Major Crypto News!!! December Price Analysis, Bitcoin Ethereum, Chainlink and more #XRP #BTC

hi everyone welcome back to the channel my 
name is zari this is finance square where we   review for you guys cryptocurrency price range 
news that can affect those cryptocurrency   and more now in today's video i'm going to 
be covering a weekend price range i'm going   to be covering the price range for today 
saturday and sunday so we're going to be   looking at the news going to affect your cryptocurrency 
and also what i'm expecting will have the major   move for the next week or two so let's dig in 
so before we're gonna dig into the news and   fundamental i'm gonna give you a nice overview 
of what's happening right now so for the past   24 hours if you can see the top cryptocurrency 
hasn't really moved by more than three percent   now for those that are trading and are used to 
that twenty percent thirty percent we're slowly   slowly shift from the major top cryptocurrency 
to the medium to low cryptocurrency so i'm   forecasting for the next week or two a major 
movement in the lower market cap now i do not   like to cover those low market caps because they 
are very low there is a very high chance of big   ridiculous volatility and this is not something 
i really want to cover but i actually want to   visualize for you guys if you're going 
to look at the last 24 you can see this   market cap coin called Madesafecoin that has a
115 million dollar had in the last 24 hours   32 % and then we also have this coin called nexo 
which i also cover in my long-term view which   you can see more about in this section has an 
18% gain so i'm literally saying for the next   week or two we're gonna see more and more coins that
will be below one billion dollars.

They will have a   much stronger movement and gain compared to the 
top cryptocurrency which will eventually affect   those one that are only trading bitcoin ethereum and 
all the top 5 or 10 cryptocurrency above the 10   billion so the first news i would like to cover 
for bitcoin is the following bitcoin sees a record   number high active users as price almost hit 20k 
now this is the same user they'll probably saw the   first time when bitcoin was around $15k and 
$16k all over the news, saying that   bitcoin going to reach $50k, $100k so this is obviously we're gonna see   probably in the near future dormant users 
that have invested back at fifteen thousand   ,eighteen thousand dollars or even maybe new 
participant in this sphere ,so this is something   for you guys to remember that right now we might 
see some more retail users actually entering   this market and i'm pretty sure that most 
trading platform if it's the future platform it's   more regulated platform we're seeing a very big 
spike in retail interest in regards to trading and   buying cryptocurrency specifically when looking 
at bitcoin and maybe an Ethereum, maybe xrp   now the news that actually would like 
to cover is that right now we're seeing that   the dollar is actually getting more and more 
devalued so we have this inflation that for   those who don't understand is that for the same 
dollar that you're able to buy maybe four years   ago five years ago you need more dollar to buy the 
same purchase so right now the dollar is literally   under-performing most of the major fiat currencies 
we're talking about euro we're talking about pound   even the New Zealand dollars so this is something 
for you guys to understand if you have a lot   of money in dollars so by default for the long 
run your money will be lost because there is an   inflation to consider and when you have bitcoin 
bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency or the first   cryptocurrency that has this de-inflation system 
because every four years you have the halving   and obviously there is a very limited 
supply of coin this this is something you should   obviously consider and understand that right now 
the dollar is not doing good if you were to go   a year ago and converted from dollar to 
euro to dollar to pound obviously got   four percent or three percent less today compared 
to a year ago so this can be obviously quite   substantial amount of money for those are holding 
one million or two million dollars or even more   now the next news that i actually 
want to cover is that right now   we have BBC which is for those who don't know 
it's a it's a typical it's the britsh website   that has some major following so we're seeing a 
major website from all around the world actually   covering bitcoin and are highlighting that it's 
reaching the all-time high it's reaching to 20   so this is again for me it's a sign that we're 
gonna see probably in the near future so more more participant in cryptocurrency most likely 
something will initially enter to bitcoin and   ETH and they might look at the more attractive 
or more low cap cryptocurrency they can actually   double triple or have maybe 10x return on their 
investment contrary to investing in bitcoin   and then waiting maybe for five years and 
then have like from twenty thousand to maybe   a hundred thousand which is a X5 return so 
most likely the newcomer that do not understand   anything about cryptocurrency will be very 
tempted in investing in coin that just moved in the past 24 hours by 30 and 40 plus it 
doesn't cost twenty thousand dollars to buy   one coin this is also something to consider 
this is why i'm trying to explain to you   that we're gonna see in the next few weeks 
maybe in a month a very sharp movement in the low   market cap valuation so now we're gonna dig in and 
look at bitcoin price analysis for this weekend so   based on my analysis this is the range for bitcoin 
now i'm not foreseeing a major selloff but the safe   region will be for bitcoin for the weekend will 
be 18400.

