Low Cap NFT Gem (Efinity set for Dominance on Polkadot)

so with effinity we're building a new blockchain a new pair chain on polkadot which is this internet of blockchains and what our main goal here is to make it easy seamless for people to to get on start using blockchain they don't have to go start you know buying kryptoff exchanges um do all this complex installing of wallets all that stuff will be seamless you'll you'll start playing your game uh you'll get start receiving your nfts then when you want to if you want to take that and turn that into a cold wallet or or you know put in a hardware wallet you can do that later on um but the initial onboarding is going to be completely frictionless hey guys today i'm excited to be joined by vtech rodomski the cto of engine and then uh caleb applegate who is the ceo of uh engine and i believe you guys are both maybe the same roles with the infiniti team today we're going to be talking about effinity and its role in uh you know the future of nfts in the future of uh you know gaming and how engine fits into this just a real exciting conversation uh guys welcome to the show today thank you so much for having us absolutely so let's i guess let's get started with you know we want to talk about effinity but i want to talk about how kind of like engine you know moved into having this idea to launching efinity can you just kind of talk about that transition where the idea came from and the use case that it's going to fill sure i mean we started um we've actually been around for about 13 years um so i'm one of the co-founders and we started out you know from zero to basically creating this social network for for community building for gamers so people would play you know world of warcraft or call of duty or minecraft and they build these huge communities that sometimes grew to thousands or tens of thousands of people um caleb actually ran one of the communities uh mineplex which you know was one of the biggest minecraft servers in the world and we noticed that people um started you know paying for in-game perks and things inside these minecraft servers and donating to guilds and things like that and we realized wow we could do something a little bit better with this when we saw ethereum coming around we were like wow why don't we give people ownership true ownership of their items using blockchain and at that time nobody was doing nft there was there's no concept of nfts so we were like let's let's give game developers the ability to put these items in their games give people access to own them and then we can build things like a multiverse and go really crazy with creativity what about you caleb yeah well just piggybacking off of that i mean we did it back in 2017 we built as vtec said this multiverse and we started what we called an early adopter program where we would uh bring game developers in and that's expanded now i think today we have well over 40 game developers in fact we're jumping into a a big group call with them right after this uh where we do monthly updates and then uh yeah that's even expanded to just developers in general we have apps on our uh platform utilizing engines tools and it is important as we talk about effinity you know why did we decide to go that direction and build that you know on polkadot it's important to understand where we came from we've believed in gaming since the very beginning this is our dna it's it's what we eat breathe you know sleep this is this is what we're passionate about i i've been a gamer like my whole life basically so i've been playing i've been spent thousands and thousands of hours in mmor rpg games and you know just like everything right so i i my biggest thing is i i'm really sad that i lost all that history of when i i put those i played all all those games made all those friendships collected all these items built up my characters you know did all this stuff and uh it's all lost right like it's all maybe the game servers died the games are not really being played anymore things like that my accounts got shut down and i don't have access to that anymore and i feel that was part of my digital identity right and we want to make that something um you know that lives with people right yeah and i think you know when you talk about digital identity that this is what i think i would say people my age don't really grasp and i i i grasp it i'm not as interested in it and i'm not like i don't play a lot of games i'm not going to carry around probably a book that's going to show you my nfts but i get it i know why people are interested in it like i you know how much money i spend on my kids v bucks on fortnight you know when fortnite's out of style you know every week it's a new like oh you know this skin dad i gotta have this one i gotta have this one you know so um you know they've had some interesting stuff on there but we lose that you know when they stop playing the game okay you know but but i understand that all this is coming and i understand those feelings and i understand like you know the loss of something you put a lot into and it's just gone it feels like wasted time and i think that really is at the core of what you guys are doing is developing a world where everything carries through and where people will have a digital identity that is just as important as their real identity yeah people are spending so much time online like go ahead killed yeah well i was just gonna say this world in which we keep talking about you know we started with the multiverse we envision the metaverse it has to have the proper infrastructure and that's what we've been laying the groundwork for so at the beginning you know we were creating a platform for developers to create and integrate blockchain assets these nfts that we're talking about without having to learn how to code now one of one of my favorite speakers that i was just recently introduced to by vtech uh andreas antonopoulos i think i'm saying his name correctly uh has said that payments uh with bitcoin ethereum like they're they're they're the currency that is laying the groundwork for density of mass adoption well we've we've thought from the very beginning that games are are going to be the mechanism in which density of adoption for the masses is laid for nfts so in every product that we're building whether that's our wallet and we've got a huge upgrade coming to our wallet that's going to be dropping this october we've got nft.io which is our new marketplace that's coming out mid-september we've got our jump net network which is a high-speed bridge network that allows free