Let’s Play The Misadventures of Tron Bonne! (Part 1)

so what do you all think of our new ship huh how's she holding up looks like you did another excellent job thanks strong I'm always impressed how you're able to build such neat toys it's not that big of a deal either I mean you are able to get us the best finds equipment which let us finish the job a lot faster than it would have taken I know we spend a lot of money on this ship which means we're going to have to work hard to get it back that's why I've got something big planned for us this time we're going to take the legendary treasure of the nakai desert Diana's here what supposed to be one of the biggest risk factors in the world how did you find it it wasn't easy I had to spend a lot to get that information that'll jump dealer trove off our bargain anyway alright you know the plan I'm going to take shift be in man your stations everyone who are ruling out Tron used a huge enough work already can't have you take care of everything don't worry about a thing we'll be back before you know you just sit back and relax okay all right boys ready let's go get that treasure Aloha everybody it is I the great Clemente and now ladies and gentlemen I'm going to be tackling this spin off to the Mega Man Legends series this is the misadventures of Tron bonne this game came out in 2000 the same year that Mega Man Legends 2 did actually in fact when you buy Tron bonne you actually get a demo disc for Legends 2 as well so that's pretty swell but this is a spinoff everybody and it's focusing on the girl member of the bond family Tron bond as well as her loyal certain Indians who are going to be seeing quite a bit of this is actually a prequel to the events of Mega Man Legends that's why we're going to be seeing stuff like the Gessle shaft because a certain blue boy hasn't destroyed all that stuff yet this is a mixture of like action stages puzzles and all kinds of gameplay types and if I'm going to be quite honest this is actually my favorite game in the series even though I admit legends one is a lot more accessible and playable for newbies and stuff I love this game to death it's so charming it's so fun and I can't wait to get into it so let's play this thing what if after I was all that trouble it spent all that money to get this treasure map digits up no it was too good to be true I mean it's supposed to be a legendary treasure it's not going to be found that easily jump store owner if it's the last thing I ever do more the heck who ruins anyway for hours this is the Gustav bonbon can you hear me over nothing here but Sam have you found anything over what a giant doorway that's it that asked to be the entrance we're looking for I knew you could do it bond walk now we're in business what's your heading north all right stand by I'm on my way all right boys let's go okay so right off the bat we're not actually playing as Tron we're actually playing as a brother teasel bond and a lot of tutorials in this level which way it lets Bronson use the directional button to look around and that's something I actually set up right as the game was beginning you can't have it where l1 r1 is moving around and the control pad is strafing but I hate that whoa it's a reverb on one of the robots the guard the old room looks like we'll have to fight our way through that means using the square into Phi if I press the L to the Gustav's weapons auto lock onto the target when the game boots up get a manual aiming do not get auto aiming because that will really screw you up in the later parts of the game when you're shooting at things you don't want to be shooting at so get manual aim when you start the game didn't hold there I bet the serve BOTS could fit inside a drum you said you made a command system for the servo you I use let's see our chat button Pisa is off the r2 button down you'll see a rabbit appear use the directional buttons to move the target to where you want the spare parts to go press the fire button that will launch a bacon bar which was where to where to go gone let's give it a try so yeah we are controlling this gustaf machine which acts sort of like Mega Man does it shoots it strafe sit jumps it's just a lot slower and bulkier but the big gimmick about misadventures of Tron Vaughn is that well we have a whole bunch of minions we can shoot the cir bots in so many different directions and depending on what they interact with they can go in caves to look for refractors to get xeni and stuff they can hold down enemies to beat them up they can even investigate things that you wouldn't expect to be like investigative but so the super bots can do a whole bunch of stuff so always hold the r2 button and launch the sir bots at different things because you never know what they might do with it the gustaf is pretty good though it's a lot slower and bulkier than say megaman but it can survive quicksand it can pick up things with the triangle button it doesn't matter if it's a car a tree a streetlight you can pick up things with the triangle button and it is so freakin powerful it can destroy walls like this cracked one over here booyah so when i pause the game i have eight hundreds any and you can seat ezel in the driver's seat well sorta the third pod is actually controlling the machine that we're driving around in the gustave as it's called but we are in the machine itself we are with teasel you know so we had eight hundreds any from the one Reaper bot we killed and the one cave we investigated look at all those red refractors red refractors are the best refractors in this game and they've got me a whopping thirty thousands any you do not want to miss out on that cave that is a good good cashflow very early in the game so yeah now the game's gonna tell us that we can pick up things even though I just did it hmm rocks blocking the road what was it Trott insane that's right use the triangle button to lick things up now when the Gustav is carrying things that can't shoot it's Buster shots it can't use its weapons but it can still use beacon bombs which is always swell so even when you're holding a giant boulder over your head you can still get the serve BOTS to hold down enemies and stuff in case you need like a really easy shot you know throwing things is a pretty damn good weapon I mean I can't recommend it enough that's that Reaper bot died in one hit because I threw a boulder at it whereas if I was using my machine gun and shooting pellet shots at it it'd take a little bit longer as you go through the game you will get a better weaponry and your Sur pots will get more skilled at using those weaponry that's the Gustav will be a force to be reckoned with but early in the game if you have to take out big big river bots like this guy over here chuck something at it and you did oh boy this machine I like it I like it a lot and if there's the neck I ruins that must be it damn this is the Gustav come in – I'm in front of the subject I'm going to go in tell draw not to work over hey is everything okay how's the food scaffolding at that you've drawn through everything spy the goo stops doing great if not after all you made it don't worry about a thing we'll be home with the treasure before you oh what's that Oh God bonbon Jesus you're a hard man to climb don't you recognize me ah it's me fly I worked in this mode remember I'm sure you know why I've come all this way to find wait I can get the money I borrowed from low back real soon once this job – I'll have your money bonus I'm afraid it's too late the deadline is long past give it back all of it now time to pay the piper listen if you just wait a few more silence don't you understand your time is leave me no choice but to exercise our options that big body of yours is mine come along run into a little trouble don't worry though I'll be back soon you're not exactly my type but if you want to play around take your best shot okay so we got ourselves an intro boss and glide is nothing but talk all he really does is he shoots electricity but he's so freaking slow that you can easily get right behind him and just keep shooting him from behind the surf pots can't do anything to this boss so all you have to do is strafe and shoot and uh wow that was sad glide not bad I'd expect no less from the leader at the bond test it's not quite good enough ultimately laser miss Tron we've lost contact with the Gustave I wonder if Diesel's alright he said he'd run into some trouble it's no use standing around here worrying I'm gonna go to their last known position and make sure everything's okay blondie can you hear me we're heading out in a truck to look for the Gustav the rest of you wait at your normal stations okay Roger s man yay we're going on a mission so I'm definitely excited to be playing through this game ladies and gentlemen it's pretty rare and a little bit expensive to find nowadays and come back for part two because we haven't even scratched the surface of this game yet till then

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