L’avenir du gaming sera sur la Blockchain | Ultra (Crypto $UOS)

Hello everyone I hope you are well. We meet in this video to talk about Ultra and its UOS cryptocurrency. As you know I love depicting blockchain applications in different fields. I have already done this about health. I have already done this on the economy. I did this in a lot of domains actually and today I wanted to start approaching the subject of gaming. The world of video games is a domain which is growing enormously. I talked about it a little bit in the video on Chiliz. The world of Esport is taking a lot a lot a lot of space. If only the amount of players, the amount of transactions, of people who buy games, who buy perks in games and who spend time on different game platforms.

The E-sport so the tournaments, the Fortnight or League of Legends World Championships, Eracing i.e. the races in video games. It takes more and more place over time. It's a field that particularly touches me because I was a player when I was young. I still play from time to time. At even 14 years old, I built a Minecraft server that is still alive today called MV Wilde and which has hosted more than 140,000 players throughout his life. The world of gaming I'm quite connected with, I'm directly linked to the world of gaming and that's where I also discovered the first values ​​of what could be virtual i.e. an armor in a game can have a value and it can really be important and time-consuming for the player who regularly plays a game to have a good character, to improve his abilities etc etc I understood this notion by playing, as some have understood it on Facebook because they like to play Candy Crush and they need some likes to go further, others who play games of speed or they try to optimize their score being more and more accurate, where others who o play real fat video games, MMORPG, tournament games, first person shooter games contests, Counter-Strike,…

Anyway there are plenty of people who can have their own experience of the world of video games and it is growing. This is why it is a world that I liked and I wanted to know how much the blockchain could revolutionize this environment. [Music] If I talk to you about Ultra and UOS it's because for me it is a perfect textbook case that i.e. introducing UOS and its ambition, is really several applications of the blockchain at the service of the world of gaming, gamers as well as game developers. I will talk about this project not only from an user point of view therefore the usefulness of this cryptocurrency and this ecosystem but also from a game developer point of view so those who will create therefore develop and code video games from scratch, but also the community and the platform side, how will the brand communicate with its players who will communicate with those who are going to design the game who communicate with those who play tournaments on this game etc etc We will approach all those aspects and frankly you will realize that it was long time since I had not felt the use of the blockchain in a new application.

What interests me the most with Ultra is they place a product on a blockchain and not like most people a blockchain on an already existing product. There is no right way to do things but for me it is the logical way, that is to say that we should not implement blockchain to implement blockchain, we must identify the problem, what we want to improve, do a benchmark of existing solutions and if blockchain is the right solution, we apply it and you will realize that it was difficult to do better.

The will of creators of the project is literally to broke the border between the video game and real life. You're going to see that in many ways I think they are about to make it. Let's go! Ultra is a community ecosystem of agreement therefore a environment where all the different communities that are linked together by ties of interest in this or that game, because they do this activity, because they like this tournament, people get together in one environment around the world of video games and gaming in general.

This platform will offer several products. It must be understood that Ultra is the ecosystem but in this ecosystem there are different segments and different products and that's what becomes interesting. The core, the flagship product and which is moreover one of the products of launch and it is it which arrives very soon in the coming months is Ultragames. Ultragames is a platform where we can buy video games, find our friends, remained connected to them, communicate with them, play together and always keep this contact through "who is connected?" "who is playing what?" I join him or he joins me so that we can play together and that's a base but ultra doesn't stop there.

before decanting step by step how do they want to bring this revolution, I will talk to you about two three key profiles that carries this project. They are gamers, they have always been in the world of gaming, they know this ecosystem and they have already worked in this ecosystem before. You have all the links in the description especially on the team but we will first talk about the two co CEOs because they are two.

David Hanson and Nicolas Gilot, the particularity of these two people is that they are used to work together, they have already founded companies and resold companies together. They founded Xiaobawang which was a console project in partnership with AMD. Then they even founded the company PixelBeam which they ended up reselling at Kingsoft. Kingsoft it may ring a bell to you, they are big developers software and video games. In reality cross entrepreneurship and working together on different projects it's been a while since they are used to this duo. and then we have Mike Dunn one of their technical director before that he was the technical director of Dell just before the technical director of Time Warner. He is even a w3c member, it's a global organization about the World Wide Web, therefore the internet and its development. It seems to me that Mike is one of the very first to have developed an e-commerce Website. Today it is obvious to spend and buy things on the Internet it has become well integrated in our everyday life but at the time people who imagined a world where we would order on the Internet were a step ahead and some even thought they were completely out of step.

