Le 5 migliori crypto del momento, che dovresti osservare molto bene in questo periodo

hello to all guys and welcome back to a new video how are you I hope so today we are going to talk about the five best crypto currencies of this moment in my opinion attention I make a small premise these are not financial advice so regardless of whether you can share this or not I list this my or rather this my thought that both of these clips that are actually in my opinion the best at this moment in circulation you absolutely must not invest in them because I'm telling you and you absolutely must not invest in them because 12 any other person against, for example, what is however he always went to check everything that is needed to be able to invest one in a grade first nation in general having said that I just wanted to clarify the fact that they were not financial advice I would like to go away and then the topic because what we are going to mind today will not simply analyze see this crypto list to which in my opinion they are today the best but I will give you the necessary tools to be able to actually understand and maybe even find your little gem on your own so a good one of your crypto growing as you obviously do to be able to discover a crypt a science how do you discover a clip that is actually valid well first of all you use coin market cap but to go on precisely with the speech the call topic always let me be able to write to the channel put a nice like on the video to be able to support the rhythm of tubercular a so many people and comment so you know if you maybe have questions about it I always ask you anyway I always ask you every video if you actually want it to bring a more specific study on some crypto that you asked me that well let's go ahead and actually start with this video as he said precisely in the whole I wanted to give you the necessary and very useful tools to be able to actually discover your crypto and in order to actually understand why both crypts are better than the others well first of all we need the tool of the coin market cap site with the market cap in fact it is a site where they are listed from the best one that is at the worst pass me the term of the cryptocurrencies and in fact they are listed in this video from the first to the last following some parameters which are these parameters here are the ones I want to explain and tell you how they work and what they are used to actually use yourself these parameters and together with the help of the coin market cap find your crypto however it is your crypto on which to invest then the parameters however it is that are currently necessary precisely to be able to understand a crypt currency that potential a are the price the market cap or a so- called also the market capitalization the 24 hour volume and the circle and ting supply voltage I will make a small diversification then at the end of this list between circulating supply and total supply then the price or current price however it is salewa precisely that parameter that indicates the value of each single unit showing the current price of the crypt currency the market cap market decapitation instead this is the parameter that indicates the total market value of the supply circulating in agrippo currency total attention circulating here not total of the maximum that is available of the crypt currency that I wanted 24 hours in my opinion among other things it is one of the most absolutely important as regards a crypt currency and it is precisely that value that indicates to you not only precisely the movement that the crypto is naked at that moment but also how much interest revolves around it in fact the 24 hours monitors and how it is from a 'indication of how many exchanges are carried out within that totally larger crypto currency are indeed maj iori are hanging on the exchanges that are carried out in twenty-four hours greater than the interest for the one that I repeat therefore the greater it will be or its volume in 24 hours the circulating supply instead this parameter indicates the quantities of the crypt I value currently circulating it in fact stands out from the total supply because it indicates the total quantity of the crypt existing up to that moment and from the max fly which instead indicates the maximum number of units that can and will ever be had we make this small diversification between circulating supply and power supply precisely the total supply indicates the maximum in which it is known that we have reached with that crypto currency therefore the maximum of crude that were at that moment because they are indeed circulating at that moment and that can circulate attention this parameter does not take into account the crypto loads and museums have gone lost or complete that have perhaps gone into disuse or whoever it is are not used while m while the circulating supply indicates the currency circulating at that moment how much is therefore how much is actually circulating at that moment by giving an example the total supply of bitcoin at this moment for example they are 21 better see the maximum and max supply while on the other hand, as regards the circle erin supply, at this time, there are always more than 18 million, so the bitcoin currency and the crypto currency of bitcoin at the moment in circulation are more than 28 million well I told you, however, these five parameters I told you precisely what are their meanings and how to more or less identify them but how they should actually be used well they must be used together with the coin market cap sid but together with this they must be seen let's say other parameters other things how do you see these other parameters that if other things always on the coemar market cap site if you go and click on your grip appraise or if you are interested first of all you will go to see these let's say these other parameters these details that the bridge legs are very useful parrying the previous ones first you will have to see the link of the official page of the crypt that you are precisely analyzing then the explorers which are precisely the most important points including the link to the news related to it third point must see the link of the communion so to be able to effectively analyze the communion of orders active if it is not active and passive if it is growing and whatever else is fourth and not least point however it is the original white paper attention small engraved the white paper the white paper is not always an index however it is of solidity and it is not always an index of reliability however it is obviously in most cases it is well written and if it is done well in the right way is actually a symptom of a crypto let's say of higher quality is obviously better for example let's take who at the last clip c he recently brought on the channel to a white paper also said in very large paper very detailed very well explained this obviously makes investors more confident and makes more of all the people who then actually get into trading on this crypto currency in addition all how many these small parameters that I have just told you you can obviously always analyze to cost everything between statistical data technical analysis theory itself however it is of the crypto currency and therefore anyone will analyze