from youtube so for me it's like how do you how do you or how do you draw attention to your content and potentially get you rewarded for that it might be just one clip or one one story so that's one of our broad you know broader goals is to be able to uh for every tip that occurs on any on any social channel is to push that message out to any other social channel and say hey this guy is you know received you know a whole bunch of tips for his video on how to shoelace as easily whatever you know it's um uh may not be just for everybody but it's getting interesting it is showing interest so you know attract people across to that versus the traditional um youtube style where you will sit there and wait for you know wait for somebody to come along or discover you ask we want to take this out to the people you know and uh uh there's a couple of apps that i've used myself like i use every day for my my news feeds and things it's it's kind of that aggregation of taking content from various sources and then being okay this is today this is what's happening this is you know these are the people i've got some tips and you know from from a user it's gonna be some mixed messages and and you know i'm always looking for feedback too and i think this audience here is going to be good for that where um if you were to see a stream of information you know tips coming in of tips that people are received um what's in what's the emotion that you know if you see people who are receiving large tips for crappy content or small tips for good content you know how do we how how is that manager meet it um uh that's some of that's some of the bigger problems in in what we're gonna need to solve for that you know to take the emotion or uh um sort of flatten the emotion i guess of of you know people earning for that uh for their tips but to bring it down to the basis is the uh the big social media channels you know the fbs the uh youtubes um everybody who's generating ads or has in place ads uh you know that's their revenue stream but the share across to you know the average user yeah so um that's one of the biggest things that just to go back to to the um uh work that james and jmo are doing that it's probably for me is what was that first step in what they what they were doing in there um okay we solid cool james uh if you'd like to take a minute if you can and um talk about a bit a bit about what we're working on from your side um share a little bit about red share whatever you'd like to do for the group here sure all right hi everybody we'll see how long i got until things blow up again um so i came on to red uh not too awful long ago um you know i became really fascinated with everything that they're doing and and the the um what they're trying to do and how they want to do things and one of the things that uh my one of my friends and i came up with a couple years ago was a way to allow people to create campaigns and have anyone and everyone be able to share those campaigns where it doesn't matter how many friends you have um whether you're an influencer a micro influencer or anything like that and allow people to earn you know tokens for doing that piece of of you know the sharing of content um so one of the things that we came up with was now it's now being called a red chair let me actually share my screen all right can everybody see my screen alright perfect um so what this allows is for content creators uh business owners bands it doesn't really matter anybody that has a website to be able to come on uh create campaigns and what that allows them to do is um so say you know we want to do a promotion for a red dot coin or a red coin we want to fund it with a specific amount of red and what we could say is every person who shares this is going to earn x amount of that red um so what that does is you can actually see you know you can actually share this information on your facebook twitter linkedin other ones are going to be joining as well with that and you earn those reds and also the fact that you don't have to necessarily buy red to even get in and start earning red you can sign up for this you know something like this so you know so like i said this allows people to come in and earn red without actually having to purchase it find a way to buy it things like that and then they can withdraw these funds into their core wallet that was a good capsule of really what red share is and and i would say why it's important to what we're doing um kyle you you pretty much tagged it right there it is a social influence campaign tool that uses red it really is pretty straightforward it's meant to if you have a band or you have an event happening and you've got a fan base to be able to just publish that event with an amount of red coin allocated to it and let people just go to town promoting it it verifies that posts are actually posted on let's say facebook or twitter or as we expanded other sites but that's as simple as it really is and then it pays you in red coin for doing that and the question has come up well what if what if the bots get a hold of it what if people automate that and promote all over the place and the answer is well then the bots are going to get paid for doing the work that you know the human didn't do himself but it's still going to be within that same idea of using red coin to facilitate this kind of promotion and engagement and you know fan base just directly from band to fans and promoters and back we already have at this point the band you know that that jmo represents glow stick willie which is apparently our our new red coin house band um you know brought this idea because they needed it because bans need to be paid that's an example of of something that we want to use red coin to solve whether it's for the music industry whether it's somebody just posting their opinion on a blog or really just trying to make some of some living from the knowledge that they have as john said before that's always been the goal to really use this to leverage that that lack of fees and lack of friction to really let people gain those rewards and we've we've tried to encourage the community engagement around that to sort of amplify what is a very rewarding blockchain this app red share is one that we're very excited about and we'll talk you know some more about some of the other specifics that we we have in mind around those apps and that sort of technical development but this should serve as a very good example of this is what red coins meant to be used for it's it's not necessarily you know when to the moon and the rest of that but the more use cases we put behind this the more likely it is that people will see the value in our project and will be around for the long term that really is kind of the master plan and it's one of the reasons why we haven't been hardcore promoting as a lot of people said why aren't you marketing why don't you talk to influencers going on from where i was so we've got we've got red share um that's an internal testing at the moment uh you saw the screens we'll be tying that together in a suitable way to get that out to the public uh very shortly and then we've also got some other apps uh in development along the way we'll talk about that in a few minutes um i did if i if if we could do this successfully i did want to keep talking to the team you know big part of this conference is is really letting you guys know who it is that's that's working on this stuff you know a lot of people talk to me online um you know you may see some of the social admins but it's important also to know that there are people here and we're all working our hardest to you know in our various areas so with that in mind i do want to introduce tim a lot of you folks know him he's been very active in the various in social channels um and and he's an integral part of the of the tim of the team uh tim if you'd like to to take a couple of minutes and tell the folks what you think yeah absolutely uh so most of you guys probably know me as mine writer on on the web and through our chat rooms and stuff so pleasure to be here and talk to everyone and kind of get a chance to see faces i know it's a bit of a mess this morning trying to get to the actual content meet potatoes we're trying to learn here and get everybody on one you know straight path to learning about red but we've got some folks that are trying to ruin stuff that being said we're going to keep pushing forward and uh yeah just kind of give you guys a rundown of what i do on the project and you know why things are so special um on red i've been on the team for about two years and have been focusing heavily on the business development side of things but that being said i've got my hands pretty much involved in all different aspects of the project it's been an incredible journey from back then to where we are now and the amount of growth that we've seen from two years until now we've we've gone from roughly like six to eight members on the team that were hardcore to now we've got roughly 30 40 who are fully dedicated waking up every morning as volunteers and putting time and energy behind this project and that speaks uh volumes to what we're doing so there's there's a lot of cool different aspects to the type of talents and backgrounds that people bring to the project but it's also a big family so you could be from a different part of the world and you can just mess with this group perfectly because everybody brings something different to the table and that's what i love about red now that being said uh the back that i guess the the background of red not too many people get a chance to understand or see because everybody sees the front front facing you know part of red it's just you know what you see on telegram what you see on social media or if you see a couple of the videos that we put out i guess you don't really get a chance to see the the back end of what is happening all the meetings and the different um people we speak to and the social the social media group and the content creating group and the tech group and the business development group there's so many different pieces involved in this project and we're all working towards the same goal we all have the same vision in mind and that is to actually allow for social tipping and for you know making a difference in the world uh we we're we plan to you know in a short period of time to be able to help people through different charity causes and you know different social events and you know concerts and different fun things we can do with red coin but really like red powers and drives all that and i can't be any more ecstatic to what's going to be coming this year let alone what's coming next year so i guess it's a short little sweet thing i can share about redcoin thanks tim that's perfect and kyle to be very honest we've spoken with somebody who is a documentary producer who's kind of interested in doing that it's a little bit cumbersome to sort of plan that in covid days and with a distributed team but you know there is enough interesting stuff that happens behind the scenes everything from the you know the the back end dealings with the scammers trying to you know get into us and and get us to contract with them and give us all their all our funds to you know lots of other stuff that goes on it really is an exciting space even apart from the surface stuff that you see and and i could actually use that just to speak to um i'm sorry if i've mispronounced your name uh aki or achi to all there um volunteers are fundamentally what we're about at this point despite the team that you see here and the dedication and the commitment there is actually i'm sorry there is one individual right now who is uh receiving a tiny tiny minimal regular salary out of his situation that was indicated beyond that we are all volunteers none of us gets the salary none of us really is doing this for the profit for the money it's really much more a matter of having seen what we're building and how we are you know sort of moving this forward i guess a little atypically and differently than a lot of other projects people have have seen the potential not just in what will happen with the the money and the price and the profit and the get rich but the ability to make impact you know using this technology around the world and the more that you know you sort of envision the things that we're doing and how they may touch lives that speaks very directly to what we've tried to create with project red as opposed to red coin itself with that idea of i'm not just encouraging but sponsoring volunteers and engagement people doing good things for our project as well as the people around them so volunteerism you know i've always been a volunteer myself john's a john's a firefighter uh on his spare time lots of people on the team really engage in that giving back to the world kind of spirit that we all talk about i've been a volunteer um emt in my life and donated a lot of time and effort to even in the crypto space just helping that really is the spirit of our of our project and if you engage and you decide to get involved you'll see everybody's here really to do the right thing and to to help you individually get get into that right role and you know make your contribution that's really what we're about um so we will so we are investors that work as vulnerable no we're not investors really we don't hold any significant amount of coins uh if you look at our posv protocol you'll see that over time the the blockchain actually funds the project a little bit each month but there's no pile of red coin in the back that we're trying to get to appreciate so we can all sell out that's really traditionally let's say other projects approaches some of them and it really is not something that we're trying to do in in a very real sense we're trying to put value into this project so that people value it and value the coin that you need to make it all work that's our secret you know plan for success and to be very honest as we've proceeded and as you know you need red coin to run some of these systems we've maintained a very strong utility token status where a lot of people in the space a lot of projects in this space have been qualified as security tokens that's intentional we have tried to avoid that that speculative aspect because it's damaging to the project if you have nothing else to promote on you promote on price for red coin we have lots of things to promote on we have content and people and plans and apps and partnerships and markets and all of that good stuff if we tried to push the price you know short term pump and dump we'd all lose out and we all know that some of the community hasn't quite figured out that we know that i think we're very confident in that approach and that's why we promote the way that we do um and that speaks also to how we've built the project with the volunteers so yeah no hat you're right okay yeah always always one to take comments from the crowd all right so um i don't want to get caught up in the in the questions at the moment um i think that's uh you know just just to respond to that because it's appropriate but i do want to bring in uh michael carlo is our head of branding and fantastic guy uh in general he's been with the team i think the better part of a year or going on that right now um and again he's been one of the the folks that have really brought a ton of value to what we're doing and how we're doing it as i take a moment to remove samuel here thank you very much samuel for contributing but um we don't need that here um if i could turn it over to michael to talk about specifically and a lot of people have asked this question also what is the website what is where are we with that what are we trying to do we've worked very hard to make some coherent sense out of that there's a process at this point to to finish up the red coin redesign redesign but i do want to turn it over to michael as uh author and driver of a lot of that new branding and you know helping us i think the word is concretize our vision um again huge part of the team um michael take it away all right so hello everyone um so what i'm going to basically do is going to go through some of the initial branding choices that we made um talk about how we're positioning the brand currently and how we plan on positioning the ban the brand in the future uh so i'm gonna do is i'm gonna present my screen give me a second here uh while i do that i will not be able to see what's going on and then uh just let me know you guys see it full screen there you're all set all right so um basically you know we the original brand is uh what you're seeing