Mance Harmon Explains Hedera

[Music] Leeman baron my good friend and co-founder had a vision for how the internet should work how online communities should be able to create and evolve shared environments in cyberspace I'm pleased to introduce you to Panera it is a public hash graph network with a world-class Governing Council what are the fundamental challenges that need to be overcome in order to ensure that a public network can be successful in today's market there are technology challenges security challenges problems with stability in the current platforms and governance and Hadera we have solutions to these problems hadera platform provides a set of controls that makes it possible to actually bring stability to the platform the state proofs make it possible for the governing body to specify what changes should be made to the nodes but then ensure the precise time that those changes are applied to the nodes in the network we have a split governance model open consensus with permission governance anybody that wants to run a node in our network will be able to do so there are 39 industry leading organizations that provide the Governing Council these members will provide expertise in business technical aspects legal regulatory at scale we anticipate there will be millions of node in the network this is a model that is not in the market today but we believe solves the governance problems that we see in our industry we provide the needed technology security stability and a governance model that we believe will move the industry forward in a way that has previously not been able to achieve [Music] best thing

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