Mantul!!!Siap siap Claim Airdrop Uniswap Jilid 2 Tahun Ini ?

Hi, don't forget to press the subscribe button and turn on the bell so that this channel is even more stable, xxcx hehehe Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, back again with the Bangko Vino channel, which explains about crypto education, ponzi business problems and illegal online loans , OK, I'm reporting friends who watch the video I am this and the one who subscribes and blames the bell, it's sad to make it easy to be given smoothness and make it easier for sustenance Okay amen, okay, I'm updating this, yes, the latest update is from Yuni Sweep, yes, this is hydro Papa, eh, the update from eh hydropic, yes, I dropped it, which said I got four year Is it true or not, it's just because I saw it, I monitored it in several groups, yes, crypto community groups, yes, a lot of meows say that I dropped Yunishop only once, yes, and the next, I just can't get anything like that or not there will be another name called idro, free distribution of bribery union, that's the kid that I watched u The GTA that I saw on the field That's what I saw in Grogol the community only Bro percent believed it but the rest mostly didn't believe it was that Uni bribed or Ken was a deck Yes The biggest deck right now, yes, yes, with that extraordinary volume no, it doesn't distribute free tokens anymore, like what he did in last year's GTA 2020 yesterday, namely Uni distributed the Purwa LED around 400 Yuni tokens.

Congratulations, for friends who still keep this Yuni token, no, I'm already worth it 200 hundreds of millions Dad, if last year it was still worth tens of millions now it's worth hundreds of millions So, yes, that's the answer to the pros and cons of this, yes, someone asked like that, sir. Is it true, sir, yes, my husband will distribute free tokens to you for four that year, is that true, most of them don't believe it , my friends, yes, this is what I just want to try, Dad, to see something What is the technicality of GTA according to the roadmap of the Yuni token when it was launched in that century, what month was it around August, yes, August is not wrong, August 2020, before launching this token, before airdrop, he issued a name That's the road map, what's the information like that, to the community, to investors and so on, yes, he gave it.

He gave a road map like that, about the swaptoken unit Yudi bribed, yes, water like this is the road map that I saw, that's what I caught. Ah, it's like This is wow, it looks like a friend, guys, 50% obyokan is already available to be a claim by Istiqlal user and liquidity government to sell with a certain 4.3 percent, yes. So in total, there are 430 million units, so it will be distributed like that, Ah, so it's divided Lo, his friends from 400-30 million Yuni are divided into several years. What's the point for the community, huh, for this member, it's a bribe that has done it n transactions or trades or swaps, yes, on the Yuni Sweep exchange, yes, but before the bucket month, friends, before September, sir, he was included in the snapshot or in that category, who received rewards from the swap Union for four years Yes, the total value is 400 30 million.

Nadia. First, her friends, look at this, the first one, it's 170 2016002. I already got it. About 400 Yuni, 400 unicoins per swallow GTA Anidya. Second, Dad, he's both chests in 2021. Yes, if we look at the roadmap This 2021 is 129 million Yuni, which will be distributed, yes, it could be this. If I think about 300-350 Yuni, that will be received per person. Per swallow, yes, a friend who has a swallow, Setia Tia, please save the swallow, don't lose it, okay? this is pretty good, this makes sense, if the value is $100, you get it, you get 500000000, if it's worth $100, it's per unit.

Okay, I don't have one, I'll take a look at some Sir, some evidence that it has been distributed for four years, yes, you can check it, friends, OK, let's open the explorer Wow smartphone trakya Is it true that this Union of bribes has distributed 4 years, yes, that's right, from the road, they already have friends. said that a total of 430 million unique tokens will be distributed and that it will be distributed in how many stages over four years, friends, yes, here are the details on the first day, yes, the first is 172 million, the second year, 129 million, the third year, that is 46000000, the 4th year, it is 43 million. That was killed in total, WiFi really ramped up to 430 million or Yuni like that.