here um and what we did was we when we were thinking about rebranding we went back and discussed okay um what does the brand mean to us what does rent mean to us what are the key attributes that we really want to uh evoke uh moving forward and a lot of that was definitely you know love um the feeling of empowering our users and our community and uh one of the other big things was we wanted to actually not only just be a product or technology but we also wanted to create a social movement and have that powered by the technology so that was a key attribute that we wanted to start moving forward on and that's part of what you saw in relation to um the next part is visionary so basically you've been thinking a lot down the line of when the technology starts getting adopted uh what would happen and how can we utilize that to make the world a better place that's a key thing that we uh think about all the time is how the technologies that we're building all these products that we're going to be launching how can those things always uh impact or empower people to make positive change in the world uh and the last thing is fair so we always want to be fair um with all our technologies make sure they're decentralized as much as possible make sure all our users are inclusive and and have a voice so a lot of those things those are a lot of the key attributes that we really want to invoke in all the you know marketing materials and things like that that we create uh so we took the original red coin logo what we did was we basically stripped it down and and went back to the essence which was the circle um now now that the icon that we've been using for a long time there is a lot of meaning behind it we just wanted to basically improve and update the brand um so a lot of the key things are there are a lot of like little uh areas in the lower that were like too small and stuff that you might get lost when there's different sizes and stuff like that so we thought what we what we wanted to do was basically simplify um the pattern itself so when we went through the whole branding process we basically simplified the structure of the of the graphic brightened the colors and really made it pop more uh for those that are unaware of what the symbol represents essentially you know every shape um every shape within the circle the red coin graphic is not the same size no no shape is the same size no shape is the same color um and that sort of represents our community we're a community of people where everyone is different but we're all we all come together as one community so we're all an inclusive um you know uh community basically uh so for the logo what we did was we simplified it we changed the name from red coin to red because we thought that actually opened up a lot of possibilities uh in regards to what we can do in the future so by just calling ourselves red coin limits our growth to just cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency technology by saying we're red and our coin is called red coin um it it opens up other uh alternatives for new products that we could launch and it would be perceived as more of a uh a large organization um so with the typeface you know we did something that we wanted to be a little bit bulky but we rep with rounded uh edges and stuff like that to be more friendly and welcoming so this is a part of matching that brand with um who we are uh so from there you know the brand itself we can we want to start using those patterns the graphics to be using different applications whether or not it's clothing or marketing materials and stuff like that we think that the colors themselves are strong they're unique and and we wanted to be a part of the community so there's going to be a large effort in the future to focus on merch and uh red merch and stuff like that that our community can wear and represent red so when we go on to talking about visuals um basically these are the visuals we're kind of aiming for for the future now when we're talking about visuals uh we want to cover two aspects uh let me just make sure am i still presenting fine with you guys there because i can't see the screen yep you're good yeah all right so when we're talking about the visuals for red moving forward there's two aspects we're always thinking about there's red red coin and the technology and then there's the social movement so we want to empower and empower both of these simultaneously uh so in this imagery here you're seeing a little of of both you're seeing the users around the world we're focusing on more on being global so a lot of different ethnicities people from a lot of different countries um you'll notice that the website is in currently in about four or five different languages we have those languages were all translated by the community uh and we have about three more that have already been translated that need to be implemented into the website so everything that's happening to this project is all community run community based um so this visual these types of visuals is what we want to invoke or empower people so it's to use the applications on your mobile devices or desktop anywhere in the world and it's also about doing social movements and using red coin to help fund or donate to causes or help content creators um succeed in what they're doing so that's sort of the visuals that we're aiming for moving forward in regards to the messaging we created this idea of the redis campaign uh and this is when we're talking about explaining to people what red is as a social movement and what red is as a technology so a lot of these things can be taken in multiple different ways so there's red is everyone obviously you know we're all across over 60 countries um and of different ethnicities languages all that all those things red is everywhere which what i just said is you know we're all around the world um british community you all know we're all diehard red heads and um you know we hold that very close to our hearts so everything we do we do for the community and uh you know right is caring this again is we're all about tipping and sharing rather than asking and to receive so uh these are some of the strong points that makes us redheads so red is you so all of you your redheads were redheads you know we're in it together so this is sort of that that message that we're we're pushing forward with and the idea or the ideal things are you know in the future these can be applied in these ways where we combine the visuals and the messaging together to help get and spread those those uh messages to you know the people outside in the real world or are digitally in the virtual world so um let's talk a little bit about websites so right now there are two sites currently uh the is sort of on a coming soon page right now because it's currently under development um you'll see a bit of that i'll do a sneak peek uh during this presentation as well uh but what we launched uh after that was we launched the site and that is meant to be specifically focused on pushing the social movement currently it's playing a little bit of a double role until the site is launched um so right now the is branded as you know read um but it's covering both talking about the social movement and if you dig in you can see the roadmap and developer uh resources all that stuff is on there currently once launches we're going to strip out a lot of that and all of that will reside on's website and then we will update or slightly rebrand the red that love to be more oriented to 100 social only uh social movement only so these are just temporary steps because again we have limited resources so we're we're evolving things and steps we launched this the the social movement and we're soon we're going to launch the site and on that red coin dot com site is where we start focusing on strictly the technology and all the products we're working on so this is just the home page there i'm gonna at the end of this presentation do a screen share and just show you the full uh home page so you can see the visual style that we're gonna be going for but um it is definitely in the works we're we're on the way there to completing it it's going to be a behemoth of a website there's going to be a lot of resources a lot of information on there statistic pages um with all data points in regards to technologies so it's going to be a very full featured website in the future another thing that we're currently working on is the red mobile app that is in development and the goal of that is to transition um the ability to do social tipping on mobile devices and the how we intend to potentially do that is through the share button on social platforms so ideally if you install the application um on your phone any social media platform that is supported by uh red if you're on that social media platform and you just click the share button on it and it brings up the the in app share options essentially our goal is to have uh red available in that section so for example what you're seeing here is if you're on youtube and hit the share button um that in-app notification screen will pop up on your phone and you'll be able to select to share through the red app or have the uh the in-app live action to actually tip a post so this would be available pretty much on any uh major social media platform so these are the things that we're working on um again there's a lot of things going on in the in the background that needs to be resolved a lot of challenges and stuff like this so we're not directly dependent on these social platforms like for example what you're seeing here we don't need to be uh approved directly from a social platform to do this we can do this without that um running by itself on top of uh these platforms and um you know the last one is this is the red share um service that uh james and jmo came up with and that's very close to launching as well a lot of the branding right now everything you might be seeing is the red logo but all that stuff is going to be adjusted in time as as we get closer to launch so that's just a preview of some of the stuff um that we're currently working on i'm going to show you guys the current homepage well this is the the upcoming sneak peek here so um with this uh website we're going very technical right so we want to really focus on um a lot of the technical products that we're working on the visual messaging we want to make sure it's very simple and easy to understand by uh the general um audience so a lot of things that you're seeing a lot of the ways things are described it's in a very uh layman type of terminology so when you scroll down you'll see the the red mobile product ver various highlights of the functionalities on what that product does uh be able to scroll down and we basically will be highlighting all of these key things you know red coin itself letting people understand what it's about performance wise speed wise convenience wise functionality wise um also the network so red network is sort of our term for the our blockchain network um in which we go into a little bit more details in regards to like the countries and how many users we have and stuff like that and then you know you have the wallet and any uh upcoming products that will be coming out so if you take a look at the bottom when you see the uh the footer um there's going to be a lot of stuff to get access to on so we want to make sure that everyone has the necessary information and um it answers a lot of things that that people have questions about all the time um so this is the overall goal of what what we're trying to achieve in regards to the websites the brand the two different um positionings and um afterwards you know if you guys have questions stuff after the presentation when we go into our uh discussion on uh the cool space there um you guys could ask questions and take it from there but that's pretty much all i got for now take myself back off mute fantastic michael thank you very much um and yeah that's uh that's a pretty good view of sort of the website of things and and our branding approach hopefully that that adds some clarity to you know the folks understanding of what we're trying to do with that web presence and how we're trying to share that information with folks anybody out there that that would like to obviously pitch in uh help with some of that that production or if you have ideas about things that you know should be built and you don't see them happening that really is a big part of why we're doing this we want folks to join in we we need to grow the team to be able to do all the things that we want to do and i think if you you catch the flavor of really what's happening in red coin and also with the social movement project read that really explains a lot of the excitement that the people have been feeling about red coin regardless of what the price has been doing or bit vavo announcing this or we're getting a new listing there there are things to be excited about and there are sort of movements forward for our project uh children all right uh we will continue to uh remove folks who just can't get along and play nice in public uh and we will continue with our happy little red conference um roni roney is one of our uh yeah exactly rooney is one of our key uh social media and uh channel admins has been working her her butt off for months along with the rest of the team to to keep that piece of things organized um i'll just turn it over to her for a few minutes introduce herself and talk about the amazing things that our social team has been doing i think you have sorry lucas not today uh i think you have seen um you know quite a bit of an uptick if those of you have been paying attention have seen updates going out on a weekly basis some some basic information about what we're doing fact of the week and all that that is almost entirely a product of our social media team just going to town taking the time to design the the music is created by redheads the the graphics and the layout all created by redheads we're doing this in-house because there's a lot of love and i want to turn it over to ronnie instead of taking taking her speech i think i'm doing some of that um i get very excited about as you guys see and you know we we do have an awesome team so row you want to go for it absolutely um so yes i was going to say that but um so my name is brunette everyone calls me ronnie tony and i've been with the team for over a year now i signed up with a telegram about a year and a half ago fell in love with the community i was just a bison bystander at the beginning i was just listening just paying attention to the chats chiming in once in a while but just fell in love with the community met a lot of people through telegram and i just wanted to figure out how can i help i'm not very technical i'm not very crypto blockchain technical so it's like how can i help i want to do something i know the core team are volunteers i want to volunteer as well so how can i fit in so i reached out to jay i'm like how can i help i want to do something and i figured the social media is probably the least technical piece of it so i'm like i could probably fit in there and so that's why i you know kind of picked that category but it's a team effort it's not me by myself han and kay and a myriad of people are also helping with the content and the music and the graphics with io doug who i don't think is on the call today but it's a team effort it really is and we're just trying to get the word out so we're on obviously telegram we're on twitter instagram facebook we're on tick tock we're working on some of the content for tick tock i haven't learned a new dance yet but i'm working on that um we're also on we're gonna be on twitch we're on uh pinterest um just so youtube so make sure you're following all of our channels but we are going to be more a lot more active just you know right now it's posting a lot of a lot of updates but we're going to continue to be active we're going to look into doing different languages like because you know right now you know english is my primary language um basically my only language i used to know japanese growing up i was fluent in japanese but i don't remember too much japanese right now so we're gonna stick with just english for right now but we're looking into doing some spanish updates as well so we're gonna get some help with that um but so much more is gonna come from our social media team we're just getting started again han and kay are my left and right hand people but it's a whole team with tim and jay and michael doug michael kay michael it's a team effort it really is so i'm really excited to be here