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Guys in this video today I want to talk to you about xrp Why is it now time to take part in this And I'm going to show you how powerful this thing is That could make you tens of thousands of dollars Maybe just for the next few weeks Because it actually rose a lot in the past five days, uh, first and before It's all my name is Kevin Lanner with the Freedom Catalyst channel Uh and if you haven't subscribed to my channel yet, scroll down there Now press your video button Sign up for this and don't forget to tap the notification bell until you are notified When I upload new videos, well let's go back here now, that you can see here I want to explain this right to you here And I zoom in on this one year ago XRP all right XRP one year is a cryptocurrency a year ago It was in 17 cents for just one coin men today, at 1.89 For one coin now you see this is a live live trading Go here now and now its price is seventy-five dollars It is slightly down from the eighty-nine dollar it reached in Earlier today, so this is what it was like a year ago, Have you invested, uh, even 100 dollars in the last year? At 17 cents when that was, it reached 1.89 Or even at $ 75 at the moment you made it with just the 100 investment you had I probably made about two to three thousand dollars Just in that within a year let us if you change this up here Let's come to a month ago as you can see it here in the last month It was 42 cents and now it's 1.89 Only today if you have invested then a hundred dollars then At that point I had made about a thousand dollars In that only a period of one month If you go back here to 24, you can You see this here, 24 hour lows and highs here You can see that it has only gone in the last 24 hours, it has gone from 1.35 To 1.89 many people have won So much money now the reason I talk to you about this today is Because you need to have this if you want to Make tens of thousands of dollars here maybe even in The next four weeks Latin or even if there are a few months You should really invest in ripple, that's what it is xrp is xrp is the currency created by a network Ripple and I'll show you what xrp is if we come to this The site is here, which is what you can see here and say Buy xrp what is xrp xrp is the cryptocurrency Used by banks and other traditional financial institutions are known as banks The ripple net payment platform with its slow and expensive transactions that Trying to build a global settlement network Designed specifically to solve these problems And provide a cheaper, faster and friction-free method For financial transactions over the Internet or even any Another way is through a credit card debit card or whatever That's what Ripple is doing and it's becoming very popular So you can see that this thing increases the time I get into this right Now.

I would like to express to you that we are not talking about Trading here, we are not going to become traders, We are investors we just want to buy and hold it to give you an example You can do it, I can come here for a machine Cryptocurrency Profit Calculator You see here and if we choose For example XRP XRP here right us dollar here we are ripple in Our way to deposit our currency now you can deposit any other currency if you are Anywhere else in the world that you can deposit any other type of Coins from here using ripple, you can buy it from Anywhere in the world, I will introduce it to you A platform where you can acquire this and be able to invest in this Today is the fastest time to invest in these guys The more money you can make in the next couple, I would say the four weeks Coming to the next three months you need to get this now, So suppose we are set up but the currency we are buying is a ripple xrp We use dollars and we buy them and let's just say if We invested a hundred dollars, take 100 dollars and invest it now, I know Most of you are here in the United States, recently got a incentive check For four hundred dollars from the government, Well, don't spend all of that money on games, phones, and hardware Various computer and things like that take a hundred dollars off That and invest it in Ripple and you'll be glad you did So, let's say for example if you are buying today at a price One dollar, let's see what's right about this Moment, let's just take $ 77 here, Well if we start with $ 77 it is the open price And let's just say as an example that you only invested $ 100 and let's say it In four weeks from now it is rising to 25 for a single coin, which is very important A very highly probable ripple is up 35 percent more From any other currency you can see it here It rose 30.62 to 1.89 and it could have been around 35 This is only in the last 24 hours From 1.35 to 1.89 even if you go up to 25 scroll doll Men could happen the next two days could Going on next week could happen in The next two weeks are the next four weeks even if it's just a few months If you are investing hundreds of dollars in the time The price of the coin reaches only twenty-five dollars, See how much money you can make.

