Foreigner Hey guys and welcome to a new encoding video for the most beautiful music The instrument there are encoder violin men I hope youمل Great day today I'm back with some great content About xrp because xrp rises again company ripple is to win the men's disjointed lawsuit against them Ripple into a major part of the suit I'll tell you all about it Also a very large YouTuber with nearly 1 million users Crypto YouTube Subscribers Buy Now xrp They believe in xrp and tell their followers I've become an optimist in xrp and I want to share what happens With you because this is so cool for all the people who have been hitting XRP Saying it was a dirty coin and it was going down And it won't reach a dollar anymore they buy xrp They are buying and they are not just buying xrp they are buying xrp At 1.50 1.35 1.40 these prices are good So they closed their eyes and didn't want to listen And they hit the xrp community they spit on when xrp was 20 cents and 30 cents even less than 11 cents now وهي Buy xrp at 1.50 and want you guys We know this will continue and people will start buying xrp is also priced at two dollars, three dollars, fours Five dollars all the way to ten dollars believable It will go to two thousand three thousand dollars and They will buy our xrp and we will sell our xrp To them all the people who did not believe in us We will buy lamps, beautiful homes and yachts with their money It is said that I want to remind you to subscribe to my beautiful cipher Buy an unforgettable channel if you like the content Apply and you can always comment in the comments section No لا Scammers anymore I manually check every comment I make Allow every good or bad comment even if you have questions Feel free to ask it in the comments section there only The xrp family members are there so you can ask us about everything too if you want to Join my elite violin club, you can have a meet and Greetings and reaching out to my cues you guys and met a lot of people and me Very happy to be a part of this xrp community, we are all great people They are all lovely people Thank you for listening and let's dive inنغ In the juice and rising content I have for you today So let's first take a look at the xrp usd pair on bitstamp and see We found perfect support at this level 1.36 Cents and that's a perfect thing that's eight percent off High at 1.50 and from here where we can go guys Next resistance level is around $2 And we can easily retest it in two days Then go and test 2.50 before finally testing 3.31 Cents and guys I wanted to share this tweet from Leonidas He has 27.2K followers and he is really one of the respected xrp Members and tweeted the next last The xrp time was 1.40 cents and reached it All-time high after a few days The hashtag just says you guys that's too true for them xrp until the last time we got to 1.40 And hovering around 1.40 after two days we were trading with him All time high guys and this is very possible for xrp because xrp is an amazing crypto that gets momentum and then takes off in a couple Days then back off but explosive moves in xrp you can't See that blast in any other currencies Rise and juicy xrp so We can definitely see except that we are trading at new all-time highs in a week Having said that, let's have a look at the xp btc chart that we see here We just started, this is not the beginning We see that we have not removed a single resistance and made it support it Well the first one is at 2400 combinations and the second one is 33 at 3200 combinations and Then 4300 eventually goes to 6000 groups and 8 500 sets would achieve 300 percent price Brings us close to three and a half dollars The next level is at 430 percent, and then we also have a level at 14 It is set at 500 fine and then at 23,000 combination We have a 10x level we have here 10x from now will bring We have 10 guys so we weren't even at first but we didn't We never got all the signals and we just Starting fine until very very bullish And all the news is getting better because yesterday the 11th of April Hodor published the following daily xrp 36 seconds as he loses the battle to the financial resources of the Ripple Axle Ripple's original xrp token has risen after another big victory The San Francisco-based payment giant is in its legal battle With the US Security and Exchange Commission again New court files show that the justice of the peace Sarah Lindbourne denies Sec's access to Ripple's personal financial records السجلات Presidents Chris Larson and Brett Garlinhouse The judge confirms that the value of eight years of Financial records requests to the executive branch by sec It was not relevant to the case the court was not satisfied That the second should be entitled to get all From the personal financial records of the defendant Over eight years for the purpose of enhancing their proportions تناسب The financial motive argument is a second request for the individual The defendant's personal financial records regardless of Those logs of xrp transactions that have already been committed Not relevant or proportional to the needs of the case Boom and there's another door closed for those huge seconds Really hits people and you know what that means You will never again find any other option just because Settling because he loses face here xrp search within minutes of netber's The resolution to hit the news at the time of writing xrp is 36 inches Last 24 hours for weekly gain of 139 equivalent according to the currency market Fracture cap in case of ripple Doubles another win earlier in the week when it was revealed Referred to by Ripple a second earlier as a digital currency NXRP supporter Jeremy Hogan attorney The old document was detected and it is not displayed in Twitter apparently agreed second with Vincent Financial Crimes Enforcement Network at least back in 2016.

