Lisk Wallet – How to install and send funds from a local or web wallet.

hi there guys is Lee here I hope you're having a great day in today's video I'm going to be showing you how to set up your risk local wallet and also how to use the web wallet as well as I know a few people I've been trying to get started with this and are running into a few difficulties so I want to show you both methods and hopefully we'll get my wallet up and running and you can learn from my my progress and hopefully you can get your wallet from running as well as so I'm actually been using Windows 10 as the actual machine that we're going to be using you can use it for different versions of Windows is also a Mac version and Linux version as well as and but for simplicity I'm gonna be using Windows 10 so first and foremost I will show you the actual web-based login provided by the actual disc development teams as a web wallet I tried it originally first of all the actual problem was I couldn't actually login there was like a denial of service attack going then they release some other domains that you could use to login I did actually manage the successfully log into those and but once I sent a transaction they wasn't actually relay in my commands or my transactions so I'm not too sure exactly what's causing that issue I think it's just you know the initial bugs within this system when there are these new release is of crypto currencies and technologies there's always a few glitches when you sort of first start out so anyway with that being said let's move forward first I'm going to show you the actual a web-based wallet so if you go to list I owe it will show you the window exactly as it is on screen and obviously we're guys let's see on your screen as well and then if we just press the big orange bomb which is the actual login bar when you see here we've actually got a error that could actually work literally one minute ago let me just try refreshing it okay that seems to be working if you can't use the actual one login is the web address is login disk i/o if you can't use that one try login one disco is also 0 2 0 3 0 4 & 0 5 so login dot 0 1 dot list I like say all the up you know appending numbers and try the different ones if you can't log into one of them and like I said is it appears to be some denial of service attacks going on at the moment so then it opens up with this kind of a login panel from now you can either create a new account or you can login using an existing account and so I participated in the crowd fund the IPO ICA whatever you wish to call it and I participated in that so I've already got a passphrase that I'll be using so I already copied it to my clipboard no one's going to right-click and paste it and then if we press am signing and hopefully we should be able to sign in to our web-based wallet or perhaps not yeah I think it's the the website still encountering issues I'll tell you what what we do is we'll go to oh it's actually gone in and just took the built second then okay and we are in so what I originally wanted to do was send some of my balance to pull on X and I've already tried it a few times already but it didn't work so what I'll do is in this particular example I'll try and send some of these funds to a demo account like I just created for liske and we'll see whether that actually gets in and it'll also give you guys a good idea as well to see how to send the basic transaction so if you go to the send button on the top right hand corner and then we've got the recipient address and this is our recipient address here copy so this is for a new demo account I just created and I'm just going to send it registered one and then we'll go send liske I should get through 1.1 cuz in it all end up with a nice round number because the fee is point one disc I will send that there is quite a bit of delay on it when I was doing this earlier via the other login login zero one it was a lot more responsive but the transaction still didn't go through and I'm just going to press that again and there is a possibility that could say go for it twice let's try that mmm and it's still not working quite right okay let's closer so I'll read it I really wanted to give you guys in a demonstration of the actual web wallet but you can see it's really glitchy and buggy there's a lot of stuff going on I think it will certainly improve over time let's just try the one of the other ones so let's go log in zero free let's see if we can log in I need more let's login 2:03 seems more responsive and let's try and send that transaction again so we need our demo account address let's go an extra space on the end of cutoff that's already clicked and then 1.1 and send ok so that looks like it's gone free now it's home you can see it was a lot more responsive in the actual dashboard itself so then we've got the sender which is a million and a recipient address there so that should get sent across to the blockchain and I'm not too sure exactly how many confirmations is required for disk and but shortly that should actually be confirmed and then the transaction will go through so that's the basics of the actual web wallet and the local wallet is very much the same you interact with the web-based wallet via your browser but you run a local node on your machine so that's what I'm actually going to show you now and it's a little bit more complicated but I'll show you that whole process there so let's go to the actual LISC homepage disk i/o and then we want to go to the download tab and then we've got some installation instructions for windows I did actually start this process on another machine but the actual downloads it's on my work computer the demos which is too slow so anyway these are the instructions the first thing we need to do is download the doc our tool box so this is duck a website we want the windows download it's a free program 197 mix so let's just download that see it's going to take a minutes go through so the next part of the actual instructions they've kind of added confusion here because they said that you can use putty and to access the doclet or box which just causes additional confusion so it's actually the first part is download docker and then the second part is the open leg rocker QuickStart terminal and then from there you want to go to number two which is then install disk and then we'll be using this command which downloads the actual disk image okay so let's download it now there so run and install this and I'll uncheck that let's go to next and default install location and I'll leave everything check as it is same again for that option and let's go to install I'll leave that check so it shows us here the shortcuts let's click finish ok so the next part that we want to open is the dock our Quick Start terminal so just double click on that so the docker is like a command-line interface I think it's actually a virtual machine I've not actually used it before but I kind of get the concept so we just need to wait for it to fire up and then at the end of it you'll have like a command line prompt so just wait a minute service to go through okay so we're ready to issue our commands so this is what it looks like when it's kind of ready to accept a command it's got your name and your machine name and then yeah just a command from there so the first one thing we want to type into it is this doc our space pole space Liske slash main net make sure you use the main net and not the test net one and then we will just want to the the context menu on your mouse doesn't work within this docker box so once you copy it out press ctrl + V to paste it and press Enter and what this is going to do is going to get the actual disc image from the