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BOSSOFBITCOIN.COM Check-check can you guys hear my voice okay? Hopefully you can pop this chat out real quick Can you guys hear my voice, okay? What's up everybody To time crypto winner what up, what up? We're doing this one holds whoo, let's see if I could uh beats this thing together like Set up all the software and all that stuff See what happens my brain it was going out How's that that Lisa Don't we make that work look like it Like that's okay Marja Wrangler said Eagles are patriots Let's just say I'm not a fan of Tom Brady or a chicken Stan doesn't surprise Sir That's not a Racket there, ooh Oh, yeah, oh, yeah It hasn't been a year yet, it's only been like six months me I Didn't start doing videos until baby, babe, so nine months all diamonds Norway, what's going on? Yeah, you know mommy you set the barber down on the south side that land Take me up real nice Go ahead and put this in our facebook group, and they will go ahead get this thing started Leonard's here, haha winter has a rock right? I Have So this is going to be our contest right there something Facebook group Right there if you want to win Let's see what else what else what else It was pretty decent though I'm just gonna Yeah, I'll give you guys a few minutes Okay, I'll tell you what we'll do our winner at the end of the video I'll just go ahead and do the intro they really got no agenda.

You know. I just came home to take it without It's been a while so what we'll do is I'll just do my intro and You know we just hang up Crystals own Well I got one I Guess that's good enough buddy come here. I'm like shows without my protection a lot of haters out there oh That's right, it's about that time From the USA hoping YouTube every day. This is the most Bitcoin the Greece though of crypto is your boy be Kenyan don't like me Must not like money.

Thank you for joining me everybody February 2nd you can see is just a kick back chill session Nothing too fancy going on I'm gonna save save my You know my 2000 out suit for tomorrow roll out my cufflinks one time when I get my State of the Union you Know so look forward to that tomorrow tonight. You know it's Friday night I want to get dressed up, and you know where you'll see oh my god. I Didn't do so you know I think it's a big opportunity for everybody to you know first of all take take it may take a minute to enjoy The transition in itself right Anything worth having is worth working for You know and if we think work working for is worth keeping So I don't think you want to beat a person that willingly gives away Probably one of the most valuable pieces of technology for a few pennies on without That's what is that right now below 10 doubt that's pennies on the dollar um You don't want to do that yeah, and if you do you know? It's somebody out there.

That'll take it from right That's all a market is its buyers and sellers right now because the banks have all the money's Institutions have all our money there what you're doing you guys. I don't know if you're aware of it They're buying the bottom right when will they buy the bottom whenever they decide to flip the switch From sale to buy right they're literally buying the bottom, so if you're one of the people you know, that's selling right now I Guarantee you you will not be one of the people that's buying back at these prices because the minute they get the switch will be Up two or three times inside of ten days, and you won't know what happened.

You won't be able to ride that train all right? remember we buy in The red and we sell in the green one of the biggest things it's a hard lesson to learn but once you know you paid it it cost the Admission a few times then then you finally get it right by and the red cell and the green Not in the green light Show sold two weeks ago.

No I'm pretty sure I made a couple videos Where was y'all at if we go back to the library's look at look at calm before the storm. I told off Three or four times in December. This is the calm before the storm go back and look at the thumbnail little girls sitting on the picnic table skies getting dark over there I even brought about Elmo chunks, and I don't know how I don't know what else I do I brought out Elmo from Sesame Street. You know I'm saying yeah Big Bird over there in the corner You know I've got my I got Frank back comes in others need to lie. Yeah. Hey, you know Put it this way I phoned up though don't want nobody. You know I've made a lot of money I lost out money, but by losing money you learn how not to lose money, so This is your first time Tuning in you know Congratulations, baby. We're now rocking with the best my name is BK by now You know me as a crypto traitor and Maya both these charts as you will soon find out every day I braces my phone my voice is another day you get to profit as a result and today is no exception What we're gonna do this tape back to session.