to meet everyone put a name to a face with a lot of people so thank you thank you and uh so much more to come so stay tuned thanks so much thanks so much bro and and yeah i think i think rooney is a perfect example of somebody that really kind of caught the feeling and wanted to help and wasn't sure you know i'm not quite as she said i'm not technical i'm not crypto the truth is every one of you folks is early to the crypto game and probably no more than you think but even if there isn't a real technical expertise and you're unsure of the that's that's what guys like me and john we do that all day you know answering the deep boring technical stuff and other people have other roles ronnie has been killing it on the on the social media side along with as she said kay and han and i o doug and our entire kind of core team is just you know fluidly helping out pitching in where they can we don't really believe and this is your job title and you must do that red's meant to be fun and that applies to the folks on the team too you can pull anybody aside from this team and tell you know ask them hey what do you really think you know what's really going on you'll get the same answer and you'll probably have your ear talked off because we are so excited about what we're doing and how we're doing it and what's happening there's a huge desire to really share this in the right way with with not just the redheads but the world so some of that is you know quote marketing really it's that organic kind of we've got something special we want to share it with the world that's what drives our messaging in a very real way and anybody who feels like they want to be part of this or you want to you know do something yourself and don't have the the track record of the expertise join us you know sit in a meeting and pay attention to what we're saying and learn a little bit till you're comfortable and then pitch in we've got a constant flow of people joining we have some people leave because of you know life issues or what have you but realistically we have a core group that really is a family and we invite everybody to join it's kind of awesome to be able to remotely connect with people that you know you really like working with and i gotta say there's not a person on the team i wouldn't take out for a drink and dinner and have fun apart from the red stuff if you if you individually think that you you want a part of that and you want to help out join us and and you know for what it's worth english isn't a stumbling block we have people in all languages we have translators and and one thing uh roni didn't get a chance to touch on and uh jani our our other team member i don't think was able to make it today was going to speak a bit on some of the aspects that don't really um sort of directly touch on the the social um admin side of it and that is we've spun up our own red creative group if you're a creative person graphics art music whatever it might be you want to you know share your abilities or share your inspiration or be inspired by other people we've got 30 40 people in a telegram room just creating back and forth at each other a lot of the stuff that you see going out on our channels again all created by the redheads some the couple of graphic artists we've got on the team much more very inspired redheads who simply you know some of the hearts and diamonds and and real cool images and and i will give a specific shout out to io doug who at least for the last year or so has just been churning out some real visually engaging awesome movies really capturing the red spirit and helping people you know grab on to what we're doing outside of the tech side it takes everybody i couldn't do this by myself john couldn't do it by himself tim mike it it takes in in no uncertain terms it takes a village and every one of you is is welcome to join that we really ask that you know you'd be willing to to do what we're doing and not try to make it about yourself that's about the only rule we've got um i see a couple of of questions here um japanese yeah we should we should uh hit roni up for the the japanese apparently didn't know that um and yeah you know uh btc help spot there actually we've got a couple of folks in florida and that's my mother-in-law's down there too so that that might be that might be one of our locations uh at some point in the future and things things open up just a tiny bit um okay so uh as far as the languages go and we'll talk about that very briefly one of the projects that we've got going on again courtesy of james and his expertise um with really doing some complex stuff we are uh we have mapped out and haven't quite built yet we built a proof of concept but a universal translator that will attach to our websites and our red book and all the products that we're putting out so instead of doing the manual translation we have been doing we can tie that to google translate and really make a lot of our stuff universally available redshare probably wouldn't fit as a translation service but you'll see when we start to bring that out it will be translated so it becomes more of a flexible tool for folks that don't speak english or you know speak something we haven't translated to and we've we've got solid communities in lots of different places we've had a lot of actually reminded me because we have a translation group as well again 15 20 people that speak different languages and have tried to manually do things like translating the red book into spanish or portuguese or korean or what have you um we'd very much like to to broaden that and let let everybody access what those documents are um yeah actually it that unfortunately you're touching on things where we're trying to figure out what the best way to implement these various things we can do in various apps and for example we've talked internally does red share need to be more than what it is or is the promotion aspect of it and event management and being paid for sharing in red coin in that scenario is that enough for one app i would say that that's a combination of opinions and skills and tech to kind of decide how that goes but the long the short version of that long story is we can do things on that app and link them to other apps as the as the users to you know decide if you as a group of users say we need this to happen a certain way and we would prefer this app do this and that and the other that's what we're going to follow you know it's it's not really that we have a master plan of our suite of apps that will be microsoft office and it's an evolution you know and you've seen clearly if you've been here in the space for long enough that that it really is a moving target you know we started with red id as a as a core product and we evolved it and it did certain things and as we explored what the real desire was there for that capability we we figured out well it has to be mobile and that's evolved now into a component of a larger app that has that red id naming ability and the ability to pull together your your social profiles but also more than that and linking in other social abilities and the abilities of the mobile phones it changes as we're as we're designing it so yeah as jmo just said that's exactly right you know or if it becomes hey we want to share ad campaigns instead of events maybe we make a slightly different version or a different category in that version it is very fluid but again that's why we've decided to have this event to really engage with folks as much as we can because you guys have great ideas and they may not be exactly what we're thinking on the team or or building towards until we get it out and somebody says well what if you did this that's why we asked you know the feedback the engagement you guys can be part of what we're building as much as you'd like to or you can sit back and wait and enjoy it and talk about red coin and be an ambassador and really promote but but again it depends on who's who and what you want to do and what you want to get out of your involvement in the space if it's just about hey redcoin's going to be fabulously you know famous and in everywhere and so i'm going to scoop some up and speculate that they'll get you know real valuable and i'll get rich we're not going to promote that ever but it might happen if we put the value into the project other projects fall away because they they haven't done what they need to do they're no longer relevant there's a shakeout in this space that leads to that sort of lessening of projects not not endlessly more of them and i think we're seeing that in the space right now and personally from the leadership role in our executive team we're very proud of where we've gotten to metric statistics analytics all of that supports the fact that what we're doing to provide value in this project to allow people to to earn and stake and send and share and also on the on the social movement side really pushing that ability to use the technology to encourage folks to just to to connect to reach out to help in in all directions that really is something we're pretty confident is going to drive the value of the project and make people you know enter our space and be be part of red it's not more complicated than that and we really you know we we think that that's pretty much the case so um i do want to let's see did i touch on everything that i had to uh i think i think as far as the team goes oh uh michael elle i'm sorry i i think i took some of your your your planned thunder there and if so i i apologize for that did you want to say a couple of minutes about uh your your role here and and your your fun times oh yes definitely fine um hi guys so i'm michael leota um everything that's been said so far just totally echo particularly what ronnie tony said about how she came on board and got to know and fall in love with red and i followed that same path about a year ago myself now in march and uh though the one thing that really stands out for me is i was in a lot of the telegram groups in a lot of the crypto spaces and all of those groups and you guys know you've been in them many of you have it's all about you know win moon when lambo price and jay and the others have talked about that that's not our focus but when i found red in that community it it wasn't that at all and that just that got my heart right away and so i came on board with the red creative group in july of last year and roni talked about it joey talked about it you've seen a lot already but just want to give you just a little quick insight on the red creative group and what we work on and if you have any gifts talent skills that you want to contribute and volunteer to the community we'd love to have you so i'm going to share my stream we'll pop up so as far as the group itself we've got in fact let me just switch back over and you guys see my screen because i'm looking off here yep you're all stuck yeah we can see it okay cool so we we do have a group um with the folks that are contributing with uh red creative team over on telegram and here's where we share all sorts of wonderful ideas and help motivate each other inspire each other you've seen so many of the ideas that we have make it into the official social media posts some not so official and um uh you can just see the diversity of the talent excuse me in the group from from the merch perspective we've um jay mentioned that we're partnering with someone now that's going to help us um with a really nice professional merch shop so that's coming down the road um a lot of the graphics i mean all these are in-house uh talked about the pizza party all the videos i o doug was mentioned makes great little video spots we've got unicorn girl so you can see the creative talent this is uh some wallpaper it's my absolute favorite that kp made and so again just all of the creative content that comes internally we've also got a global professional uh and i'm gonna stop sharing right now um music composer um han peter is on and han is is incredibly gifted and talented with being able to make the music that we use in a lot of our our red bits and and the red is everywhere and red is love in the other videos that we put out and so all of that's internal and that comes from the wonderful community and family of redheads that have stepped up to said that hey i want to help i could do something even if it's not a professional level which a lot of us aren't i've had tinkering as i call it in in graphic design and video production and audio production and things that i love i just don't get a chance to do with with my day job so uh i volunteer with red as much as i can i love the community and it's great to be a part of the red creative group and and some of the other areas as well so looking forward to meeting some of the new folks that may come on board as a result of our call today so thanks guys yeah and uh if i might actually add add something um uh i want to really stress that a lot of things we're doing here is really community driven we always talk about how this is a volunteer project this is one of the very few um in the space that i think where a lot of our community are the backbone of what's being produced and what you're seeing for example like the the social movement website um the videos that are on there like all those videos they're created they were scripted and voiced by community members the background music that's amazing by the way was created by han also here today um and he composed those from scratch so literally everything we're making here guys is from the community no one's directly you know we're not a fully funded project by an investor group or any of those things and we don't actually want to be funded by those groups because those come with uh certain requirements you have to make money the goal is making money and a lot of those things are not in line with with the goals of our projects so that's why we're funded by the community and by the blockchain and that's why we do what we do so it's very rare in my opinion that that we see a project like this and it makes me very proud and i think it makes everyone else on the team proud as well as i see everyone not in their head yeah i think that was very well said mike thanks and and that's important to mention by the way the investor side of it because a lot of the projects out there that you you folks have have seen and seen out there really promoting and marketing a lot of them are very well funded yeah it it it really comes down to we we did you know we've been here for uh for a hot minute since uh 2014 and you know i know the original team made some some inquiries and didn't get anywhere a part of what uh john and i did in the early years was coming up with that approach to investors and how do we get funded and really support the project and that was a lot of i won't say wasted time a lot of learning for me and and you know insight into what the process is a lot of people think you sign up with an investor they hand you a pile of money and everything's all fun and games there have been projects shut down i won't name any names but they're readily findable where their their investors demanded that they make money and they diverted the project in different ways and people left because the the the mission and the theme wasn't there anymore we never wanted that to happen to redcoin we've got too much good stuff here to to really share and i think what we came up with as a team and then as a community in our new posv version 2 protocol that provides at least that little bit of funding to keep things moving that was a turning point for our project because it meant we could do things it meant that we didn't have to check with the investors and make sure that was appropriate to their profit strategy and it really does give us an independence that almost no other teams have we're beholden to nobody but our group we will make the decisions that benefit red and only red in that in that sense because we don't have to turn things over and pray you know turn the profits over to the investors or find them an exit strategy to make their money back none of that applies to our project and that's another really enabling factor that we've built into this this entire you know ecosystem where we don't have to worry about that we will be here for the long time no for the long term no question and i think when you start to see and we'll go over in detail uh shortly a real kind of inventory of the projects other than the ones that we've touched on briefly here that really will show i think a comprehensive view of where we're going in the future on both sides of the of the coin if you will the red coin and