Lord British Plays Tron 2 0 Part 2

we got we got our profiler now we missed the picking up the thing appeared what did we pick it up I guess we did this is not there anymore Thanks program I was afraid my subroutines we're going to become infected mice gives us information about this gives us information about infected subroutines that can happen basically somehow we showed you guys but we go to our utility this come on all right there we go but we have a profile and you see it's corrupted now we can activate but it won't work because it's currently corrupt so we need to give it a virus scan well I say virus can disinfect it that they go that's all you disinfect it should do it now yeah they says it's doing it and it automatically go back on once it's finished doing now we're actually gonna go back this way because there's some extra stuff like believe that we missed I can go down the stairs I feel better again more help is always good there's actually nothing up here I mean I can jump up here but there isn't actually anything out there that our profilers been disinfected so now no longer have to worry about that will get more helpful and we're going to climb up these groups because this one's got stuff end we have another fashion and we have an email it the other permission three have and we can just go down here and refill our energy so like this game it's good fun if you go if no one's ever played this then I highly recommend it it's on Steam getting it to run was a bit ass but uh I got it working so do you right and the students is gonna hang out here for now until it's at the end of eternity in either frame jump then that was good right now that jumps reasonably precise you have to do it there are you gonna go off yep okay now such as a profiler which I already have so I don't need that so that's just in case you didn't get it I guess but it does have an email so like I said feel free befores and this is the exit Colonel system scans indicate partitions five to thirty cheering thank you why access privileges ascending or intrusion governmental image yes sir and US Navy shoes not yet sir how are we picked up the signature on offers for already the second Orangina beautiful Anthony me so what are you exactly a bit a bit ha I'm a bite the three I wouldn't send a simple bit due to a bites job let me tell you mr.