I just I just queued up. Cued it up right now We only got about 100 people rocking out with me. I'm gonna give you guys everybody on the air Rocking out with me you have a chance to win I'm gonna do our free Bitcoin winner a little bit later in the show normally I'll do it as soon as we come on. You know today I'll do it towards the end so all you need to do is jump in our Facebook group right there number one Bitcoin group in The world and share this post this is the post right here cryptocurrency a big point in when they will be K Take share BAM You know and then we'll come back before we uh in this video.

You know to UM Think you've got winners right and that was some some blood in the streets. You know so I give away some money on my pocket make it make the pain a little less typical people you know ask – Yeah Well, I've been that they like gotta think about I was I had a really good call with my mods earlier um You know and it's like you got to think about what what are you doing this for right? And I found out something yesterday like if you're doing it, but Alice you know if you value dollars then you're probably pretty stressed out right all right I Don't know I'm with $1 though How's that worked out for you so far More than likely the dollars have been good for you, they're probably not watching this channel This channel is for people that have been broken by a broken system So I don't care about that what I could care less about the hours in fact I get excited when big coin drops That's lovely because I know it's not that hard for me to get the next one and next one and next one you know From the market.

Who've literally giving them away, and he's on the dollar I think that's one of opportunities yet guys you really have to understand the opportunity at hand right If you were gonna be a millionaire on the dollar system Which has been around for a few hundred years If you are going if they were gonna make you a millionaire by holding their little green pieces of paper about them. You know Circle-jerk boys on it He'd already be rich There's a handful of them. You know work. They way to the top of that pyramid Guess what think you might one? You know welcome to reality dollar sucks I value BTC because USD ain't done nothing for me So I'm gonna try my luck on the blockchain That's what we got yeah, so does the situation guys If you want to ask a question just do me a favor Type it in all caps that way You know I can just jump in the chat and scroll through and what a question jumps out you know if it's you know Not Crazy talk and I'll respond to it you know remember we We have an audience of a global market So I try to be respectful just be have to be courteous and respectable you know everyone.

That's one of the big things You know go for it, so I realized that a lot of people are somewhat emotional you know with their money And so that's one of the things I wanted to try to keep think it's just come you know to keep a little bit of calmness you know speak to your Inner by the way what we gotta say I wanted to Speak to your intellect, so you can begin to understand the situation at hand shut up the massive on hold on you know I'm sayin we got it we got an interest and the situation guys.

This is this is a lot bigger than You know twelve thousand or eight thousand or seven thousand dollars It's ism it's much more going on behind. See you know There's gonna be people just the same just the same as when Bigpoint cross 1821 200 you know people were saying oh, it's too high always want to go down 2800 know what's going back down to 25 what happened Everybody on this check wish they could go buy Bitcoin for 3 grand right now You know so once once we bounce off this little level right here We're going to go back up and we're not looking back.

This is a buying opportunity All right So if that's an extra fee at papers in your dresser. You know you got some pennies pennies under the couch He'll ever do that our I'm gonna going on my grandma's house Just have big jars of pennies on the on the on the bookshelf that doesn't handle grandmother collecting So here we go I'm not doing any charts right now. This is more so a casual conversation I'm not doing specific charts on specific coins. I threw those five six seven days a week That he's not one of them no, I Guess let me ask you guys this how do you all feel with regards to the correction like? Do you feel that we have unity but the pair forth do you feel like it's not honest Do you feel like it's any content or videos? I could have done.

You know information. I could have shared it better prepare you guys You know because this is my first time going around doing this stuff. You know that you're not a YouTube expert by any Thanks little debrief know how to do some digital marketing That's Bob it. You know this stuff is new to me, so how do you feel? You know is there anything I can do better. I guess You know better perform prepare to perform our community you Can you see if flower left oh oh look I'm tripping everything, that's Get that life sources now That's better After to face one question we have is after the Facebook and will you be picking up on steamin more As far as I know Facebook didn't ban me. I'm still going pretty well on Facebook. We got 20,000 You know not post on there every day This is a group this is you know I think I think people get confused when you know we we mask a Business to do their service they have the right to say no they stronsay Facebook basically said no we will not take money from people and advertise on Bitcoin Copies of that's legal if it violates the Second Amendment You know I'm sure they paid enough lawyers to argue their side to it know them a dollar On in fact.