It is this kind of profile that today are running Ultra. They are used to meeting technical challenges. I'm not going to introduce you the whole team and they are a lot of them. There you can see only a few of them but it seems that in total they are 60 full-time. Obviously you can go digging on the site I will come back to some interesting profiles throughout this presentation. UltraGames is a platform for selling video games. You may know Steam, the world leader who offers you precisely to buy, so you connect to a platform you can buy every types of games: Ubisoft games, Steam platform games, games from other developers and creators of video games.

You can connect, share this with your contacts, join them do parties together and chat with a few players. That's the very core which will also be present at Ultragames. But Ultragames is more than that. The goal is not simply to sell games and sell content but rather focus to a community and exchange point of view. And not only the sales plain and simple.

The platform will in addition to the basic functionalities allow players to resell their video game but also to earn money because all the actions they are going to do in video games, all the items they will get, all the skins (the character appearances for those who are not familiar with this environment) all the player will buy, all the expenses he will spend, he will achieve all of that to get tokens. NFT's, I will explain how it works later. The platform does not only sell games to people who are going to play but also the platform is going to be a channel of exchange and communication between developers of game players and all items, all the wealth, the value that has been created by the players in these various games.

Basically a magician who is going to craft a super armor. The armor has value and this armor can be sold to another player. This armor will not belong to the platform, when you get something on Steam you buy a game on Steam, the game is linked to your account but it's the platform which has this access whereas there the token you will get if you buy a game this game will be a token, it will be linked to your wallet. It will not belong to Ultra, it will admittedly be on the Ultra blockhain but it will be tied to your own wallet.

Meaning when you finish the game and you don't want to play it anymore you can very well resell it to another player or resell the objects, the armor, the characters you had developped in this game. More importantly is not even the blockchain side that I'm going to detail you throughout this video but it's the fact that the objective of Ultra is that we can totally forget the blockchain running on the backend. A user who just wants to buy a game and play it can download Ultra download Ultragames, launch his game, take out his credit card to buy different games and play them without knowing that there is a token behind without knowing that there are tokens behind all the objects in the game and without knowing that there is a blockchain behind this ecosystem while using a simple credit card and without using UOS.

That's what is interesting. What is interesting is that the fact that the blockchain comes technically to support and to give new tools, new possibilities to people of this ecosystem, it is absolutely not mandatory to knowing the blockchain, understanding how a wallet works, a sending and receiving address to be able to use and become a user of this platform. UOS is currently a token ERC-20. You can find it on Bitinex but also on Coinone, on Bitrue and I think very soon on the other exchanges. For the moment it's an ERC-20 token, so based on Ether chain and and very soon Ultra will be starting their own blockchain. Will they keep the new blockchain at the same time as the blockchain ERC-20 by making a bridge between the two? Or will the new blockchain completely replaced the other one? I cannot answer you yet but until now it's an ERC-20 token and they will later develop their mainnet.

We need to understand is that this UOS token is the native token which will represent the value of everything that articulated in this ecosystem i.e. any object, any game, any object that was craft in a game, any bonus, virtual concert tickets, advantages, all this will be rated and will a price peged to UOS. And that's what he starts to financially tie up every different stages and all products of this ecosystem. And this is where the border between the real world and the video game world starts to blur. Imagine you are in a game, you work for hours and hours to get objects from items that allow you to craft a super armor Currently in the world we know you just have an armor in a game, it will benefit your character, it will improve your game experience but it's not worth anything beyond that.

