Hello everyone and welcome to this new crypto currency technical analysis video. today we are going to talk about the blurry stock indicator but we are not going to apply it to bitcoin as you are used to seeing it as I am used to presenting but today we will adding this blurry stock indicator on live games is what we will see in second part of this video in the first part as usual we will analyze the coyle myth on different monthly wiki time units and offenses we will start with the monthly time unit you see on the monthly time unit we still have our famous buy signal we just got it in monthly time units last month we had this consolidation the bollinger bands were completely flat and we broke this resistance therefore by the we closed you see it in end of the month at the end so often when growing like that at the eastern end there is almost no wick and well it is a very very strong buy signal for the coming months so that you know it now we lamp them in an uptrend in a bull run on honey's clips we are really at the very beginning we see it on this monthly ton unit we are left a priori for several months of increase so throughout the year 2021 as usual it there will be bearish months there will be months when bitcoin will lose 10% 20% 30% but in its together a priori the year 2020 should be a very bullish year for the price of bitcoin is even generally on crypto currency we will now switch to the unit of time yes then on the rugby unit of time compared to last week not much we are on a week of consolidation you see last week we had almost closure and where we had opened we had a little bearish excess you see it ended in mesh and So the upturned cry is the same this week we just opened and we are still almost sure the highest on the vacuum sticks above 19 thousand dollars so clearly on the unit of weekly time we are always on the rise so I was already telling you about it and a few weeks where I was telling you that a lot of people you see a correction in the price of bitcoin but that at the moment there is absolutely nothing that suggests a correction in the price of millet coyle to 12 milou 15 thousand dollars for the moment it still remains so obviously a correction can always intervene but for the moment we remain on the th is for the moment still a times is absolutely nothing that lets us think of a correction on the price of the thousand club even in unit of time ok you see we are well noted and here we are stagnating we can go see the 3d time unit to have a little more details so there you can see it left huge bullish pts on bitcoin where it went from around $ 12,000 at th at about 20 thousand dollars so it went up almost in a straight line has been there since now a few short weeks it is consolidating if we switch to unity of time offense we get exactly the same thing we still have a little more details on this but you see we were in an uptrend and here we are consolidating bollinger bands are completely flat and the 50 moving average is catching up with the price therefore for the days and weeks to come in any case for this end of the year 2020 beginning of the year 2021 the most likely scenario is simply a continuation of this trend here we are in an uptrend we are consolidating so here the most likely scenario quite simply is to have a continuation of the current trend so it was a trend at the bullish base is currently consolidating within this uptrend you see we therefore arrange the most probable scenario is simply here to break the rank up why because we come from an uptrend so statistically there is more chances of breaking the ranch by the web when we break the rush from above it will be again signal to buy we can even imagine a right triangle too and which is in the process of to be made currently on the price of the myth [ __ ] it is perhaps a little too early to draw it name could here imagine the first hollow here the second hollow and possibly have a third trough there with resistance here and therefore the price would continue to move below the 20 thousand dollars with weaker and weaker swings before breaking and giving the buy signal a new buy signal again by the end of the year or by the month January is in any case for the moment the most probable scenario once again for the moment absolutely 1 suggests a drop in bitcoin we may have a drop in bitcoin if we go back below these bollinger bands are happy to close below the ten seven thousand dollars well that will be a priori a big retracement but for the moment there is no not and the price of bitcoin has not yet closed at all under these famous seventeen thousand dollars Christmas a little bit for the snow of bitcoin we are still in an uptrend despite the consolidation that we have had for a few short weeks now we are still hearing gravy boat so absolutely no fear about it now we are going to talk about the stock indicator touch the water so the stock touch indicator had told us about it several times.