They should be paying me, but keeping 20,000 people active on So as far as I know I'm good with Facebook if anything. I'm a surplus from them from from the money. They owe me Does then daily participation does I guarantee you it ain't to me oops out there with 20,000 plus people You know come and come in coming in three four five six seven times a day Now how long that stains on Facebook is a question yet and so, but as far as them banning me Juan Carlos, what's up, mr.. 305? Oh man Tanner told me what the hell? Come on, dude. I didn't ban you Oh imma go through this process right now somebody somebody pull me a favor We gotta get this taken care of I can't Take care of that on this rate If we got any youtubers out there I back in the day I used to have something to wear I could just right-click somebody's name like this these slides.

I go give it to you that would right click They name and put band right a lot. I can't even do that anymore when did that happen? Alright, I'll see that report now. I got a report somebody in who is Sophia and let Sophie about the side I don't he make no sense oh But know what I do me a favor the next time he does it Don't delete it there.

We go. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, don't delete it, and he's Like why is why is this this guy? What'd you go and do? Like that just that that's a thumbs down for YouTube like this doesn't even make any sense But what I could do I Down on black on my page, I don't understand see this is a problem this This is the problem in fact that this dude blocked Look at this. He's blocked on my paint. Why is he in a check right now spam in my video It just doesn't make any sense Well I'm supposed to perform Violent threats cyber bullying Which one which one do the Bible hits talk about monks child endangerment? What book? What do I click? This is ridiculous Well and you can meet daddy that that sounds like that sounds like it's child agent Dara It's too steep Sometimes, I just like talking crazy in the chat box make sure somebody actually read it Don't know don't investigate it And it's like you can never actually talk to a real person You know I'm saying.

I can't call 1-800 YouTube and be like hey you do that this situation. I don't exist no more oh Boy Yeah someone said it to coordinator Fudd legitimizes the market right exactly exactly When you have like and that's really what it's just like a targeted you know Assassination attempt except they can never kill Bitcoin because you can't kill an idea they point as a prototype. It's a protocol It's a design build out You know and even if for whatever reason they pulled the road under it completely and it fell down the zero They would have ten more bitcoins tomorrow Just like the Pirate Bay. You know I'm Sam. Yeah, they can shut down Pirate Bay Calm but what about how they dot CC? What about beta? IO what about part. They got are are you know? And so a lot of times it's better. Just elect one live so 10 don't become reborn you know and At that point is game 3, but but just simply because the bobbleheads on TV Are you know spending so much money? Discrediting it now When two months ago, they were gassing it up I were to guessing enough because they were buying it, and they wanted y'all to come in on Christmas break and buy it at 19,000 something to dump it right back to you you come saying they were buying a net three four five six seven thousand you know Making all their money on the way up dump with you.

They have to Christmas on the way back down Long and shorts on trading do I don't I don't review long in shorts Because when you when if you're betting on margin long and short implies that you're betting on Mart Betting on margin implies that you don't have the cash or the liquidity to own the asset outright Which is basically like walking into a casino? Sitting next to the owner of casino. He got a lot of money sitting next to him and He know to dealer he painted dealer Bank steep these exchanges at business not Ursa and Playing playing cars heads up against the owner of casino with the dealer and all the money in the house on his side not a good situation sight playing Russian roulette If you're if your object if you think you don't get rich by shortened or long it of crypto market when all the banks see inside of the exchanges and know exactly which way to pull a switch to flood the market either way they want to flood it and Here it is.

I'm lost ever good luck with that I don't talk about Long's and shorts because I don't like even the banks and business Flat-out if you never need to be linked any money. Thank a lot of business overnight Long and short implies you don't have the money to be trading That's not what the blockchain is for that's what their trunk do That's why it's so easy to go do it on baloney X because it's a circle jerk boy exchange right They make it real easy to get that money back to Don't do it Somebody wanted to meet up in SF We just put it up.

Put it group down put it put a poster on the boards And then we'll approve it and in that way if you know people are in SF. And won't get together You know that would definitely be something I think that would be pretty cool. Oh Yeah, just put it put a poster on board What else we got any other questions What up whoo what are the best videos for what? Learn how to chart like a boss movie. That's a great question. You know what is a great question cuz I got a great answer This is all you got to do buddy check it out check it out.

