Major Breakout Coming Soon??? Bitcoin, ICP, BNB, XTZ, ADA, SOL, BTC, ETH Price Analysis

hi everyone welcome back to the channel my name 
is Zari and you guys are watching Finance square   in today's video we're gonna give you another 
amazing price range for the top cryptocurrency   now if you guys want me to cover one of your 
favorite cryptocurrency all you guys need to   do is literally just write me a comment with your 
favorite cryptocurrency and i will cover for you   guys for the next seven days now i tend to do a 
seven days price range now for the last seven days   most of my cryptocurrency prices were on point and 
i wanted to do another amazing price range for   the next seven days obviously for the past 
week the price movement of overall most of   cryptocurrency has been quite steady we did see 
some sharp movement of three to four percent overall of some of the cryptocurrency we saw that 
the cryptocurrency did drop from over two trillion   dollars to 1.6 trillion dollars or in one day so 
we're still above two trillion dollars and let's   cover for today the following cryptocurrency this 
specific video we're going to be covering bitcoin   ethereum cardano solana, Tezos, binance icp and his this 
is my cryptocurrency prices for this following   session and this one too higher for the last seven 
days we saw that the DeFI and NFT were the biggest   mover as a whole industry and obviously you can see 
that we had that spike as i mentioned earlier   and let's try diving into bitcoin price currency 
so i'm not foreseeing any sharp movement, yes i still   left my support level resisting about the 
exact same level as i left it last week   and the week before so again the support level 
is $46k and the resisting level be around   $50.5k that's literally my resistance
level i'm not for seeing for this week for bitcoin   to break this pattern i really feel for the next 
week we're still gonna see seeing bitcoin touching   and you know flirting with their $49k-$50k so 
this is a price range if you're looking to buy   potential look at placing order of anything 
between $47k to $46k this would be a good   entry point now let's dive in straight away for ethereum so the support level for ethereum   is $3200 and the
the resisting level some reason it's not really   working for me today okay so the support level 
for ethereum is $3200 and   the resistance is $3500
this is a price range for ethereum again i'm   not foreseeing any major price movement for the 
next seven days it seems to be really trying   to consolidate around this price from the $3200-$3500 now cardano really did a big move over the 
last week and it almost touched that   $3 and now it's around $2.8 
so I did set the support level at $2.78   for Cardano and the next one again i really 
like to set for cryptocurrency really move quite   a lot over seven days period i really like to 
set the next support level which is around $2.5   and the resistance level will be around $3
again i'm not foreseeing Cardano doing another   major move for the next seven days but this is the 
range that i'll feel obviously comfortable if you   are trading obviously look at placing trades 
below that $2.78 that'll be a great entry point   and again it's already moved quite a lot is it 
gonna move again who knows let's look at Solana   so solana really did a big move over the last 
seven days i set my resistance number of $89   and as of today in the morning 
touched $92 now it's $96   so the support level actually set for the 
next seven days is literally $ 85 and $100 for the next seven days again 
it might break way above or not but i thought   that $100 was really that resistant level 
it's going to be hard time for it to break   now Binance we heard a lot of news 
from Binance about what's happening with   the issue with license, regulation 
across multiple countries in europe and even some   cases in Asia so it seemed that things might be 
looking better for Binance and really the price   range for Binance if i'm being honest for the 
next seven days is anything between $470 to $500.   all right it might try to break $500 but i think 
it still need to consolidate around this price and   before we see any major price movement now this 
is probably one of my favorite coin which is ICP which i'm going to cover from time to time the 
only reason i like this coin because it really   went down by over %90 for me it's a really 
crazy opportunity for you guys to buy in so   the top was around $734 it went as it was $20 right now $66.9 dollars and again   i highly recommend you guys to do
your own research to investigate   this project obviously I will consider to buy if 
you never bought this coin and obviously look at   exiting at all-time high basically price range 
of 10x for the next two to three years and being   conservative it might happen earlier for 
the near future the price is actually set   is 62 dollars to 68 dollars again you need to 
really have some major news to be able to break   above this pricing yes you can see it did break 
early on $68 but i'm still being conservative   around this specific price it did have like a 20% 
gain yesterday but i still feel comfortable around   this price range obviously for the long term 
i do believe this project can really go higher   but for the next seven days this is 
a price range i feel comfortable with   now the last cryptocurrency actually wanted to 
cover is actually Tezos has some   major news really help this cryptocurrency really 
push further and we can see how much over the last   seven days you know really had some major movement 
and if you can see here where if we look at a 27th   it was actually at $4.2 it almost touched $5.6 and i really thought that the support level   for tezos.

It should be around $4.4 to $5.6 for 
the next seven days and again i'm being quite   conservative because the market has been moving 
sideways we haven't really seen a major catalyst   to move all cryptocurrency we did see some 
cryptocurrency or moving 20% and 30% still   it's already really been reflected across our 
cryptocurrency now if you never bought any   cryptocurrency i highly recommend you guys to look 
into it and also start buying on a monthly basis   to obviously make sure that you're not buying 
at all-time high and you always do dollar cost   averaging if you don't want to trade great don't 
trade just buy it and hold with an exit plan and   that's it maybe look at focusing on some coin that 
generated some dividend if it's two percent or   four percent well it's four percent something 
that might be worth 10 million or one million   dollars for example this is my short sweet price 
range for the next seven days as always i'm also   going to be providing you guys the link for the 
clear price range and obviously for those that   do not understand english i also will provide 
a subtitle for you guys until next time bye bye

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