instant on-chain transfers of engine coin and erc 1155 tokens and then we've got effinity which is coming the end of this year and i'll let vtech talk a little bit more about this cross-chain interoperable highway that we've invested so much time and energy into yeah like i mean like caleb said i mean the average guy on the street you know he's he's not really going to be interested in installing you know metamask and doing all this blockchain crypto number stuff right but with games i mean that's a people get to play games they get to experience you they get to feel what it's like to own these things and trade them and do things with them i mean that's that's you know that for mainstream adoption i think that's the most amazing thing so with effinity we're building a new blockchain a new pair chain on polkadot which is this internet of blockchains and what our main goal here is to make it easy seamless for people to to get on start using blockchain they don't have to go start you know buying kryptofx changes um do all this complex installing of wallets all that stuff will be seamless you'll start playing your game uh you'll get start receiving your nfts then when you want to if you want to take that and turn that into a cold wallet or or you know put it in a hardware wallet you can do that later on um but the initial onboarding is going to be completely frictionless wow i mean that it all sounds good i want to go i want to touch on before we get i want to get into affinity i want to get more into that but i i want to get your opinion on on what i think the future of the world looks like because you know here at uh iboy crypto and hit network you know our our mission statement is elevating potential to success in the new economy and that's because we believe there is a new economy coming i think when we look at an ai and we look at robots and we look at what amazon is doing replacing workers all the time you know amazon they say is going to run out of workers to use because they're they burn through them so quickly you know we're moving to blades where most people's jobs are going to be obsolete and they say well you're going to need you know people to you know manage the robots or manage the ai well yeah but you're not going to need as many as you need to actually do the jobs so i see a world where you know gaming becomes so important that it's actually uh i believe it's gonna be over 50 of our entire world economy is people are going to be you know living in that metaverse and making money kind of like you saw in ready player one uh you know because we're not gonna have jobs to do in real life and people are gonna have to still do things to make money what what are your thoughts on that is that's can you see the world going in that direction i mean yang gang right but uh i mean totally i mean we're gonna see that with everything i mean even creative careers um you know people think you know we can be creative we can be you know managing things but ai's going to do a lot of that ai can already write books for you right with gpg3 um ai can create photorealistic images of people's faces um ai can eventually own crypto as well um but um yeah i think that um people are gonna find new ways to to interact there's gonna be i think everyone's always gonna want capital um that's not gonna disappear i mean even if you know you have this economy where everyone gets their basic necessities covered for free utopia kind of situation people are still going to want to you know compete um gaming is going to be a really good avenue to do that um and crypto is going to be basically you can't you can't really uh shut down crypto so people are going to use that as long as people you know are around so yeah i think it's gonna be a huge part yeah definitely yeah people people don't understand what's coming it's gonna happen very quickly i mean when you look at uh 12 no not 12.

14 years ago there was no iphone 14 years ago there was no iphone and you look at how dramatically our lives have changed since then and our lives are going to change even more dramatically that you know over the next 15 years um so all right let's when it comes to infinity and and you know it's you know uh how it works with with polka dot when do you see it actually launching on on polka dot because you guys are already launched we already have an alpha internally that's worked out mainnet is supposed to launch at the end of this year beginning of next oh wow that's fast vtec beyond that i mean what what are you and your team anticipating yeah so we're we're for sure going to have um our developers uh all the early adopters and game developers um getting early access um you know around the end of this year starting to integrate with their games uh trying to trialling it out now a lot depends on the way polka dot works you know you need to have a pair of chain auctions so you you have to have a piece of the network basically every pair chain gets a slice of that network and then they get to to to own that security of that network um for for a certain amount of time if they win the auction so we're gonna be you know competing to win one of those slots so a lot will depend on that it'll depend on you know how many people want to get who wants to be the first you know polka dot uh pair chain right so a lot of people probably want to be that so things will depend on that timeline but we're gonna be on boarding developers getting people building their games on that uh you know around the end of this year yeah and and i don't know i just covered a story today uh the day we were recording this uh from my live stream the kusama auctions are going pretty well are you guys taking part in those at all or are you guys just waiting for the we're we're looking at kusama as well um just to i think that we're seeing that both communities are completely different polka dot and kusama kusama's experimental nft sort of you know uh anarchy kind of interesting uh aspect and then polka dot more enterprise more you know huge projects things like that so um we are actually starting to get interested in in being involved in kusama you know we'll we'll have more on that later so when it comes to infinity um a question a lot of people want to know at all times right people are obsessed with price of course everyone's know what the price of everything is but what is the advantage uh for someone outside of just price to you know buy and hold dfinity so efi is going to fuel the infinity network so uh infinity network's a bit different than other blockchains um what it's going to be based on