technology side and on the project red social movement side um i think that is probably we're at um it's about an hour and a half give or take should we take a couple of minutes break and then we can either take questions we can go over the uh the the project list and really shine some light on what we're doing um how does that sound folks a five minute break and we'll get back to it actually if i'm gonna just jump in there jay i might uh actually 2 30 in the morning here yeah absolutely so yeah john go go off to sleep thank you for for letting the loretta redhead see you're still alive kicking and driving i'm still alive yes i am still alive believe it or not um and yeah jmo if you wanted to uh plug in and fire up some music for a few minutes i don't think anybody would object to that not at all i was on his twitch the other day oh you know as a side note i'll just throw it out there uh jmo and james came to us you know with this idea for an app and really got to know us and have joined the team both of them in independent capacities and in you know really augmenting the ability of us to of the team to do things uh i personally took a moment to listen to jmo's music the the band is glowstickwilly you can find him on slash g-l-o-s-t-i-k willie we'll drop that link a bit later because as i said uh j-mo and his his associates there now i believe our unofficial house band uh they rock not not pitching them because they're part of red pitching them because holy crap if you like decent old style cover band rock hippy rock i think is what they're calling or hippie metal i'm all about it i can't say that yeah i can't say enough good stuff about him even apart from his his his and their involvement on the team so with that i'm gonna just turn it over to him let's play let him play some music for a few minutes i've actually i've actually unfortunately i've been shut down by my uh my neighbor the cell phone i know it's so terrible we fired up our sound check and then immediately immediately got shut down ah all right all right well we will definitely be i will i will say if you wanna if you wanna plug the the band a bit uh jmo they play unbelievable amounts live music twitch four or five nights a week if we can't do it now definitely check them out on twitch mike leota just dropped the link in there we will publish that as part of this document uh the the the event document afterwards but yeah it's it's it's a good time in there just as much as it is in in the red coin meetings with a little bit more music so certainly encourage everybody but apparently we we can't do that now so we're just teasing yeah no i would i would love to and uh so i guess i'll just uh just give you guys one quick minute you know i found red coin when i was just looking around at different crypto projects stumbled into it and was like fell in love immediately with the with the dream and the vision and since then i've i've linked up with tech and the team and kind of got to see how hard these guys work and it really is amazing the the passion that that this group of people is putting into this project uh the amount of work and great ideas that come out of this group is just absolutely mind-blowing and in the short amount of time i've been here i've witnessed an insane amount of innovation and hard work come out of this group and i couldn't be happier to to be a member of this red coin family and be on board this train that is red coin so thank you guys for having me and uh thanks to everybody for what you do and all all of you people who support the the red coin team in the red coin movement thank you that's all i got to say 100 and you know i i hear jmo talk like that i know it comes from the heart and and again this isn't this isn't a scam by any means if you don't believe what what our folks are saying pull them aside and grill them there's no secrets here you know we are legitimately trying to work together to do something cool we've got a bit of funding behind the project so a little bit of the pressure's off and and we're enjoying doing it you know i do put in 28 hours a day so does tim so does mike some of these guys have day jobs um you know everybody is working their hardest not just to get this done but to survive to the point where we can actually pay full salaries and all that kind of stuff um it's a labor of love it genuinely is and if if you guys are hearing that and responding to it your redheads are the same as us join the team tell us what you want to do you know if you've got the ability and the drive to really make something happen we want you we want you to help we want you to pitch in who cares if you don't know enough about the tech or you know which button to push we'll teach you that i promise and one other thing i didn't want to mention just by virtue of the fact that it's not going to get mentioned elsewhere um watching the way that the communities develop just in the last few months alone seeing people respond to what we're doing in the telegram channels and and you know donating directly to to folks that need it sharing some of the red coin from our our posv funds as part of that charity and community initiative we really are reaching out and touching people we've we've and we'll speak a bit about this a little later on but i wanted to mention we've we've now got our our own mma fighter um malcolm out there fighting the good fight being sponsored by red coin and and you know i guess beating people up for the love of it not sure how the the messaging works there but you know good guys in involved in that and really hard workers in the the the martial arts world we've got people in the charity world reaching out saying we want to do this we've got entertainers we've spoken with uh a yoga magazine publisher that really resonated with what we were doing and wants to bring that out to his entire community and you know all of the folks into yoga with that same shared concept of of volunteerism and service and spiritual sort of connection it is much more at this point than just a here's a cryptocurrency that you can pay things with and i think if we had to leave folks with one message today it would be that that we've looked at what we've where we've came came from where we've come from and said you know we can turn this into something that can do some good apart from making people some money it does both we're trying to focus on both not exclusively the if we do this the price goes up we all truly believe that it will as a result of what we're doing to create value in the project and at the same time if it doesn't we are touching lives we are changing people's you know futures for the better even if our price never went anywhere than where it is right now everybody on this team would be happy with even if we stop doing right now what we're doing we've touched lives and we've improved people's outlook just by reaching out and trying to be there that's progress that our project has made only because of the people involved that's what we want to build and grow and expand as much as possible certainly the tech side of it but very much so what's needed in this this world is that group to belong to that that sense of of home and safety and somebody to reach out to when you're a little bit stuck in things that's what we've tried to build into red coin and the redhead community and i think a lot of you have seen it or felt it in some capacity and that really shows you you know we're we're not quite as the same as a lot of these other projects we're very proud of that too and that's something that you know we're very excited about you know bringing to the world um yeah i think i think jay a few good examples that you know you could even you know show is just it's not all talk it's not fluff there's actual like things happening in the space in our community that's actually making an impact and difference on people's lives just a few quick stories i know off the top of my head that happened in the last couple of weeks we've had someone come to our chat room and say hey my truck is uh is not in operation and this is what i use for work this is what i used to provide for my family the redhead community came together the uh the team came together and we fixed his truck for him not saying we can accomplish that for everyone who's got a broken down vehicle but it's just one of those things that we reached out and said you know what if he's going through this and he's having trouble what's stopping us from making the change what's stopping us from making the difference not to mention there's a gentleman in venezuela who's you know got a few hundred dollars that he's working with a month and he's using that to create a food bank for his community and in his town so like you see those different types of things you see those different types of uh you know opportunities to make a difference in the world and red even though we're technically small we are out there making that difference so i can't speak enough on that end absolutely and and if nothing else you hear the passion when tim talks about it when i talk about it when john mike everybody is just we're so fired up about what's you know not even what's coming what we're doing now you know i i seriously as as my role in this job in this project one of the first things i do every morning is check in on those social channels because people are happy to see each other it really is especially in current society and this this disconnect that's only getting worse with people our community is thriving in ways that really don't exist elsewhere in the in the world that to me that's that's one of the best parts of what we're doing and if you're not participating in the in the telegram channels or other social channels that we were really active and engaged in i would encourage you do that i i think you oh you might collect some red coin if nothing else but it really is a good way to uh yeah anybody who's uh saying no to dima there um you could allow him in he's part of the team um so yeah i i i would encourage folks to really explore some of the channels uh i i know documentation of what's what and which channels are where has been let's say a little spotty uh one of the aspects of that new website is that things will be centralized we have a page for all of our community resources all of our projects that are being worked on um things like that so we hope as we kind of move a little bit further down the road that some of that becomes clearer without our having to sit and explain it we're hoping actually this video and this event serves very well to explain a lot of that to the folks who either are attending here or folks that will be watching in the future speaking to you in the future hi um hey i just time traveled so uh yeah that that's uh i think as as good a place to at least take a couple of minute break as any we will come back where are we now 10 34 we will come back at 10 40 let's say uh and we will dive in at least for an overview of our our project inventory stuff we may not have touched on we just want to make sure that the community knows about we will take some questions i haven't gotten a lot of real uh urgently needed to be answered questions submitted but if you have uh questions on your mind that haven't been answered during the call feel free to drop them in the chat um or if you have uh the link to the google uh chat if you want to submit stuff either for us to look at later you're welcome to do that too it's a google form that went out with uh the invitations and with the post uh but yeah let's uh let's take a couple of minute break and we will regroup here in about six or seven minutes for part two of our event thanks everybody i think if uh folks are are ready to get back into it we can dive into part two of our happy little event uh jay before you get started on that um do you mind if i jump in with something oh please um so another thing uh to kind of mention and bring up is um so between john myself and pro um you know other great members of the team we are making this is more for the technical side of the folks on the call we are making a great deal of technological advancements with what we're working on uh to help simplify the process of building new apps new websites and everything else um so if that's something that excites you or anything like that definitely reach out definitely talk to us we are working really hard towards getting to the point to where when we have a new idea that's brought to us or we have a new idea ourselves of stuff that we want to do and share red with and and everything else that we could do it relatively quickly yeah absolutely and and really that's a standing invitation if you are technical if the stuff that we've talked about or the stuff that we're about to show really seems interesting you want to get your hands dirty we need competent help we need people that want to do it for the right reasons and have the ability to you know do professional grade work you're welcome you know step up send me a message john james anybody on the team actually uh and if if it's something that you know you're a fit to what we're doing we'll take the time to talk and see how to how to slot you in um i've been having those conversations on a regular basis for years at this point it's it's how james joined the team it's how pro joined it really is you know allowing us to uh expand and and connect with the right people and the people that want to do things for the right reason um i realized by the way pro we didn't give you a chance to to talk earlier and i apologize for that pro is our uh back end and mobile expert and is really filling in some of the gaps of of the abilities that we need to deliver all the stuff that people expect but again building this stuff is really complicated if you're you know not privy to some of that process so pro if you'd like to share a few words either about your experience or or your role either way sure uh so yeah i kind of joined about a year ago and mostly working on the backend stuff uh some of the cool wallet changes uh some mobile prototype mobile app prototypes and uh currently working on the red chair back end yep cool and and killing it every time we talk about it absolutely and and i i've grown to respect you know folks abilities in the space obviously nobody's you know the expert in all fields and that's something that we acknowledge here at red too you know there is nobody that's going to sit and go well i know everything so you don't you you don't have a voice if you know what you're talking about and you have some opinions anybody on the team will point out you know the truth behind the fact that we we discuss we agree we consult and then we come to a conclusion you know whatever seems to be the the group agreement there's no one person driving this stuff there's no egos involved there's no you know i'm gonna get famous doing this we're all going to get famous doing this because this is nothing anybody's ever done before but it's going to be done as a group and we're all going to sort of participate in that that's the model that we we try to follow you know it's it's not about ego gratification it's about doing what we're here to do and everybody doing it together i'm very proud of having built that that group and to see the way people you know interact and and really are moving the the ball down the field pro is an integral part of that obviously james john michael tim everybody you've heard from rony of course um and i'm i'm leaving names you guys know that i'm sorry um we're growing to the point where i can't name every person on the team and what they do in the space of 30 seconds and that is fantastic you know and and i will say everybody on the team you know cares about what they're doing so if that speaks to anybody out there that wants to have that kind of a role baby just join us you know that's that's what we're here for uh and with that if we have a couple of questions that seem appropriate we could answer some now or i could go into the uh planned project discussion did anybody have any uh yeah what jmo just said yeah i'll give him that pro is the man um anybody have any urgent questions that need to be answered we haven't we haven't addressed yet no one fantastic all right um with that in mind then i will go ahead and share this document we are going to go through it not in detail as you'll see but enough to where's my little present button enough to get a sense of really the high points of what we're working on and if i can find that here we go okay you guys able to to see the screen yep up and running okay fantastic all right so basically and again we'll we'll