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your reward so this site i'm about to show
you is a site that pays you every day you get paid every day so you
can withdraw your wallet anytime all you just need to do is just
claim then you send your wallet to be
credited so you can see payment of this has been proof of payment
a person has claimed 15 000 satoshi litecoin satoshi
another person has claimed 278 bitcoins that's because if he claimed it on the
first day i will do it and that person claimed 10 dodge another person claimed 28 200 litecoin satoshis so the good thing about this site is that this
it has a lot of payments and coins they are saying bitcoin that's
litecoin so you all you need to do is just to
claim and withdraw to your favorite coins so let's let me
get you to the site i'm talking about this site is a free faucet it has a daily
bonus whereby you are allowed to clear every once a
day that's for the daily bonus then the faucets itself you are giving 40
minutes for each time to clean so and you can withdraw on the first day
once you start claiming so it's very easy to
demand this legit, it is paying people are using it a lot of people are using it
so let's see so you can see now you can see here it's showing that about
300 this lower section you see 3 000 now
the thing about this site is as it's always redirect so you have to
ensure that i book still on the page in my lower section you can see about 3228 people online
so you see that people are really going into it every time
it's really paying it's high paying site so the thing about this this site see my
balance here 500 and 5000 coins
so it's really pain as like you claim let me show you how you clean well
whenever i reach open the site you see a daily bonus
and daily bonus you claimed 35 coins so all you need to do is just click on
this icon then you you if there's captcha
to solve solve the captcha okay let's go down as you can see they say you don't need
to solve any capture the system is telling me that you're a
good person so all you need to do is there's a timer there
you wait for this timer to reach zero
then before you can clean see then once the timer has finished reading you now
click on claim achievement so let me claim it now so you can see he said i've successfully
claimed that five coins already my thirty five coins has been added to my
account so another way you the other it has various ways you can claim so
another way you can claim is by going to this menu
tab when you click on it you click on it you see
ready to claim this your faucet where you'll be claiming every 40
40 minutes and 40 minutes you get paid you get to claim
so you click on it so you see it does it 40 minutes claim
timer all you need to do is just to scroll
scroll down see the timer it's reading once the
timer is ready has finished reading then you are ready you are now
ready to clean you clean click on the get reward so you can see
it says i have claimed already so this
thing has been added to my account balance then this there are
other ways you get the page to see you are giving a timer
for the faucet that expires for you to claim
so you have other ways of short links you have ptc ads
that means you view ads and you get paid then you
have all that offer was just like a survey so you can see that it's easy to
clean let me see if we can go into any of the
short links click on it let's scroll down a little bit
because i'm using mobile device i'll scroll move my
the page to the left then you can see that i said complete
link so you click on that you click on it the page is going to
load it says loading inside as you can see you don't need to
solve the captcha the system is telling me that you're a
good person so you can see there's a timer below so
it's loading then that's a generate link you click on generate
link so you click on it so you have to you know how all these
short links look like you you sometimes you are directed to another
site so you say show timer click here
so you click on on that there's a lot of pop-ups in this site so
but since they are paying you free money if
you can't complain you click on show timer
then wait for the timer to finish reading you close this ad then there's a button
once the timer has finished reading you scroll down there's a button below
you click on continue say show timer again you click on it
again so you have two of two to show that yeah
we're almost done claiming our short links so wait for the
timer to finish reading then as you just scroll down again look
for the continue button click on it so you can see that it said success
that we added to our account balance so now
you can see see the number of people online three on 3 000
people online so so now let's see how i told you that there are very many
other ways you can in this site you can click on ptc at just
by viewing ads you watch ad then you get paid
to claim you get paid on this site so let us see
how we can there's a referral okay let's the ptc
address i'll try loading so let's just see how it works so what did it said you
claimed 20 coins just by visiting these 10 coins here using this so you can see
there are so many points where you can end a lot of points coins in this site
so all you need to do is just to click visit website
let's try that click on it wait for it to finish loading
