[Music] [Music] [Music] Hey guys and welcome to a new cipher Video The most beautiful musical instrument out there is the encoded violin Guys, have a great day after I come back After a whole week of no videos, I call the guys back and I am very happy and grateful to be back Too busy with amazing music videos for my beautiful wife I'll show you a little preview here We were filming here in a great hotel In Istanbul so it was great and the video will be shown soon and me I can't wait guys thank you all for your patience and in Meanwhile, we've had some crazy price moves We got scared and lost a lot of people I hope but I'm back guys and let's cover some Great news and I'll tell you why I'm so severe Bullish in the short term and in the long term do not worry men I'm back and I won't leave you again I hope you like this video before we dive into the cute content I want To remind you to subscribe to our beautiful encrypted violin channel Don't forget to come to the comments section and let's dive in to using I have up-and-coming content for you today, so let's first read this article To get an update on what's happening with ssc vs ripple This article is from and This article was published on June 13 and the article mentions sec requires another two months to prepare internal documents on bitcoin ethereum The American xrp security and exchange commission Prepares to reveal a huge amount of emails and internal documents About bitcoin ethereum and xrp but she wants more Short time SSC will share its emails and internal documentation related to bitcoin ethereum and xrp By mid-August, Ripple won that move in April and wanted The files, by June 18, said it required a lot of work for US security The exchange commission wants a New York court to give her two More months to expose emails and internal documents on bitcoin ethereum And xrp make good fateful decisions of the applicable concessions as required in the circumstances It is a sensitive and time-consuming endeavor which the department wrote in its letter to the court On Friday, the second since December claimed that Payment company Ripple raised more than $1.3 billion in Denied continued sales of unregistered securities for its local currency xrp ripple The allegations in the March 15 ripple asked Judge Sarah Lindborne SSC orders to hand over communications on crypto ripple Lawyers think the second can be biased Against cryptocurrency proof of bias could help win the case Lawyers claim on April 6 Judge Nidborn Granting Ripple's request in large part denied its request for access to the second Staff emails about xrp's legal status on June 4 asked ripple from court Order the second to give a deadline of June 18 by scripting through all the data Takes time for SSC response in June 11 file The agency called the June 18 deadline unilaterally, and the SEC said, the agency has Already collected 25,000 emails and still reviewing dozens Thousands of internal documents but must talk to the former Staff to understand some of the old documents that Ripple said about Lawyers want information by June 18 The accused again deliberately delaying the submission of documents As a reason to extend the discovery schedule For nearly a decade, the ssc company watched by sxrp .

Has grown It was developed all the time with no official guidelines released That stamped it may be illegal The board wrote from Ripple that On March 15, the second was submitted to US District Judge Sarah Lindburn However, they announced the sale of two similar digital assets Bitcoin and Ether were not security offers But the second never revealed its internal causes We'll find out soon, that's very exciting guys So the second tells us all about this ethereum Not safe, let's read this Tweet from Investor in the Ethereum Foundation and pre-sale Ether In addition to developing the program for Ethereum and the ability to launch a new file Cryptocurrency and blockchain require a huge volume of Boot effort in order to gather the necessary resources To activate and run it to start a large network of mining developers Ethereum investors and other stakeholders have announced their plan to conduct a Pre-stamping the Ether token is the currency unit of Ethereum Legal and financial complexities of fundraising Through pre-sales led to the creation of several Legal entities including the ethereum foundation Established June 2014 in Switzerland Zug very interesting if Let's go find the definition of a hobbyist Test This is a test the second uses to determine if something is safe Or no, let's read what is a howie test .

Howie test Refers to the US Supreme Court case to determine whether the transaction It qualifies as an investment contract and therefore will be It is considered a security and is subject to disclosure Registration Requirements Under the Securities and Guarantee Act of 1933 Exchange Act 1934. Tested howie There is an investment contract if there is Investing money in a joint venture with a reasonable expectation Profits that can be reaped from the efforts of others The test applies to any planned contract or transaction Howie test is important for blockchain mode and digital currency projects with investors and The project supports some cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings It can be found to meet the definition of an investment contract On probation, OK, so the ethereum foundation is raising funds With ico initial coin offering and they raised a bunch of money Until the beginning of July 2014 ethereum distribution ether distribution Via public ether pre-sale network for 42 days worth 31,591 BTC 18.4 million dollars at a time For about 60 million Ether, the results of the sale were initially used for payment Soaring legal debt returns as well to Months of unfulfilled developer efforts Compensate it and fund the continued development of Ethereum Well, ok guys, tell me how the FSA will tell us about it ether and ether is not security but xrp is security ripple didn't even do an ico I don't understand this just to earn some Time and smell fishy guys okay me I reload my xrp too tight because at any moment we can Get that extreme goal here if we look at the dollar excluding the dollar per day The time frame on the bitstamp exchange, we see that we are trading in an area OK, so in a couple of days we can test The top of the area so that it's a dollar, a dime, or one Fifteen cents on the dollar so that's thirty percent profit Thirty percent short-term profit if we look at Lower time frame so the three hour xrp usd pair زوج See we're trading a triangle here and got an amazing buy two Bookmark here if you come out of this triangle Measure the body of the triangle and then after the obvious hack here That would get us 1.64 cents again test mark 1.64 cent believe it or not we're going There I don't want you to feel sad or Depressed, we're ready to break through xfpbtc pair on the three men every hour we have a buy two signal last time we We got a buy two signal we went up 70 times before قبل We went up 14 13 and so the price of xp went up in the previous time 44 against the bitcoin pair, so if we look at the short term we can see xfp Better than Bitcoin in my humble opinion Why because I think if you hold xrp you are lucky because Not only the price of xp will increase in the coming days But also the flaming spark distribution Token Happening Here Tweet on April 17th flr توزيع distribution will begin When the glow net is turned on, the team works to make it happen Safely as soon as possible depends on the completion of security Test expect this at the end of June on Monday Four weeks out guys, it's almost the end of June In a week or so, we'll have spark codes Hope you're ready, we'll see some cool games, hope you're optimistic As always, I want to thank you all for watching my videos Please subscribe if you haven't subscribed to my channel Like if you like to provide content and don't forget to comment in the comment If you have questions, we are one of the big xrp family and I hope so See you in the next avatar video Have a great day [Music] You are

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