Well in this configuration, the rarer the object, the more increasing its value and therefore a highly ranked player who is very well known in a game and who is able to create a lot of value within the game is a player who is able to create a lot of UOS. By definition UOS has a price in Bitcoin and in Ether and therefore at any time it ends on a credit card and you can withdraw it in fiat money i.e. euro / dollar real money. And that's when we totally succeeded to leave the world of video game because if at the time I was playing World of Warcraft, in my account I had my list and amount of coins of gold and well if these gold coins were euros I would surely have played differently and I think my parents wouldn't have seen me the same way either. -I don't play World of Warcraft. -You say you are all the time on your computer! -I was playing Hello Kitty. -You are going to buy World of Warcraft and install it on your computer and join us tonight otherwise we will beat the crap out of you! This is where we come to the lowest level of what is important to understand in this ecosystem is that everything is a token.

That does not mean that everything is one UOS. It just means that let's imagine you are going to buy a game, you take your credit card to buy a game, in reality you are going to get a token. This token will to have the price of the game so if you want to buy a game for 40 euros you will spend 40 euros per cards. Instantly it's euros are changed up for UOS to buy the game hence those who pay by card don't even know that they paid with UOS. But it has bought tokens directly from the market on an exchange in order to obtain this token which is the game and when a user connects his wallet to the Ultra platform and ecosystem

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when a user connects his wallet to the ultra platform and the blockchain detects that he does have that token, he then has the right to launch the corresponding game.

Which means that this gamer will be able to then go on and sell this game to another gamer. On the contrary, imagine that the game is no longer available for sale: the sale stops at a specific date from which there are no more new sales, well maybe our gamer spent 40 euros to mint this token that grants him the right to play. He did spend 40 euros but there may be people now who are ready to buy it back from him for 80 or 100 euros because this game is no longer for sale. Because, for instance, one sold 700 of them. There are 700 tokens on the blockchain and there won't be any more, and all items will become NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). This is what one must understand now. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are different from fungible tokens. A fungible token can for example be 1 bitcoin (BTC) or 1 ether (ETH). Whether you own one of the very first bitcoins issued or one of the freshly mined ones, 1 bitcoin will overall remain 1 bitcoin. It holds the same price, the same value, the same utility.

The value of non-fungible tokens is defined by very different parameters. For instance, the value of a token granting access to a game is the fact that it allows people access to that specific game. Another non-fungible token, which could be for instance the look of a sword in another game does not have the same value at all. Its value is more or less how much a given player is willing to pay to get a sword that looks like this. This is what you need to understand now. Well, everything in the ultra ecosystem is an NFT. Which means that when you want to join a virtual concert such as the one that took place in Fortnite, well, the ticket sold to be able to access the room and see this concert will be an NFT. You want to have a great armor? That will be an NFT, too. Just imagine a game now, for which game developers would decide that each of the in-game coins, (in world of warcraft there are gold coins, in candy crush there are gems, for instance) Let's imagine that a specific game, from its very foundation stated that the currency of the game, like gold coins in world of warcraft, 1 gold coin equal 2 UOS.

That's when one realizes that this NFT will have a spot price. And that leads me to Ultra's third product. Besides Ultra games, which is the games distribution platform, and Ultra wallet, which will be automatically created and will enable you to store your crypto but also all of your NFTs, all the games you have bought and all the items you own in this ecosystem, ultra's third product will be a marketplace. A kind of exchange where everyone can come and trade their items. That means one could resell his horse in a video game for UOS in order to buy a new game. In this new game he gets famous and has earned a lot of UOS, he will now be able to buy other limited edition games when this game is not for sale anymore, etc.

Well, you got it. One will be able to price everything. And since this is logged onto the bockchain, it is unique, quantifiable, traceable, and above all impossible to duplicable. One cannot create copies of a bitcoin, just as one cannot create copies of a rare item in a game. In addition to that, since it's all based on blockchain which makes items unique, it becomes some kind of anti cheat integrated into the game. Game developers' greatest fear is, for example, to create a rare item in the game, to say "there are only 10 of them", and there comes a player who finds a bug to make copies, to duplicate them. Well, if these items are recorded on the blockchain one simply cannot duplicate them.

Just like I can challenge you to try and duplicate ethers tonight and increase your wallet balance that way. So, on top of being useful, on top of creating a financial dimension and enabling people to trade what they no longer use, and I can tell you that if I could resell and get back all the money I spent on video games when I was young I would have enough to write quite a big check today, on top of enabling all that, it will give a kind of new dimension to the game and increase its level of security in trades and in the traceability of all sessions. A gamer throws an item to the ground for another gamer to pick it up, that was a trade in the old video games world. Nowadays it's an actual transaction recorded on the blockchain. Even if the game is suddenly shut down, if the transaction took place on the blockchain it is immutable, one will not be able to go back. And so when you're minting an NFT, for example you are in a game, you want a special edition sword. When you go on and mint this word you're going to put UOS inside to mint it, because it has a price in UOS.

