Lolifuu Faucet Crypto || Faucet LTC, Litecoin Gratis || Terbukti membayar ke dompet

Assalamualaikum warohmatullohi wabarokaatuh Apakabar friend YouTube worldwide this time we will still share a website Crane Cryptocurrency Internet Namely tap litecoin is the fifth time in the channel interesting that our website we will share it No minimum withdrawal or minimum withdrawal According to the information we receive and later we will prove together whether there is no minimum withdrawal, or use a minimum withdrawal. We will prove it in this video. For the age of this site we can see it here. It's very old, it i.e. 800 days. It's still about two years. Created on November 13, 2018 Last updated on November 16, 2020 And the active period will expire on November 13, 2021 If the active period is not extended And for the IP location of this site we can see it here. Coming from Texas Dallas – Cloudflare Inc. State of the United States. Site name, this is lolifuu tap. For a minimal withdrawal, we say again No minimum wd or minimum withdrawal of profiles on this web. Later we will prove it by withdrawing kedompet faucetpay. And to put the site on to date, accept only the withdrawal, use wallet Cryptocurrency faucetpay So, we can not Coinbase, indodax, etc.

Do not use, must advance by faucetpay After you pass faucetpay, then crypto other is drawn into the wallet Do indodax or Coinbase, the condition must pass faucetpay in advance To make a withdrawal, click strip three top right corner Then click on the Extract menu Here we need to enter the wallet address. And for choosing coins, here are two choices, namely LTC and ETH or Litecoin and Ethereum. To get the wallet address, first go to Faucetpay To get a wallet address on faucetpay, click on Send deposit our role down.

Here I will make withdrawals using LTC coins because in my opinion it will be easier to use Litecoin instead of the use of Ethereum Directly, the Litecoin address copies us then we return to the lolifuu website. Here we paste the Litecoin address. And in the column below, we enter the nominal will to be withdrawn. I will try for 21000 Here already LTC And 21000 coins it is equivalent to 5250 Satoshi Litecoin Then we scroll down Here is a payment method Only crane payment is available here And the last step, we click withdraw. Will it come in? We'll wait a minute. And we can also pay in the wallet tap. Pay us our check department. Then we browse down here and show our own entrance. From lolifuu tap Multicoin as many as 5250 Satoshi was in accordance with withdrawal So, no discounts or transaction fee of 100% will go to the wallet Faucetpay to to register.

Please click on the link we provide in the desktop ripsi this video Then it will look like this Click this button wait for a moment then scroll Click the SHTLINK button and go again We are waiting for the countdown to the end We just click this green button and click the download link button then click the get-link link Or get this link Wait for seven seconds And click continue. If it looks like this, just click cancel , click us again. If it is so redirected and click get link or get link. If it's redirected to another site, we'll click back . arrived here Then we scroll down and click register or register Create a username here and enter an active email address. Create a password and enter the password below. After all we fill in, click register or Register When the registration process is complete, will it look like this registration is successful. Please enter to access your account . Share friends who use cell phones if the registration process is minimal t sisah Connected please in desktop mode like this. Then we click on the menu to log in and enter a username you just created following his password.

Do not forget to take the last step click on the verification, click on login or sign And like the main page of this site to play ways and get free litecoin First click the line three at the top left of this then click on the claim menu Then verify the captcha (I'm not a robot) and we follow the instructions Here the traffic stops click verification And for the second phase we sort the words accordingly by clicking on a series of words in these four corners click. Then click Next and click on this green button. Here I have deliberately faded because there are ads with adult content what can disturb my YouTube account and then double click, the red button If it redirects like this, click again then article at the bottom of this We click next claim then browse and click the claim button and successful claim 4 18 Points We can return to the dashboard Then we look my balance increased Good as what for how to play it If friends like this video Click the thumbs up button Do not forget to share this video with the people closest to you, because sharing this video can be helpful for them.

And maybe they need the information in this video. Thank you for Hopefully helpful watched. I end Wassalamualaikum warohmatullohi wabarokaatuh.

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