Lix & polkadot eps. 1 trick your parentssssssssssss

less than one this is how you check your parents into getting something good first of all why is it chocolate second of all I'm not you I'm your father and he's available and here's no hobbies whatsoever uh-huh you wanna know why I have to truck in my pants whoa yeah because mommy mommy daddy I don't know I don't know if you're Maharaja but anyways jingle I wrote it oh my god i'm baba thank you you always want to lie to your parents or i'm watching the dishes around the president I'm here in Lincoln and I'm awesome two dishes all right I'm the best president ever and I'm washing the dishes I'm Washington Masha Masha washing dishes wash wash wash wash for washing dishes washing the dishes just kidding flicks and poke it up subscribe

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