This will be the safe zone the worst   case scenario for bitcoin and i'm probably 
we're gonna see bitcoin hovering and staying   on the nine thousand dollars until he might try 
to break the nineteen nine hundred dollars or   twenty thousand dollars now i'm not foreseeing this 
to happen for this weekend right now there's too   much heat when it comes to bitcoin and bitcoin 
probably just gonna stay for the next few days   maybe we're gonna see some major movement or 
next week so for the support level for bitcoin   is eighteen thousand four hundred dollars and yet 
again if you're gonna see some major sell-off it's   gonna be it could probably break the eighteen 
thousand four hundred and maybe i'm touching   one thousand two hundred and then one thousand 
eight hundred this is the worst case scenario   for bitcoin for those that are heavily exposed 
please make sure that your stop loss can sustain   such a big drop just in case yet again i'm not 
foreseeing but this market is unexpected and   even though we all are very bullish about bitcoin 
whenever you're trading there's gonna be a lot of   uncertainties and all volatility when it's come to 
leverage trading so please watch out now another   thing you should probably know that there was 
this article published by coindesk when actually   explaining and educating why Ethereum and bitcoin are
a very different investment so everyone know and   seen that almost two years ago where grayscale 
made this advertisement about digital gold   referring to bitcoin which was a 
very big success they were able to   bring and have more investment because of this 
awareness so now we have these articles published   by current coindesk we're actually trying 
to explain why ethereum, why bitcoin is not   like other cryptocurrency so this 
is obviously for you to understand that   most institutions are looking at bitcoin and 
ethereum as a safe haven compared to looking at   a cryptocurrency that maybe is currently located 
at the top maybe position 400 in coinmarketcap, you have   maybe position 300 so when you're looking at 
institutional investment they're looking for   stable or there's a lot of work around it or 
there is a lot of understanding behind it so   we have ethereum that actually serve a very major 
purpose if it was back then for the ico initial   coin offering or if it's for the defi movement 
if it's for the smart contract there's a lot of   sense behind why using ethereum and noticing now 
going to the staking or the ethereum 2.0 there's a   lot of valuable understanding why institutional 
will want to invest in such cryptocurrency   so this is just for you to understand most 
of the institutions are most likely putting   most of the money in ethereum and in bitcoin 
and now let's look at ethereum price range   so now that i'm looking at ethereum price range is 
i'm seeing ethereum is having a hard time breaking   to resistance level of 618 dollars so from what 
i can see here for this weekend most   likely there's gonna be some major movement 
some major news most likely will be   fluctuating between six hundred dollars and six 
hundred and twenty i'm not for seeing any major   breakout for ethereum now if ethereum is able to 
sustain and stay above the six hundred dollars for   for this weekend most likely we're gonna have 
some action and big price movement going on for   next week now this might be the biggest 
news that xrp community has been waiting   now we have the ripple cto say the community can 
force the company to build 48 billion xrp now   for those who don't know xrp minted or issued 
100 billion XRP just the fact of   thinking and imagining that they're going to be 
able to burn 48 billion xrp which represents 48%   of the total supply should create some big price 
volatility now if back then when we have the same   supply and pretty much the ripple community was 
holding as much maybe slightly less xrp price was   able to reach three dollars this might be the news 
that the community need to be obviously be able to   break that 60 cents level and obviously try 
to break the one dollar so i also need to wait   until there's an actual vote and to see if Ripple
will actually will decide to burn the supply of   xrp from 100 billion xrp to 52 billion xrp 
now you obviously need to understand that   throughout this whole time the ripple team 
has been selling almost on a monthly basis   xrp to the exchanges to different institutional 
investors so they made already their money from   it so right now this might be a reason for 
them that they're actually willing or making   this big announcement so this will be quite 
interesting for the next week or two depending   when and if this vote will happen now let's look 
at XRP price so now that i'm looking at XRP   so XRP 3 is actually trading quite 
well so xrp is right now trading at 61   cents and we the next resisting level will be 65 
cents and the next one to beat will be 70 cents   now right now basically we're seeing that most 
of the major cryptocurrency are not having such   big price movement we're talking about five 
percent six percent maximum ten percent we're not   seeing twenty to thirty percent so the longer 
it takes for any cryptocurrency to move in a day   the more likely i see retailers or maybe crypto 
trader moving to more attractive and volatile   cryptocurrency so it's just for you to understand 
if ripple move by one percent a day it means   someone that used leverage 10 and has been able to 
precisely predict the movement is only making 10   now it's obviously easier for those that are 
training cryptocurrencies is moving per day by 30   or 20 percent with leverage 10 for example 
that is potentially that's 200 percent gain   so this is obviously something for you guys 
to consider so the price range for xrp will be   $57 cent worst case scenario and if during this week 
you're going to see some major action major bull   run probably seeing extra p breaking at $65 cent 
i'm not forecasting for xrp to break the 70 cents   for this weekend now let's look at litecoin 
so litecoin support level for this weekend   will be 82 82.94 will be the resistance level 
yet again i'm not foreseeing a major seller for   litecoin it should sustain the price of 82. 