Some items will be purchasable on the marketplace, such item 50 UOS and you can buy it, despite everything you'll also be able to destroy it, to burn it to get the UOS inside back. Unless it's a rare item and someone is willing to give you a better deal than if you just destroy it. Last but not least, creating NFT will give game developers an incredible marketing tool. Let's take Ubisoft's example, who created Assassin's Creed, which is a pretty famous game, well, very famous… Well let's imagine that every year in paris fans, cosplayers, people who dress as video game characters, gather, all there to share their interests for this virtual world which is that of Assassin's Creed. Imagine that Ubisoft decides to offer a token, an NFT granting access right, without explaining what it's for, to all people present. Everyone comes in, shows their wallet, Ubisoft distributes the NFT and six months after Ubisoft explains that only people who got this token will get access to the brand new Assassin's Creed.

Only people who got the access key during such event in paris, on such day, can connect to the game. That's when people start getting crazy. Because all gamers who are fans of the game can get first-hand, preview access with this item they got on site by going to this event, all large influencers who want to make videos about the game before its release are going to have to buy it from the people who were available at the event.

And therefore they will rush to Ultra's marketplace to find an access right and to be able to access the game first-hand to produce content. There are people who will say "well, I'm not too interested in that game, I was just passing by, I will resell it". Others will start to trade with it. Some other may start to realize that by being connected to this marketplace, this exchange, they will be able to access previews of all video games and try out the very first feel of it before everyone else.

This will create an incredible dimension and

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It is therefore a marketing tool ! Advertising and the big hits in the world of video games as we know in 2020, won't have anything to do with what we will know in the upcoming decade and that's what's amazing about it. And since everything is on a blockchain, it means that, in a simple Ledger device, we will be able to store multiple video games, my in-game gear, my stuff, but above all, it is not a platform nor Ultra which will keep my information, my armor, my in game progress, my character … everything will be in my private key, in my wallet. And that, once again changes the third-party paradigm we've had to always trust a platform which can get rid of us, who can delete everything overnight. In that case, I am the sole owner, I am the holder of my in-game progress and of everything I've bought in any game.

I've obviously talked about the side of the user, because you have all already played video games, and if it is not you it is necessarily your children or someone close to you. But, in order to fully grasp the depth and relevance of Ultra, we have to talk about the project on the developer side. Indeed, what is the point of creating Ultra Games, a platform where people can come buy and play games, if there are no developers releasing games on the platform? And that's already presenting some benefits: on the market of the purchase and sale of video games, marketplaces usually take up to a 30% fee. Steam, the current leader on the market, takes 30% of all games sold. To take Ubisoft's example once again, Assassin's Creed is sold through Steam, and if someone buys it on Steam, only 70% of the sale ends up in Ubisoft's pockets.

30% is kept by the Steam platform. In this case Ultra wants to change these ratios there by applying a 15% fee. The objective is no longer to make a maximum gross margin on the sale of the content. It is therefore more interesting for video game creators to come and sell their games on this platform. In addition to that, it is fully compatible: i.e. they do not want to only have games developed for Ultra on the Ultra platform. It is compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, it is compatible with Steam games, it is compatible with most web platforms, which means that if Ultra Games is released tomorrow, let's imagine that Rockstar Games, who released GTA, wants to put GTA on Ultra, they'll be able to do it as of tomorrow, because it is already compatible and they've made it intercompatibile because it is Ultra's role lot to adapt to the the world of gaming and not the contrary.

And I do think it is the right way to reach the largest number and to aim for mass adoption. And in addition to being cheaper and intercompatible with everything that already exists, it will bring up the aspect of tokenization. And a developer will be able, all while using the language he currently knows (he won't have to learn how to develop blockchain features) he will continue to write with the same language but he will have additional tools that will allow him to tokenize his in-game currency, to say that in this game, all swords are on the blockchain, to say that one unit of currency will be worth that many UOS and that therefore people can buy it for a certain price on the marketplace etc, etc, without having to deal with the complex side of the blockchain, it will really be the video game which will have new tools to become blockchainized if the creators are willing to do so.

