LONG on Bitcoin 2021 (Don’t Listen to the WORST HATERS)

welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name has been every day on the channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money and crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button today guys sunday drive video or where i drive to church and i tell you what's going on in crypto and let me tell you what i got a lot on my mind this morning so i'm going to try to make it quick got a lot of topics that i really want to cover i really want to hit here um but first and foremost uh we are going to talk about the price of bitcoin right now what i'm looking for on the charts kind of what i'm expecting for next week so um then at the end i'm going to talk about bill maher dog in bitcoin i'm going to talk about warren buffett and charlie munger i'm going to be talking about bitcoin mining are you talking about inflation we talk about so much stuff and it all ties together the long and short of it is it is bitcoin's time to shine so all right guys well let's start with the price of bitcoin right now coming in about 57 000 on the hourly chart on market cipher now if you want to get access to market cyber uh if you want to leverage trade on by bit or femex uh if you have the the ip issue where you can't get on by bit you can always try either unlimited vpn or you can try vmax i don't even think you need a vpn there uh visit bitboycritter.com deals and you will see all of our major links there at the top uh but guys if you want to do that that's mine but what i'm doing right now is i'm looking at the hourly chart on bitcoin and i'm looking at the price hovering around fifty seven thousand dollars i've got a long in at fifty six thousand nine hundred um now i i don't have that tight of a stop but i i do have a stop loss on uh because i'm just you know sundays are so flipping unpredictable and that's that's really the important thing to remember guys a lot of sundays the price drops a lot of sundays the price doesn't drop but sundays just seem to be a much more unpredictable day than any other so how should you approach unpredictable days or months or weeks or whatever when you're leveraged trading well you try to analyze the charts the best way you can and you try your best to make sure you're using proper risk management because you could get a giant pump on a day like today but then again it's just a little more unpredictable than normal we see that in the trading volume the trading volume usually is down on saturdays and sundays and the reason for that is well i mean people are watching charles 24 7.

