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[Music] little nausea arrives in full bloom and takes us on a journey through heaven and hell with his long awaited track montero call me by your name [Music] as soon as we had maybe 50 60 of the song done we knew this was gonna be like the one for us that's roy linzo he produced the track with omar fetty and take a day trip he sat down with genius to break down the song's creation the very beginning was just the four chords that you hear in the pre-hook [Music] what nas will do is play that melody over and over again and he just like records melodies on voice memo once like his vocals are recorded it's just okay how do we make this record special there's a lot of like voice memo drums where we're like banging on things and clapping on things thinking outside of the box where it's like live and you feel the energy in the record the title comes from lil nazak's government name montero lamar hill and as an homage to the 2017 oscar winning queer coming of age love story starring heartthrob timothy chalamet call me by your name nature has cunning ways of finding our weakest spot call me by your name and i'll call you by mine the track opens up describing the intimate moments of capturing your crush's attention i called it badges today you hit me with a car to your place ain't been out in the wall anyway was hoping i could catch you throwing smiles in my face next he calls out a love that's hiding from the truth with a biblical reference to adam and eve to decipher his hopeful partner's sexual orientation the song's artwork calls in the same idea picturing lil ross x and michelangelo's famous piece the creation of adam back on the cut he forgets being shy and takes the opportunity to get explicit just like he did on 2020's holiday hey can i pop [ __ ] i might bottom on the low buddy [Music] we asked him about the candidness of these lyrics and a sneak peek from his upcoming verified i was like okay it's about time that i say something out of pocket in a song let's normalize having these [ __ ] lines and songs the same way you know somebody might talk about [ __ ] a girl or [ __ ] a guy you know with opposite genders you know i feel like that's really important for representation in general and this is going to open more doors for one day when somebody says this it's like oh that person said that and not even think about it you know and roy talked to lil nazex's impact as an artist who constantly pushes boundaries there's never been a male in the music industry that's been so upfront and so this is me this is how i am and i'm going to do it in this way to round out the track he points out his elevated taste and how he chooses the men he dates the [ __ ] the highly teased bop was first previewed back in july 2020 and fans were clamoring for its release but they had to wait a full nine months for it to drop the music video for the new track directed by tanu muino and x himself invites us into the ethereal world of montero we hide the parts of ourselves we don't want the world to see we lock them away we tell them no we banish them but here we don't welcome to montero the visual features gods demons serpents high priests and commoners all portrayed by the rapper at the end we see x begin to propel to the heavens until he pull dances and lands at the gates of hell while the song's melodious outro plays [Music] fans on twitter were quick to call out a few easter eggs like the appearance of an excerpt from plato's bc dated symposium that praises and defines love which according to a user on reddit says so in the beginning when they were cut in two they yearn for each other's half and some were even quicker to point out that the stone thrown during nasdaq's trial was nothing other than a bug plug while some fans are drawing comparisons of lil nazi's dissension to hell to fka twigs's 2019 visual for cellophane [Music] the video ends with lil noss twerking on satan and taking his crown to become the glamorous devil lil na's x comes in a long line of gender bending throughout music hearkening back to lil richard and prince in a tweet he wrote a letter to 14 year old montero saying people will say i'm pushing an agenda but the truth is i am the agenda to make people say the [ __ ] out of other people's lives and stop dictating who they should be since montero's release the track has climbed to the top of the junior song charts and has over 3 million views on youtube if you want to learn more about montero check out the song page on i'm delisa with geniusnews bringing you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music

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