precisely the history that has had the proof that it does not mean how the the rest but it means what its trend has been anyway and how it has evolved over time if it has already had peaks if it is reaching these peaks in short, there are a few things to actually have to look at is not for everyone because I realize that it knows that it is not easy to be able to do a complete analysis a crypt I do not even know how to do so it is enough nza difficult and complicated, but surely some parameters can be adopted in order to actually understand if that clip de bari we obviously are there is always in the coin market cap which I repeat does everything he already does but if we want to deepen it is how if these are the things we need to know to be able to know this small introduction to the great introduction well done or that it is in the world and green roads give some useful tools to be able to actually understand how crypto are and what is the best to date to be able actually instead on which you can actually invest well let's list which are the five best right in my opinion in the first place I put bitcoin in second place I put and tir youm in third place I put the crypt currency polkadot a in fourth place I put cardano in fifth place I I put xr pd ripple let's go to turin to see obviously I repeat baby coin.it as we all know it and of rim for the other is having u n crazy boom in this period it is growing really a lot and has broken through the wall of 2,000 and 500 euros in value it is reaching almost 3000 indeed the almost touched type 2,900 something so probably in the near future it could actually reach 3,000 euros but why do I say that polkadot cardano and xmp can be useful in my opinion the best five races in circulation from today we start from polkadot I have dedicated to this crypt evaluates an in-depth study in its own right the project of this crypto meta in consideration and attention its system in fact provides excellent interoperability of the rival block dinners the solutions proposed by its ecosystem are really interesting however we could have deepened it well in an upcoming video the position instead is that I gave to cardano which is the fourth of the cardan also called precisely to da or better to said also cardano it is a crypt that is really interesting is still having a lot of success d to rumors or that it is from different people in the trading field who talk about it could actually become the new and tir youm so it is a brand certainly to be paid a lot of attention and it is certainly a crypt to be watched also because its thanks to today is still low and with a lot of potential of salerno the fifth crypto instead that I wanted to put ex rpx rp I dedicated a very in-depth video both on xlp and in any case also with the story that is having against the sec its half from fifth place but in my opinion it deserves a placed perhaps even above cardano and perhaps also on the dock door for the simple fact, however, that this crypt has not actually expressed its full potential to date this crypto has a lot of initial it could still grow very much obviously when it will grow and how it will grow we will find out only after that actually the story against the shoal will be over but obviously I will not leave you alone with these five crypto I want to give you two crypto to be absolutely careful in my opinion in this period the first crypt where to pay attention absolutely this video that many people talk about and coin gascoigne obviously is having its success and owes all the success to the male all of his tweet and obviously to all the sponsorship that is behind us this past Saturday there was also the saturday night live so there was a that they are the cloth so as to be able to pump to be able to talk about this crypt is surely the price that has gone up and that is continuing to go up owes a lot to this as regards the second crypt that I assure you you must absolutely pay attention to and so to look good because it has a very high potential and cro over I hope you say cro tra the other is that it is the crypto of punto.com this crypto has a very high potential and first of all it is the personal grip control room grippe that in any case it is then use it for any system then then also buy us other crypto you want to reverse it into crypto currencies crowe and above all to become the clip of the application of the top grip system puntocom having excellent results and is also growing very much probably too 'it is maybe let's say a little bit having its moment of glory but it certainly has a high potential bit it grows so much the advantageous thing about crowe is that it has a low at a low cost of entry for example bitcoin today around 50 thousand as regards instead crypt dot com, however, we have 0.15 cents if I'm not mistaken at the moment that I'm talking about I am walking to you or as regards precisely this crypto I assure you it has a high potential then obviously as said also to be the video these are not they are financial advice you absolutely must not give straight to me you absolutely must not say ok everything was reversed because in addition to these five grips in addition to the initiatory tools via nut I also want to give you a single real advice that I almost never give, however intact it is the right name to say it was a way to invest in crypt praise nations that are the only way the only advice that really anyone can give and it is this diversification to diversify very important because it is true there are these five crypto currencies that to date are practically the best at the moment both on coin market caps but they are the best and in general in any case both in terms of volume capitalization of 24 hours in short, the attention turns a lot on these grips but the important thing has managed to diversify you must never focus only and solely on a single grip never invest everything you know you must be able to invest a small part of what we have today the possibility of being able to spend and diversify this small part into different shares or crypto currencies, this is because qu esto will obviously allow us when the grippe were to lose to be able to earn perhaps with another and therefore compensate for the loss because obviously with the fact that they are perhaps in the first positions that are the most discussed decryptors and of which we talk more at this moment does not give the absolute certainty of the fact, however, whether they can actually be worth and can certainly give us a lot tomorrow our also mine are all forecasts all possibilities indeed mine mainly are market hypotheses that can actually give these painter dogs are given by some analyzes that I have done but also the analysis cannot be one hundred percent sure the only thing I say one hundred percent as someone said in a film is death and taxes this guys said I thank you for being there at this point of the video I have seen all this video I hope it was really useful let me know if you agree in the comments with this list of five crypto currencies you know of some other clips that maybe I have not put in this video that has much more potential subscribe to the channel and put a nice like on the video and we will see you in the next video you see bye bye

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