actual network this is as far as I actually got on the other machine but I couldn't actually progress any further because the Downloads beads were just too slow I don't know what the total file sizes are but there is yeah quite a lot so it might take a while depending on your connection speed it might take a little while for you to actually download this whole process but then once that is downloaded we can then actually run the program and then hopefully we'll be able to actually interface with it viral browser as well files quite a few of them are a bit smaller so just the last few to do now okay so that is that part done now we're on to the next part so let's see what happens so we need to run this command so it's going to copy that select on the actual box again and then we just going to paste it and then press Enter okay so they've got this confirmation code I guess the bomb and now I believe that is actually running so the next thing we need to do is interact with it via our browser it says to use your external IP address and in the port number but just before I do that I'm going to try using our local address in the port number so that is this if it works first it might work it may not okay so that was otherwise I don't know where I was going with that I thought we had to use a specific IP address actually as it turned out the one that they linked for you so you just need to open it up with your browser which is 1 9 2 1 6 8.9 9.1 hundred : 8000 I thought I actually tried that out anyway if you open that in a new window it gives you the same interface as the web bought it in the first instance so what I'm going to try and do is I will log in using my primary account so let's login and see how that looks and close that we don't need that well okay so now we're actually connected to our local less Quinet not the web-based wallet so let's sign in okay we can see these details I can't see any transactions which should have gone through there's some weird thing going on with the network propagation I'm not too sure exactly what the deal is there so anyway let's try and send a transaction from using the local water so the recipient address is this demo account with that and we want to send one point one and then hopefully that time it's going to go through and I won't know for sure I'll have to check the actual sort of confirmation time but what I'll do is I'll probably come back and say on 20 30 minutes and we'll see whether our transactions have gone through so I've just sent it from my main account to the demo account and then hopefully that get processed and we can continue on and I hopefully I'll have something to update you guys with so let's take a break and we'll come back to it okay guys so it's been about 40 minutes since the last section of this video I have since logged into the actual Alice qualit quite a few times so we're looking into our local wallet let's just paste in our demo password and we'll have a look at we're getting on now so let's just sign in it okay so this is actually how it has been for about half an hour something like that um after the last section the video I logged in immediately and I could actually see both transactions in there so they're both in so one was actually done on our local wallet and the other one come from when we done the web-based wallet transaction as well as so there's both transactions in there and the reason why I actually left it so long as the BSO transaction showed up literally within just a few minutes of that and taking place in the last section of the video but what was actually kind of causing me confusion was the actual of 1ik balance is only shown as 1.1 and so it looked like the actual balance was sometimes they would refer it to as being like immature so it looked like that second transaction hadn't quite fully gone through and so just left it with some extra time like so it's been about an extra I'm half an hour on top of that now just to see what this balance would correct itself and it should go to 2.2 but that actually hasn't happened and you can see in the actual transaction list and the first transaction 53 minutes ago now and the second transaction is at 40 minutes and what we're still showing just 1.1 liske so I don't really know why that is a currently offer a explanation for earth so I don't know perhaps someone else has got some other ideas so but yeah I'm a little bit of a loss I can't quite fully explain it so I wanted to kind of share that word with you guys as well so the transactions have gone through however one of them appears to be working its way through the network so I'm not too sure why that one is taken so much longer than than the first one and it could be that the first transaction was done on the web-based wallet and it's also causes confusion as well because they're both amounts for the sorry both transactions for the same amount of funds and I can't tell you which one was the web-based one and which one was the local base bullet I could do like another test and find out and for certain but I'm not going to do it in this video I think what it could be is when I use the web-based wallet and that's obviously got better seed nodes so it's got better connections to the actual network and when I used my local wallet and the the actual sort of a list of peers or connections to the network might not mean fully updated so it might take longer for that transaction to propagate so that's kind of what I'm thinking so I think it will update in due course but at the moment just seems to be a bit slow and fully going through so what I'm going to do now is I'm just going to see on one transaction back from this wallet and to my original one it just to show you that process again so I think we can actually click on the sender and then we want to send risk and we want to send 1.1 yeah the other thing is R always shows your balances 1.1 but really that 0.1 should have been our network fee I don't quite understand that either that makes no sense to me unless that sorry actually what it might be is yeah I I thought it was the the total balance was would be there so if you actually send one LISC it will also deduct a fee of 9.1 liske from your account balance so that was a mistake on my part that that makes sense now so anyway so yes so the transaction shouldn't be able to go through because there isn't enough for the fee hmm let's just send one okay I will transcend at-bats as I will this is a complicated stuff actually it's not too bad but and sometimes fingers forever front has a certain learning curve set takes time to work out the nuances of these systems but we will get there eventually okay so let's come back to the originating address my er my personal wallet so hopefully now can transact with that and I can send some funds off to put Onix and yeah do a little bit of firm trading there okay guys so that's it for this video this has been me risky randoms or otherwise known as Li sharing we've had to sell or list bullet and do some basic transactions with it so I've showed you the web-based wallet and also the local wallet machine wallet as well and yeah hopefully you found this informative and useful and you can know get gets up with your own list bullet and make your own own transactions if you have any questions or comments leave those in the comments box below and I'll be sure to get back to you and I do interact quite a lot on the comments so you know don't think you will go unnoticed and I do try to interact in that that section there and that's about it for this video so thanks a lot for watching I appreciate all your support and ongoing feedback until the next video guys take care

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