LPS The Clamantha story!!! it’s polka dot!! part 2! (OLD)

over the old Clemente I mean polka dot haha cold cumin being called calm antha oh my gosh I can't believe our son Nick contactless come on bird I saw you Katrina my name is David hi oh my gosh it's commander I'm not climbing antha yeah you're good I'm polka dot hey come polka dot don't remind me of that random diat that said you're on command sir well what's his name Jeffrey Jeffrey Jones major free latte yes he's my brother oh well listen your brother's wrong I'm not cool man yeah I look like a clam I'm a dog that clam hey holds the cops who said i can't i'm not calling them i'm calling your mom okay i'm calling the cops cops cops we're tagging in here oh my god I thought you're the one I be interested I me getting I didn't get arrested I said yeah here you go bagel Amanda come on ASI team Charlotte we're coming I know he sounds good way she knows it away it's a girl oh it's happening again Gabe or call me Claire me and it wears what chilled up she's sick Milo he's dead ya he's dead hey doing after this one to go watch another a Zelda movie sure don't you're supposed to arrest me just go no innocent what I do kill someone do I know what you know that's right you have never you know what she murdered climb antha and they're calling me calm antha y la de matter how bad bam bam and they call me Clem antha so does not give you a right to arrest them okay life is amazing Cobb you forgot to go sorry well and i guaran– that's what happens when you call me oh man well that's another lesson for you guys Carly Samantha when we teach you more lessons later bye bye bye bye waffles okay my hair's a different color I keep dying it back and forth back and forth all day pi

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