It's all you gonna Do you know I'm gonna leave this playlist right? That's a link right there for you. I made this plateless. Oh chart like a boss right where you just go? Actually, I'm pretty sure hold up hold up. I'm pretty sure you just take this thing home with you chart. Okay folks So through the back Updated three days ago 24 videos 25,000 views BAM That's how you gotta be happy nano Google start like a boss there you go. Yeah, I'm saying That's what I did. That's my gift to you You know that's not good for you When our whale is coming in Probably the into the first week in February That's when they'll start to buy the bottom between February 9th And February I'm left. They'll start to buy a dog so the same middle one second and then by February 20th will be turned back off will be going back into We won't be going down as fast as we would have shouldn't have been done bottomed out and probably back you know Going blowing up again If China's buying it China's not buying then you know this might be I'd be a bad season, but I think China's fine.

I Don't think China's out. Let me get Everybody that don't know this is my page on trading view them with this link I Always have a link to this page and description as well a Lot of the videos We do have post a turn on there one of the guys was talking about this one earlier today. I made this thing back January 22nd Talking about we could go as low as 4500 but chances are we will bounce somewhere north of 7,500 You know when I made this video. It was ten eight ten thousand eight hundred dollars What happened? Right on time never on schedule but always on time Right so we're just Probably gonna keep one.

I'll probably have another big sell-off here the next two days That'll take us write down their name probably two or three days later let's start at the bottom out to where February 10th of February 12th I Think we'll start our ride up Don't say if you feel like Chinese New Year has an effect that would be February 16th. Yes I think that's what I'm betting that China comes back, but their pockets pull that in one in one Y And they go out they go by the bottom, but but because it's an institutional thing some of them will start jumping together But some of them will come in like Two or three days before Chinese New Year some of them.

You don't want wait some of them are buying this right now You know that they know once the masses come in it's going up all together so yeah and Just like I said before all they're doing right now by sorting it by basically dumping it All they're doing is kicking here investors here individuals out. I'm not scared. I'm not going nowhere You know I'm saying, but if you scares here the money don't make none You're giving it back to him, and you won't see these prices again there until Someone said I'm buying in today, or just waiting I am waiting.

It's 83, or is it right now 85 8305 right now I'm waiting because this last drop Was pretty big I'm just gonna load this chart up real quick Yeah, I think we're gonna go down test 6500 we're going down 75 for sure we may drop as low as 65-62 somewhere right there 62 I Think that's the sweet spot right there for this sharp, that's like the turnaround and that's at 62 I Don't I don't I don't really don't see it dropping much lower than that because that's a 45 percent drop off of All of this energy so if we just look at these for the match he's out of here oh Nice is it so clean. That's yeah if we Earlier alright what I'm gonna. Do is we just focus on this square, right? Basically this moment in time where we like bottom down and Still rolled it clean.

That's that's a pretty decent amount of time right. That's uh? Almost Two four weeks. I'm in charge of this simply All right, let me show you what that is? All right, so if we go from like the time we hit the bottom At a time we bailed through that bottom as a two weeks thirteen days, right? That's a long time for the market to be in deliberation on a certain price and so if we take that price level Right around ten to eight right to the point Where this is that's about a thirty eight percent? Correction that's what you've looked for with and that's like a pivot That's a harmonic Fibonacci level thirty eight two three eight two So I think that has a good chance of holding as our door I don't think we will drop much lower If we even go that low I'm not saying we're gonna go that low I have uh sketching right there at 7600 but because we dropped so quick so fast It's we could keep going down to 62 63 But I don't see us dropping much lower because we have so much energy up here Right it's like.

