Low Cap ALTCOINs the Next Coinbase Listings!?

Hey yo, howzit going with my loyal tribe,
the Chico Army & for those who are new, just a lowly viewer of the tube. You should know by now, but if you don’t,
I’m host Tyler & this is the crypto channel where every episode is a bubbling explosion…..you
know our BUM after our morning Coffee. It’s time for Chico Crypto! Explosion? What about BTC this week? Since Monday, the crypto asset has pushed
up day after day from Monday to yesterday Thursday. From 11,200 to 11850. Good stuff… Although, pulling out the 14 day chart, which
I highlighted yesterday, we are still not past the weekly resistance of 12k, which was
hit over last weekend, and when we did hit it, a big ole explosion, but this time down.

Now, the next thing I would like to look at,
side by side with the 2 week price chart, is bitmex liquidations over the same time
period. When Bitcoin jumped past 10k back on July
26th, then all the way to 11k, by the end of the day on the 27th, Bitmex had a good
amount of liquidations over that same time period, nearly 185 million in SHORTS. Now as we can see, liquidations settled over
the next 3 days, yet Bitcoin pumped another 1k, from 11k to 12k in that time period.

It wasn’t until August 1st, once 12k was
hit that liquidations ramped up & big time, but this time in the opposite direction, and
a whole lot more. It came with that single candle down, from
12k to just above 11k…Longs REKT by about 174 million Notional value. So, it’s obvious to me, BTC, is at the whim
of manipulators. They knew passing 10k was a psychological
number, which had been defeated more than a few times in the past, thus they would have
a nice set of shorts in between 10k to 11k to liquidate…once past there 11k, uncharted
territory and shorters flee…so it was time to slowly pump the markets, and get bullish
sentiment spreading across the airwaves, that is why not much action in liquidations happened
between , the 28th and 31st of July… even though BTC moved up by 1k…no shorters left,
and setting up, the big one, on August 1st. I mean it’s hilarious to me, when you pull
out the notional value of the liquidations over the time period, about the same, in longs
and shorts, even though BTC has been thoroughly bullish, a 25 percent increase.

You would think, if this was the “normal”
world, the value of the shorts wouldn’t be right on par with the value of the longs. But this isn’t the normal world & there
isn’t much we can do about it, besides not play into the leverage game, especially with
50x, 100x, or even like the Nance offers 125x, because it’s a losing battle, where the
exchanges are the only winners. Although, if you want my opinion of short
term market movements it goes like this. Since the big drop, on August 1st, liquidations
have once again been quiet, not much action on shorts or longs each day…even though
we are moving once again up to 12k….just like what happened before, there aren’t
much shorters left, or they were much more careful, and used less leverage thus more
wiggle room.

But bullish sentiment is once again infecting
the markets, so I wouldn’t doubt, a slight 12k cross here soon, and then possibly another
big ole dip for a big ole taste of long liquidation tears. Short term manipulation, is gonna happen,
and I don’t like it as much as the next guy, that is why I don’t even try to mess
with daily to weekly trading. I stick to what I know, and that is how to
research, and try to understand the blockchains being built by the ever growing number of
crypto and altcoin projects. Wednesday, I spoke of a new one who has hit
my list, who has ties to the Polkadot ecosystem. Kadena…and today, I would like to go a little
further, because I brushed over a few things, which are big & need covered.

So, Coinbase listings, they are big and the
process of Coinbase doing them has changed. Coinabse used to just “List” out of the
blue and the coin exploded. Now, they put out a blog post first of assets
they are exploring, which usually has coins on it, they are going to list, and then usually
in the near term, within weeks, a coin or two makes it to coinbase pro and then the
regular coinbase app. But what about the assets, they explore and
don’t list? Are they shat out of luck? Well I think for a majority of them, that
yes, it doesn’t look good to be on the app in the short term…but there is something
special about their September asset exploring announcement, and it includes Kadena, which
connects them to Coinbase & increases a likelihood of a listing.

So kadena, was explored along other coins,
Solana, Handshake, Near, Celo…and others. The ones who made it through Coinbase processes,
where Polkadot, they got to step 1, making it to Coinbase Custody..but not to Pro, or
the regular App…yet. The only one who made it through the entire
thing, from custody to Pro to the regular app was…Orchid. But there is something special about this
group they were exploring. And it has to do with something Coinbase just
launched. Their Rosetta API. The base put out a blog post about it, and
this is what it does now.

For developers of new blockchain projects,
the Rosetta interface makes it easier to ensure compatibility with exchanges that use Rosetta,
and can dramatically speed up the time it takes exchanges to integrate with new blockchains
and protect customer funds by ensuring specific security conditions are met. For the broader community of crypto developers,
Rosetta makes it easier to build cross-blockchain applications such as block explorers, wallets
and dapps. Instead of writing custom parsing for every
supported blockchain, applications can use a blockchain project’s Rosetta implementation
to read on-chain data and construct transactions in a standard format; minimizing code and
simplifying maintenance.

And who was a project, who on the same day
annoyed they were integrating with the Rosetta API, putting out their own tweet and thorough
blog post about it, getting deep into technicals? Kadena… Now I said that the September announcement
was interesting, and it is because it seems to have everything to do with the Rosetta
API. Going to the Rosetta from Coinbase website,
they list teams building with Rosetta, now side by side the September announcement. Celo on both, filecoin on both, coda on both,
near on both, blockstack was announced being looked at previously, kadena on both, ontology
previously looked at, handshake on both, and sia previously looked at. So if I had to bet my bottom dollar, that
is just a saying, not what I’m gonna do…I would bet that these coins are looking to
be added to Coinbase.