spend a little bit of time on each of these but this document this will be published as part of the record uh of this event you know you guys can read through it at your leisure and follow any of the links that that we're going to touch on uh it's really meant in general to give a a fairly high level overview of of the various projects that we've got in our portfolio at the moment sort of where they fit in the big picture and again that's on both sides of what i like to say the two sides of our our red coin the red coin technology and staking and posv and sharing and tipping and all that good stuff and then on the other side of that the projects that are more related to the social movement itself to project red things that fall into that sort of outreach and social you know social improvement aspect of things as opposed to really the technical piece and there is a little bit of a a bleeding of the the line between those if you will because some of these apps that are purely red coin focused and meant to use you know let people have a use for red coin have social implications sharing those links is a is a social activity and is likely to bring more people to the space in the red coin you know community beyond just people going to the events and in the same way the social movement aspect of things the community for example that's being built in uganda at the moment that is primarily a social aspect sprang from the we're building an app and we want to use red coin and share it with our local uh store and market operators and the micro uh economies that exist there and it sort of took off from the the realization that this is something that really could benefit beyond just the financial beyond just the commercial beyond just the ability to buy and sell and trade goods for redcoin to us that's really sort of the beauty of what we're doing that there is this translation of you can take this compelling technology and you can earn from it and you can spend it and you can live on it but using it as a mechanism to do good for people sharing with somebody who doesn't have anything or needs food or needs a shirt it's that direct line from the technology to the social aspect and hopefully as we've gone through a lot of this and by the time we finish this project list in the event people will have a good sense of of sort of what that double-sided aspect of what we're doing uh is really intended to to accomplish so if not i hope you'll ask questions until we can make it clear but i i'm hoping that as we've talked about it uh redheads have begun to to get a little bit of a sense of really what we're driving at that it is the technology but it's more than that so with that in mind um so our our project inventory for 2021 project red as well as red coin you see we use that phrasing quite a bit because there are really as i keep saying two sides to the coin um so on the redcoin side our technology efforts and what we call use case applications a use case is where can you use redcoin and have it make a difference that you can't do with other money you can't do with a dollar you can't do with bitcoin and as an example redshare uh you saw a little bit of that of that uh when james presented it and we've spoken a little bit about it it's a very straightforward app that's meant purely to allow people to use red coin to pay their fans or their promoters to share event information very straightforward i put a pot of a thousand red coin out there if you share it 100 different places and each one you get 10 red coin that's my campaign and we're done and i've got a thousand references for my my event now maybe a thousand people show up and i paid a couple of bucks for it that's a new model in that space and that's something that the the bands and the fans have been struggling with for quite some time it's an example of how red coin really acts to enable that kind of interaction you don't need a paypal account you don't need identity information you don't need to have you know those people who are promoting that stuff really put themselves out there any more than they want to and in exchange gain something in return that's spendable that's the model for red coin in that use case and in general of being a very fast-moving low-fee crypto that serves those purposes those are the apps that are really going to drive our adoption um we've partnered with jmo and his band and they've spoken to some other bands that they're very close with so we have this go to market strategy in that space for this app what we're currently trying to build is that overall marketing strategy that we can promote not just individual apps but the broader technology as well as the social movement itself that's a little bit of an evolution you know we're learning how to do that better and to speak to the people that we need to speak to and really get this information out to be honest this event is one step down that road because what we found is a lot of people in our community might know about one or two of these things we haven't had a concerted marketing effort to really push them out there and build anticipation and hype because that's not who we are possibly to our detriment but we're trying to take that very authentic approach of this is what we're building this is why and this is what we think it'll do it's not more complicated than that and you know really as you see some of these projects come to life i think that will catalyze what we're doing in a very significant way so we're looking forward to that immensely uh red share itself we've mentioned uh just hit internal beta a day or two ago we're testing it uh within the group and playing around with you know all the various settings trying to break stuff before you guys can uh we expect that that will be out a little bit more back-end work to be done and probably some some improvement of the flow but as i said earlier in the call i think we'll expect that out by the beginning of april i think is safe and again you should be seeing some other things happening in that same time frame this is definitely one that we hope will really hit the ground running and start to solve a problem that those bands have with their fans and being able to promote and create some income for for those folks who are really out there creating music on a full-time basis and trying to live off that that's the problem this is meant to solve and it couldn't have come to us in a more organic way frankly we couldn't have benefited more by you know welcoming james and jmo and the other folks on their on their team and in their social circles into what we're doing and really it's just by sharing what we have and not trying to keep it all to ourselves that's how we grow we meet awesome people on a daily basis some people you know joining yesterday some people were here a year ago and want to come back that's what red is and we hope that's what it'll always be because we only get better by adding people and by adding you know capabilities and skills and insight there's not a single one of us that has all the answers but together and collectively we've come up with some good ones so this has taken a little longer than i had thought since i i tend to run off the mouth so i will uh move on down the list here our our major uh app focus apart from that red share application is one that we've talked about as being a mobile focused social tipping and content creator reward application a lot of folks may may recognize the red id concept in that we've basically taken red id instead of it being the product it's a feature adding naming and registering your own name so that you can get out from underneath those complex addresses linking your social profiles to that name into a central point all of that is is part of the core functionality of what we've designed is red mobile and again that's evolved significantly in terms of what we can deliver because of the the skills that we've added to the team the insight and the abilities of folks that really want to help envision this and make it fantastic leveraging some of google's technology levering some of this reusable uh coding structure and that ability to take pieces from one app and reuse them in other other applications red mobile is meant to be the tipping bot taken to its logical extremes so for all of these projects i'm sorry all of these platforms that we've enabled tipping on telegram discord twitter reddit twitch is really the one that we're working on for the streaming folks uh facebook by virtue of twitch youtube live by virtue of twitch again all of those really fit in together so that we can have the ability in this app to simply click on a site and send a tip that at its heart is what those tip bots are meant to do we've had to basically challenge some of our assumptions about doing it in a fully decentralized and user protective way because in general the technology is either highly usable and highly you know user friendly and responsive or it's a blockchain transaction that evolution of the tech needs to continue to happen but for the moment what we've taken is sort of a hybrid approach so that we can have this integration across all of these platforms we can have a mobile app that centralizes all of that and allows you to put together your your you know your financial information if you're collecting tips as a content creator or who you're create who you're supporting uh as a fan or as a as a tipper on the social networks and to be able to really engage in all those platforms as seamlessly as possible we've started doing that in a modular fashion you see you've seen we reactivated the twitter the twitter tipbot um we're just working through the end of reactivating the reddit tipbot as john had mentioned both of those are really old tech that wasn't maintained we brought them back to life and updated them because each of those is a component of what we're trying to build as this mobile app the extra benefit for that of course is if you're an existing redhead and you had coins that you were tipped or trying to tip on any of those tip bots back in the day those funds are now available you can recover them and tip with them or just cash them out and spend if that's something you want to do certainly on reddit there are some funds locked up there on the twitter bot as well uh and those funds are really available for anybody who had them and has access to their account and you just claim them and do what you're gonna do with them that really speaks to something that's important to me as the you know project leader for this team that we always take the time to really provide the protection and the safety and the trust that we've you know associated with our reputation at this point and really honor that in everything that we do so bringing that that money back through those tip bots as well as sort of integrating them into the new application just really speaks to red's approach to things throughout and that's something that we hope people will notice and realize you know there's a lot of opportunity for scam and theft and fraud uh in the crep crypto space especially um we we've been very honorable about what we do and we try to maintain that as a really as a point of honor that just because funds are are entrusted to the team that that's something we take very seriously uh and you'll see that in all of our products as we we try to design them to be non-custodial and to have your keys under your control again a couple of design challenges that make that across the board difficult to implement but all of our work is done with that in mind that you guys the users are the primary driver of all of this we're not trying to make money off these apps we're not trying to data mine we're not trying to capture your information so we can sell it to advertisers all of that really goes by the wayside in what we're doing we're trying very much to provide products that really work the way you expect them to and don't take advantage of you know your your lack of reading the terms and conditions that's not something that's never sat well with you know the the group that that's running red coin at this point and that's really i think a hallmark of some of the things that we do we would encourage you guys to take a look at some of the details on on our sites the privacy policy terms and conditions wherever we put them those are crafted to protect redheads you know interests and and protect the data mining and the big tech industries from sort of taking advantage of you that's the position we've placed ourselves in and again there's money to be had there from selling all of that data we don't care it's not what we're doing um so that's that's a big component of what red mobile is going to be the intent of that application is really to be that central point that you can go you you know from any any application facebook if you see a nice piece of content you want to tip somebody hit share opens up in our app you can share that value you can track what you've given or who you're given to that's really the the core of that app and although we plan to add some additional features to it and build out around that at the end of the day that's been the driving goal for us to use redcoin as a social reward coin to tip good content in a way that's easy and when we started with the the browser extension that model works very well on a desktop the problem that we discovered is everybody's going mobile 80 of the world now is mobile and not desktop some people use both that's a big reason behind why we're doing what we're doing you'll hear us talk about also a lot of our apps or a lot of our projects being applified in the sense that that mobile form factor and being able to work on a phone or not sitting in front of a computer is important that's the direction that we're going in we don't presently have mobile staking that is something we're working towards it requires us to upgrade the the protocol a bit um but again we've heard that that is the a part of the community's desire we realize that that's a big draw for red coin that ability to earn those rewards so we do want to enable staking those sorts of features in whatever capacity we can that makes sense again remembering that staking in the red coin world is not just a financial trick to lock up coins as it is in a lot of other other projects it is a necessary network function so it's hard to delegate that or take it offline and make it still make sense but that's the evolution of our blockchain that we've been working towards you know for however long and incorporates ideas that bitcoin uh core code base actually has delivered already so we do have some options there to move it forward we'll we'll see as those things evolve but certainly mobile staking is on our roadmap as a primary goal to to extend that desire to to perform those functions pretty much everywhere okay i think i covered that fairly well the other app and again there's some discussion internally as to whether these are going to be functions of the red mobile app this this new app that we have here listed as red social whether those are going to be combined into one app ultimately that does a lot of things or it will exist as a separate standalone app except that how that how that winds up being divided is less important than the fact that we are working towards this feature set um and there's some debate internally as to what makes sense and again that goes back to as as james put it perfectly in a meeting this week it's what the users want so if everybody in the red community decides we want individual apps each to do these things that's probably the way we'll go if if the general consensus seems to be no we want one app that does everything and we know where to go and it's our home we'll go in that direction for the moment we've got them sort of structurally separated this way and as a working name uh we've tagged it red social this is meant to be a centralized centralized is a is a bad word a central social app for red coin not just the tipping aspect and the wallet and the cryptocurrency but the social network aspects that people have grown to to be used to expect when you're engaging online the ability to build a profile and link it to you know whatever content you want to whether it's a social media uh social network page elsewhere again that feeds a little bit into the red id naming technology that we've talked about while that will be a function of the red mobile app there's no reason to think it also won't be supported in red social if this is a separate app because again it's that reuse of technology and functionality we can take components from one app and build