Loom Knit Criss Cross Stitch Scarf | Double Knitting

I'm Catherine and I'd like to thank you
for watching Ms Yarn. This video is on how to loom knit a
scarf using the criss cross stitch. I learned this stitch from a
video from KB Looms as well as from a book called "Loom Knitting Afghans."
It's different from our regular stockinette stitch or figure eight
stitch, so this stitch will add variety to your
double knitting projects. Now before we get started I'd love it if
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So today we're going to cover #1 How to cast on. #2 How to
do the crisscross stitch. #3 How to
add yarn and #4 How to bind off. And for
the supplies you're going to need two balls of yarn.
I used Estelle Bulky. A long loom, I used this Knit Quick loom.
You'll need a hook, a pair of scissors and a yarn needle. So now that we have our supplies,
let's get started. We're going to cast on using a figure
eight cast on.

So we'll put a loose knot on the
anchor peg at the side of the loom. So let's wrap the top peg counter-
clockwise and the bottom peg clockwise to make a figure eight, then we'll make
more figure eights like this all the way to the right.
I used 11 pairs of pegs, so 22 pegs in total, but you can use
however many pegs you want depending on the width that
you're looking for. So at the last set of pegs, just pull
your yarn downwards, and wrap that bottom right peg
counter-clockwise, and then re-wrap the top peg, and then
start making figure eights all the way to the left of your loom.

just retrace your steps and make new figure eights right over top
of the old figure eights. So at this point, keep doing
figure eights on your own and we'll meet at the left
side of our loom. Here I've jumped ahead to wrap the last
peg and now I'm knitting over which means I put the bottom loop over
the peg and towards the centre of the loom. I'll knit over all
of the bottom loops of this top row. And then we're knitting over all of the
bottom loops of the bottom row. Now the peg on the very right only has
one loop, so we just leave that one alone, and we knit over the 10 bottom loops. So now we need to tighten this cast on
by going to this bump on the far right, and pulling on it with our hook.

we're going to pull on each bump a little bit, pull it upwards,
and we'll work our way towards the left in order to remove all
of the extra yarn. Now because we're taking out the slack at this point,
we're not going to need to tighten the cast on edge at the
end of our project. So now you can tighten this cast on on
your own, and we'll meet in a few minutes at the left side of the loom.

So here I've gone ahead to the
left side of the loom. And I'm pulling upwards
on that last bump. Then I'm going to remove the
knot from the anchor peg and I'm going to pull that
yarn towards the left and I'm going to take out all
of that extra yarn with me. Then I'm going to tie a knot
with the working yarn and I'm going to lay that
tail across the loom. Then I'm going to push everything
down, and now the figure eight cast on is finished! Now let's do the criss cross stitch.

you can see I've already done a few rows of this two-row repeat.
For row one, think 1 – 4 – 3. Wrap peg one
of the top row, then wrap peg four of the bottom row,
and wrap peg three of the top row, and then you're going to
wrap every other peg. And you'll also notice that we're
wrapping around the outside of each peg, we're not twisting around
any of the pegs. Here we need to wrap peg 11 at the
bottom since we're running out of pegs and we can't skip any. Then
we wrap the 11th peg at the top and then we start
working our way towards the left, and we wrap all of
the pegs that we had missed. Here we need to wrap peg one at the
bottom since we ran out of pegs. And then we knit over that
bottom loop to secure the working yarn in place. So after
some trial and error I'm going to show you a way to knit over
that I think will help keep your scarf as flat as possible and to
keep the outside edges pretty straight.

So we're going to
knit over from the top right, and we work our way towards the middle
and then stop around halfway. and then we knit over from the
bottom right and we go towards the middle again. After we'll go to the left side of our
loom. We'll start at the top left, and then we'll knit over the
remaining loops. And then we'll move to the bottom left
corner. Now that first one's already done, so we just ignore that,
and then we'll just knit over the remaining loops
on that bottom row. So now row one is done! So for row two you have to think 1 – 3 – 2.
So this means that we'll wrap peg 1 at the top and then we'll wrap peg
3 at the bottom, and then peg 2 at the top, and then we wrap every other
peg along each row.