It's like a Oscillation sometimes, I give you blue some up here you're getting it down there then it has to like balance out right and so because we had so much up there and This little method point down here kind of becomes our floor We're now, but if we spend some time down here And we could easily you know do something like that But I don't think I think that's just gonna be yep one candle one single wait like this Beep, this dip is toe and watering Suck it right back up Big 652 yeah hey you fill it out 52 now, I'm saying send me uh send me a nice little tip I appreciate that Yeah, fifty to sixty two sixty two not fifty to sixty to seventy three. That's it right there six twenty seven three Sixty two not fifty to sixty – it did – don't you mad at me ultimately So Ted do you recommend using profit to fund living expenses if so what's the best way to do that? You can one of the one of the theoretical principles of Wealth accumulation is uh? As well reinvestment basically What this is is a? Strategy to where you never Touched the principle you only use the interest This has to do like theoretical stuff, so there's this compound in just right So we're what you're talking about using profit to fund living and – so your living expenses Could be like over here somewhere say you need like six hundred You know say Brown number like $1,000 a month living expenses right your crypto money is over here so say you have a Thousand dollars a month in crypto right now, or you have a thousand dollars as principle in crypto right now Then you have this little part of the formula to where that Tells you how much you're making per unit time and say you were making like 10% a month right in Order for you to offset this number you would need to have a large enough principle to where you never have to touch the principle so for example if your Amount that you need per month is $1,000 and you make 10% a month In profit then your principal the amount that the money pocket you have in crypto would need to be I believe $10,000 right.

This is just 10% of them Right and so yes, you can do it, but you don't want to compromise yourself to where you're Robbing yourself if that makes sense like it's like it's like it's like it's like a racehorse Right if you've got a racehorse that you know There's no bread and butter and you know any time put that horse on the track ego win And you don't want to go you know Not I'm not giving the horse the right diet nap and put a horse to survive I'm saying different things like that so I was like if you have a good situation You don't want mess it up Just by living as you go live anyway You know lived already dumps and bills don't get paid even if they don't get paid this whole Ponzi scheme of dollar system ain't gonna last too much longer anyway So you know everybody worried about paying taxes and when all this craziness, you know you're basically giving money If you if you want to count up every penny you know that Wells Fargo paid in taxes that you eat paid in taxes that Bob King bobblehead on TV paid in taxes chances, are it's close to zero.

Why is this? Corporations As far as natural accounting is concerned have all the power. They have all privileges people don't This is a conversation for another day, but maybe more people need to be need to be CEOs a Lot more tax incentives when you do I'll give you a hint with beautiful playing carpool. Let's fit this out How to make 100k and hey no Exits oh Wow oh my god What? What no? Someone figured it out. Oh my god There you go There you go, and if you ain't making a hundred grand and job is that much easier So there you go BAM just like that anybody interested in the chat, I copy and paste it Boom If you want to voluntarily get your money away You know – a broken desperate Uncle Sam asking for a handout on the blockchain and well here to do it Or you know doesn't just pick a couple of these links over here from I made a financial sound right now I'm slaying it sliced through all that nonsense Shut up that up the financier sound rock Hey, hey that bass guitar that might be a good call right there you know Bond so what's one of your favorite places you have traveled to as a good question I Mean I'm appalled : here see if she wanted answer – She wasn't crazy.

Oh, she is Friday night She she think if she ain't good there like like like Barbie doll black metal people are vegan So you don't want to be on camera How can okay? Oh, I would jump on this thing You know I'm saying any time on a date – in the morning close to my Comcare here You go then she got to beat this relevant. Oh good Barbie I was trying to find pictures I Was like what am I doing? What am I gonna buy? I was on about pictures Let's see not favorite place was Brazil. I went to a Rio de Janeiro for the Olympics I Should have some pictures on here, and it was incredible it really was I bought some tickets to don't limp it to me in the boat went out there, and we were in lapa for about a week Saw, the arches the lots of steps, that's where you don't know like that's where the Snoop Dogg the real being follow Where they get that video he was like sitting on the steps it was really cool Beautiful city and then I just got back from Columbia.

That was pretty cool, and so few it's a few nice places in and America to Sedona Arizona is very nice Miami Beach, it's pretty cool, South Beach shout-out to mr.. 305 You know I like to go to South Beach sometimes and just even though they're tearing it down South beats used to be really cool wonder What its gonna be after they bring it back trying to find pictures and see what we got over here, so yeah? This was when we went to Rio We met this Russian guy. He was like he's like the best wrestler in the world apparently we were like AUH that dinner and then the call Went up to him you know on our like and I can she take a picture with you he had just yet literally just won that gold medal and He and there they would take a picture and he put it on her and like all the Russian guys are like new world champions So that was pretty cool.

