LAST CHANCE to Become a Millionaire with Cryptocurrency in 2021?! | BitBoy Crypto Interview

i definitely think there's still because the 
majority of the action happens in the eighth   and ninth inning of the bull run especially 
with altcoins you can definitely still become   a cryptocurrency millionaire but the question is 
how much money do you have to put in to get there   all right welcome back everybody to alt coin 
daily my name's austin here with my brother aaron   and of course ben armstrong founder and host of 
the largest cryptocurrency channel on youtube   ben thanks for joining us absolutely always 
love coming on your show love you guys you   guys do a great job on your channel and um 
uh thanks for having me absolutely man and   would let's just start would you give us a state 
of cryptocurrency in may 2021 from your pov   yeah well it seems like the beginning of every 
month is great so right now i think you know   things are looking promising things are looking 
good about halfway through the month for the   last several months it seems like maybe the 
narrative shifts a little bit but everything   that we're seeing in cryptocurrency um is going 
right according to plan i mean it's going right   according to the numbers that we laid out on my 
channel about it you know a year ago for or six   months ago about where we would think certain 
things would be at certain points um we haven't   nailed you know every single price prediction dead 
to the day like you know we were about two months   early on ethereum to twenty five hundred dollars a 
lot of people know that but it still got there and   it's almost four thousand dollars as of uh you 
know earlier today uh when we're recording this   so uh when you zoom out when you look at what's 
happening in crypto some people get too caught   up in like you know oh well you said the price 
is going up this week and then it goes down but   if you zoom out and look at where we're at this 
is matching all of our expectations for what we   thought was going to happen so i think in may it 
looks like you know we're going to see more of   that we're going to see the price continue to go 
up for bitcoin i think we should see it you know   hitting all-time highs again either by the end of 
this month or maybe about the middle of next month   and then in june we'll probably see a reset of the 
futures contracts the quarterly futures contracts   which have a huge you know we saw it at the end 
of march huge downward momentum and give us a   little retracement a little breathing room but 
we're right according to stock to flow so still   on track for you know a 200 000 plus bitcoin so 
would you say that uh your bitcoin projections for   the end of the year have you gotten more bullish 
less bullish or is your projections the exact same   exactly as i predicted that's what i think um i 
i mean honestly we are right where we should be   um if we get to august and we're below 80 000 
it'll be time to kind of like think about like   you know not being so bullish about the top price 
but i think definitely sometime over the summer   we're gonna hit a hundred thousand dollars 
and what people have to remember is   when it comes to these bull runs is the eighth and 
ninth innings that is when things go the craziest   so if we're at a hundred thousand dollars at the 
beginning of september or in the middle of august   it's still very conceivable that like my 
prediction by the end of september september 28th   uh you know we can still see a 300 000 uh bitcoin 
so you know when we're looking at all these high   price predictions you just got to remember almost 
all the action uh you know happens near the end   that's where things go the craziest so we can 
approach you know kind of these crazy moon numbers   and then still get there because of that upward 
momentum at the end but before we move forward   to other coins you're still sticking with 
september 28th around that time is the cycle   top yeah and i mean the day isn't necessarily that 
important i mean do it do i think it'll literally   be on that day i say give or take a week either 
direction um so sometime between september 21st   and the first week of october we're right on track 
i mean as long as we stay along the same kind of   you know uh progress where you know we're moving 
on average up about you know five to ten thousand   dollars a month somewhere around there i think it 
will get higher as it goes uh i i do think that's   going to be the end that's based on something 
called the uh bitcoin golden golden bull cycle   ratio i think is exactly what that's called by 
trading shot on trading view basically measures   that 50 of the bull run happens between the low 
point of the market and the halving and then 50   percent happens what's actually 51 49 percent uh 
the 49 happens between the having and the top of   the market and that would put you know the end of 
september so i'm looking to take profits you know   we take profits along the way because you know 
don't be a dummy make money um but we're going   to pull the majority out sometime between the 
end of august and um you know middle of october   so all metrics for this cryptocurrency bull cycle 
are pointing to that we're in the middle right now   meaning you could have been earlier could be 
a lot later but the metrics point to a middle   is it too late for the average person to 
become a cryptocurrency millionaire in 2021   if they're coming into the space today 
that is a good question i i spend a lot   of time thinking about that because you 
know one thing i definitely don't want to   um you know do on my channel is 
when it hits the point where the   risk is higher than the reward that i keep saying 
buy and so i spend a lot of time like really   thinking about what those numbers look like 
and you know i definitely think there's still   because the majority of the action happens in the 
eighth and ninth inning of the bull run especially   with altcoins you can definitely still become a 
