Let’s Play Kirby 64 Episode 5 – TETHER BALL!

hello everyone you are watching Mike the TV and I make funny Internet videos last time we did defeat pop star and wispy ones who is boss of that world now we're going to take on world to rock star like I said last time but before we do that we're going to head back to pop star and pick up something very essential for the first level which would be a certain set of powers something very of our bear Chad that we had last time taking up this rewards don't eat him don't you mr. Baum fellow or mr. cull Petter fellow so get rid of that walk right by these guys don't you need them yes you know what just cuz I can there are some stars of here that on a clock because you know what there's only couple short of getting new life so I'm gonna do that up to five lives now get rid of those two dodging them jump up don't need an office at it alright so we're getting close to what we need don't need bomb targeting a rock but I don't want that one then one more coming up jump over him jump in again don't need bomb leave that Gordo trapped all right so here's the rock we need along with that we also need this guy fun fact about the drug guys you can throw them and they spent the three parts kind of neat so we're going to keep that and head on back over the rock star now and starting world one here we go with wildly Adeline and DVD so rock and electricity makes a very fun power tetherball cricket stuff there all right so strike people who you're seeing some new enemies here this guy right here he is made with needle power so if you have a needy not even absorb him but intermedium we're just going to last right on through him and using a rock electricity tetherball pretty little stuff inside the vaults are the tether itself would injure anyways and the rock as you might imagine we'll just smash their faces so if you just can't hear with electricity there's plenty of rocks to use slick smash all these are the mill enemies they don't have anything useful life if you get hit yeah these guys are just bounced up and you're walking your vile show you with this guy good well that was just something on my part moving on alright so for the first chart here it's in this room right here what we're going to do is run it up above because in so many games they are hiding things up on the roof that's going to be right there on the right sharda number one of a level first chart of rock star acquire very good stuff now just can't blow them up and in case you do get hurt there is food over here you want to see them very briefly nice the ice cream bar ice cream is always tasting good stuff going up here mini boss let's get to it again these guys made me no powers but I'm very important we just do this do that again and again and last about at least you can see my standing right about here it'll bounce right over you and so you can just kind of stand there and be good to go because with this power it's going to keep going until it hits you or until you hit V again which will cancel the power as you can see it's always gonna try and come back to you but in this room we have kind of Indiana jones-style trap the stands gonna start filling up the room quickly and quickly so we need to get to the top without getting stuck underneath because that is a one hit kill and you do need the rock electricity power for the last area in this world level I should say so try and hang on to that as if you die you lose your power which is really unfortunate because there's no way to get it back between now and then still climbing you can either jump or floats climbing a little faster easier less risk of getting trapped but now already at the room it was pretty short uh escape trip there and it's rock electricity keep on doing this anytime now now i see here easy way to protect clips so those wall to do their opening us up in exits like I said some of our allies going to come back and help us out later on in the levels he was fun stuff and I guys had showers of trapped in color quarter like this brown and yellow thing hey look at that rock electricity is brown yellow BAM shard number three right there okay so I'm gonna move on and if you just run passage guys they get kind of pissed off so you might wanna kill just for a shot but I don't care that much because it already are random oh no ok so not you falling down ease we get out here just kind of float over blowed up and about pretty easy stuff they're good and one thing i don't like about rock collection see that you can't float while you have it all but don't we an issue because we are done the level now so we're going to try an get a card here i might not have this one it did it well full health even though he's already at philhealth i guess it's kind of useful not really though anyways I'll take care of it for this episode of kirby 64 the crystal shards i will see you next time and until then stay frosty

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