But in addition it's just people are real nervous to trade on the weekends because we don't have um you know a lot to go on now the other thing is i believe we have a cme gap that has developed um somewhere between 56 and 58 000 i haven't even looked at it i'm just going off of memory here to think the price of bitcoin when we closed on friday uh on the cme uh feeder chart was down a little bit and then it pumped pretty much right after so that's just something to watch keep in mind um if we do end up going down um figure out where that cme gap is i can't really look it up while i'm here driving um but that's just something to keep in mind guys watch watch we know those usually fill we saw the last one people said it wouldn't feel it filled so just be careful so that's what i'm doing on a trade on the hourly chart last night we got a red blood diamond the price plummeted we now have a large green dot at the bottom of the hourly chart so it is looking pretty bullish at the moment now this week i'm expecting fireworks for bitcoin ethereum i expect the price of ethereum to top 3 000 if it doesn't today probably by tuesday at the latest um unless we get some kind of like detrimental you know drop on the charts for bitcoin so that that's trading that's price analysis that's what i'm doing personally don't forget to sign up uh for any of those sites biblical.com deals um okay now let's talk about the larger context of what's happening with bitcoin right now i don't know if you guys saw this bill maher clip where he closed the show out the other night just totally uh trying to destroy bitcoin but the funny thing is number one we know he doesn't write these he doesn't write his own scripts uh they're zero percent he doesn't understand bitcoin enough to be able to talk about it in the way that he did number two bill maher the champion of progressives of progressivism yeah i think that's the way to say that progressivism sorry i'm not progressive so i don't know how to say it uh you know always always talking about the old rich white guys which of course he is one of um you know always saying we need a new system we need things to change and yet in his monologue where he downed bitcoin he literally said he literally quoted warren buffett the epitome of capitalism and conservatism conservativism i i guess he's a conservative i'm just guessing because he's an old rich white guy um and he's got money so he doesn't want to pay taxes um but it blesses from nebraska a traditionally conservative state i don't really know his political opinion but the point is warren buffett seems to represent every single thing that progressives and bill maher and that whole wing of our country like to put down and yet he uses warren buffett in a quote he said about bitcoin being rat poison as or about bitcoin you know being a disaster and going to zero can't remember the exact one he used but he literally uses that as evidence of why we shouldn't have bitcoin i'm like what is wrong with these people so he comes out and he says uh he starts talking about the the mining fund uh that uh bitcoin mining is taking up the same energy of the entire state of new york it's just not true guys this stuff is lies number one num number two they don't even understand how these mining operations are working in china a lot of them are driven by hydro electricity not even traditional electricity electricity we know the electricity that's used in a lot of mining farms especially in north america is clean energy or geothermal energy or solar energy you guys may not know this but you know the united states only makes up for five point nine percent five point nine percent of the overall hash rate over seventy percent of bitcoin's hash rate is in china and i've told you guys really how that is the most problematic thing about bitcoin is the fact that the majority of all bitcoin mining and the rewards and the production of bitcoin is happening in china well recently in the province of inner mongolia in china is not mongolia but inner mongolia province and china their local government there um i mean it's a large province so that the province's government told this bitcoin mining uh facility that they were going to have to shut down because of the effects on the climate i'm sure there's something going on there other than just that at face value but the point is that wiped out eight percent of bitcoin's hash rate in that province but that province alone one province in china eight percent of the overall bitcoin hash rate america 5.9 why is america so far behind the rest of the world especially china in understanding the opportunity the bitcoin blockchain is because we have idiots like bill maher and warren buffett and charlie munger and bill gates a bunch of older rich white guys some people say i'm one but i'm not that old i'm only 38 years old charlie munger is 97 please but the point here is is that um we have these people that are trying to hold us back meanwhile we've got china passing us economically they understand the value of bitcoin they understand the value of blockchain now obviously everyone doesn't there or else they want to shut down a lot of the mining facilities but the point is america has got to get on the ball when it comes to uh bitcoin and people are starting to see that here there are whispers of hyper inflation that are going on right now there was a bank of america earnings call that just occurred i think it was last week it would have been your your q1 earnings call i believe and basically what they said is people are starting to get very concerned about inflation about the out of control money printing the government just printing money at will when it doesn't even make sense they're just uh you know in mass making up imaginary money as they go which is the same thing that bill maher was downing bitcoin for but bitcoin actually has a lot more sound economics and principles than fiat currency buy a long shot actually it actually blows it away in that regard but there are people now we're getting very concerned now think about this since bitcoin was uh basically idealized it came to it came uh to uh an idea to create it in 2008 it was actually created in 2009 of course we were going through the financial and the housing crisis at that point since then bitcoin has never been in an environment where it could prove its value in its sound economics against inflation or hyper inflation in america it looks like we could be heading towards that the federal reserve has said they have no plans to ease monetary policies they're going to keep interest rates historically low and give everyone a fighting chance but the problem is look at something like lumber i'm having a house built right now we are feeling the thump of that lumber it is it is almost doubled in price i believe i'm not a builder my dad is uh but the the point is it's almost doubled in price and yet they're saying we've only had two percent inflation over the last year almost doubled when are you guys going to wake up to the fact the government is lying to you about what is going on before your very eyes bitcoin is the only thing that can save us and your you can that can save your financial independence bitcoin is the only shot you have it may not work bitcoin may not be able to save your finances but it's the only shot that we have so let me know what you guys think about this there's a lot going on it is becoming bitcoin's time to shine i'm excited to see what bitcoin can do um this will be where hey maybe the maxis are right maybe that's what we'll say at the end obviously ethereum also crushing it doing really well let me know what you're looking for in your portfolio right now drop those comments down below let me know what you think about inflation are we heading to hyperinflation i want to know all that from the fit squad all right guys that's all i got love you on a sunday morning be blessed big boy out

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