Madagascar 3 Europe’s Most Wanted – Official Afro Circus Dance Scene

-All right, animals. We may be your new owners, but
we don't want to reinvent the circus wheel here. So just go out, do
what you do. Just think of this as
a fun warm up for that promoter in London. Right, Marty? Mart– Marty? -I want to be a circus horse. -We could paint you white. -And then paint you pink. -Awesome. -Not laying very low,
are we, Marty? -Sonya? Where's the bear? Sonya, we're about to start. -Hey, Vitaly, got your
game face on. [ROARING] -Good game face. What is that cat's problem? I'm a mean Russian cat who
isn't nice to anybody. -Hey, honey, look! Look, I'm doing it. -Guys, stop fooling around. -We're just having
a little fun. -Let's let these animals
do their show. -Ta-da. Da da datti da, circus. Da da datti da, afro. Circus afro. Circus afro. Polka dot, polka dot,
polka dot, afro.

-Really? .

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