Lost Relics заработок в криптовалюте online, играя в RPG на блокчейне Ethereum, 3 данж за 1600 gold

Hello dear friends, Kirill Sookast and Petruha are with you and welcome to the crypto gamers channel! today we will play lost relict I will show you how on basic clothes, literally without almost any consumables, we will farm a dungeon of level 3 petruha, great hello to all of you about strelec this is god than a game on engine coins on the engine blockchain, although the engine itself is like an ether of mind and yes very interesting your chance to collect even funny 36 as they are called lands now look it turns out usually everyone is farming newbies yes who just started farm dodge feast level and then moves and starts farming either these catacombs or forest but you can also farm on basic gear you can farm already beyond 3 levels, which has a cost of three stars, it takes you on average in 15 minutes, just the same, and Ivan, in principle, it’s because usually somewhere three or four faces fall out, well, it’s clear that this is random, so let's see from the consumables, my friends are all there are four fish that you can farm here, that is, they serve here, so there is a basic ring, well, a bow and melee weapons for melee weapons sales I’ll not need it here because it’s not needed here, but you can say on 1000 coins small consumables + a mesh with a glove you can fly in to see the first port an egg is falling and read this 500 moment for today it must of course be said that these swamps can be entered current with activated prem.

There you will need 1 pair of caves per decorator, which is the primary task today during the event, because with the help you can take out not a single egg with a cave, as you will see at the end, most likely a full couture will be 3 4 5 eggs well 4 on average and as noted here based on the task of private tasks dodge poison I is wearing a lot of damage to it quietly in or ticka ticka ticka it but take too much of them and shoot simply unrealistic threatening is the module here is the bee's the fairies and of course snakes means I will show you how it is all mansiti in order not to just catch these points and to minimize all the damage that is available because now all the mobs and what is the trick? The difference between the forest by two stars and this dodge here goes through it faster, according to my feelings, because there are no golems on which a lot of attacks are spent, it literally dies with one poke just if you hold down a strong shot, but the main thing is to return from this poison that is thrown from this cover you can not turning back it's not me friends just running now jars to make a melee attack it's poison to make a shot just mon sen and then we kill a strong attack, that is, in principle, everything is easy, the main thing is to understand which attack is dangerous even if we do not return from the second attack which is long-range she carries everything there is somewhere in the order of 80 damage, that is, this is nonsense and it was knocked out somewhere in the amount of 500, then now again the maxim is also the principle, we just run it always burns even su catch this point and caught there the damage was somewhere in the order of 90 80 there is you big final blue bow, then it will be even easier for you here you will be all these mobs from one point, according to the idea of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe usual visit, but I have to wait for the energy a little rollback this Of course, it turns out for the daughter, but it is not necessary, it is not necessary, it is not necessary to prefetch very much on this about a dangerous guy, you can even dilute it like this, it just makes confuse in amelie, that is, it slows down the damage from her a little, so this is not a threat and disto what he can understand what -the damage to yourself, which of course is not too cool, but about the event, you can tell a little bit, we are already farming for the third day and on the first day of our farm there were more than two thousand eggs on the market, then the price fell by one and a half thousand today they are already buying 500 on the market and if you have the time and desire to speculate, you can bet 150 560 and wait until someone from you x buys the goal of golden eggs there is a chance that a golden ticket will go to you, this is when you have a jackpot, you can go up to one and a half in a day, already exchange it for a legendary one weapons food legendary amulet seems to us yes there are two other clothes on there to choose from to the floor do not go, or how, yes, and only 800 pieces, that is, 800 tickets and it seems as they say about 50 tickets have already dropped out before but everything is about the problem is that everyone has eggs on their hands, well, that maybe the ticket has already ended, no one knows because I have somewhere clear 35 I will start with my hands and I sold my eggs gold so that with the mass of the bush it is stronger, as if there is already exhaust from at least This is the very successful start now until the most such a comfortable start is exactly fast, I should have called this whole thing so because it will not be possible to count the additional drop in the game and then for the mother or it is of course comfortable with the more direct it gives us an additional task in a tavern, by the way, it’s so dangerous to do here because there are very fast mobs, that is, she first check and then only try there either to fish or to collect herbs here from items from native mining, you only need a net and gloves because here is only possible catch fish and get grass everything, but there is a lot of that and that, therefore of course it is not standing on the river, especially since it is generally very cheap, everything will be ansel again, we noticed that if you cleaned the location a little, start fishing or collect bushes, who sometimes could come running from behind the screen, that is, they are such a gram, then you can right-click immediately cancel it is also dangerous it is better to go into the body to try to aggro one and a half and two screens forward and whoever comes back and calmly spend the summer there in the caves, it still works like that, well, like they clicked then the shallows here just could be very fast and they even reach the wiki, that is, some kind of asana will fly up for China, it will just sting the gps module German as you can see the chapter here is the main problem it's just somewhere you can’t dodge everything, or when you have 2 mobs, it’s also unpleasant.