is anyone who wants to be involved with nfts anyone who's bringing value to nfts whether it's creating nfts or if you're simply just saying i think this you know this game item is worth x i i think this shield and sword and piece of armor is worth 100 bucks i think this thing's worth 200 bucks just by doing that you're providing value to the network and you're going to be rewarded with efi that's that's huge um our goal is to actually that long tail of items that those those million nfts that you see on most marketplaces that no one really wants to buy right those we want to actually incentivize people to put a price on those yeah so that's gonna be a core part of the network um people who want to you know build developers building on that uh they're gonna receive you know uh there's there's a community pool that people can vote if they think a project is is beneficial for affinity they can do that um if you wanna just play games do a lot of transactions on infinity do marketplace transactions you'll want to hold efi you want to do governance price discovery all that kind of stuff so you'll be able to stake your efi on affinity uh and with engine coin you'll also be able to stake it to vote for the people who run infiniti so the collater nodes that run it ben i think you you brought up uh what was it last week about efi and that we we actually launched on august 4th right we had a successful launch very successful and prior to that we had an epic sale with coin list uh community sale that i think it sold out in like three hours um so a lot of momentum there and and efi is the fuel um for all transactions on the affinity network but it doesn't stop there you can actually use it now and i think vtec if you want to talk about jump net for a minute and like what is it and how like what role does it play sure so uh we started jump net as a sort of little sister network to ethereum uh a lot of people have already built things on ethereum they have smart contracts but they don't want to pay five dollars plus per transaction to move tokens around in the game uh so with jump net um the goal here is to become you know a fully decentralized but ultra cheap um transparent uh ethereum network um and then the the the three networks ethereum mainnet jump net and infinity they're gonna be linked together with bridges so you can move your tokens to whichever one you think you want to interact with when if you want to use the affinity marketplace um get you know uh price discovery and things there you can bridge that over easily if you want to use your ethereum smart contracts and do those kind of ethereum operations for super cheap you'll want to move it to chelsea yeah that's exciting no high gas fees yeah yeah and you'll be able to use efi um in jump net so efi will actually give you more transactions you'll get a portion of the transactions of the network by staking efi yeah so it has a utility now yeah love utility we we love utility that's one reason we love engine we love e-finity we love projects that are doing things and not just talking about things i think it's important also to note you know we we don't we didn't say this at the beginning but you know early on when i started this youtube channel we were trying before we went on air here uh in the very early days of this channel like i remember one of my very first news videos was covering a story vtec creating token standards and we didn't even give this i mean this just shows you the the the backbone that the effinity and engine have i mean you created some of the erc uh standards which ones exactly did you create so the main one is erc 1155 that is now supported across most marketplaces uh most energy marketplaces because it's cheaper it's actually better in in many ways than erc721 you can do batch transfers of you know 100 tokens at a time um you can do both fungible tokens and non-fungible sometimes you want fungible tokens um where you know you're you want the tokens all to be the same uh if you're using them in a game um they don't have to be unique if it's like a you know a gem or something right um and uh yeah so so that became really popular in the ethereum community uh people loved it um there's some games now using it uh you know uh the sandbox actually has a dual ear c155721 token and now we're also working on a new standard called paratokens and that one is all going to be about interoperability on you know polka dot kusama uh being able to move those tokens around from ethereum to affinity to other networks too we're gonna open up the doors to you know maybe bsc or other places like that um and you want those you want that item that you own to to still be the same thing wherever you move it um so we need a standard for that so we're working on that yeah you don't get much better uh technical expertise in the in the world of blockchain than uh you do with engine and infiniti so we're looking forward to seeing how all this flourishes and develops i mean it's exciting to see we're at the beginning of something new here uh you know everybody has seen the tracker engine and now watching what's going to happen with the affinity i know we're super excited about it people want to check out nft.io i see that the site is up right now if they want to go uh see what's coming there where else can people learn more about effinity they can check out our whitepaper effinity.io e-f-i-n-i-t-y dot io and then we're going to be doing a complete overhaul on our website that goes live september 1st and that's just engine.io so yeah a lot a lot more simplified very clear what we do why we do it how we do it yeah and for developers um we're posting we're gonna be posting every two weeks a little video update about what's happening what's coming down the development pipeline what have we built um so on our on our youtube we'll be posting that in our blog on engine well we're certainly excited to see how it develops and everybody make sure to check we'll have some of those links down in the description for people to see this is a project we're invested in we've been invested in infiniti for uh quite a while for full transparency but this is one we were super excited to get invested in because we we believe big things are coming so to the audience guys drop your comments down below let us know what you think about affinity what do you think about the future of gaming how is it going to fit with the economy what do you think is going to happen with nfts go and drop those comments down below that's all i got be blessed [Music] you

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