You can make two thousand three hundred and three And twenty dollars if you get it today at a price One dollar and seventy-seven dollars, it was the best Now that I just invested in it five days ago, the price was men 86 cents when it was 86 cents five days ago And now the dollar is quoted at $ 79 At this very moment, let's say the dollar closes at $ 79 And i invested 100 five days ago On xrp, you can see that I earned about a hundred dollars, And he says $ 93 there in just five days you guys should come And invest in xrp or ripple if you want to earn Dozens in thousands of dollars and it could only happen in the near future w Weeks even if it's six months down the road you guys if It closed when closed so let's just say Whether she will reach 35 in two or three months Next I had invested only one hundred dollars How much will that make three thousand Four hundred and fourteen dollars, and let's just say you let it run wild Let it run.Let's see if it gets to a hundred bucks If the price of ripple increases to one hundred dollars In the next few months I have invested Just a hundred dollars and it started At 86, let's take what it would be like Today, what is right at this very moment 1.79 and 1.79 go to a hundred dollars has You only invested a hundred km to make a profit Almost ten thousand dollars from men that could happen Literally within the next month, he might go up to that price guys Time to get ripple, now guys, it is Really go up and go fast where you can Participate in it is this site here it is supporter, I'll leave this link there at the top of My description and what you can do is you can come And investing in Ripple is now at this price 1.79 or it could be higher maybe if you got into it but you Need to enter this day while still low Only 100 investments and you can make a lot of money only in The next four weeks or the next three months because Ripple is really booming now guys, it is It gets higher and higher, so the thing to do is it Come to, it's free to sign up guys, and no It costs nothing to sign up nor am I an affiliate For this company.

Affiliate link here What you will click on will be this link directly here At the top of my description you can sign up for free, You can connect it to your bank account with your representative account Or support here that you can connect to it with your bank account You can call your debit card and you can use the card to release the card To invest in cryptocurrency there are all kinds of cryptocurrency as See if you have clicked on all cryptocurrencies located here You can see it is all here xrp here ethereum bat I mean all the currencies you can invest in Cryptocurrencies are here to support and you can exchange and move around Between currencies very easily on this site, This is the site I have been using for the last year and haven't I have had no problem with it before, it is an order good.

And they are superior to everything they are They are always improving this platform to make it better and better For people like you and me to invest, so don't go out and spend 1,400 off Motivation even if you are in another country You can come here and do that too, just get 100 that's all even if it is You can put 20, you can still Make some good money, well, come here to support you today, and subscribe today And start investing in xrp ripple or some of those Other currencies The price is likely to rise higher as well Like a star lumen, and it could possibly rise as well, And you can see that the ripple has already returned Indeed, it could rise 1.89 higher today So guys come in and start investing On Ripple today, to make all kinds of money, you can make dozens Thousands of dollars in the next few weeks, because that's to come The more money you can invest in it, the more you will earn As the price goes up but at least start with a hundred Dollars if you guys can do that, here's the short video that I own it for you today.

I just wanted to tell you about a program xrp this, it will be a big player and you should participate in this as soon as you can Take advantage of it and make yourself tens of thousands of Dollars in the next four weeks, two months, and three Months, maybe even six months, this doesn't invest anything in the long term Trading here guys, all good guys, okay, I'll let you You go with that I want to share this intelligence h with you today Because it is important that it is an opportunity for you to make a murder For the next few weeks, I just wanted to Share with you guys and hope you guys enjoy this video if not reaching out And give me thumbs up and don't forget too Hit the subscribe button there, tap that notification bell Also if you have any comments or questions about Support or something like that, just leave it down in the comments section I will come back with you on this matter and if you want to see the first method I make money online through Affiliate Marketing, contact us and click at the top of My description also where you guide with and come and learn how you can get high ticket sales In affiliate marketing to yourself even starting today, too Come guys to support taking action on this and participating in Ripple today Because he'll be fine old men, I'll let you go with that and I'll see you Back here in a couple of days or similar as follows t exciting money making video You guys take care and have a great day today bye [Music] [Music] you

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