SSC must now Explain to the court how digital currencies I switched to digital security at that time xp writing is trading at 1.43 with a market capitalization of $65 billion Which gives it a higher value than the cardano rope And the polka dot oh, it feels so good guys I smell victory is so close I can't So you guys taste it so close to it and you know what will It happens when the news is spread that the SSC will settle with a ripple Guys five instant and instant ten The dollar is very possible guys let's go for it The following article from Hodoo Daily reports that cryptocurrency trader Ben Armstrong is Buy xrp This is why cryptocurrency analyzer and Influencer Ben Armstrong reveals that he's finally Jump on the xrp bandwagon in a new video that tells Armstrong his 780 000 youtube subscribers think xrp has gone vegan Which retailers can use to rise against the establishment So much fun looking back at what happened with vets and dogs on Wall Street It was a financial protest against who we are Seeing now with xrp in all reality is a protest of a second It is a formal protest against the status quo last December A lawsuit has been filed against a San Francisco-based startup alleging that XP It was an unregistered launch of a security opponent and is still a يزال Security to this day a legal battle with ripple The seconds have intensified over the past few weeks But now Armstrong says the push start is الدفع I'm starting to get the upper hand I think I'm starting to Look at the path to victory for Ripple now presented by the Ripple Law Team Access to see some internal memos about what others are saying xp for years I think that's a really big thing because In the end we can see Ripple win what we see is the judge of this The lawsuit you didn't bring with bs from The seconds I think are too huge for a second He came out and said sorry ripple is one on Trial not us but that's not what we see Now in fact, there are seconds on trial here, as it Burden of proof to prove that Ripple did something False Armstrong also offers his own view on xrp By saying that he believes that ripple's original assets are nothing but a security xrp is a token that is a property cryptocurrency is a property It's not a representation of a post that you guys literally have, it's amazing Large number of YouTubers with nearly 1 million subscribers They are now buying xrp for 1.50 cents and that's amazing the secondsث In trouble I knew it was big you guys A problem here guys, that's why I'm optimistic and I see a clear pause All-time highs in two days and all-time highs in two weeks We'll see ten dollars determine my bullish words no Financial advice that is said let's look at some juice Charts because I want to share with you the standard also went to Cardano One dollar xrp is trading much higher than one dollar but The younger brother of xrp xlm is currently trading at 60 Cents we can also see you get to one Dollar Why do you think this is because we got Buy four buy two and the moon and buy three signal the previous time we We got all of those signals that we hit 200 percent Now we can see the same guys for that one dollar Excellent very possible if we look at the Ethereum-Bitcoin pair we see And the ichimoku cloud is about to turn green We see all the bullish signals appearing on the chart the last time we got them All those signs and the cloud turned green We're up 60 so from now on we can test 61800 In the weekend from now on we can test 61846 Satoshi resistance here and this would lead us to 71 Ethereum Rise Guys, I am generally very optimistic and hopeful You are also an optimist and I want to tell you again I'm so proud of you guys that you held the bear market and now We're here at last we'll see the magic happen and we'll see a lot of ups The impetus that this second suit gives us Blessing we were able to get rid of weak hands that would have sold xrp at 1.50, dumped at 15 cents 20 cents ditched and scared of seconds The lawsuit and now those guys who might end up smashing the xrp price because They wanted to sell two and three dollars themselves Now you buy xrp at $1, $2, and $3 So this is a blessing for us only the rich, only the owners of the big fort The xrp army stays here and we won't sell what they say I want Thank you all for watching my videos if you like Thinking, please like and comment in the comment Department and if you want to meet and greet with me And ask me anything you want and also join my Telegram group Just enter the Elite Violin Club and I hope to see you in the next era Rising video for a great day bye You are

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