Litecoin Tutorial – Mining / Deutsch German #1

so happy it my sorry account real then tenth 2014 i would have you guys now here in the very simple story of how to constantly borrow something according to the corporation I don't want to explain to you google is a club tour currency as well like bitcoins something new is still worth it at the moment I'll explain how one lends coins means generated anyway so first you need it for it the amd sdk driver that loads you down again and installed the the rest is self-explanatory. I put the second link in the description you need thing gui my script alpha you can get it here download www.gruener if you like that you go to the link in the description there you make an account if you have done that you have already done that easiest behind you then you go into google and then you load it sorrow of wollitz the left his description the sorrow converted if you install it, it synchronizes with the for about twelve to 24 hours network so that takes a while after you installed the iss that is yours wallet there are all eurolite coins sent that is practically your virtual account needs next you have the hardware for it and of course we start with the top with the 7990 from ati amd the thing is pig expensive as the biggest at the moment between 600 and 700 euros I would not recommend buying that the strongest graphics card on the one hand from light coins I recommend you at the moment on the one hand the leyens the 7950 from amd this graphics card comes with you used between 150 and 200 euros and that is currently the price in terms of performance on the one hand perfect in terms of power consumption suitable then of course we still have the new ones models from amd r 280 xr 982 x9 280 iks you won't get this graphics card under 250 euro is also from amd is a bit stronger than the 7950 on average 150 to 200 megahertz what megahertz are you finally in the next step we have now here on the page info / mining hardware compassion directs that wiki for light comes my, I've now chosen you here graphics cards from amd from the 4x so the 4053 he is in the first place only makes ten kilos f the could throw a garbage men says everything the 6950 is worth it to sorry coin think that it gets my insider tip the 6150 Your use between 80 and 100 euros if it is overclocked and the shader Unlocked this graphics card powers up to 500 megahertz at 245 watts of electricity use 245 watts of electricity I once picked out a power consumption calculator for you calculates how much electricity your pc consumes on average, it definitely takes all electricity tariffs in germany at 650 watts so two 6150 graphics cards plus the computer system memory processor mainboard hard drive power supply we are at 650 watts with 24 hours my average power consumption four euros from four euros 36 but of course you also have to get from be clear that the electricity tariff fluctuates across Germany depends on it where you live whether he has night storage heaters also has tariff and he knows What devil do you calculate with the power consumption, whether it is you whether it is worth it for you i can't give you any information so we continue 6950 graphics card from sapphire makes 5 112 kilos hash let's take these 5,112 kilos, just two of them in one system at 650 watts, a mega esch makes a mega hit a day makes in usually 0.38 to 04 borrows coins a day now you can work out how much this is a line at the moment on ebay has a value of 15 to 18 euros here for example, if there are two riding skills, I guess not much higher maybe they go away for 40 euros you can get your sorry coins if he gets them have generated sell on ebay but you can also sell them on a role on the internet as correct means the whole thing could be exchanged for bitcoins if he knew about it so amd driver installed where him one script downloaded according to the control office what is installed According to the concert, you know that suffering costs between 15 and 18 at the moment Euro what the individual graphics cards can do you could at light could info You can write the links on the net again and now let's get down to business after you've installed everything do you have your sorry cornwall expensive wallet now you go to overview here you can see what your account balance has unconfirmed then you see yours transactions and here you can see your lead cow address on receipt you take out and copied this minimizes the lead cow's wallet they are and this actually didn't need any more this is practically your account so everything works by itself is very easy now you put the manager's address in the playouts address Kontron purely and now it depends now it is very important here you can see now at estimated coins how much group tag generated here is the expected hash worth how many kilos a day and that's how much sorry coins he is want to pay off at this value reached when the world reaches 1 is you want to introduce a sorry convolute on this word pay off it says how maybe you can have already done and now it comes here is the works that is your worker so your pc or mine here you enter the name test or whatever you want and the password the most important thing is the match here if the user name is the name of kontron point name is the name of the werkes can add as many words as you like, say if you have more than one mine will then be paid out on your sorry cornwall at after it is at Kontron has been confirmed you take the green mine when I do then first here orders i have 50 instances my look for a moment we now have dingo ii my so and in the green application now one at hostpoint focus on com port 3334 username as stated here match test password what you have selected here now it goes into the 1 made thing to the potted thing so here are presets for individual graphics cards from the 5,750 up to the 7970 if the r29 280 is exact it is the same from the setting as the 7079 by use it and also find the same er 9 290 or 290 iks for other graphics cards it is listed and again because I ask how many sorry you could be with yours nvidia graphics cards nvidia graphics cards are not worthwhile because they are not generate enough kilos of hack they are not suitable they need a lot of electricity and are too slow we have now grown with 7170 if we go on lukewarm jositsch he puts the sweat no idea the price am so stupid for english on 8392 state not now then he does 400 to 500 kilos that means you can still work while watching videos internet but under no circumstances can you play because you had the strength is too busy if you now go to 7170 a huge it is so that mpc very slowly the mouse gets hooked and then you are at 700 kilos hack pro graphics card with a 7170 makes 1.4 with two graphics cards kilo r14 shameful deeds gpu fritz let her on 1 victor's let her on 1 works you can also set the intensity to 256 intensities between 25 meanwhile 25 when you are on 20 page it is very very very very very very very very violent the system is then on the length can hardly the mouse I would recommend you guys if you guys if you work with the pc regularly and really don't just take it on the one hand makes them seven or eight so we are the individual graphics cards then listed which you can choose number 1 number 2 and then you go simply state if so have entered everything and the thing makes you sorry coins First of all, delight coins will give you a new role in the mining tool paid out the mining tool pays you afterwards in your suffering completely then you have your account balance and then you can transfer your sorry coins the devil knows where you can pay with it online you but can also collect it can hope that the price increases as I said I can do not tell you how the course rises it can be is the course holds it can be that in the spring there is already a pro lite of 50 euros in the summer maybe 150 but I am of the opinion that it is it may be that the clock rises, for example, but I don't sit down as it is now it has actually been everything that unfortunately no one wants to brew mine needs an amd graphics card from the 5850 series 6.059 optimal 7079 7059 he mine insider tip the brand new models are of course so fast but almost everywhere out of stock and also the purchase is relatively expensive take your heart just look for 6000 952 pieces by mining the way together rick except for my old one the cpu or a quad core cpu 2 gigabyte RAM is sufficient in the power supply unit had to have at least 750 to 800 watts a light little case and then you have your sorry coin mine put together for 500 euros that you have to spend at least for it unless you have the type of laundry and then you start feeling sorry for my like the crazy and hopes that the course rises just like me and do you guys a few if you are doing your world by not being millionaires and the world of course not rich selection of the lite-on deletes and I can't tell you if that [ __ ] increases as I said, the risk is always there, I now grab the back of it another video shows you the hardware as it is installed and how to use it sorry can rick assembles like it about can look with me it is with water cooling and I wish you a lot of fun If you can feel sorry, don't overdo it thinks about the price of electricity thinks about the acquisition costs if you already have the hardware based on amd who does the sleeping side it generates sorry coins if he amd cards as I said is best when he's back in graphics cards forget about it I wouldn't risk getting into graphics cards again just too slow you may be able to sell them you can find out in the forum whether she would like to exchange for a de cards but if you only want to mean cards with a ml media it is worth it under no circumstances even the 7887 ti from nvidia makes only 400 people and it is definitely not worth it because the card costs in the purchase price 500 to 600 euros I'm out I pack the video behind turn it and then you can see what it looks like when you ask questions are below could write everything in

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