see there's a timer yeah so you wait they now say visit
website you click on that button so you can see they have been redirected
to to another site that's what this
so you just have to wait there's a timer up here look at it
there's a timer you wait for it to finish loading
once it's finished loading then you to direct you back to the main site itself
so you just have to watch they want you to
just watch this ad it doesn't like look at this site
and if you think you have interest in them you can sign up
but you guys are you get paid just to watch
sites i can see the payments are quite okay
and it's legit so once the payment the timer is over
you click on this continue button you click on this continue button
yeah back to the site it's loading so you can see that we've as we click
that our reward has been sent already
automatically to us because we've waited for the timer
to be to finish reading so you can you can
hand more and more you can see this is
another 10 another 10 as i know there's a lot of ways you can
end in this site so now let's click on let's see how this
offer was looks like so let's try it let's take a
look you can see that it gives you different
surveys sites so all you need to do is just
click and claim from them so let's not waste much of our time
there's a referral they have a referral way of where you
can end and you get to pay you paid 20 from your
referrals like if your referrals are claiming
every day you get 20 of what they have been claiming so
another thing is okay let's now see you can see they have the community here
the double news field so if you know you want to you can reach
out to other people in the same site and they have the fact that you
need help if you understand what's going on you
can just look at some asked well asked question
should they have fargo you look at go to their support
center to ask questions and you get feedback from their customer
services so let's now see if how you can withdraw
so you draw now you see that yes a lot of
other various coins you can claim from and be sent
and you get paid every day to withdraw and the thing about the site is that it
has a limit you can withdraw per day so let's see now
just look at what they say now you have a
withdrawal limit of 3271 coins per day so and for you
that's way it's converted into the various coins that's three thousand what
they're trying to tell you that these coins
i can't withdraw everything like this because it's five thousand so
if i want to withdraw these coins it has to be like the minimum i have
to the maximum account withdrawn now is actually 3 000.
and the more you keep claiming the higher your
limits start to expand they increase it for you
so you and you have a higher level at the same time
true so let's see you can see that you can claim your coin in bitcoin cash
you can claim your coin bitcoin as we you can claim
your coin natural in bitcoin you can clean your
coin in bittorrent so we have the dashboard you have the gigabyte we have
the dodge coin we have the ethereum we have the
ethereum classic so we have the elite coil of commodore
you have you can see that there are various
coins where you can to name your coins you have the tron here so you can
withdraw your coins you have a reason you can see it's as various payment
method and you can you get to claim this every
single day as long as you reach the minimum and the minimum is so low
you don't have any it's not high at all all you need to do
is just click on this your withdraw button
once you click on it it will tell you to fill in your
address then you can withdraw your coins every single day every single day
so he said the minimum amount you can drop the bitcoin cash is what 35 000.
there's five thousand bitcoin cash satoshi oh sorry the minimum withdrawal amount
for bitcoin cash is actually 5 000 bch satoshi's which is approximately 499
coins you can see the withdrawal method here is so
low that's you you get to re you get to withdraw your coins like
400 and 499 coins imagine you're paying that 20 20 35 400 is
nothing when you do even a day you achieve these
400 coins and you will draw your money to your
account and see what you what you get you get 5
400 bitcoin cash satoshi's just claiming this every single day so
the payment method yeah the minimum is actually really really low
because if if we do this every 40-40 minutes
you are very you are good to go so let's see the minimum for
bitcoin sorry minimum for bitcoin
i don't want that there's so many even if you go to some forums now you see a
lot of people just withdrawing and withdrawing on this side because
it's easy to claim and easy to withdraw so you can see
that's 400 and it's just that the limit is
quite low and you if since i have like five thousand
something after we draw the maxima i can address like three thousand
i have to claim again to withdraw i can't
do as much as i like i want so you can see for bitcoin let's
click on this let's look at bitcoin let's click on this withdrawal
but let's see those limits for bitcoin okay now i said that we draw buttons i
try 450 coins which is up which is equal to
108 btc satoshi's bit bit coin saturation so you can see that
redrop limit is not high at all very easy to clean
very easy to make to make extra income with this site so please ensure to
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