It was like just going him out of the country. You know I'm saying like More people does guy you know One week, you know and just went somewhere that you've never been and they speak the language you don't speak You'll realize how much we're all like and how you know we're not separated and isolated We are one people we just you know Time for just to grow to understand that we're just trying to figure out next month's rent go get paid Don't let me to see what else we got over here. Oh So what else what else was nice double check in Madison, Wisconsin shout out the Madtown I've been there times Gamma gamma, I'm a degree first degree the medicine Sam friends not bad even I live in San Fran for a while Daly City But my momma car out there right there, Daly City 88 Vilsack.

You know so San Fran was pretty cool Miami's not bad. I like Chicago a lot is just too cold and do it and do it I'm not a big fan in New York I think it's too dirty up these you know too big and the people are not very consider I think everybody in New York is rushing around like a hamster And we all growing up 100 miles an hour not going nowhere. You know you could even make 120,000 live in downtown Manhattan and still be broke How did that even work? On a grant go on a grant ain't nothing in New York So you know for that reason other than that a big fan of us? But yeah prettiest place I've been Rio oh and then the beach in Bahamas It was a beach that we went to on this cruise The cruise is horrible, but this one Beach was beautiful It was like a real. It's not a fake piece if you put the cruise with Carnival They might take you to this fake peach I was so mad.

How some had when they got us there There's like eight beats that they had made up just bringing us up on But they took us to a real beeps like the day before now is like a nice real nice I'm trying to find some of these pictures that way you ain't gotta like look at all my facebook stuff oh Yeah, thank you for that question who has good question Let's see what else we got Is there a way to with drop those into Fiat without being taxed as an income I was thinking Thank you notes the extra countries that is possible That maybe pasta May be possible Leave You have a self-directed IRA And you have a business and you assign the business as the custodian or the manager of IRA and all of the money that You put into Bitcoin comes out of the business bank account? Then the growth on that money is extra game No capital gains tax because it's on we have of your IRA Ie we need more CEOs Business have businesses and businesses have a lot of privileges though and Margaret you said a trust to so yeah, thank you for coming setting it up I Think those are big though how much is there a minimum you need for address? Are there any other indicators, I'll use in training view let's see Sometimes I use the RSI just to show me our side is like the relative strength index So I use the RSI just to see like what it did previously at that relative level and course is where it's at now But that's usually a good gauge.

I used to use like a lot of tools I don't really do it anymore to be honest like when I draw a chart I'm drawing it like right there Whitney gun, so I'm literally just using moving averages to forecast and makes the next momentum in the next direction But the RSI is decent I know I one of our guys one of the pods big shine choppy dia Yeah, he he he knows how to integrate yeah, the movie cloud with what we do I'm with the method and he said it worked It's great because like our method is good at looking backwards and by always good at looking forwards So you can kind of see like both sides? of the same puzzle So that's pretty cool other than that you know everything does basically does something a little bit different It's like it's like you know if you wanted to I used to have here We go like it if you got a object like this is one of those clear quartz crystals like I meant that looks that looks At the object from this angle Le please looks at the object from this angle.

You can pull out. What set the object from this angle. It's like It's all the same object object doesn't change. You know all you're doing is changing Literally you changing the light that passes through it so it's like that Information you receive is slightly different, but information is already there, so Information doesn't change. It's just your view of the information is what changes While Bitcoin is dropping. Where should our fiat be going should we wait to buy in at a lower price? Or should we just keep dumping money in it's a very good question While Bitcoin is dropping always need to preface what your Window is how long do you plan on being in market if you plan on being in the market for? two weeks and Yeah, bitcoin is dropping all right Might not make money in two weeks You know so that's a major thing I Say to be honest it really shouldn't even look at ever selling Bitcoin at least for the next two years This is why let's go to it start And I'm gonna We already know what that 343 looks like this is our standard You know trading chart.