My business first poke, because I just didn’t dodge all hopes 8 damage, that is, you can choose either komati from or this distant point, it’s clear that it’s a tribute. does very little damage the ayahs will carry a lot of damage if you turn the camera diagonally like this, then you will have time to notice the asul before you just get warm and you can even take it into account to drink drinking tass this is the same run away, that is, they could be dangerous only if you think that have time to make a point, that is, why risk the risk, maybe I’m true, that is, if somewhere you don’t have time there in pixels for a fraction of a second, it’s not a swallow and we’ll have poison, what a lot of damage is to the game, so here is the only one the location to pass on this one, nothing else from the operatives, we can say that these are the red fish and their supports are called you on the market, you can simply ask in the search for hurt to search and they cost 10-12 gold it costs 300 ma lives, that is, on the one hand, today with such a good earnings on golden eggs can be reduced to eat as you feel that you have already deducted the discomfort of a couple in life from and let it go out what you caught fry when you download cooking and for one next call you have a ready-made fish again to the word fish this is and my partner is also here, that is, as it were, the most funny thing that turns out, I take 4 this directly to the extreme, roughly speaking, but usually this one can not even spend any of it all, as if insurance is superfluous there are more than four I obviously will not leave if there somewhere I stick there or but this will distract the consequence of course it is better to always have a consumable, because often when we go further we usually score everything under full, that is, these are four acids, they don’t really press us like that our inventory is a floor then we will not lose you should always take into account how much time you will spend the cave is about 20 minutes per cave it is she who is in the swamp for about 15 minutes but on average you think that is, you ran and ran for 10 minutes and held two fish there for 20 and lost 15 minutes and maybe 230 which you would become one and a half thousand gold, that is, you can be a little reinsured than to throw out this fish until when it will interfere, let more from farming, as it were, therefore, there are no problems with this By the way, there is still a hilke that can additionally fall from the plants, but they themselves fill up there 200 50 so far none have fallen out, but they are good at a price of seventy coins 100 sq., that is, it’s better not to use them as a flask for this to dip and reserve if then somewhere else they again stuck something else for something else, of course, it is better to use it simply for sale if I don't try to kill her, although I can kill a strong attack just put the rack a little obliquely to the last, that is, out of three, one arrow hit so not killed immediately here it was risky, that is, I now decided to forge and I will already have the castle, that is, if a split second had not passed, I would have caught me, that is, it was risky it was easier to wait for the snake's poke, it also wants to show how many years it will cause damage -1 you can vitamin and at the end what I am there and him and not from the bottom were measured puppet exactly again about what is concealed from a snake from phi, that is, at least three species are different, but the poison turns out with you can't catch where -that 3 I do not for are on hop and a lot flies away there already literally about 1000 remains there, that is, it is also not comfortable and the passage, as you know, when you are not enough yourself, be nervous and since there will be a lot of golden eggs, the screen starts to run away in red before the position, emotions appear, hands begin to tremble for such an action as that couple along the forks turns out here it happens well the route develops, that is, it will be necessary to return sometimes it is necessary to turn somewhere in the wrong place, that is, after all, how interesting is how the swamp is located in one word, the trouble of the skirt is I it's not sickly, by the way, an additional 5 percent of the speed is sometimes cool to indicate it when you need to go back somewhere, just eat and run, especially since the price is pretty weak or the sales they never spare a triple shot experience prompting as soon as you try to save energy or you think you've read and one point is always enough to punish you, either I'll give you either a camp or something else, so yes Is it triple while the allergy hurts once the energy is replenished from zero to 250 you are replenished under the film without the film, it seems that only the resistor is in abundance, the resistor 150 was just then shot off until we reach the energy wave that reaches it, roll away galant viii, and then you can even eat 1 1 you began to kill but so it's just that the country is faster here, I can afford to build an hour because the distance was quite favorable, the hour could only bite me if I missed here closer to the exit at the end so dangerous that now the chests are closer to the end somewhere chests by the way they are usually here somewhere all here , at the end there they are there there are chests of us in which 4 pieces usually, that is, on average 4, so I say that this is somewhere on average 3-4 you bring in for sure I get three eggs 1 chest well, just opened you see by what kind of situation is comfortable for this how much we have