Light Cycle Battle | TRON (1982)

Prepare to transport to Light Cycle grid. – We have transport.
– Wow. This is blue leader to blue bikes.
Run these guys into your jet walls. – Copy, blue leader.
– Copy, blue leader. This is gold one to gold two
and three. Split up. Take them one on one. Watch it! Watch it! I'm taking him into the maze. This is it. Come on. Gold three to gold two and one. I'm getting out of here right now,
and you guys are invited. Got it. – Ready?
– Ready. So long, sucker. Greetings, programs. Video game warriors escaping game grid. This is an illegal exit.
You must return to game grid. Repeat, this is an illegal exit. – You must return to the grid.
– Gold two to gold three. Those demons are coming down. Get them. Send out every game tank in the grid. Get them!.

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