here quickly puts on the cry of bitcoin so it's this famous yellow curve so I have talked about it several times about the stop breath indicator for donations for new ones, don't hesitate to watch them previous videos you just type on youtube college newspaper stock touch the water you will fall on the video where I explain how the whole stock works blur how it is built etc etc so buying calvi taste can see here that the bitcoin fus is divided by two the reward is divided by two and therefore the blurred stock underwent a jump so here the 2012 lights the first on the coyle myth then the 2016 and finally the third the 2020 So what gives us an estimate of the price of bitcoin around $ 5,000 an hour is not as simple as that obviously I refer you once again to the previous videos where I have talked about this indicator there he feels that it was the previous didot analyzed or that of yet before where I told you about this indicator in a little more detail today we will talk about light cone so why is the lay calm because you probably know it from the computer? speaking and well the school is very very close to bitcoin the late it is one of the oldest crypto led with bitcoin it was created in 2011 and it works almost the same way that the myth channel we have some small differences but overall we have albig a quote that takes place roughly every four years so it's not exactly every four years because you know about bitcoin at al din galut every two hundred and ten thousand block exactly that a period of about four years on the light as there is in x 4 it is at 210,000 blog its 840 miles block so that's about all learns them so the frequency is a little less precise that of bitcoin it is even rather every three and a half years it is a little less reliable by compared to that on live gold you will see it in a few moments when we are going to place the algae on the graphs that is the first thing to note is that the like honey bitcoin behave almost similarly once again in terms of computing, not in terms of price but really in terms of code behind we have this famous system of to bing or the reward is divided by two we have every 840 mile boulder on the light knows well this famous albig which is produced and quite precisely speaking of david the lay that she did not have the same number of years as the bitcoin why because it is a slightly newer currency by therefore as it is a a little more recent we had less opportunity to observe bing halls on the beacon a mural bing in 2012 2016 2020 which gives us 3 while on the layton we had only two we had the famous alvin the summer of last year so in 2019 the summer of 2010 9 we had albi and precisely also in 2015 and for the moment we have had just two lined up on the drive the next one is planned in 2023 see it's about every four years and 2015 2019 and 2023 and so with all that and well we can measure an indicator what always we can trace the stock affect the water why because we have a stock of alcohol we know we know how much alcohol exists today we know how much there will be in the long term but we also know its flow so there is many similarities once again between the letters the eight passes we find many times this famous ratio 4 therefore leucate between the two hundred and ten thousand and the 840 thousand leucate of a holding company every four years simply leucate from the duration of building a block a blog on the beagle it's about ten minutes it's not exactly ten minutes but it's about ten minutes on the bed as we divide by four it's about 2 minutes 30 and stopped and therefore there is often a ratio of 4 between bitcoin and lay kuen on a lot of points so now that it is said we will move to the analysis of light as added value the stock all blurry so I remove the bitcoin one I will go to the light coyle chart and I am going to add the all wrong stock to it so unfortunately there is a little less history on the lake oil than on the coyne myth so obviously the data will be much less reliable on the beatle we have a history since 2010 on trading or e.

We just have the history since 1014 and if we try to go up a little bit before going, data is much much less reliable the data is less reliable on the led as that on the bitcoin we have less history we have a lot of things here they are going to let us think that the stock all blurred is not necessarily relevant on the lincoln but still worth it to install it as it is built the same way as bitcoin so here we find the famous in lviv which I will tell you was talking so we had a test in 2015 you see it was in august 2015 about four years after we had some on the road in 2019 and the next one will be in 2023 so it's pretty much every four years except that we see here that the current milk price is not really the indicator stocks all blurry you see here we had an alvin the stock indicator are touching the water they show it the price of milk that does not consolidate badly and there is an increase here is the same we observe the same thing currently here we had the indicator of the stock all blurred which goes up there it consolidates again and it will perhaps join the stock touching the water so that's not necessarily the thing more interesting to note because here what is interesting to note because here what we can note it is quite simply that the stock all blurred estimate at the price of the light as you see it at the entries of $ 4000 $ 4000 that means what that is to say that roughly when a hiving and well the blind all blur coincides with the price so look at this holding in 2015 so I try to explain things simply if everything is not clear from what I say don't worry i will do a live on youtube maybe in a week or two where I will answer your questions on this video so if you have any questions about the stock all blur the lay kuen etc I will answer it live it will be much easier even if now I try to explain things in a fairly simple way we are going to say so here you see it we had this holding we had the hot stock which coincides with the price of lake oil also here we at alvin the price of light conne coincides more or less with the stock all unclear so we can imagine that in 2023, well the stock all flow will be around 4000 dollars and the price of milk that it will be around 4000 dollars it still seems a little crazy but so far it has been fine worked as once as I wanted said problem is that the stock indicator jumped is much more relevant on bitcoin than on the reader but that's still interesting to add it to see a little beat that he estimates we will see if it recurs or not in anyway what you need to know is that in terms of ratios if we estimate that a bitcoin can go to $ 5,000 is about 1 times 5 and good considering that the lincoln and less capitalized and which a priori is more volatile and well if we do maybe sometimes it puts a x 10 x 15 x will we can why not reach around $ 4000 for colmar milk as I said it is not necessarily what interests me the most here is not necessarily she gave who is the most to draw from this indicator I am crazy to you to have a liteon at 4000 $ because obviously I based only on a single indicator and which was originally built for the beatle and which I have applied here to the canvas so that's not what is really for me the most interesting for me what is more interesting is