Local restaurant offers Dogecoin as interview incentive

hey there hope you're ending mother's day on a high note i'm jasmine stiles we start with the hospitality industries struggle to hire employees it's forcing businesses to get creative when it comes to recruiting tonight abc action news reporter mckenna king tells us how a restaurant is using the hype around cryptocurrency to bring in potential hires so eat station tries to have four employees working at a time but even that has been a struggle so now along with their sign on bonuses they're offering dogecoin just for coming in for an interview florida of 10 years that we've been operating we never had a dis dramatic issue when it comes to hiring more than a year since the pandemic began the restaurant industry faced shutdowns but now climbing back out of that trench is proving more difficult than planned we try to you know advertise it indeed we try to post you know uh post on facebook on instagram put even do pay ads on facebook and instagram we just haven't got much applicants to really come in and when we do have applicants they just don't normally show up for an interview robert lee the ceo of sas high eat station says the majority of his nine locations are understaffed by about 20 to 30 percent so he's getting creative when it comes to hiring we did dogecoin as a creative way to attract because most of our uh our staff are in the millennials uh they're on the younger a younger side 25 dogecoin just for showing up for your interview that's in addition to their 100 dollar sign-on bonus with an additional 25 dollars for being vaccinated for covet 19.

And when it comes to hiring businesses far and wide are having to get competitive the biggest thing is the flexibility the opportunity to work remote and the wage and so we're seeing a lot of competitive wage and a lot of businesses are hiring leaving plenty of options open robert believes that's one of the reasons recruiting is more difficult a mixture of that and there i mean i would have to say there's a little bit of a balance of like you know government assistance really helping with the unemployment there's you know there's pros and cons to that as well too and for those looking sus high eat station is one of a long list of restaurants across the tampa bay area offering big incentives for new employees reporting in tampa mckenna king abc action news

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