L’hebdo crypto #2 : bitcoin vs. Tesla, Ethereum à 10 500$ ?, Enjin Coin & la Banque de France

hi everyone and welcome to this second edition of the crypto weekly ces case there ni guillaume and karen precisely you represent summary on the menu of day today Dionne we will talk about trading two passes we will also talk about the explosion of the price of ether we will evoke the increase in the cost of huntington and you will see why we are also going to them from binh years who has decided to light the fire and we will end with the bank of France which continues his experiments for a digital currency are still immediately with the beacon which, according to a study by the bank of america on 2020, the beacon cat has surpassed the purchase of technological stocks on the stock market and in particular in front of values ​​like Tesla so peak oil this year increased in 2020 by more than 300% and values ​​like tesla the Tesla tech values ​​for example increased by 750% nevertheless another study by the deutsche bank this time presents bitcoin dear the number one bubble on the various financial markets so bitcoin bull or no business to follow then we move on immediately with the course of the summer reom it could reach according to an analyst david to grind the course of ten thousand five hundred dollars land which would still represent an increase of two times 10 per compared to these current prices the land had notably exceeded 1400 dollars very recently what they had allowed to exceed its historic high men that come in relation to help reom top to the evolution of finance decentralized but also the imminent arrival of 2.0 men's pitches leaves so think analysts and experts that the short to be continue its expansion we will even talk about it einstein coyne and yes you have probably followed the news we talked about an angie box game but it's now the token and jeans has entered the market and that is really the spearhead for the gaming tech market in fact at the time of its launch Japanese market the price of the yukon has exploded by more than 70% it is a phenomenon that we often know in the shadow of the chain fleet is described in is what we are good in this project is that it is really a gainey project we had already had the opportunity to enter a forum of you talk about the project in paris but the angie project is really more Japanese terroir crypto we are waiting to see what it will give while waiting the jim cohen bouquet collar is available on multiple platforms and has been officially launched to follow the increase and we continue all following with bin ans who read fire indeed they realize their fourteenth editing of the operation of burning and this operation consists on board is So that is to say to destroy in some ways the token bibis the vice can be this are the utilities to the bidens exchange gones they allow to have certain advantage on the platform and he will see in this burn a number exceptional of more than 3.6 million poker which will be destroyed is a dollar value over $ 168 million therefore this operation must supposedly increase in a mechanical way the price of the finance token and this is indeed what we can look at if we observes the development of the village over a period a little longer we see that the short it has evolved parts of it evolves around 15 dollars the n 10 then recently it has exceeded its historic high a little bit at the same time you were there man and he exceeded 35 dollars the bnb so with this massive burning we can no doubt hope to see the body of the cola quickly continue its expansion also and so we arrive on the last muse of this week and not the least since it is the bank of France which after having started its first experiments with central bank currencies or cbdc for intimate continues its experiments and has now succeeded in a new transaction cb death thanks to the business platform and society it was a British company so this transaction consisted of buy back more than two million of these comics it was at the bank of France it was conducted with a consortium of different companies from the two big banking players to know very well in particular groupama and caceis and the goal of all these experiments, it is good I in fine and to have in all case if the potential is proven a digital currency of central banks or that a cbdc which is also similar to what is done in china with him anne digital but also in europe since we know that they have launched consultations on the Rhône an elite and beyond that the goal was also to look at how the regulation of financial assets could have a resonance in the middle of the blog channel and therefore we hope that the bank of France this old institution will be able to moderate tomorrow offer us a digital currency since as a crypto we said that we have really want to follow it closely yeah it's true that it's a project that advance very quickly and I believe that the bank of France notices that by June it was going to position themselves by having the experimentation that they were in in the process of launching in any case it is something that we will play closely a lot of news this week for the second is nice nerve we hope you enjoyed it and we had to ask you again next week with alex and yes absolutely but we will be in two weeks in the east [Music]

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