So at the very right we wrap
peg 11 at the bottom, and then peg 11 at the top, and then
we wrap all of the pegs that we had missed. And that way,
at the end of this row, all of the pegs will have
two loops on them. So now I'm wrapping the bottom left peg
and I'm going to knit that over to hold it in place and I'm going
to continue knitting over from the left towards the
centre of the loom on that bottom row. Then
I'm going to the top row and then I'm knitting over from
left to right, and again I'm stopping at around halfway. Now we're going to move
to the bottom right corner and we're going to knit over
going towards the centre, and then we'll do our knitting
over from the top right corner. Great, so now let's push
everything down and row 2 is done! So those
are the two rows of the two-row repeat for the criss
cross stitch.

So at this point, I think you can knit on your own,
and we'll meet again when you need to add more yarn. See you soon. So here I've run out of yarn and I'd
like to add new yarn since my scarf is still too short. My old yarn
is in my left hand and the new yarn is in my right,
so I'm going to do a "right over left," and then a
"left over right." Next I pull on all four strands and then I'm going to cut off the
tails really close to the knot.

Now I can just carry on with my knitting. So that's just one way that you can add new yarn. This way personally works for me, but you can do
your own thing when you add your new yarn, as you wish. So now that we have lots of yarn to work with,
you can keep knitting on your own and we'll meet again later when
it's time to bind off. So it looks like we're ready to bind off
which is great. We're going to do a row of figure eights to make that
bind off edge a little bit straighter. And the only thing that's a bit out of
the ordinary with these figure eights is that when I'm at the
middle of my scarf I'm going to make my figure eights a little bit
looser than usual.

And that's because with this stitch, and maybe because of
the way I was knitting over, it tends to be a little bit tight in the
middle section, so I want to watch out for that. And that's
something I noticed when I did a few swatches for my own practice,
and to test out the yarn. So as usual I suggest that you do a
swatch before you commit to this project. You can practice casting on and binding
off, and see if you really like this criss cross stitch. For me I learned
three things from doing this stitch. One is that when you make
a mistake and need to take your project off the loom, it's
really hard to get it back on. Two is that there was a very slight spiral
at both ends of my scarf I just wanted to let you know that.

Three, it's not a very stretchy scarf, you
can't pull it across the width from left to right. So now we're at the part where
it's a little bit trickier. So since the working yarn is at the
right side, we're going to bind off from the left. We're going to
take the loop from the top peg and put it on
the bottom peg. Then we dive in with our hook
to grab the bottom loop, and we put this loop on the
second peg at the top. Then we dive in with our hook again to
grab the bottom loop, and then we put this loop on the bottom peg. Again we dive in with our hook to
scoop up that bottom loop and then we place it on peg three
at the top. Let's dive in again to grab that bottom
loop, and we'll put it on the bottom peg. And we're going to continue in this
manner until we get to the right side of the loom.

So if you're still with me, you're doing
wonderfully. Just keep binding off on your own and
we're going to meet at the right side of the loom. So here I'm just finishing things up. Now that I have two loops on that bottom
right peg, I'm just going to simply knit over. Next I'm taking off that last loop from
the loom and I'm going to put my tail through
that last loop and I'm going to remove the loom.
Okay so I think it looks pretty good. So next I'm going to tighten things up at
the right. And I think we have a really
nice braid here. Let's cut off the yarn a bit since it's
too long and let's use our yarn needle to weave in the tail. So as you can see I'm weaving in the
tail by following along the braided edge and I'm going in one
direction, and then to close things off,
I'll try to go in the opposite direction within the scarf.

So we'll just cut off any yarn that's
sticking out, and then we'll go to the cast on edge. So on our cast on edge as you can see, we
don't have any loose loops to take care of, so that's great.
All we need to do is just cut off that tail because that tail has gone through
the width of the scarf already. And now our double knit
criss cross stitch scarf is done! So if you like this
tutorial I'd love it if you could leave me a
comment. See you in the next video..

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