the crypto market, in this case,
light coin has suffered big falls, as you can see in this graph,
the great downward cycle has already ended, light coin has suffered, or there is still a downward journey that
I explain everything in this video, let's start hello and welcome to smart investment
I am enrique martín director of the intelligent investment training academy or
smart investments here I bring you a four-hour graph of the crypto currency
light coin against the dollar we are going to analyze what has happened in light coin after the hard
fall suffered and which scenarios are the most likely to occur in the future, look at how the
light coin made a relevant ceiling, a maximum in the area of 400 420 points and from there suffered a
significant rejection to follow its good the appearance of these large enveloping candles that we see
here in bearish character screen as manifested by buyers lost control
and bears made a furious counterattack Eu and of such magnitude that the price of light
coins plummeted more than 70 percent from the maximum zone to the minimum zone, that is to say,
a true seller panic, we have carried out a wave count to better analyze the fall of
light coin and At the moment we have 3 here you can see the 1 bearish the 2 that is corrective and this one that
you placed here as x 3 the longest bearish downwards observe therefore how in theory
we are now within wave 4 all this cycle this entire area of prices that we have shortened here is
wave 4 in turn this wave 4 is going to be composed of this subwave for this section this segment
that is the wave all this impulse all this impulsive cycle that we have seen within light coin
would be wave a of After finishing 4, we see how this important drop has occurred, which
is nothing more than this wave, see this small bearish leg within wave 4 of a higher degree within
this entire cycle that ended in three and that means ica wave 4 after the end of bell, what would play
in theory would be the beginning of wave c of wave 4, which would have an impulsive character that would be
upwards and could take prices towards maximum areas towards the area of relevant ceilings later
we will see for last after the end of four after all this corrective cycle this abc that leads
the price to correct part of this accumulated oversold of a bearish nature it is most
likely that we will have to see a wave 5 downward a section a last impulsive segment down
that take the prices from layton to rhett this ar even to test this zone of x 3 this zone
of around 120 points do not forget that in past videos I showed you how the
sentiment indicators have indicated that the crypto currencies have made ground for On the other hand, waves 4 are
the most complex waves to operate in trading since they usually take a long time to form
and present numerous oscillations in the case of light coins or See how the price has been
enclosed within this price channel that has limited you with these two discontinuous lines
of black color, notice how the development of this channel presents from its base around 120
points to the ceiling of the same to profitability a a rise of practically one hundred percent,
that is, we can live many sessions in the future light coin where the price is still trapped
within this price channel and the market presents rises or falls of 20 percent or 30
percent but in reality the analysis structural would not have changed in light coin because until
this crypto currency does not break and force the channel above or below there will not be a possible
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our channel so that this community that we are creating continues to grow among all the first great
control zone the great safety net and structural support in li ght coin is the minimum zone
lived around 120 points here precisely in the minimum of 3 if light coin lost that
zone we could experience deeper falls in this market above the first relevant ceiling zone
is the ceiling of the channel precisely by here where this dashed black line passes, that
is, around 220 points in light coin, the surpassing above this
220 point zone could mean a new upward impulse with a fundamental objective to reach
the next station, the next stop in prices is say the control zone that we see
here above the 260 points and above it as a large overlap zone that is to say the rise in the
price of light coin until practically the beginning of wave 2, right here it would put on
the table the surrender, the failure, the disconnection of the bear market and the possible return of the bullish boom,
therefore this large area of overlap this red rectangle that you placed here This
disconnection would suppose that short circuit of the bear market, hence the importance that in the
nearest future light coin manages to penetrate well within this large overlap zone well
within the zone of 300 340 points, however, in order to be more optimistic in it crypto and in
this case the light coin the zone of highs the last relevant ceiling precisely this zone
here should be broken with force and as soon as possible to really manifest the
birth of a new bullish cycle, notice that this means that light coin should shoot up more
than one hundred percent so the bullish objective is difficult in the short term, however you already know that
the volatility and the large oscillations suffered by light coin can mean that in a single day it
rises or falls perfectly 30% more because we have already done so Seen in the past, in summary, you already know
the most important areas where light coins are going to be played in the nearest future, its trend
nu You avoid falls, recovery of the bull market and new highs or on the contrary side market
that moves between support and resistance zones I hope you liked this video if you want
to analyze any cryptocurrency or market, do not forget to say it in the comments below the

I wish good luck in your investments and 3.

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