them into another or cross those apps and publish information one to another so it makes it a very flexible and fluid approach to what we're doing but in general that red social app as as i currently envision it or we currently envision it there's a reason i choose those words but it's meant really to enable the social networking aspect of it finding local redhead groups maybe meetups businesses that accept red coin or want to accept red coin basically anybody that's part of that ecosystem that we would want to have connectivity to and that app gives us an ability to really control that that user experience provide information there as a as another social channel that may or may not be appropriate to the other you know the the red mobile app uh and and really do a lot of engagement um you'll see a lot of that functionality in other communities that they've they've really built that this is our networking app we hadn't really seen the need for that up until we really saw some compelling work by by some other teams and really got inspired the the discussion of how can we expose those redhead resources and get people engaged and noticing that their redheads around really is what feeds into that as well as the ability to facilitate you know as we grow we could plan meetups in there and arrange groups and and all of that kind of stuff it really is dependent on how well accepted that model is for folks wanting to contribute in the redhead space but again it's a fairly easy app to build uh it's fairly easy to maintain and evolve and that's a bit different from our earlier approaches with uh the electrum red and the other products products we've put out on a more manual basis and you know it really amps up our abilities to deliver some of this functionality that people really take for granted you know if you open up your facebook app you don't stop to think that that's a million dollars that went into a lot more actually that went into making that experience smooth and seamless and intuitive we have some skills around that we're trying our hardest to do that but it is deceptively difficult to match up with what some of these billion dollar industries have come up with nevertheless i think you'll be very impressed as we come out with the the new the new look the new version the new level of uh integration with these products and again you'll start seeing them very quickly uh that first app red share should be out we're hoping by the end of the month these others will be following right behind it and again some of them are apps some of them are more services if you will this is an example this next one red dot help technically is an app and we probably will applify it at some point but for the moment it is our central help resource we've set up a help desk we're building out the faqs and the knowledge base to really allow people to self-service and help you know for the common questions but in general this is a resource now that will stay indefinitely not just for people to ask questions and search for help but really to reach out for some of the things that aren't technical assistance you know as you see in that i don't know if you can read what's in that paragraph but i i will be publishing it one example of the less technical problem that we've had they've had people open tickets recently saying i don't know what an rdd is and why did my son give me some that's not really a help desk question but it is a redhead question that's our goal to be able to answer not just the my my wallet crashed and now it won't open but i don't know what i'm doing help teach me and that really has spoken throughout our our building our community and and evolving to what we are everybody involved in the red coin team has a very strong i.t and support background and that really has evolved into individually helping redheads as they run into problems myself yabba saleem who i don't believe is on the call has been killing it on the support side with our help desk and helping people out in in reddit and really walking people through things again one of the unsung heroes of what we're doing i spent endless hours doing that myself for quite some time and having people join in to help really expands what we're able to do by sharing the load that's what we're asking for from you guys that it is you know if you care about it if you have the knowledge to help we have a help desk come be come be a help guy or girl uh we really want people to share knowledge and to share what red coin is because it's not a com it's not an uncomplex topic let's say um and and red dot help again you can visit at any time you can open tickets you can track what you're doing as well as reach out to directly to our help team and be escalated to myself or john or tim if something that you might need you know requires attention it's another way we've tried to be able to engage the community and provide those resources where people don't know where to go by the time we get to and bring that out as that central resource again michael spoke a bit to that it's been complex to build but should be should be with us shortly uh certainly on a limited launch uh to bring out some of the pages so it's not delayed terribly but that is that is where we are we're trying to centralize that information and make it easy to access easy to use easy to consume if you guys have suggestions if any redheads want to help or create that that material or help in any of those functions we are constantly going to be throwing that offer out there anybody that wants to help can just you know be reasonably adult and professional about it and we'll get along fine we want you we want you to pitch in we want you to help this is for everybody who wants to be a part of it so red red dot help our help desk and help center you can always ask you know directly in channels pretty much anywhere but we are encouraging folks for the tracking and response and and to be able to measure what we're doing uh to head over to red dot help and uh get the help you need um okay moving on uh the the centerpiece of our technical uh expert or technical infrastructure i should say the red coin core wallets um we basically froze development after our release of posv v2 our current reference version is version 3.10.3 i'm sure you all know that if you don't have that version running you should if you're running an older version version 2.0 you're going to be having for two point anything you're going to be having a lot of problems if you're not already aware of that even the earlier versions of the the version 3 training i'm sorry train had some fee issues with them so we do encourage everybody to be running the current reference version 3.10.3 uh to that end we will be uh probably in the next month or so rolling out an updated version to accommodate a number of things we've had some bug fixes that need to be rolled in we've got a couple of security aspects to posv that we wanted to add that aren't critical but certainly improve situations and also we've discovered recently uh that we may have another font issue with the latest version of the mac os software kind of mucking up the way we're displaying things we had a similar struggle with the initial rollover to catalina so we do have a good sense of what it's going to take to fix that but it means that we have to put out another version that will happen um probably in the next couple of months i would think in general our goal has been to improve the the core wallet technology while at the same time not risking anything related to the operation of our network as some of you guys and girls may realize uh the red coin core wallet really is what lets red coin be a thing if nobody was running it nobody was staking we wouldn't have a network to send redcoin on so maintaining the the integrity of those wallets is absolutely critical to us and that's partly why we're not quite so quick to dive into and just make changes uh we do have some cosmetic needs i think that need to be addressed we have some maintenance needs in terms of easy operations with the wall of file and backup and bootstrap that we've talked about rolling in but but haven't had a chance to do that with our prior releases so we're hoping that not only will we have some development on that front to report in the next little while we will also be assigning some resources to look at the look and feel of the wallet itself really to at least bring it up into into this decade if not you know the next so it's it's a bit old we realize that there are some performance issues that you know traditionally have i'll use the word haunted us uh we are desperately trying to move that forward to increase the performance and the staking reliability for everybody uh that'll be done in a fairly measured way and again you can look for that by the end of the year that's not something we've lost sight of uh despite some of these apps being a little bit sexier and a little bit more high visibility and we wanted to bring that out really as a as an indication that you know we are looking at the big picture not just how do we bring apps and technology out to people but how do we evolve the core functionality of our network adding features adding stability adding scaling possibilities uh all of that needs to be studied and looked at again same comment if you have that expertise out in the redhead world or out in the crypto world and you want to help build the core wallet or enhance it you know c plus plus you know the qt structure you know how wallets work and and you know it there is some training and teaching with redcoin we're happy to do that but if you have interest in doing that sort of thing we need assistance as we do and everything else so feel free you know that's that's an invitation to anybody who wants to reach out uh and again it's any project that that really you know you get excited about if you don't want to work on the core wallet we've got a red dot academy uh effort that's been spun up uh it's taken on a little bit of what we call in the it industry scope creep and that's when you start with a and somebody says well let's do this oh and let's do this and let's do this and let's do this so we are in the process of scoping out exactly what that's going to look like red academy as a concept started from the idea that we need to educate redheads we need to share information visually and videos that people are gonna really watch we came up with the idea of we have posv funds why not incentivize you guys to watch and earn a couple of red coin in the process that whole idea has turned into a training effort in which students would get paid red coin for watching videos for going through these training processes instead of paying tuition to go to school why shouldn't you be paid to learn makes sense to me as that becomes reality and people are able to you know obtain a couple of red coin for doing that that's a great way to show not just a mechanic and a new paradigm for learning if you want to be all flighty and pretentious it really is a better way to do what what's happening there and the example that was thrown out by one of our team members was if this goes beyond crypto you could have somebody that signs up for for mechanic courses and at the end has the the money to open his garage that's the goal that we can we can teach people without charging them for it or taking from them we don't want anything from you we want to return to you we want to pay you for your time and your knowledge and your value and adding that and sharing that with other people and that's one way that we figured out how to do it that effort has taken on a bit of a grander scope because as we shared it with some folks in the real world with other projects with other crypto platforms that we're associated with everybody said we want to be involved we want to provide content we want a sponsor we want to help teach this that and the other so we are mapping out what that's going to look like we've got some engagement from the real world a couple of fairly large multinational companies one of which uh actually does organized corporate learning and knowledge systems uh for their business the other is associated with those guys and and we've got really some some we'll call it unorthodox business discussions happening not who do we pay to do this but how do we all bring it together ourselves that really is an example of a project that we thought of we could probably execute on a very low level but if other people and other institutions and other platforms and other projects want to be part of what we're doing we're happy to extend that it's not about red it really is about i guess it's about redheads and about the community and about sharing those knowledge and resources you know that we've put together that knowledge and resources that's terrible english sorry uh that we've put together in as compelling a way as we can so we will see how that evolves we're actually very interested in seeing what our our imagineering partners come back with um that's not a disney reference by the way um and again the education in what we're doing is critical people need to know how to use the tools that we're giving and how to how to understand the concepts and i think a lot of us will agree there's not a lot of great information out there there's not a lot of great teaching tools there's some but you have to find it that's kind of where we started pulling together our little red bits videos to talk about aspects of what we're doing and then trying to wrap a little bit of reward around it in the in the red style that's what that project is and we look forward very much to sort of seeing how that evolves again you're a teacher you build agendas and curricula and syllabi we want to hear from you you know if you want to have a part of that again it's this is all open for collaboration everything we do and it's why we're sharing because some of this isn't obviously ready to be released but if you you can all see or begin to see the sorts of things that we're doing the sorts of things that fit very squarely into the the strategic plan we've come up with i think you can get very excited about the possibilities either personally or what's going to happen with the project that really is our goal to communicate that and to really share behind it you know how we're doing why we're doing that's the entire goal of this event so michael did a great job talking about our uh current website the one that's in the midst and being built uh again we will publish this you guys can read a bit about it uh is the face of our social movement is the face of our our technical aspect our technical movement if you want to call it that uh and they do work nicely or ultimately when they're fully published will work nicely to complement each other i would recommend uh and and by seeing some of the responses to the the question form we put out there i know for a fact some of you haven't read the red book some of you haven't read the red paper which is our our project's white paper uh just to be clear the red paper covers posv version two staking the technology behind what we're doing as well as the red coin restitution fund the red coin charity fund how we do what we do and how that's enabled all of that is in our red paper most most projects call it a white paper being who we are we call it a red paper uh i would encourage folks to take a look at that it's a little bit technical at least at the beginning but it does uh you know give a good sense of what we're about on the technical side the red book is that same describing document for our social movement for project red so it explains more about the values and the philosophy behind project red and how that sort of interacts with the technology i would encourage everybody who wants to really understand our goals and what we're doing in this project to take the time and i've linked them uh in this document you take a look at it later the red paper and red paper faq a couple of pages on staking and what red coin is and posv the red book a couple of pages really on what powers us and the things that we think and believe i i think that pointing folks to that and having them have a chance to read it and we have had some discussions about turning those into audio books we will be doing that shortly for a bit more accessibility uh but again we we will say this constantly we've taken the time to create those documents because it summarizes really a lot of what we're about if you take both of them for the two sides of what our project is it gives a good view of of kind of from the team's perspective how we've built this and where we're