Hey friends, yes, this is a truck smartphone from the university, yes, with a total supply of one million Dad, relax, 1 billion, now it's 40 dollars. Hey, I'm looking for the holder, so this is it answered from the pros and cons that there are so many saying that the husband's Union will not distribute the tokens again, I'm free, so let's make it clear Hey friends, let me know that, Wow, it turned out to be really shared, OK , let's see the price is 129,000 per unit, yes, this year, yes, this has been prepared, friends, here, here, hold on to 129 million units, this is unique, right? This has been prepared, my friends, the developer, has prepared Wow, has prepared this fee, what dropheads Yuni Sweep has been waiting for , yes, this year.

So friends, please, those who don't believe it, it's okay. Yes, we don't need a justification like that. What's clear this is in accordance with the roadmap, yes, the road map and actually it is magic to carry out the road map, so the geckos are indeed distributed, but consistently for four years, yes, this is 129 million units or the current value is five billion 180000000 640 million dollars or so several trillion will be shared this year was incredible wow magic Yuni Okay yes n129 million in the year when we see whether there would be well waletnya check yes here we are consistent deng an evidence that indeed Yunus wapmu distributed this Yuni token for four years, yes, OK, let's see. Oh, there are 86 million. Now this is evidence, friends, please check it later, I will include it in the description, this Yuni token section for four years, friends or years this can also be 129 million It's possible in 2021 w2002 these two are 86 million Yuni maybe around 250 yunia tokens in 2022 maybe you get Hi, this is Hi, it's the last one in the 4th year, yes, 43 million is so bad Bye this will be clear, friends his so baseball so much that is so dear do not want ya I cuman cuman you say a lot to make that says you do not believe knowingly lo ah he and others made will I will I am what some say say this particular Liquid mining so yes liquidity Mining or Edge is the one that provides liquidity, so let's make it clear that he has checked this friend, let's see, now this is the last one, in 2002 23 43 million Yuni will be shared So, adjust it with your friend, it's still intact here at first, it looked like it was intact, the dp didn't do anything about it, I don't know, I didn't do anything about it for a long time, anyway , Sis Ning 23506000, yes, friends .

I'm the boss, someone said that it's impossible, sir, to get a four-year unit, that's not possible, but here the evidence shows that this is already from their rotmet at the beginning, they already said that they will distribute 430 million units in 4 stages and 4 stages, so every year it is will be reduced so yes Ah so so that's the result I can tell even her about hidropinik suapya this latest development yes perhaps many do not believe so yes that is still confused so yes disposable Bentar yes I can again pack so right? Well so Merel so baseball baseball maybe it hasn't been updated yet, maybe you don't know that yet .

How come the actual conditions are like that from the Yunishop drop, so this is really a conclusion it will be distributed in four years he friends will be shared in four years Hi here are the details maybe this year 300 between 300si Yuni to 350 Yuni free token swap will be distributed again warm Caca infotainment date well on 18 oct 2021 it will be shared yes maybe on in the third year, the book is more likely to be around 200, 250-260 250 Yuni Sweep might be distributed like that and finally in the 4th year, about 100-150 Yudi swaps will be distributed for free again, so hopefully friends will be lucky, yes, he is Idol Mini and the other one.

still has waletnya not be sold waletnya was so, and many are now seeking Swallow yunishop was already much now they will pay many millions gitu yes For those who do not know ya released it's Hehehe well so yes maybe it is a little well of me on the progress of the info yes Uni swap is like that, I am I hope all of you are lucky and come back again, for free, yes, and the estimated value for this year, I think around 500000000 it's a friend or half a billion maybe it could be more, thank God, yes, for Steam, it's still worth 200 now, it's already 200 million friends, if that's still the case, we're OK. The slime was a friend before I closed. Don't forget to subscribe and Turn on the bell so that my channel will be even more stable and get the latest info from Bang kovil's channel regarding crypto education, marketing, ponzi business and illegal online loans , yes, I say Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh marquesan success for all of us he ordered.

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