Little Rabbit Token latest update | new features | massive pump on little rabbit 🐰🐰

good day guys and welcome back to my youtube 
channel this is epione blog where i actually   make review about investment platform 
crypto mining site cryptocurrency another   ways to make money online so by new year 
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move into the video in details see yeah good day guys and welcome back to my channel 
all right so i'll be talking about little rabbit   tokun the turabistocon as that now for now as 
you can actually see the coin is still at this   particular level of price this articular level 
price which i'm checking from the coin market   cap right now and the level of increasements have 
not been done much in this coin and do not forget   this coin is listed on that binary smart chain 
whereas this little by that chain so if i order   i'm going to be showing you some reason why 
you need to hold this particular platform   this particular token to you just ordered because 
owning some tokens when you see that people that   are into it into cryptos they actually utterly 
opened it by it gives you the hope that   the budget of tokens they have a brown future 
for it to move on and to you to boost up so i'm   going to be showing you some new features that 
have been coming out from this particular token   for some days ago so i'm going to be moving to my 
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able to get the updates in time and get fight so   we are going down to the market cap and 
how it has already gone so far right now so   let me go to my telegram and show 
you a little short video yes so you can't really see the presents so literally 
nf nfc so now we have little rabbit swap   now we have little bit farm and now we are 
using audits so you can actually see so they   are coming soon so coming soon so you can 
actually see that's the new feature i said   we are from this particular platform so if you 
can all this particular performance to the end   you are going to benefit really from it because by 
the time it's going to boom you're just going to   bring without taking any notice okay let's 
go back to our market and show class stops   so for now you can actually see the market cap for 
this particular token people that are actually all   this particular token right now i can actually see 
the volume all right yeah so and do not let me let   me tell you something right now when you order 
particular token just buy tokun and those audits   when you get updated about them you don't 
rush to sell in or token or any other stuff   and before you get you can still make your 
findings about this particular token but actually and it's going to come up very soon so if you are 
holding out your token well and you know we stop   the new update is going to be coming 
out all right guys don't forget to   hit the subscribe button and we meet on 
the next video enjoy your day peace out

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