going and what what the powering you know what the engine is behind it uh posv version two has been a very strong enabler for all the things that we're doing we did crowdfund our last uh listing with bitmart but that crowdfund accounted for about a fifth or less of the total cost all the rest of it came from our dev funds from pos v version two that's not something we could have done before we invented that and engaged the community to activate it and it really goes to speak to sort of how our project runs and will run so i'd encourage everybody take a look if you can if it's a little impenetrable for you we will be doing some video and audio versions of them shortly but definitely as the fundamental documents for what we're talking about i would i would suggest taking a couple of minutes um moving on we've got infrastructure projects that are constantly happening as i just mentioned we achieved a couple of new listings on bitmart in in china and in their 150 countries globally uh they have had some difficulty internally in publishing those new pairs through their open api to places like coin market cap and coin gecko we've been working with them really on a daily basis to get that taken care of uh that's a bit of an evolution in engaging in some of these and uh bitmart was the first major exchange that we've created a new listing with uh we do expect actually if you go and look at some of the discussion around it in our last exchange uh publication we do have a pipeline of new exchanges including some of them that have come up during that process uh and basically said we want to make you a deal you can't refuse and get you on board uh as red coin so we do have a lot of options there some of it is tied to fees and that actual you know the cost of doing what we're doing as a function of pos funds we will ultimately get there whether you know it takes a week a month or a year it it really is a function of time and driving the success itself of what we're doing but that enabling technology of of the posv funding is allowing things like that to happen along with things like marketing everybody's complained about marketing but you have to remember a lot of marketing is cost people want to be paid for saying the things that are complementary or you know insightful about any given project we've tried very hard not to do that we don't want anybody who will say a word for being paid you know to just throw it out there with every other project that they're being paid to do that so we've shied away from that a little bit that being said we are taking the time to really address that and get our information and our news and our developments out in as candid a way as we can uh as ronnie said before we've done a good job of expanding our own social footprint into instagram and tick tock and wechat and lots of those other uh social networks that people are congregating on just so we can spread the red news and and share you know what we're actually working on to the public as well as having you know access to ask uh technical questions and that sort of support um we definitely are expanding in that capacity and if you guys know how much time social media engagement takes up again if you want to help you are welcome to jump in a big part of our our social media team is maintaining that that image of red and making sure that you know we've got good information out there that people are being informed and broadening out that footprint to be able to talk more we've grown immensely in the last little while we'd like to continue doing that so again same offer if you'd like to join up and help just let us know um and and our weekly update again a function of the social media team getting that out and working very hard i don't know if i mentioned before but it certainly meant bears mentioning now uh we've agreed to spin up a regular uh we're not sure we're gonna call it but a red coin podcast probably on a monthly basis because of the work involved uh probably with a little music break from our friends jmo and glow stick willie cause you know um but really meant to be another channel to really engage other people from the crypto space to bring on guests since we have a very wide network of people that are very friendly to redcoin and you know our redheads are everywhere i've joked about it being a bit like fight club but you know trifle happier we really do have redheads almost everywhere uh as a perfect example uh the the the service we're gonna be using later today for our breakout rooms uh at least one of their their team you know is a redhead holder a red coin holder and a self-professed redhead i saw him in the room here before so i know he's part of the group and that's the joy of what we're doing here it's a bit like having friends everywhere you know when somebody tells you i'm a redhead too or i hold red or i tr it feels good that's what we're looking for it's that sense of belonging that sense of being part of something that's as equal in up in importance to what we're doing as the technology itself as long as the technology works reliably and certainly it has so to that end opening up a podcast uh if folks listening or watching later feel like they might have something to add to that again if you want to be on it be a guest be whatever it is we are figuring out the mechanics behind that but it promises to be a lot of fun uh and then moving on we've opened or are opening a full-blown red merchandise store that's going to be fulfilled externally to our team so we're not spending time doing that stuff to the exclusion of the dev work but there's always been obviously that that need for we want the red logo we want you know pictures on things so that we can talk it's it really hasn't been a focus but it's fun and that's really what we're about you know at the end of the day there so you all can see i've got my my red coin uniform on today it's not typically how i dress but it is you know it's not something we've done but honestly i think it's been lacking so at this point not only is that to help spread the red love and share but it's also to have an avenue for our meetup groups the folks around the world that are going to be holding red events to have access to branded stickers and notepads and whatever else else that they need to help just put that symbol and logo in people's minds and help them think about it as well as some of our our charity efforts we're actually at the moment waiting for uh the ability to do red labeled soccer balls so we can give out some soccer balls to the folks we're working with you know down in rio and elsewhere because hey who doesn't like playing soccer uh it really is things like that it's a way of bringing that branding and that logo out more into the world so we'd encourage folks as that comes live buy whatever you like wear whatever you like join the team you know be a walk-in billboard if you want seems like fun uh other than that uh okay we did touch on the uh red cast is the name that we put on it that's our podcast um we are tentatively planning and again the word is tentative because covet and social distancing and the reality of the world that we're sitting in right now but uh we do have the ability again thanks to jmo and the band and his expertise to throw red music fest really do something fantastic and live uh without a lot of cost involved simply as a you know let's have some fun together and and spread the the red spirit share a little bit of red coin information if we need to maybe give out some wallets things like that but you know really more a function of being social and fun and engaged because that's what red is meant to be not just some way to make money i think we've harped on that quite a bit um this is another one that we are tentatively working on and may happen you know at the turn of an agreement so i didn't want to include this again the folks that are on the technical side that want to build that want to hack that want to you know test the security and provide new systems and there are a lot of you out there absolutely we want to hear from you if you don't want to work as part of the team you can take a look at our github or other code and you know provide pull requests and submit your work that way we did have somebody just recently take it upon themselves to provide keep key integration code that's waiting for inclusion in the uh the shape shift keep key repo when they actually accept it but that's something that somebody in our community was inspired to do simply because they had the skills and the knowledge and the know-how and wanted to drive rightcoin forward that's fantastic if there are other folks out there that want to do the same thing and that's a great wolf was his screen name just to give him a little shout out for doing that work that's really what we're looking for we don't need to build everything ourselves we need to obviously review it make sure that it's suitable and appropriate to include but if you don't want to be part of the team don't want to attend meetings you just want to code we've got a spot for you too you'll have to talk to me or john or somebody first but promise we won't harp too much on the interaction you can sit in your cave and code because we know that that's what people like to do and seriously you know it's it's it's meant to be accessible to everybody out there coders non-coders you know again we can't say that enough we want you to help uh and and speaking to that you know we are as part of this offer that we receive we are planning to if at all possible engage go to defcon in august and uh arrange a red red coin hackathon create some good cool products maybe find some security issues with our current ones that kind of stuff um that should be an interesting event all by itself we don't promise that that's gonna happen right now it's we think so but we're not 100 sure it is pretty exciting though so we wanted to share it as a possibility as a possibility um and that's that's a good overview and i i know you know we've we've gone through a number of these projects there are some other things that are even less fleshed out that we have on the list of things we'd like to do and then on the other side of the coin and again just to provide a little bit of insight into the social movement what we're doing and how that relates all of these projects and these are i think three or four of of the ones that are most significant now we've created as a function of the community we've built up here so essentially following if you've read the the red book you know that we're trying to take inspiration from the swedish pirate party and some of the the uh lessons that they learned in setting up a sort of decentralized sort of disorganized swarm kind of group is the language that they took and we've borrowed that um we've created at this point really three levels to our overall community we have the core team sitting on top really driving the the the work and the policy collectively we've got our red ambassador core that we've assembled that are really people who've taken the time to understand the red book and the red paper and the combination of the things that we're doing um those people tend to be the most likely to explain and teach and share those details in places where the core team can't directly engage or as part of that and that's really the group now that our our channel admins and our outreach coordinators and our meetup folks are going to belong to as a function really of organizing but also having that confidence in the group of ambassadors behind everything that we do and then below that we have our general kind of redhead group which i think everybody falls into here obviously some of your ambassadors every one of you are redheads including the core team that's not it's not meant to be really a hierarchy as much as a basic organization so you know if you see somebody that's got a red ambassador you know name or it's on his his bio or her bio you can reach out and ask you know and know that you'll be not chased away and not banned and you know if you need help ask that's what we're there for and and really the ambassador group is forming that front line of really motivated folks who want to provide good information and and explain to folks who are let's say focused on price or focused on when will you market when will you market those are the the the front line of folks that that are gonna explain some of that stuff in the way that we've just spent a couple hours doing or even just pointing to this this video uh but that's what the idea that it is very inclusive if you want to be an ambassador we've got a form out there uh i'll i'll make sure that it's added to the document here as well i think it is already um for applying to the ambassador uh core and becoming active in that way it's not a full-time job it's not a paid job it's not going to take away anything from your life other than what you might choose to offer and we we are certainly encouraging that level of engagement because we are a family and we're a growing family i think at this point i probably know fairly well everybody is in the ambassador group and i would trust each and every one of them to you know defend and explain redcoin the same as i would i want people to to have that comfort level with what we're doing so that everybody knows and everybody can explain or or benefit from that that aspect going to some of these events as we're branching out into the real world it is going to take all of us to help bring the next round of redheads into what we're doing and explain the apps explain the technology maybe some of you folks sitting there thinking hey i could start a meetup you know locally or talk to people or teach that's what we want that's what we want that's the nature of a red ambassador it's somebody that sees what we're doing and says i gotta get get in there i gotta be part of that i gotta share that with the world it's all we want it's the only requirement that's as tough of an interview as you'll have reach out you know if you want to be part of what we're doing if the tech scares you but you really want to do some good locally and the social movement kind of makes some sense to you let us know you know nothing more to it than that and an example of some of those things that have really picked up speed recently the red pizza party is was simply an idea patterned after another subreddit and on reddit called random acts of pizza they've been feeding hungry people for a while and we put our own little twist on that that's something that's just beginning to be a thing but what it's brought already is some other folks who saw that idea and said well i'm doing this could you help me it's not the same idea as the pizza party it's exactly on brand with project red and the social aspects of what we're doing and it feels good to help that's the bottom line so we're engaging with things like that wherever we can if a couple of bucks worth of red coin from our posv will improve people's lives that's what we want to do so we've got that allocation for charity and for community funds that's 20 of our overall funds we're spending that in these capacities to help little issues little little efforts become bigger to to really touch individuals as opposed to donating to the larger charities where you know our little bit of help might get lost our message is we're here to help we're here to belong we're here to you know to reach out to folks not in any you know any other way than really being as honest as we can about it and in that way we've changed little bits of people's lives already and helped them see well if i do that for this person and they do that for this person that's that chain reaction that we're looking for it's not really got that much to do with the tech it's more about the environment that we've built in the community that to us is just as beautiful as the technology side and just as hard-hitting and able to provide change to the world that we all very much need that's the core that's the beauty of what we're doing on that side it really is something that you know everybody on the team has realized is important you know it's not just about money although it's about security and safety it's about care it's about love it's about reaching out to folks that have less or are feeling scared or and and we'll admit it sounds a little naive and weird for a a cryptocurrency project to be going that direction hopefully from some of these insights that we've shared the team has shared you know a lot of what they're doing as well hopefully that that makes some sense to you to the audience here and to folks watching it later