Lincoln & Ronnie Anne’s VLOG #2: Fun w/ Filters! 🎦 The Loud House & Casagrandes | Nick

Welcome to my vlog! Sergio, are you using my computer again? And did you lock the door? Busted! Hi, sorry, I'm Ronnie Anne. That was Sergio and this is
the second episode of our vlog. But before we get started,
allow me to introduce via video chat my co-host with the co-most,
Lincoln Loud. [snoring] Oh, that's right. I forgot Lincoln
lent his computer to his Popop.

Lincoln's using Lori's computer.
I'll video chat that one. – Hello?
– There we go. Hey, Lincoln. Hey, Ronnie Anne, and hey
to everyone out there at home. Welcome to our vlog. So what's up, Ronnie Anne?
How's everything? Everything's great.
Abuela's been hitting the weight. I've been working out. Carl is turning into
quite the business man. Uh, step into my office. And Sid and are started
a dog walking business. Although we found out walking dogs
is a little harder than it sounds. [groaning] – Wait!
– Whoa, whoa! [barking] Oh, that's so cool, Ronnie Anne.
Are you saving up for anything? Yes, and I already bought it. Lincoln, allow me to show you
my brand new skateboard! Whoa, it's awesome! I know, right?
I need help decorating it though. Wanna help me pick out some stickers? Sure…

You have an Ace Savvy sticker? Definitely put that one on there. Alright, that one goes
on there for you. I think I have to put
a lucha mask too, and a sticker for my favorite band,
Twelve Is Midnight. [music playing] Yeah, they jam in concerts,
you jam in skate parks. [laughing] Yeah, everyone at home,
how would you decorate my board? Wait, what's that one?
Who's Carlos X? Oh, that? So Carlos X
is actually my Tio Carlos. It turns out he was
a famous skate boarder. What? Your uncle with
all the random fun facts? Licorice, huh? Did you know that Cesar
was one of its earliest fans? Oh, you don't say.
I do love the man's salads. I know, I couldn't believe it either. Check out this video of him
skating back in the day. Qué guapo.

Carlos X! He's sick!
Carlos X is such a cool name. I think my skater name
would be Skate Savvy. Saving the world one
awesome trick at a time. Ooh, I like that. Maybe mine could be
Ronnie X: the Next Generation. You know, keep the family
tradition alive. What would your skater names be? Anyway, my Tio Carlos is helping me train
for a skate competition in the city. We've been sneaking out at night
so he can teach me tricks. Now remember, the key is to pass
each other at our highest vertical point and quickly swap the boards. That was amazing! That's cool, but sneaking out
at night can be dangerous. Clyde and I snuck out to watch
a marathon of zombie movies the other night,
and in the morning, we thought we were actually
in a zombie apocalypse. [panting] [moaning] Even more zombies?
It's like they're multiplying. Come on, I've got an idea.

[moaning] [moaning] Time to take out the trash! [screaming] Come on, let's go! Whoa, that's scary,
but also kind of cool. It was cool, until we realized
the zombies were our dads. Lincoln, Clyde! You're hurting your fathers! Huh? [gasping] I think you and I would
survive a zombie apocalypse. We've played enough zombie
video games to know what to do. True, so Ronnie Anne, Lisa was showing me some features
you could use on the video chat, and I found out you can use filters
with this button right here.

Check it out, here's a clown one. It reminds me of a joke
Luan told me. What do you call a clown
who never sits down? A stand-up comedian. Classic Luan. Let me try. Ooh, a pirate.
I've got to show CJ this one. We'll never let the bad pirates
take our treasure. Arg. Don't make me walk the plank! Oh, there's animal filters too? A dog, a cat, and ever a bird? Huh, looks oddly like Sergio. Not as handsome as Sergio. And check this one out,
an old person filter. Well, your hair stayed the same. Speaking of hair, check it out.

You can change your
hair color with these too. Let's try a few. Blonde, light brown, pink, rainbow, polka dot? Yeah, I think I'll just
stick with my regular hair. Oh Ronnie Anne, check this one out.
It's a snow filter for winter. Help, I'm trapped inside a snow globe! I have to show these to my family.
They're so fun. Which filters do you want to see
in the next video? So Ronnie Anne, I keep seeing people
go through their top three favorite room items and
I thought we could do that too. That's a great idea, Lincoln.
You go first. OK, so number one has to be
my Ace Savvy comic book collection. I've collected a lot over the years, and he's my favorite
character of all time. Clyde and I actually went to
an Ace Savvy convention recently. Engaging camouflage mode! Whoops… it's a little
different from the movie. Ooh, I wonder if there's
a Twelve Is Midnight convention.

I would totally cause play for that. Number two, my video games. I've been practicing in
Muscle Fish Fighter with my new character and
next time, I'm gonna take you down. I don't think so, Link. I laid the smack down
last time we played. Oh, no, no, no, no, no! – Oh, yeah!
– No! Dang it. Yes, I still own you.
Wanna play again? We'll see. And finally,
my third favorite thing is… Drumroll please. Bun-Bun! I've had Bun-Bun
ever since I can remember. My dad says he kind of looks like me,
but I don't see the resemblance. What about you guys at home?
Do you think I look like Bun-Bun? I could see it. OK, my turn. So one thing that's not
on my top three list is the sloth Sid left in my room,
even though he was very cute. But number one for me
has to be my fridge. I mean, how cool is it that
I have a fridge in my room/ Also, I can have Paletas,
my favorite ice pops, whenever I want.

Number two has to be
my skateboard posters, and my new skateboard,
which I cannot wait to use. And number three,
my collage of family pictures. It reminds me of how much
I love them every day, turkey dances and all. [shrieking] [music playing] [gobbling] Hurry, hurry.
Adios, Ana, Adios is on! Speaking of family,
I've gotta go, Lincoln. It's telenovela night
for the whole family, and I need to get a good seat. Yeah, I should go too. Lola has a recital tonight,
and if you make Lola wait, bad things can happen. They will pay! Well, that's all the time
we have for today. Let us know what you want us
to talk about in the next episode.

– Ronnie Anne signing off.
– Lincoln Loud signing off. Bye!.

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