#LITECOIN Price Prediction 2021 – 2025

today we're going to talk about litecoin quick as 
lightning the cure as ford knox and dirk and cheap   these are the features that have made litecoin 
one of the top coins for the past eight years   in fact it's currently the tenth largest 
cryptocurrency in terms of market cap in the world   but hold on because it looks like litecoin is 
taking one further feature on feature of privacy   or some say privacy remember potato potato tomato 
tomato but let me tell you something the privacy   feature could potentially have a massive impact 
on the price and send litecoin aka ltc up and   above its december 2017 all-time high today we're 
gonna look at some future price predictions for   2021 until 2025 maybe just a bit beyond in case 
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protect your wealth preserve your wealth maybe   even increase your wealth my name is niko arachi 
and i'm the host of the bitcoin channel live i guess the first thing we should go into 
briefly what is litecoin well litecoin is a   cryptocurrency that was designed to provide 
as i said fast secure and low-cost payments   by leveraging the unique properties or 
software of the bitcoin blockchain technology   the litecoin the cryptocurrency was created based 
on the bitcoin btc protocol but it does differ in   terms of its hashing algorithm hard cap block 
transactions and a few other technical factors   that you can educate yourself about 
if you're interested the main point is   is that litecoin has a block time of just 2.5 
minutes and extremely low transaction fees and   that makes it suitable for microtransactions and 
point-of-sale payments you see in contradiction   to bitcoin right first of all bitcoin is 
scarce and you don't want to go down to   starbucks and buy a cup of coffee for 5.99 and 
then pay 30 transaction fee i don't think so so   since litecoin was released it has exploded both 
in usage but also an acceptance among merchants   and it is and has counted among the top 10 
cryptocurrencies by market capitalizations   since its existence in 2017.

Currently litecoin 
has a market cap of 12.6 billion and a circulating   supply of 66 625 million ltc coins with a 
maximum supply however of 84 million coins   but now let's look at the first future price 
prediction which comes from wallet investor and   they are predicting a high in 2021 of 222. 2022 26 
in 2023 they actually believe the price is going   to go down to 221 and go further down in 2024 to 
220 and then they're seeing a slight recovery of   228 in 2025 well you know just remember it's 
not me making these predictions this is our dear   wallet investor that i think we should send to 
lala land now let's look at tradingbeast.com and   they are predicting the future price prediction 
on their in-house algorithm and they think we're   going to see a high in 2021 of 220 in 2022 of 
278 in 2023 they're seeing a high of 342 dollars   and in 2024 they believe that we can see a high of 
402.53 cents i wonder how they get to the 53 cents   because from my point of view i don't everything 
we're gonna get such a precise prediction but hey   let's go to the next next one comes from 
digitalcoin.com they're also basing their   in their future price prediction on their in-house 
algorithm and they believe we're going to see a   high in 2021 of 303 dollars a high in 2022 of 
357 2020 for 558 and they believe that we're   going to see in 2025 a high of one litecoin 
coin including the privacy the privacy of 639 the last prediction comes from cryptocurrency 
priceprediction.com and in contrast to all the   other platforms they are actually predicting 
their future price prediction on an in-house   fundamental analysis and those of you who know me 
you know that i believe in the fundamental future   price prediction analysis i don't think that 
you can predict prices within the cryptocurrency   on technical analysis having said that they 
are really bullish but i kind of like that   in 2021 they're seeing a high of 541 dollars 
in 2022 of 746 dollars in 2025 they're seeing   a high of 3 000 and 14.

And in 2030 they 
believe we can go close to 6 000 actually 596 as always we have prepared for you a conclusion 
slide this is where we take the lowest lows and   the highest highs from the platforms that we have 
been looking at in order to provide you with some   information that hopefully can help you with your 
future potential technical analysis or just your   own future price prediction in case it brings 
value we are happy if you don't like it then   also send this slide to la la land before we end 
i just want to give you my two cents on the dollar   what is it from my point of view that makes well 
litecoin unique well there it's a lot of things   but behind litecoin is bitcoin you can say and 
i mean but litecoin is currently the second most   popular pure cryptocurrency and this success 
derives mainly from simplicity and the clear   utility benefits in fact as of january 2021 
litecoin is one of the most widely accepted   cryptocurrencies and currently more than 2 000 
merchants and stores are accepting litecoin ltc   see across the globe see the main benefit as 
i have now mentioned three times in this video   comes from its speed cost effectiveness 
icon transactions are typically confirmed   in just minutes and they are dirt cheap this 
makes an attractive alternative to bitcoin in   developing countries but also in every 
country to every merchant to every   industry that would like to participate in the 
future of finance which is basically built on the   blockchain i want to give you the last piece of my 
thoughts the fact that greyscale that i consider   the most insider investment fund in the world 
they have litecoin have their own litecoin trust   and there's also another swiss crypto currency 
company that are listing they've so far listed 12   strange traded products on the german sata and 
they've also listed litecoin as far as i know   case i'm wrong let me know i hope you enjoyed 
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don't think because you know cause depression

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