on why we're doing what we're doing and what the future is going to bring for red coin how that fits together um and i think we've uh coming to the end of this we do have a couple of other little uh pieces of that project red side i briefly wanted to touch on uh and we're actually doing okay on time so that's good um one of the uh initiatives that came out of our telegram channel actually from one of the redheads who i won't call out by name at the moment but he knows who he is um took my challenge to take an idea and just document it and make you know look at the details stepped up and said okay i want to do this that's turned into a another app or another effort to sort of create a system that will allow people to bring people deserving of help people deserving of a little bit of you know a little bit of money a little bit of attention a little bit of it of of actual help to the community's notice so that we can look at them and vote on them and see what's you know appropriate for our community to do have that paid by posv funds so nobody's really going out of pocket if they want to help and they don't have the means to do it and to really be on the ground helping individuals who need that that hand that lift that you know just that little hand up means a lot to people and and i'm sure everybody listening to this knows every one of you has been in that position yourself i've been in that position myself everyone on the team has that's part of what we're building these things for because it's it's a common shared experience that we don't know what we're doing and we're scared of of what might happen and it's a softer side than than what you're traditionally used to in the crypto world but that's who red is and we started there with building a restitution fund so that we could pay people back when they lost coins it's that same level of support it's that same level of we could keep this all to ourselves but then where's the fun in that and you know what's the benefit and so our goal is to share and to give and to help and the more people we can get engaged in that the more of a chain reaction the more of a global effect we have it starts with apps like this so if that's something of interest to you you want to help make that a reality again or you have an idea and you haven't seen it done or there's a community that you know sort of fits we had uh one new arrival tell us all about his his engagement with a local theater group and how they target at-risk youth and you know people who who again just generally need help and are isolated if we can bridge the gap to those people with red coin and with the idea that you're not alone even if you're at the other end of a computer that's as valid a project as red id is for what we're looking to do right now and it grows our our ecosystem and our space in slightly different ways but it provides value for what we're doing that it's all just not about let's all make money the value there is really let's make a difference in the world let's change some people's lives to make things better might be pretentious we know that it might be it's still a valid goal and that really is a big part of what we're doing here so the the very last thing uh is really less of a project and more of a general tone of how project red operates um we can't do everything for everyone we can enable some things in terms of moving value around and engaging the community and really harnessing the the power to if you want to call it share love or share help or share care and that's something that a lot of these other groups that don't have access to that technology and don't know that our community exists have trouble actually making the the leap to directly help you know a lot of their let's say claimed clientele um i've worked pretty instincts extensively personally in the nonprofit and ngo uh space before coming to crypto so i've got a lot of affinity not just for doing those sorts of things but a fairly large network in the nonprofits that are doing those things we've reached out with this side of our project to those folks and gotten a lot of real buy-in of people who very much admire and see the things that we're trying to achieve and want to partner up so that's a large draw for people in the space to be able to use crypto in those scenarios to bring the charities into the crypto world and help them figure out the technology all of that wraps together to basically partner up with different let's say non-profits or local banks or local government agencies to be able to provide reliable in this in the case that i'm thinking of for example one of the ones that's maturing at the moment uh the folks in our uganda group have have realized suddenly that you can run an entire micro economy in telegram with a tip bot well it functions it's got some risks the more it grows the more those risks exist so we're looking at that as a solution to that kind of a social issue but not one that we can solve ourselves partnering with some of those non-profits partnering with agencies and groups let's say in that country makes it much more likely that we can create something that's going to sustain itself and is going to be provided for by local stakeholders and you know treat it as the technology that it is things like that can revolutionize what's going on in the country in the countries that we're talking about and globally and again it's just a matter of taking what we've got the technology and the social desires and and pushing them and explaining them and teaching the folks that want to learn and want to grow and want to have those abilities but simply don't have the exposure to it again that's a critical piece of what we're doing and it's one of the reasons that we're we're relatively sure that we have nowhere to go but up at this point you know we've we've looked not only to build out the technology but build out what we can do with it and the positive impact the change the the love that we can share with people around the world with with no idea that this exists that's really the the core of what red is about both of those sides kind of working in tandem and the people that go to make up this team and and what we're doing and why we're doing it you see more to come put on the bottom of that that uh document absolutely more to come i think that's a good overview of the majority of the projects that we're really kind of driving forward with at the moment uh for those of you asking when red id i would point you towards that red mobile product and see if you can find where red id has turned into that naming feature uh for those asking when moon when indeed uh and when binance you'll have to ask them i think that covers the the three major questions that the folks have been uh throwing at us and i haven't been paying attention to the chat as i've been reading through that document so let me uh just do a quick scan through there um but yeah do we have that that was a lot of talking i know um do we have any questions uh actually where are we with time we're coming up on the the noon hour there so that's good yeah as you were as you were talking we've been uh answering a lot of the questions on chat so i think everything's pretty much uh been up to the time here so i think there wouldn't be that many more questions as yeah we've been on it yeah fantastic and i'm looking at some of the answers yeah i i i like is that last name kardashian uh-huh um okay there's a name i recognize um thanks coach um i i will tell you it's not it's not me coming up with this it's the team it's it's james and jamo bringing us an idea called my share that immediately fit with what we're doing and turned into red share it's the tip bots and the guy that that wrote the altcoin tip code six years ago you know and us building on that and adding features and it's it's a team effort it's a it's it's literally takes a village in in action and you know you guys are all part of that too you're you're specifically reaching out and sharing what you're doing with the mma folks and your your athletic side of things that's not an area we had really focused on as that's going to be a key growth for for red coin but it fits it's that that sharing and support and love and again it sounds weird to be saying love in a cryptocurrency project but that's what it is across the board it's love for what we're doing love for the people that are in our group and on our team and in our community and and love for what can happen by sharing what we're doing with the world so i'm not embarrassed by saying that you know red is love red is everyone red is everywhere those things mean mean something to us and we hope that they mean something to everybody on the call at the moment and everybody that that sees this you know it's it's meant to be a very accessible and simple thing that we're doing here do good that's all do good and you get some red coin for it pretty simple message um do we have anybody that wants to to say anything at the tail end of this on the team or or otherwise i was gonna suggest um pro or james if you can just state um the languages and potential uh needs maybe from a technical perspective just so people that are listening know what type of uh developers we're looking for uh pro i'll let you go first uh yeah i know jose uh in the chat mentioned that he has gold line experience so we are actually uh looking for a gold line uh developer you know uh for a rosetta api uh that's gonna integrate with coinbase so definitely that you know um flutter developers for mobile apps you know node.js developers you know pretty much anything so yeah and i'm just dropping in the chat here if anybody wants to uh reach out directly and you're not sure how you can always just email info or info red dot love that that actually goes directly to me so i will see it uh and we'll we'll take it from there um btc hubspot actually there is a site one of our partners a company called has customized woocommerce and the other top six i think ecommerce uh integrations and actually if you give me one second i will find you a link for that as well while you're while you're doing that uh pro james what was the the main languages used for a blockchain based uh development yep yeah i mean just in general terms for uh if we didn't speak to it and this is this is in answer to your question i believe btc hubspot um languages on the technical side uh golang obviously for for coinbase and the rosetta api uh c plus plus for the core work as well as uh familiarity with the qt wallet technology that that's built on um basic depending depending what part you're you're interested in working on also apple developer skills um android development skill all right sorry i was going to say yeah that was what i was going to get into swift um kotlin java um python especially objective-c yeah so it's a little bit of everything um but um you know we are moving in in a lot of different ways with our technical advancements um and getting to a state to where like we like i said earlier we're we're simplifying the process for a lot of things and um utilizing more uh cloud-based servers um than you know um you know actual servers you know in in a garage or a basement or warehouse or whatever so as far as a primary infrastructure um not necessarily as of right now we are currently using uh google firestore firebase and stuff like that for a lot of what we're doing um and but we're testing the waters we're going to try some stuff with aws and azure as well see which one works best that we can utilize keep in keep with going forward uh and just to answer your question coach um we have discussed it actually with the new design that we're going after it might or may not be necessary we've discussed uh an idea of masternodes or more complex nodes that need to be you know online more reliably and and whether there's a way to incentivize that uh by you know increasing staking for folks that are going to do that that would be in the the concept of using the same kind of peer-to-peer tech that exists in the core wallet right now for the red coin chain itself using let's say red id which is going to be a separate chain a side chain um replicating that with the same kind of node peer-to-peer technology that would fit more with the we need node operators and and how to go about that um really for availability more than anything else um but for actual nodes in the the network itself we don't it's all it's all peer-to-peer as long as we have staking going on that we need it doesn't have to be dedicated nodes and high-end linux servers and things like that you can literally run on a raspberry pi on your laptop and be offering as much to the network as you would if you you had a dedicated linux node that failed over and all the rest of it so it's more about the breadth of people staking and being active there than the the sort of commercial grade node operators uh that may change in the future but for the moment the answer really is the more people staking the better for us doesn't really need to be a dedicated thing or 24 7 for that matter a lot of people think that they need to stake 24 7 they do not you don't lose out really by not doing that what you do is just take a tiny tiny bit of that reliability from the network when you shut down if the other 10 or 20 000 people staking are still up you're fine that's really what it comes down to um yeah if if people want to do that it's not about high-end nodes if it really is about you know your own particular rewards and you know what you're going to earn from it you know we don't have that level of technical skill where you need a complex linux server to run staking some of the other some of the other staking coins certainly do we do not and ricardo absolutely cool jose i look forward to talking to you all right so um why don't we i'm seeing a couple of other questions one from dima that that you got some questions but since you're part of the team i think we can answer that elsewhere and actually we are going to have more questions why don't we plan to shut this down we are going to move over for our so-called breakout spaces and i say so-called because it seems like we're all just going to be in one room mumbling at each other but we'll see the site that we're using is called i'm just dropping the link in here if anybody needs it but it is a a very nice little uh twist on on shared you'll see when you drop in there um one thing to keep in mind it is location based so if you can't hear me or somebody else talking literally move your guy closer to it um and that's in kumo space as we switch over there other than that i i think if we don't have any other uh closing comments from from the team i'll throw it open for a moment anybody wants to say anything before we go uh i guess the one thing i'm going to ask real quick is what room would you like to jump in for these folks i know that i think it's up to 30 or 40 people yeah it's limited it's limited at 30 i would assume in the switchover we'll probably lose a few so we're gonna have probably a fairly full room but i will we'll play it by ear if it's one room uh there is a broadcast function so that we can speak to everybody if it's split over multiple rooms uh we'll see how that goes but i will also point out i am enough in love with this particular kumo space platform that i pitched to the team and i think we're going to go ahead and do this after this meeting obviously we're all going to move in there and talk from now on that will also be a channel that some of the team may be hanging out in uh just as a casual way to interact with with what we're doing and you know you've got little questions it's a little bit more fun to stand and talk to somebody and you know have a virtual drink than it is to just watch the text scroll by so we are going to be using that as a as another one of our social engagement channels uh if it's interesting to you feel free to copy that and use it for your own uh you know sharing and business and whatever it might be it's a it's a free platform at the moment and i'm very impressed with what those guys are doing so i'm giving them a bit of free publicity there uh and again uh thank you everybody for for coming and spending the time with us three hours on a saturday is a hefty chunk of value for some people to be given up so thank you for that um and we will meet you all in that kumo space room shortly bring your questions bring your love that's about all we got thank you very much and uh we'll see you all in the breakout sessions thank you guys thank you very much thank you thanks everybody for coming bye-bye

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