Litecoin-QT wallet Private Key access tutorial. Client dumpprivkey walletpassphrase

in this tutorial I'll show you how to find your private key to your litecoin cutie wallet I'm working on a Macintosh and here's the detail here and I'm working on this version of the litecoin cutie wallet first up open up your litecoin cutie wallet go to the receive section and there you will see your public address for the sake of this video I'm going to cover up all of my addresses but of course anyone can see your public address that's not an issue the next thing to do is go to help and go to the debug window below the search area so go to debug window and it will open up another window once you're in the litecoin QT debug window you will find yourself in the information section now you want to go to console so click on console what you can do is have your console window open and you can also have your litecoin QT wallet open as well in your litecoin QT wallet click on your address your public address and copy it you will need to paste your public address later now in the litecoin QT wallet debug window console area at the bottom you want to type in wallet passphrase wallet pass phrase in one word then leave a gap then type in your password so type in the password that you've used to encrypt your wallet and then leave another gap and then write 660 that will be the amount of second you have to do the ongoing commands so do that and push enter on the Macintosh you will now see that come up at the top of the screen the next step is to write at the bottom here dump prove key and then leave a gap so type and dump prove key leave a gap and then paste in your litecoin QT wallet public key and then push enter what you should have now is a copy of your private key within the console window and above that you will see the command that you just put in so what you need to do is either write down or do a screen capture shot of this private key or both and keep it from the sight of other people this is your private key to your wallet so if somebody else has it they can access your wallet so do what you need to do make sure that your computer doesn't have any bugs and it or viruses and all that sort of stuff so once you've copied your private key you now want to re-encrypt your wallet so what you do now is you go back down to the bottom bar and you type in wallet lock in one word and then you push enter and now your wallet is relocked the next thing you want to do is get rid of this information within the console box because somebody could come along and have a look at it all and you don't want anybody to do that so up here it says push ctrl L to clear the screen you want to clear screen in the case of my Macintosh I can push command l and it gets rid of the information so this is something you should do before you exit this box I hope you've enjoyed the tutorial and it helps bye for now

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