Light Boat Chase / Renegade vs Pavel | The Renegade (Part 2) | TRON: Uprising

Nowhere to run this time, Renegade. I really thought it was over for us back there. It's not over yet. I think we've got a problem. Permission to board, Renegade! We ain't gonna make it! Come on! Bring all weapons to bear! Who was that? A friend. Help me! Help me! You better get moving.
There will be more patrols. There's a program named Beck. If it weren't for him,
I wouldn't be here right now. That's funny. I met him. He said the same thing about you. And he told me to give you this. How do I thank you? I need recruits. Will you spread the word? Count on it. The uprising will spread throughout the Grid
when other programs learn the truth. Tron lives!.

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