already been catching, forget to leave at the end of the conti until a century, if you already see at the end there will still be a quart that is important for or, by the way, not a test friends will have to have everything, it will be necessary to kill that where the port has opened, that is, that day of invisibility will not work, you just can go out and until you kill the guard for them, the swamp I also like it more here less of these trees, which, as you can see now, blocks your screen here rarely enough this is happening and a little better view of the mobs can be seen better now the grass because with this one and wards it rolls pretty easy too now the main thing for us to get rid of ffi ffi may just lag behind us or we can try to kill, that is, I will try to kill several options and everything else was killed here and now you can just roll it makes a poke a couple of power ones wait until the energy is replenished, that is, just spread it with a blow and then make up just a couple of seconds more this is enough to make at least one power attack and give one normal attack with the shift key you stand in place and shoot as you have the cursor, we lead our not very fast to die anode just hit now its there, let's say from the sword that the accelerated process was recognized as an option with a gentle show, it allows us to decide where the timmons are and not do what I understand that we still have enough health there are consumables for the extreme in order to just clean it up, that is, you can run from the vardan there is a sign there is a minute or two to the maximum then snow beauty is easy where it seems like having received the quality of cereal and not just the quality, it’s not easy to find out the meaning to the finish line, it’s the end, now we have caught the poison of Budva 600-odd after all, and for a long time hangs for 12 as a rule a bag a ring that me from the riga it id al gate it is much slower, that is, my hp regen 2 removes 12 at a time so we will go for tea back, we will run because I only neutralized three chests here, come you can of course already come back that you can waste time, that is, for now, purely for experiment, see how many will take to return far there somewhere the fork was higher yet we will not return friends because as you can see he slept with courtney very lucky that is, he and run far back the site to know during the event away already a new one to start a new one it will help 3 eggs we considered vital almost complete text better than the option there is one thing, that is, this is one chest where it remained there, but the audit turns out somewhere at the fork there was a starting one there is, well, here with the route you know you can’t guess so we are in general a hop and how many blew somewhere from 600 to 600 + 2 even more than 700 I said and only you, in the end, after all, not the best wounds turned out to be 78 percent, but this is because that the fork is unlucky, usually more cards are well located 15 minutes, this is somewhere an average result, that is, it happens for 4 to sell for 16, that is, in this range, in this range, we got the same amount of loot as six fish of which cost 18 at the moment and this is just the same consumables, that is, it will be necessary, no, this is already the case if we go and fry them at the same time, that is, show it yourself, that's exactly the whole cycle that goes on for statistics, friends decided to show another race literally it was the next one as far as I remember in time 15 minutes 33 seconds this is also a swamp and here 6 eggs have already fallen so played on average it falls from 3 and higher, that is, in 15 minutes it seems to me this is the most favorable result that you can get now, so try the swamp lungs here, just the main thing is to turn around and with green clothes are the most comfortable because the forest is still, because of the golems, it's rather difficult to walk too long, it takes 25 minutes there, it takes 15 here, the number of drops goes off scale, we go to a tavern or there, in a hot place next to you, we buy something that is needed what you buy your chest falls, we run home to the tavern in the chest we throw off the eggs excess fish we take what we bought and again goes around the cave until we get from the swamps it is fishing this is cooking and ends up still collecting countries I will lay out parts of the fish, maybe even in a little more I will lay it out there is, before that, I ran with four, but danio's tweet did not spend, but here in fact there is such a thing somewhere for sticking you get a couple of extra pokes and how would you think about something that is why I haven’t taken a fish yet, this is already such a topic, therefore 4 this is washed out enough for any case there for any unpleasant situations which may be therefore the same standards for me and now it turns out that we have such an item build then there is a minimum one in order to farm up to level 4 then we will try another whale of a heavier dungeon what kind of consumables will be needed, but if you farm with such clothes, because now it’s not easy to knock out the blockchain, true petruha was lucky the guy knocked out the feck back to him but to whom -that's unlucky, as always, in principle, that I think everything is given Petruk all thanks for watching, we write comments where you farm how many eggs you farm how many eggs Pavel has farmed you a golden ticket, we subscribe we like and see you next time yes friends, good luck to everyone and bye bye

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