MacMiner: Mining dogecoin on OS X

I'm going to show you how to start mining on your MacBook just a warning to start off mining on your MacBook can make some pretty big heat so make sure you're running your friends and keeping the MacBook in a cool area don't mine without at least monitoring your temperatures to make sure you know you don't damage your MacBook 13-inch MacBook make sure you have an integrated graphics card that supports OpenCL so I have an intel HD 4000 15-inch MacBook models have the secondary ATI graphics so you can mine it'll be way more efficient to mine on that graphics card than it would be to mine on your integrated graphics I have a mid 2012 MacBook Pro it's the 13-inch model 2.9 I core 7 I put any gigs of ram in it so I'm just going to be mining on my intel HD 4000 it's like 15 to 20 cash rate so it's not very high but hey I'm cool mining so I make something it's more for fun than it is for profit at this point so this video shouldn't be taken as a way to make money you'd need a rig that's quite a bit different than what is set up here so anyways first thing you're going to want to do is get it um get a wallet so head to the website very easy just google right build the wallet so Windows you know they have a whole bunch of different options here for you once that's done in it's synced so you'll have your wallet open here you're basically good to go you go over to much receive so you can choose and create different addresses so you know where your funds are coming from now once you're set up there and you'd like to get some coins first thing you're going to want to do is get yourself a miner so I like Mac miner it's I think that it offers most of what and you know a novice user would need you can do some command line but this here is a GUI base so it's you know multi-purpose you'll be able to mine different coins including Bitcoin if you have a rake that's worth mining even Bitcoin so I already have this installed here assuming if you're watching this video you know how to install applications so once you have now your miner the last thing you're going to need is a pool a pool is because mining on your own can be you know a struggle you might not hit a block for a year so offering shares to a pool will get you small payouts but they'll be more frequent than a large payout maybe as the blockchain becomes the difficulty raises the chances of your lower end especially lower end graphic cards hitting the blocker become very very slim so pool mining is what I would suggest I have a great pool here I will just show you the pool to find it on its own so it's the official pool chain so it actually supports the original blockchain here you can find many pools the one cool that I am using right now it's because I'm logged in it just keeps pulling me to their website see if it'll do it like this here we go so here you can see the difficulties the shares submitted by different users and the current Bitcoin to dogecoin price so you can go mining pool what you're going to want to do is head down here when I log out here you'll want to go sign up so make sure you you know enter this information and remember this four-digit pin don't use your bank card number but use a number that will make sense to you that you won't forget this is going to be needed for payouts and you can't change this number again there's no 2-step verification to make sure you inputted it correctly so just don't lose it because if you do and you mind and mind and mind and you eventually go to you know cash out your pool and you don't remember this pin you're not going to get your coins so just be very careful at this this pin is important write it down remember this pin anyways to accept the terms and conditions you just hit the X there you'll get an email from them and then you'll be able to log in right away without confirming you can use your email address that you signed up with so now you'll enter it on your main dashboard here this will show the current hash rate which I have by mining another cryptocurrency right now and my other rig in front of me so you won't actually see a hash rate on this one unless one of my other workers decides to turn their systems on anyways as you scroll down here you can see your rounds per share and then your overall your confirmed coins so I do have some coins sitting here confirmed and then unconfirmed just means that they're verifying the block and distributing you know to each member so your uncomfirmed will eventually confirm and then at a certain threshold either you'll get a payout or you can request a manual payout for a small fee and then your shot a round shared most of this is something you know if you're not really too interested in the technical side I would have just worry about this here your blocks and your payout so you see your current payout this will show here before it shows down there the lower the difficulty which is actually a little lower today than normal the better and then your average block time – which is I know what the new 1.6 has improved quite a bit so moving on to your account so your account here you'll have a P key you're going to have your payment address this is where you would do a manual cash out your password change so it does look like they do do a reset pin most pools don't so that's kind of cool I stressed a lot not to forget your PIN I've never actually got to use this feature yet so I'm quite interested to see how that would work and then workers would be the last area here that I'm going to show you now these are just miners that I have see I do have one miner that is up you'll need to create different miners for different mining so if you have a Macbook and then a desktop I would suggest two miners don't set it as one worker it's easier to keep track of who's dropping white and you'll be able to see hardware errors which could negatively negatively affect your payout and you could correct that way versus having it pool together and you can't tell which unit is giving you you know your issues so that would definitely recommend that once you're all the way through all of this and I know explaining all of this has kind of been long and arduous you're finally ready to go getting started in the help menu here will give you the pool information now they are going to offer recommended minors now cg minor is a command-line minor you have to have the version three point seven two which the developers unfortunately not hosting on their website anymore