That's what we use right there. All right even for six months You know this thing was pretty decent we hit a little glitch in a row right there that looks pretty bad Yes, it does, but what happens? When we go to a three-day It's not as bad Especially you know and you also have to base it on your relative position if you bought in somewhere down there And yeah that drop her true If you bought in below 3000 then it's not that bad right and so let's actually do this I haven't done this before let's develop like a psychographic profile of These different levels because different people got in at different times and so they value different things A lot of people got in right there eight-point twenty five hundred right PTC twenty thousand I'll just put these little prices on this And we actually did this one time – oh my I think it was a Mona chart where like I was telling you like if you got into this level expect this bubble and a lot of people got in Right around there.

We'll just say big point five thousand Say PTC Alright man even steal Back you see how it doesn't actually kind of follows these 2500 level We had 2500 And a lot of people just so that if I think hey how do we know that was going to happen? And even still on top of that a lot of people so to pick point 15k Some people hopefully worked at guys at BOTS at $30. I said we That wasn't a Muslim. That was none of us. We smarter. You know. We've been in Big Horn for a while So let's do this is our psychographic profile, right? 12/5 was a Negative for us it's a negative energy number right, I'll keep the text life as a box off 10,000 Was a negative people sold 10,000 All right, so like that Has another red line? right What happened at 2500? People bought that bought that real quick Right it was there for a while, but again it never came back down so that's not like Confirmation that's good by having that 5,000 Same thing it was there for a while broke through never came back What happened at? 7500 Same thing hit the ceiling bounced down broke through never came back so Just based off that alone I feel pretty confident saying that 7,500 and this is just a generalization 7,500 should be a pretty good floor because once this line over here Comes all the way down and touches 75 Then not a only Do you have the people that lost? Up here looking at it like oh well.

You know I might as well put a little bit in now Double down, that's what they call it a face double down, but then You got these people over here Looking at it who may have rolled it all the way up and Rolled it right back down and now there are even money once you get an even money Then you start to think like Oh should I put some more money down? Double my investment Or should I take money off and? But just that interchange in itself just that ching ching ching ching ching ching ching just the volume gives the market But what liquidity? It gives the market verification that that's a good price You know at least for the exchanges to happen and with Bitcoin the more time it spins at any given price I eat 2500 The more time it spins at that price level the more confident the market gets with that price level The more likely it's going to be able to move higher Right That's why that's why when it drops happen they drop weight 97 Great bail thing baby me yeah bail something along you know, but when Bitcoin is just sitting quiet You know I'm in the shadows What happened next? Same thing right so that's what we should expect somewhere around here is the flat line to finally get buyers and sellers right To come together that's some type of mutual decision making that's what that's what we got coming behind us, then we got the 231 Coming on daily, which is ultimately gonna.

Give us a final buffer That's gonna be good, that's that's here. That's your chart for the bad in think I was gonna do one. There you go What a big shot So yeah, shy is one of our mods You got a channel yet, do you have video yeah, baby, baby? No not yeah, oh you got the group Weird I was telling about yeah, he can move cool cloud, and how you use it to look forward with Boston.

It's pretty cool New Let's see If we do drop for Year, or more will they still be training opportunities absolutely it's always more money to make this is what I say If the market and this is all you got to look at it. That's if the market doesn't value Bitcoin which right now It doesn't that's fine cool What do they value? You know you don't have to think it's always money to be made You know it's literally this easy White over blue, you know what the don't BAM Come on. We've been doing this for how long alright So it's always funny to be me all you need to do is put your money where the market is buying it Right, and they will literally buy you out Ethereal amazing corner right it's been beaten Bitcoin for about three months now Three months along sound look at this you taught me this method BAM.

How long is this how long? Is it shipped like frankly come on there we go there. We go there We go there Has been be Bitcoin and If one day, it's some crazy 14:41 dates, right Under 30 chicken That's how you gotta look for this look for the money has to flow somewhere money is a current seat, right It's a current. It flows right. It doesn't just stop that rate disappear. Don't listen now bore right Water don't paint does disappear money came does disappear It's got to go somewhere right and apparently is been going on into a theory or for about 39 days, right? So instead of pulling your money and running backed up to the dollar Look for other buying opportunities this season and be one I think that's good Yeah, I think we talked about a lot, let's go ahead and pick a winner on our Facebook group Again I'm tomorrow morning, I'm going to be jumping on and earlier Nice you know crypto stable beginning you know I have my other points and my teleprompter and you know my Portrait back edge funds.