In the same manner, everything can be set by the creators of the game: they will be able to set that when a player wants to resell his game to another, a small commission is taken. They'll be able to set that in this game, there will be transaction fee or on the contrary, you won't have any at all.

There are plenty of things that will be able to be custom-made, and it will sort of create an economic dimension in the game. That is to say that the financial aspect of a virtual world will take on its full meaning through Ultra and through their ecosystem. And that also means that if you are rich in one game, you are rich in another. Which means that if you're not good at one game and want to get and achievement or an item but you are doing well in another game, as these two games are going to have a common currency, as everything has a value in $UOS, that will allow you to establish bridges and go into some games get some the of the benefits.

And on the day you stop playing, you can sell everything and start a new game. Your progression, effort and time you've put into games to develop and create things, will follow you so that in time you have say a background, and you will have kept your value with you by playing in different video games. What you need to understand is that Ultra is not trying to become the leader on the gaming market.

Ultra does not want to compete with Steam or with those currently in place. Ultra wants to create a new market. We are really talking about a blue ocean where there are no competitors, where there is no solution yet, and that is why it's so cumbersome, that's why it takes so much time and that is why Ultra is a project that has existed since 2017 and that they're only releasing now their first product, after three years of development. It is because it is a new paradigm, a new way of doing things. And it's not just a game that had to be developed, but the platform that would make compatible, inter-compatible and who will connect creators, users, different marketing companies, people who are going to organize tournaments, all of it, reunited in one and only place : Ultra. And for that they have a few partnerships, including three major actors. You've understood it with my examples : Ubisoft is a partner. By the way, Ubisoft had tokenized, with UNICEF, the Rabbids. and when you bought a Rabbid, the money was donated to UNICEF, ​​and you literally held in your private key the Rabbid's skin from one game or another.

That was already a first application. Ubisoft are giants. I've talked about Assassin's Creed, but there's also Far Cry, Watchdogs, Ghost Recon, Just Dance … in short there's something for everyone on all the platforms and I don't think they need further introduction. But it's not the only thing : they've also partnered with AMD. AMD, which is one of the biggest producers of computer components, which is very, not to say totally, committed in the world of video games. If you are a cryptocurrency miner, you know very well what an AMD graphics card is, for example. Well, AMD has a whole blockchain department, and it was more than obvious that they had to work hand in hand with a project like Ultra. Besides that, they have other partnerships, especially in the cryptocurrency industry, such as a partnership with BitFinex.

BitFinex was the first ever platform on which you could buy $UOS.

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UOS. By the way in September 2019 so about a year ago Ultra raised 12 million euros allowing them to hire In the UOS team today there are more than 60 full-time to develop … I was about to say this product but rather this ecosystem. They have other partners Logitech, Apple, Google, etc etc…

I cannot explain all their work. The scope is so broad and there is such an inexhaustible amount of content in their work that I had to make selections and focus on certain points in order not to overload you with too much information. In the meantime, regarding partnerships, I strongly invite you to visit their website, which you can find in the description as well as their Telegram, where you can ask them questions, and you will realize that there are more or less supported partnerships or partnerships that are not really going to be useful in the beginning but one day will make sense. Today almost 150 video game developers are currentely working on products that will be compatible with the Ultra platform. The trust they earn from their partners and game developers does not come out of nowhere. I told you about the team members, and I said I didn't make the full list of everyone, but there is still a very interesting profile: Edward Moalem, he's not just anyone, because prior to working at Ultra he was the senior manager (of?) consumer of Apple Gaming (video games from Apple).

He spoke directly to Steve Jobs and pushed Apple to go into the video game segment. Afterward, he moved to director M&A at Google. It's that kind of profile in their boots. That's why I'm telling you, I can not go over all the profiles, but take the time to really dig into the team. Just the CV's will hurt your head. That's how they had very strong partnerships. For example, AMD has more than 200 million users. They will allow when we install the drivers for our graphics card to instantly download Ultra Games. So that's really when we realize that when they get to the mass market, if they manage to deliver a completely transparent finished product and one that is user friendly, even for those unfamiliar with blockchain, it will lead to a
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massive flow of users in different video games and in everything in the Ultra ecosystem. These various trusted partners will also be the producers of blocks, meaning in any blockchain, you can guess it takes people to provide power to calculate, to update, to manage blocks and secure the network.

