Learn How to Sign Colors in ASL | K&L Sign Time

hey welcome to another episode of KML so today I'm going to be teaching Kate some colors and descriptions of colors in American Sign Language a SLO and if you want to learn how to sign some sentences in American Sign Language be sure to watch them all the way till the end for some bonus content so let's get started color c o l o r color alright color very good color yellow y e ll o w yellow can you do yellow kid blue BL you beat flip heesang blue blue very good green gee rem-3 nice and green very good green purple pea you are pl8 purple can you do purple shot very good job awesome pink P I in K P Fuyu pink awesome good job right ar e deep red red perfect orange or8 in G deep orange orange black be lace8 black black okay next finger one thing there we go put it on your forehead black white whit984 either white gray G are a white gray piece I'm great fingers together great good job silver s i lv e are silver pink silver ear and then shake it Oh like that silver very good gold G so L see gold gold very good up and up light l i g h t light right can you do blight just an you're like that good and then bring it up light dark d eggs are okay dark alright you do dark are very good mix em i ex-miss alright can we do mix mix rainbow are a I and B of W rainbow rainbow rainbow shiny Sh I in why shiny shiny you make me very good if you want to sign about a specific color then you need to sign the color then fingerspell the specific color that you're talking about so for instance if I want to talk about the color violet this is what I would do purple be i/o let2 fingerspell violet violet purple V I oh good e there we go okay so now I'm going to teach you how to say my favorite color is so you're gonna get your hand like this and do my favorite color and then you say your favorite color my favorite color purple what's your favorite color okay Marie but okay my favorite you said rainbow rainbow now let's ask somebody what's their favorite color is you favorite color what and notice my eyebrows are going down because what is a wh question you favorite color what you babe free your favorite color what Owen what do we do now let's talk about mixing colors red mixed with white become pink red mix white becomes pink red may with white pink hey thanks for watching don't forget to Like comment and subscribe see you later click here for more videos like this click here to watch our fun video about rainbows and colors see you next time

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