googling it will you can find it and then cpu minor Pooler has created a cpu minor that's been used quite a while if you have no integrated graphics with OpenCL support on a macintosh as a last resort you can mine with your CPU CPU mining your your graphics even integrated graphics normally will do a better job than what your CPU can just do the tasks are different in a way where the of the way this the processor handles them so your graphics card is way more efficient at stripe mining so just that as a thought maybe if you have a real real badass CPU sitting on the side idle and bored you could throw it on there I mean it's not going to hurt anyways so your low and high cash rates now from my understanding they were correcting this yeah it does look that so 99.9% of you miners are going to want to hang out in the low hash rates if you have a say butterfly one of those special units or whatever they call them that's putting out a like you know 1.2 gear you know output then go for a high hash rate if not stick to your low so basically this would be if we used CG minor as an example or cuda minor which is a gr and AMD not a be an nvidia based minor which uses the cuda technology to kind of assist in making them a little more efficient because nvidia really sucks for mining so like i will show you here so we'll get mac miner up now you're going to open up it'll automatically bring you up into this GPU menu this is the basic menu when you open mac minor you want to go the gears here now i said i have intel HD 4000 i really suggest you google the crap out of your graphics card look for other users i know my work size at 32 runs great for me normally I set my intensity to 10 never anything higher if your graphics if you notice your graphics start lagging on your computer really severely lean back this one doesn't really give you an hardware error readout so you gotta kind of keep an eye on it you can ya the thread currency and even shaders to like your shaders you can get to know how many shaders your graphics card supports so for instance my 7950 is 1024 I believe shaders which is an AMD Radeon but this Intel HD 4000 only has 16 shaders available same with a gap lookup I mean I leave these to automatic I find it does its job but you can change these settings and this too so if you set your workload sizing and you enable it here and then you start your minor and you can't figure out why it didn't make an effect and you still see some real pore rates make sure you have overwrite default on I couldn't figure that out for a while and I'm like oh I guess that option would make sense right you can also disable the enable quiet I think I had that enabled and it doesn't come enable on its own that should tell you if you're having any hardware errors as well as your debug output so you can see if your intensity is too high because if the intensity is too high your graphics will just it'll just fail halfway through the process and even if you were able to find a share and you submit it it could potentially be rejected because of improper data so it's you know always good if you have to go to shade like say nine versus ten because you're getting a lot less Hardware errors you're actually going to benefit more from a lower caste rate then you are going to from a higher hash rate right because the higher at rates can you just get rejected because you giving invalid you know so it's a lot more complicated to explain then I'll keep going on about anyways make sure you really look into your GPU settings the last thing is the pool settings so right here in your pool settings you'll have the set up so for bitcoins you know like coins and then these are a little different if you want to get into you know these other optional currencies I'm more interested in the more commonly known you know like coin I'm doing dogecoin here so my pool information is already set up it's exactly this right here so I would just take out beginning at the stratum I don't need to UM specify a HTTP this is not an HTTP this is stratum plus TCP that's why it's specified so if you're trying to connect to your pool and you can't figure out why make sure you take oops Wow look at that d TP or t TP s take that out C take it out your worker or so username is going to be your one of your worker IDs so this is where you would specify so this is my MacBook here and then my worker password which can really be anything and that's it so I save it'll tell me it's saved these settings are ready so assuming everything is correct and I know it is all I have to do is just hit start so it's going to tell me that the bfg minor is begin and you'll actually see right here as my thread begins and there we go I'm now mining uh the accepts so if I hit a share I'll get the accept will change here if I don't it'll say reject or nothing yeah so in here is where I would watch for Hardware errors to make sure I've tuned and I know that my current rig is set to what it can handle as 12 you know okay OSH yeah I know it's an intel HD 4000 so that's not bad but anyways so I hope this kind of helps a lot of you beginners even enthusiasts guys who just maybe you just want a few coins just because everybody else has got a few and you're kind of wondering how to get into it this was a little longer than a quick two-minute video this really did kind of explain step by step how you can get going keep again keep an eye on your temperatures as you can see here I really really like Mac fan controller and my temperatures are very hot right now 96 Celsius so if that's Fahrenheit for you Americans is right here that's 213 203 so on an average here so I'll be making sure my rpms are consistent full bore there we go alright thanks for watching this video if you have any other questions throw them in the comments I've got plenty of time to help some of you guys out if any of you are more interested in my other rigs I can show what a more efficient mining rig would look like what kind of investments and maybe how you could even turn one into your own I use a 2010 Mac Pro so that is a Mac Pro 4.1 and I have like I was saying the Intel or the Intel AMD 76 93 no 76 50 and it's overclocked and it's a little more advanced than what basically this is running on Windows or Linux so watch for some of those videos and I will definitely share more when I can again thanks for watching you can subscribe if you like I plan to do lots more videos in the future Cheers

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