Let’s Build | The BatCave (Part 1)

hey guys temple enigma here and today I'm D buing my new series called let's build in oh and like usual I'm sick again so ignore my sniffling and voice and my computer apparently is beeping at me so anyway um this series is in Minecraft and I'll carry it out through PC and Xbox one and whatever but basically I build different things and I picked the first thing that we would built and at the end of this episode I will our episode series it's going to be a mini seach build will be a mini series I will offer to you what we should build next so this is the Batcave now each version each build will use a different texture pack available in xbox regular PC however will or PC when we get there will not use texture packs that'll be basic but that's because there are more building blocks so this texture pack is the city texture pack it was just released and today we'll be working on clearing out an area for the Batcave a starting area and building the main center platform that you know Batman with the back computer and all that um so this is like I said this is a series it'll be done in sped up form I wanted to do a like a third-person shot but the problem is I'd have to use split screen and the zoom feature on my editor doesn't allow me to zoom in the entire bottom screen only a section of it and it'd be a lot of work to edit like my guy move it around and it'd be way too much work for not that great of an outcome so I guess first person is gonna be the best that is going to be so let me explain what we are what I am planning on doing for most of this build I'm planning on making several little platforms for the different items of Batman's I guess world where they'll be like one place will be for like the Batmobile and the back computer and like the batwing and I plan to have the entrance I'm incorporating all sorts of different elements of the Batman series from the old to the new so I plan to have like eventually a little woods area where our offense goes down and leads to a waterfall which leads into the Batcave reminiscent of the old 1960 Batman cartoon and a live-action show with Adam West yet the middle will be on pillars with like water dripping from the ceiling sort of reminiscent of kind of the 70s 80s Batman and the modern crime Christopher Nolan Batman style so everything is gonna kind of plan out and I will not be talking for the entirety of every video I'll just kind of be talking about what we'll be doing and then I'll kind of just let you watch the video but um let me know if you guys like this what you think of it should we do more and even if it's not the last episode give me suggestions for what you think we should do next it can be anything make it relatively make it don't ask like Oh build a replication of like who's Star Destroyer from Star Wars I don't care you know no something simple like a medieval town would not have a million buildings that would have like six or seven due to the fact I'm trying to condense this into four or five episodes if were we to do a giant let's build series I would probably spend it over more time but it can be anything plans are some suggestions could be a medieval town evil scientist's lair animal testing facility zombie quarantine zone campsite a contraption work building waterworks anything just I'm naming random stuff because you can really be anything you want so let me know what you think of this series continue watching and if you like it I'll keep doing these if you don't maybe I won't or maybe I will anyway so thanks for watching and enjoy the rest of the video I'll talk to y'all later you

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