Shh right okay oh look another build point awesome all right now strange little creature what are they that is a code optimization where they graze on excess code activating one allows you to optimize the subroutine at one level pretty pretty useful what the basic procedure also okay I'll have we have to so we do is you go right okay I want to optimize my and you optimize this for me yes thank you now you can put it in a small spot especially how this works so the keep an eye out for those guys have the proper permissions there to enter the power stream control sector follow me yes I ever you get Soren take my me keep accessing ship I don't like stuff flashing up on my screen constantly like will smear one of my pet peeves and that's an email to us I'm just gonna go through the boxes white nobody knows nobody cares more emails the emails just skip back story oh come on hit me hit me you son Jesus you can't say I didn't give him the chance my god what do you have Just Energy it's good there's a sub system that runs beneath the main level look down there hey I want to go through here oh that sucks there we go okay hey go jump Oh God and so what we're gonna do is we're gonna quick save in here just in case you know this happens actually missed quite I've on either oh awesome don't you look good we go get two more I didn't have anything else now I was out and then use all those place so yeah this thing has like amazing range as you can see there's anything else here that I need let's check in and see if I missed any of the drops as I have a nasty habit of doing that I'm afraid and I do I get died did get infected right yeah I suppose I did defrag or so oh I forgot ur you came in all dumb sweet and that's how we get back out basically we need the permissions first so you can find those this here which we don't need now season so petitions and fuzzy signature I've got new subroutine which we can pull on it worried that they're like oh now we basically have like 25 cent muffled movement basically this game does have stealth I suck at it but yeah I say I just suck it so stealth general make sure we got everything in the area because I know what I'm like I think you'll be around the corruption is spreading we must keep moving I got keep an eye out for another room build point I do like the bill point things tonight it's nice touch the game in yep oh the source of the corruption now I'm a corruption expected these programs believe you are the source of the corruption that's rather funny actually I don't think it's very funny we're not safe here we must find the servers exit port okay so you'll find an exit call more see lots of talking there goes the neighborhood but what the hell is causing it the colonel was issued instructions to watch for an unauthorized program in this sector that's probably the source of the corruption there's only one thing I hate more than zealots and that's unauthorized viral code I'm derezzed upon the spot Coulier circuits the colonel wants the program quarantine brought in for interrogation nah can't sneak past these guys I have tried a couple of headshots source the map so our permissions I'll take that that's this is the unfortunate thing you have to weigh around for stuff download but it's a feature you know it's a feature of the game asus a so how we get up can tell me how to get to the exit port the exit port is located beyond the power stream getting across as impossible the islands approach you'll need to cycle the power stream manually don't get too close to the power trains yeah so don't don't walk into this thing is basically what is telling us so yeah this will take that under advisement be very careful yeah you can peek round corners I don't think it's that useful what do I know right is that the other build point it is isn't it see headshots work I love about this game and here we go this this one we're currently picking up basically makes our taxable powerful so they'll be very useful so we're going to put that right on there now we basically are OS is full so we want anything more we have to either upgrade me or me anymore the Commission's that okay yeah that gives the back that way so we'll check this lot going come back keep on going Chapel the hole in the floor there I wonder if that could mean look round here and soaked I see what we got in here right so we have a beta will take that will have our permission we have a virus scan subroutine alpha and we already have that well and why am this is now for we already have the betas we don't need that so um oh oh that was a great on on my disc back you cheat you've got bear mind the disk or sometimes also get the guys on the way back which is I think so nice features or nothing okay let's have a look then what else we got something else right so come on all right so this does what no ties you any subjects are corrupted before downloading well that's no problem because you can do you want that one the muffled very useful and I I think we'll leave that one off for now so i don't i don't think i was gonna be that you keep doing ok that was a weird jump I see I'm even on even on or when this game is reasonably chanting I mean you kind of have to be a bit on the ball than I have them hey I never claimed to be perfect it's good I don't want that frame rate jumpers about you probably see that such as 60 frames I'm gonna lie that's probably gonna spawn more defects so freeze program I choose not to freeze here is activating security reasons yay getting better all the time no Commission's deactivates children I got a deactivated that I kind of feel bad now never mind of mine live in 10 get all the buildings yes I did that's good to know so we can leave whenever then oh I want could we not get in here before we can now there you go more story time they actually that don't know why doesn't just want a pro tuned quick save again let's just go up site if you have pack is to transport you better hurry the exit port is scheduled to go active soon okay what exit polls yeah they take you at the level Harlan this is basically they won't go and the basically antivirus will use disk so you can block them if you want to so here we go this is the export illegal program detective in export sector quarantine protocol fields raised here we go we have to deactivate these things later edition team protocol feels raised on you still hurt me come on I need my disc back please go on do you just shoot the ground for in here come on Froemming like a melon hey sure that was a headshot love this game so we got a dare do this one now on transfer at energy and we get out of here oh three shots sure this email right now good idea to san leon do this that a rebel I don't care kill me I hate somehow I got that new breeze beat the living crap out of me could have been better it could have been worse so isn't that all the ones we need to do now this quarantine field yeah or saving up I'll save scum that we need to assist the other one on deactivate that seems like a cool nor do we have it earlier charge and a mask I take the masks are only slots that takes up through see should we see how many slots me you already have that year okay just checking so I only slots does the mask take up it takes up three slots so we don't need that skill we'll just do as cad lo says and just plan not to get hit be the better idea or i feel i transfer our energy it's probably the last one I feel quarantine protocol measures offline Abby oh look more out you know what for that I'm gonna kill you I don't give a y axis open by don't care doesn't matter to me at all I really don't care where index did you for Darcy unauthorized use of resources program 20 minutes 30 virus user unknown stranger you're making a big mistake revealed equation game if i disassemble your code one operation at a time well i was born in 82 impossible you are much too complexity for that baby he will beat you this may have violated for this isn't what you tend to do all this cell phone I'm not responsible for that virus I am a user wait you can't do this I'm a user fine McCrea I'm trying to help hmm let the log file show prison refuse to cooperate is inserting comparable steve ramirez elution Cardle put them on the grid with angela stood for decision I guarantee it'll be a race you won't forget you've entered a new system with different to memory requirement please reconfigure your sub teams sweet so here we go we can like let's see so we like this one on I guess can you put everything on I think we can count we might not put that on up for fucksake mean bad blog oh there we go so see it gets a bit it gets a bit squiffy this thing it's the problem leather c3i hang on see do that that's the combat one so it's pretty annoying trying to get all this on here no I don't want to take it off on I put this one on summer there I guess three we don't have anything that requires one space doing though you know what we're going to take that one off like so and where is she going to put this on you don't take you less damage than theirs wix Nexus I need to get one of these things just take it one sport master then so let they'll be fine I feel okay so now we've been transporting and Cody escaped and jet prepare to enter a grid arena one so now we've been put on the the light cycle grid so next time we're gonna drive some light cycles show you guys

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