Well it will be more and more decentralized over time but the first block producers are going to be those partners. Meaning that Bitfinex, AMD, Ubisoft, Ultra themselves etc etc It's them who will maintain servers to manage transactions and to be sure that the network is highly scalable and can manage all the necessary transactions in the different games and in the different exchanges. I give you another example: buying UOS is an interesting deal regarding its price for investors. It's a conveniant way to buy video games or items for the gamers.

But it's also necessary for game developers and sellers in games. Let me explain. Imagine that in a game your users exchange objects. If it's an NFT i.e. therefore if it's an object that has been "tokenized" in a way, this object is a real transaction implying transaction fees. Reduced fees I reassure you if it's on the blockchain Ether with 30 euros for a trade it would be too painful, but it will be on a blockchain a lot more scalable with really ridiculous fees. Even if you trade all day, it can cost you a few cents and, well, the creator of the game will be able to stake i.e. locking UOS in a smart contract in order for the players of his game to not have to pay those transaction fees. I give you another example even simpler: If there can be a thousand transactions per second in the Ultra ecosystem, a project (Assassin's Creed for example), which stakes 1% of the tokens, will have 1% of the available transactions.

Obviously it will be amounts that are much larger. This will be monitored. It will be fully scalable technically, but it will even oblige the creators of the games to lock and have an incentive in buying UOS and keeping them. Finally, imagine that you are in a game yourself. You are a player. You are used to (I'm telling you something silly I'm again refering to World of Warcraft because it's a good example) looking for rare plants to make a potion which is used by certain warriors.

I'm saying something silly. I didn't think of saying that in one of my videos, and well, there are so many requests, you have become so well known that you sell the potion for 3 euros. You make about ten potions per hour and you realize, "Well, I didn't see it coming, but that's actually my job," and you find yourself doing a lot of transactions and you can on your own stake UOS to offer your customers in the game, the potions with no transaction fees, because being a staker, you can manage an amount of free transaction per day. To make you realize how much the token UOS (like Ether in its blockchain) it will really be the gas. It's really the currency required to buy, build, create, exchange and communicate.

In this world, that is going to be the Ultra ecosystem. Today we are speaking about a token at 14 euro cents. Obviously, two weeks ago, when I told you that I was going to make a video on Ultra, it was almost 2.5 times lower. Beware of the law of supply and demand on cryptocurrency you are starting to be familiar with. Currently 40 million euros of token in circulation so the equivalent of 4300 bitcoin and about a million euros of volume per day.

Allowing you to quietly buy or sell even if the liquidity is increasing and it seems to me that a few weeks ago we were on smaller numbers. These values ​​will start to grow quite rapidly. Currently there is a a little less than a third of the UOS in circulation, that is to say about 300 million out of 1 billion tokens in total. There are only 300 million tokens out of a billion already released and there will be new ones released every six months until the end of 2022. Therefore we are really at the very beginning of this token of its usefulness. The first people who bought it in 2019 are people who bought it just to speculate. Today, that's why I wanted to make my video, because the first case of Ultra Games is about to be released, and we will start to see its utility very soon. It's good to know also that the UOS will soon be available on Uniswap and so you will be able to get these tokens ERC-20 UOS
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totally decentralized on Uniswap. For those not familiar with it's a decentralized exchange allowing you directly with your ledger or with your private key to go and exchange intra blockchain tokens.

I've already talked about the Ultra ecosystem, I told you about Ultra Games. I also told you about the wallet Ultra. I told you about the marketplace which would allow everyone to exchange NFT for UOS. But in reality the Ultra ecosystem is much much wider. So much wider that I will focus (I will name a few) but I had to do focus only on certain products and features that will be released. We have for example moreover we have a streaming platform i.e. a place where players can broadcast their content live in particular the very recently signed partnership Ultra with Teta.