maybe worst case will be around i would say   eighty dollars for example this would 
be probably the worst case for it but   again not for seeing such sell-off right now um 
probably lightning will be staying between the 82   to the 90 92 dollars range this will be probably 
my forecast for this weekend so let's look at the   next cryptocurrency bitcoin cash so bitcoin 
cash the price for it to try to reach is 320   now yet again i'm not for seeing any major 
breakout of over 320 dollars for bitcoin cash   now the chances of bitcoin cash retouching 
again 257 for this weekend are quite   low but again i'll probably play it safe when 
you come to cryptocurrency please consider your   leverage so the price range for bitcoin 
cash should be 2020 if we're going to be   gifted i'm going to see some major bull run 
maybe it's going to try to turn 350 but it's   not likely to happen for this weekend so we're now 
looking at changing so channeling support level   since 27 of december was over 12 000 which 
is a very promising now it seemed that in the   near future china will try to break finally 
once again the support level of 15 dollars   now i'm not forcing for this weekend for 
chain me to break this level because right now   from what we can see here that chain link is 
consolidating around the 13 dollars to the 14   so the longer you consolidate around this area 
the more likely we're going to see chain nick   breaking the resistance of 15 dollars and also 
staying above it now for ada i actually have um   made some more long-term resisting level support 
level for adam so the support level for ada is 13   and 11 cent and the resisting level is 17.35 cents 
and 22 cents now 22 cents it will be probably   more like a long term so if you're looking 
to buy today and literally exit with other   that will be probably the next range to look at 
so from 17 cents or looking at entering today   and exiting around the 20 to 21 cent now this 
is obviously if you have a more long-term view   this will be the next area where ada will have 
some issue breaking before going upward now now to   make it interesting and obviously to show you guys 
in the next week or two we're gonna see some major   volatility when it comes to low caps 
so anything below one billion dollars   actually took the liberty to cover today ran in 
the next segment also gonna be covering uh comp   so rent price range from the near future 
will be around 40 cent for those actually   want to see more the long-term view for 
rent you can obviously see my long-term   coverage or actually added rent through the 
cryptocurrency should have before the end of 2021   i actually did some very good analysis you are so 
more than welcome to watch it but for this weekend   this is the range that probably ren will try 
to break so basically it's almost like eight   percent gain to nine percent gain potentially and 
i'm not for seeing any major sell-off of uh or   seeing wren going below that 30 cents so this is 
for you guys now i'm covering today calm because   one of my subscribers actually asked me yesterday 
to to cover the score and fall in the current   market momentum where people will 
be more likely moving the money to   one cryptocurrencies that are below one billion 
dollars i actually wanted to cover this coin   so for this coin the support level will be the 
130 dollars and the resistance will be 145 dollars   so this is a price action that i'm for seeing for 
this weekend now if this was helpful for you guys   you're more than welcome to subscribe and to watch 
more of my video now i'm going to be preparing for   you guys for next week when we're covering square 
cash app and paypal and to understand how big   this company are and what is their contribution to 
bitcoin now this will give you some understanding   how deep those companies are and how much money 
they actually are making wherever there is money   this is where you should probably look at 
investing until next time enjoy weekend bye

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