They open behind me. You know the puppet masters They'll be on top of the screen pulling the strings, and I have you know nice talk copter with flag on the pail Yeah three-point play Because if I don't listen I think I did forget any discussed on my Series Then you a split the moon up so you have all the Bitcoin people over here all the Bitcoin – but here in theory impressions Don't be John a hack.

It's All comedy you guys the more you realize it's all the comedy – this is actually become connected to it Their wife made contact your team offer help or volunteers don't really out came, and this is this is the team right here? It's about the number one big point group in the world comes an is the team so I don't have a team like me Isn't this the team mr.. Pham right here, so let's go ahead and pick a winner. I'll pick up big guy I Pick two people that's day two – let's do it from the top so – that's 4 So we'll pick two and for Paulo Our dough and by even Guys send me a Bitcoin wallet.

I'll send you a couple bucks as token of my appreciation If you're in the chat right now do me a favor shout to country out I'm coming back in 30 seconds to show you guys some love if you are just now tuning in where you been We've been making money. Where do you been? Number one Bitcoin group of the world Facebook 20,000 subscribers 20,000 community members Vaults of big coin calm I tell you what if you are stressed out in the market right now this might be you know Yo, you have your prescription? young-sam for Pain medication again. I see what a mental felt better than making money You know I'm special and everybody else crying and yelling and screaming and kicking and crying.

I look at my account I say Pretty good This is how you get there? This is how you get there? You all know about the Facebook group? Crypt a police report is holding up right now ten coins that will change the future We just talked about Bitcoin being one of the long-term money trains that you can jump on But it's about seven or eight other ones that are looking very very very nice And we actually went through the chart on one of these coins someone asked How do I count the corner don't grip the ballast is how you do the top point? older back co-op AC The top coin is number one, and we just counted around like a clock right so that's one at six Right each segment has three coins so the financial starts like right there right that's number one That's num do and that's number three as our financial sector retail starts with the next Technology starts with the next three books one and six you know our life one is 1266 right so annoying for example that's not the point we just talked about Three is sound count this I'm count one two three four five six seven eight a Theorem is an industrial point Horny took her passport this big bonus gold and cerium is steel The new idea we call including snake handler chocolate theory will be a major building block oh There you go That's a free money, but it goes right skew other Few others on this list you know definitely banking it there too this way there one right of ETS and one right to the side Bangers 12 you know I'm looking I'm looking at uh.

I'm looking at the one right after it Open o them. You can't go on you can't go wrong with either one one begins to put a w1 P ends with eight I like the one with the done right. I like the one with the devil you don't lock So there you go 305 thank you, sir young sass Four kids a month and make some money at make some money you know We all don't care about you. Don't care about the pelicans a big coin 8,000 destiny Take what? You got up real quick once you put down the two and pick up six like like 305 know how to do you know Sam buy you a nice day, you know, I'm saying get one what still If you get three that's a new So does just let guys remember we all do this in a positive manner I realized that you know the system is intentionally designed to keep us suppressed And stressed right, but one thing you need is a little bit of success And then you build that to excess and that's what we do with the false method so here we go Let's ride this thing on now.

See we got rocking out with it right now Canada what's going on Sydney Australia you missed the 305. You know I'm saying on the down, South Beach You know next state on me Connecticut Norway USA bacon ga-oh 810 what a new bridge, Ohio players are in the building shot tap BJ what's going on San Fran and Big Shot said they both walk Busco same boat well have Norway one. Oh Based 700 that being said everybody it's that time today signing out. This is the Bose DK matter where you say something zeal to the bay you telephone I ate all the way back out boom jerk Money to make a morning in good they think to do anything complete time like subscribe and share let's build this community of empowerment together everybody I Want to be the own food all coming up to me I would Million million in here's this thing from the from the ground up that being said to you against a particular news

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