to serve the cycle when the lay kuen reaches its ath and when it reaches its low point when they consolidate etc etc then here again once we only have two holdings we have to rely on that if we had a little more here history until 2011 fed an additional period that would have allowed us to have data can be a little bit more reliable but again it's not a big deal so here we therefore has the two bing halls between 2015 and 2019 and we can therefore see that the price of milk that it has quite a bit consolidated it has risen it has exceeded the stock all vague it has come down and it reaches about 6 to the stock touch the water at the albig period and therefore we can expect why not the same thing currently it consolidating we exceed the stock all vague we go down strongly and therefore in 2023 we return to roughly the level of the alix once again it is if the milk that the world if in an uptrend and its states the fundamental of the like rain is not the same as that of bitcoin really I insist on it but what is interesting to observe for So it's the period at which the led that Nathan attaches to him, well we see that he has reached his tie about two and a half years two years and four months after his notice from there you see the league was held in summer 2015 and therefore the ph was reached at the end of 2010 is therefore roughly two years and half after so there if we do the same thing and well here we see that in August 2019 we had the hiving so two and a half years two years and four months after well that just brings us to end of 2021 and that's interesting to reach the end of 2021 because that's also what we had obtained with bitcoin and the various indicators I had also given you a video about it is the analysts opinion of last week said that the task would be probably reached on team ii led at the end of 2020 or even possibly if it had a little a little more time at the beginning of 2000 22 well there with the indicator this thing all blurry on the layton on find more or less this periodicity, we finally find that th would be reached roughly within a year finally ten to hama in gold and tea and then we feed a big purge as we a com – 2018 as we have also known in previous years as here you see on the school in 2014 so we could expect a big crypto purge carried out during the year 2022 before going up a little bit in 2023 and therefore reaching the stock all unclear so here it is for me the most interesting thing to get out of this blurry stock is not necessarily the cry light sticks even if it remains interesting but it is especially when the th will be reached and we see once again each time that the cycles are repeated on the bitcoin on the land on the reader and it is moreover all interesting prices on the kleptomaniacs and which are old like bitcoin is layton because the historical track if you take clips of lady fault for example you often go one year two years or even three years of history so it is not necessarily relevant does not have a lot of history we do not have a lot of reliability on the data whereas if you go on the bitcoin on the legacy knocks well that's a lot more interesting and if we wait another year two years three years well we will have a new cycle which will be built on the thomas team is therefore not these criteria was born to have it yet could history we will be able to see if it works in the years to come we will in any case have more reliability in relation to these indicators as I told you and I repeat it one last times to conclude this video here I have only presented the stock indicator all blurred on the led as obviously that if you decide to invest you must cross-check that with others indicators do your own research is it worthwhile or not investing in the reader if it's interesting when to buy this you may not know with only one indicator see that for example here at this moment there even if you see that the stock everything hot had already risen to 90 dollars nobody would have imagined or very few people laugh magic in 2015 when the drive was $ 3 theater dollars it was going to rise to almost $ 100 and see even at the th at 400 dollars very few people would have imagined that today the layton is at 80 dollars few people imagine a 4000 dollar liteon maybe it will happen maybe not but you see that what matters is not necessarily just to have a vision and to say to yourself that the milk it will go up to 4000 dollars is also when we buy someone who buys here in 2015 well you see that almost two years later he is still on the same level that on the other hand, the one who bought here at the beginning of 2017 is stagnating well he is happy because he did a choice without in the space of a few short months so here it is exactly the same thing even if you estimate that the milk as will go up to 4000 dollars is not all to estimate that but also it should know when to buy should buy now in a month in five months because obviously so much psychological it has a lot of impact if you buy that the prices go up directly you are much happier you are much more serene about your vision that if you buy that the price will stagnate for a year two years because you risk eventually become the price stable but I will resell this is when the price goes up here we are a little bit compared to this analysis video here is compared to this blurry stock at click on the school then for the moment I saw no one it seems to me to use the stock all blur on the current maybe it exists I'll let you do your own research on internet see below the stock all vague is applied to lithium also on two crypto currency is it that they are also the estimates me what I did here it is only take back the blurry stock that I had on bitcoin obviously to adapt the code by putting the periods of line 2 of the lincoln by putting the blocks the stock the flow of its Greek lands the fundamentals simply of alcohol but we can why not find other indicators that apply to alcohol as we had on bitcoin on the asphalt bringing back to flat one can find the same thing or even new indicators on the layton even if once again because it remains the most relevant it is to use the price bitcoin because it is he who is really the crypto currency that everyone follows the Omani crypt which runs the market so bah obviously there is a lot of correlation and especially we have more history on the microphone for all these reasons there is better to monitor the bitcoin price but if we can have other indicators on other cults it is obviously always better news apparently to this analysis video I hope you helped I hope you liked it interested you forgot as usual give sense to james or the video to let me know if you think it may interest others people do not hesitate to share it on the various social networks here is for I will find this analysis video next week for a new analysis video on crypto currency in the meantime do not hesitate to take a look at our twitter on twitter and well we post information every day several times a day which you go probably be able to find information that may interest you so do not hesitate to follow us on the cogne trading twitter I will leave you the link in the description of this video I thank you and I wish you all an excellent evening see you next week

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