Another blockchain project of distribution. Theta has a partnership with Google and Samsung … Not bad, not bad at all! It's a streaming platform that will allow creators and players to share their live experience in the game. A little bit like Twitch. But entierly from the platform and the ecosystem Ultra. Additionally there will be another Community Tab where you can talk to other players, make groups, create channels maybe a communication system a bit like Discord or Teamspeak for example. They also want to create a betting section as you know we can bet on everything today: Football matches, Basketball and even Esport results, i.e. video game tournaments. There will be a section where we can also see a live event and bet on this match with cryptocurrency. They will also create another section: a product that will be a one click miner. If you want to buy something but you can't afford it. You can leave your computer when you are not playing. You activate the mining mode and you will provide computing power to the Ultra network for monitoring transactions of other players and in return you are paid in UOS and therefore in the currency that will allow you to buy your game.

But it's really a decentralization of services. It's really individuals who will help out other individuals. Miners will themselves provide power to other users who themselves will buy tokens which will help investors to value the token which will help those who stake the token to have free transactions. It's really an ecosystem by players for players but not just on the design on the constant use of this ecosystem and that is really something that I like and I find one of the values ​​that attracts me the most in the blockchain. It's the peer to peer on so many axes and in so many ways that it really allows us to rebuild what was thought to be today a standard as is the Steam platform where when we are going to buy a game I have to go to Steam because it's Steam and that's all. When I want to contact someone, I use their means of communication and it's them who keep my information This time I will become the owner of what I have and it will be on my private key. Obviously all the documentation is in the description: their Website, their white paper, they have a technical paper.

They are translating everything into French. Thank you guys I know it's a monster job. I couldn't tell you about everything I have on my mind. There are too many things, their website, their current partnerships, what they plan to develop, their TokenEconomics, what awaits the developers, what is there for the players, how it works. Their roadmap is just amazing and I invite you to go through all this. I remind you that this was not an investment advice. You have to do your own research and the law of supply and demand can very well shake up the token making it to collapse, just like increase its value overnight.

If I present to you this ecosystem now. It's because I think it's worth it to commit, to follow them, to help them, to give them feedback and allow them to grow because frankly if I had to give them a big weakness, it's their ambition is enormous. It's a titanic job and it's not a six-month roadmap that they have. It's years and years of work They really want to disrupt and turn upside down this whole ecosystem. They have the right partners, they have the right team, they have the funds now with this ecosystem and the size of their tokens and its current price. Now we will need use cases that will happen one after the other and I really wanted to present this to my community prior to all these technical layers are linked together and piled up one after the other. You would find in the description the French Telegram, I strongly invite you to follow it if you are interested, and to exchange with the different users who provide this platform> Similarly, I will put in description the white paper, the information you need to dig a little deeper.

I will remind you do your own research before rushing headlong into an exchange to buy of the token. I count on you it's the most important. It would surprise me if their offices are open but they have a pied-à-terre in Paris, also in Estonia at Tallinn and overall I think we will hear about this cryptocurrency on a large scale very soon. It's difficult to see French people breaking through and manage to be ranked in the top 100 on CoinMarketCap. I really think that in the long term, UOS has the shoulders large enough to come into the big leagues and hopefully change not only my vision of the blockchain through gaming but also maybe my gamer point of view. I hope one day there will be a new video to announce a tournament paid in token, organized on a blockchain, on the Ultra ecosystem. Who knows? It may be an idea. I work with Ultra recently. Thanks to them to accompany me and give me the means to dig to have this data. I hope to continue working with them in the long term, in any case I will follow them and we will do our best to to be able to develop them and to see what it can result because clearly we have a real example of how the blockchain finds solutions that no other technology could so far.

That was hasheur, I hope you liked this video, do not hesitate to subscribe and activate the notifications. It's a crazy job it's hours of work I hope everyone has understood everything I try to popularize as much as possible but I don't want to lose quality but I want to stay accessible so it's a happy medium which is a little hard to find. Sometimes my glossary must appear barbarians and some of you might lose me and on the contrary some might say "ok he tells us things we already have.

It's good we understood we could go faster" so the happy medium is a little complicated to find but I hope that it pleased you and you will be there on my channel for a future presentation [Music]

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