You may ask yourself why? Well what does the Rosetta API do for new
blockchains? It’s for a quick, easy solution for them
to hook up to an exchange, Coinbase’s Chief product officer, Surojit Chatterjee, said
that in their blog post about the solution. The Rosetta interface makes it easier to ensure
compatibility with exchanges that use Rosetta, and can dramatically speed up the time it
takes exchanges to integrate with new blockchains and protect customer funds by ensuring specific
security conditions are met.

Like hooking up to your own exchange? Like hooking up to Pro & the wider Coinbase
crypto ecosystem you are attempting to build? So, the crypto’s working with the Rosetta
API, #1 kadena, because they put out the blog post 1st, a thorough one and technical one
than any of the other projects. But the others, of course they should be to
and we will get into the ones in a bit who I think have the best chance. But first, a word from the sponsor of this
video, Statera, a smart contract based DeFi token who is looking to make moves in that
space. And like always, the full details of our agreement,
which came from the projects community, can be found in the description. Now DeFi, and the power of token smart contracts
is allowing things to be built, that were an afterthought 1 year ago. Statera combines the two to make their product,
which is an Ethereum powered deflationary token pegged to an index fund of tokens which
right now includes the likes of chainlink, bitcoin, synthetix, and heavy on ethereum.

I’m sure you're like Huh? Deflationary token and smart contracts? Index fund of crypto tokens? Well let me try and break it down as easy
as possible. And begin with the most simple thing. The deflation. 1 percent of a transaction is burned and thrown
into the abyss..although I’m sure you have heard of that from other projects but the
way it happens, and force of it, is unlike any project you have seen. The 1 percent of a transaction deflation occurs
with Statera through a combination of liquidity pools. From both Uniswap and a new one making waves
in the DeFi block…Balancer..who ironically Coinbase was exploring adding them in their
most recent addition post, just last week.

Now, STA is just the normal, time time tested,
exchange ready erc20, with deflation coded into its core. To get STA, you need to buy it off an exchange,
like uniswap, but for each purchase, buy/sell/transfer or smart contract call of it 1 percent is
burned. Now, here is where the liquidity pools come
in. STA is a way of bringing deflation, into liquidity
pools, to Uniswap and then Balancer, where the index funds are. First they have their own Uniswap pool liquidity
token, called the Statera Delta token. Which is a wrapped token, consisting of 2
assets STA and Ethereum, a 50-50 split enforced by smart contracts. A simple index fund, of sorts, where you have
50 percent exposure to Ethereum, and 50 percent exposure to the deflationary STA. But this token is highly important, as it’s
the gateway to the cream to de le crop of their Product, the balancer Index Fund they
have created.

This is another liquidity pool, within Balancer,
and it’s called their phoenix fund. but the thing about balancer is it’s a programmable
liquidity pool, which can balance funds based on weight. The weight of Statera’s balancer fund is
40 percent, Statera’s Delta token, 30 percent Ethereum, 10 percent wrapped bitcoin, 10 percent
chainlink, and 10 percent synthetix. So what happens here, is when Statera is going
down, the fund needs to be rebalanced, which is automatically done, with Balancer’s smart
contract portfolio manager. Since the weight is heavy on Statera Delta,
a ton of buying and selling is done in the external markets, utilizing arbitrage opportunities,
including the Uniswap Delta pool, thus STA is being burned as the fund is rebalanced. Same goes with STA going up…the fund is
always putting deflationary pressure on the price. This all makes up the Statera ecosystem so
far, and as you can see the Delta Uniswap liquidity token is an integral piece to it
all…but one things we haven't mentioned is they do have the delta token pool, which
is a pool, made up of 25 percent delta token, and 75 percent ETH…giving you more exposure
to ETH, and smaller exposure to STA…which could be put into other index products soon
increasing the deflationary token reach further than just their ecosystem.

Now, it’s time to figure out, from those
projects involved with Coinbase’s Rosetta, who could added to the exchange in the future
besides my #1 pick Kadena? Well out of the rosetta list, there is one
that is oh so obvious. It’s Celo, because that coin is from none
other than Coinbase’s best friend Andreesen Horowitz a16z, they put out a detailed blog
post about it, explaining why they are funding it.

Then Just in March of this year, the Celo
Alliance was announced as a competitor to Libra and from the tech crunch article cover
it they said “The Alliance For Prosperity includes Andreessen Horowitz (which funded
Celo), Coinbase (Ventures), Bison Trails, Anchorage, and Mercy Corps… Hmmm…..but as a Libra competitor, that could
take so time to get regulatory clarity. What else could a16z, have their hands on
which was on the rosetta list? Actually a few of them..a16z has their crypto
portfolio open to the public. On it is of course Celo, but also the one
who made it all the way through, orchid, but then next to each other, is filecoin and handshake,
both also Near…. So these are the Coins to keep on eye on for
the next listing in my opinion, those connected to the base and implementing rosetta, because
it has to do with connecting blockchains to exchanges. Kadena, Celo, Handshake, Filecoin or Near? Cheers viewers I’ll see you next time!.

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