cryptocurrency millionaire but the question is   how much money do you have to put in to get there 
um and so we're looking at you know right now the   price of ethereum being around you know thirty 
five hundred dollars or three thousand dollars   let's say and my top predictions like twenty seven 
thousand dollars you could say like okay like a 9x   so if you had six figures right now to put into 
crypto you could potentially become a millionaire   pretty easily i think by the end of this bull 
run as long as things continue according to plan   um but then when you start looking at all 
coins it's like the longer the cycle goes   the further down coin market cap you have to look 
to find something that could still give you those   kind of like upside uh you know x's you know how 
many x's a hundred x a thousand x whatever it is   you gotta go further down the market cap to find 
those because we just are looking at like like   i'm looking to coin market cap right now um 
and you're looking at anything that is number   17 and below so set number one through 17 on coin 
market cap i mean they already all have over 10   billion market caps so the math just isn't on 
your favor it isn't on your side the the further   up you go um but so i think you can still become a 
cryptocurrency millionaire but the amount of money   you need to put in is getting higher by the day 
let me ask you something um obviously the most   risk adjusted bet is bitcoin that's going to 
be the safest cryptocurrency you can put your   money in so obviously there's going to be 
a risk if you're going for low-cap altcoins   but what do you look for when you're trying to 
find those special altcoins obviously i want   to get an early um but are you looking for like 
who's behind it if there's you know hedge funds   or like that kind of capital what do you look 
for personally well there's two different ways of   thinking i i've kind of turned away from the more 
the more risky stuff like over the summer like we   would just throw money in anything you know and 
some of it would get rug pulled and you would   just you know it was what it is part of the game 
we're seeing that on binding at smart chain right   now with a lot of projects that are scammy and and 
rug pulse but there's certainly a strategy to just   you know they say it aping you know aping into 
everything that's what the kids say these days   so you just ate into every coin you're going to 
get rug pulled on some some are going to go 100x   000x for that it really is just a matter of 
finding where the money is flowing finding where   the whale money is flowing you're getting like in 
gym hunter groups and just hope you're not getting   scammed and pump and dumped you know and look 
in those groups and find out the newest latest   because my research team like they're giving me 
coins every day they're like insanely high returns   but some of them are you know crashing 
overnight now we don't talk as much about these   anymore because i think with my responsibility 
where i'm at in crypto with the channel   that like it's not responsible for me to give 
you a coin that may you know like you may make   a lot of money but you could also get scammed 
so i'm not gonna give those but i see the list   that's a djinn like degenerate way of absolutely 
making a lot of money um but it's really risky   in terms of looking for low cap like true gems 
like ones that are going to be around in you know   maybe five years from now and they're going to 
actually have staying value and staying potential   you have to look at who's backing them like look 
at bit clout for instance like i'm not a fan of   big cloud because i don't like any projects that 
are anonymous or pseudonymous outside of bitcoin   anymore um just too much risk there for me as a 
content creator to talk about them but look at   big clout it's going to do well um because you've 
got andreessen horowitz behind it you've got naval   behind it you got the winklevoss twins behind 
it you got so much big money behind it there's   something going on there and so i look at projects 
like um frontier backed by coinbase that's a   low-cap gym we've talked a lot about i think it 
is you do have to look at number one what are they   trying to do like if you're looking to project 
let's say the supply chain tracking for instance   right v chain has an absolute like stranglehold on 
that space right now i can't even really think of   anything that's a a good competitor so if you 
look at the supply chain tracking space like   is that hot are you really going to have projects 
outside of each aim that are going to be crushing   it in that niche no but you can look at 
projects like nft projects or decentralized   finance projects like divi is you know one of my 
passions for sure because i hate banks so much   um the people watching my channel they 
know how much i hate them that's not like   talk like i really do have had so 
many problems with banks it's insane   um but when you look at diva projects those 
probably have the most bang for their buck   because they have staying power so look for the 
backers behind them look at what they're trying   to achieve and say can they pull this off so 
that's really how you find those low cap jumps   what is the biggest opportunity in crypto 
right now is it the low caps is it the nfts   something else i mean i still think decentralized 
finance is the biggest opportunity and i know nfts   nfts are they fit within decentralized 
exchange you know kind of because you know   it's a decentralized marketplace where you're 
trading back and forth tokens so in some ways   nft platforms are dexes i guess you could say um 
but at the end of the day uh you know the larger   space is decentralized finance and so i read 
a really interesting article um about ethereum   and its potential and decentralized finance 
and what it was saying is is that right now   the mainstream is actually starting to get 
interested in d5 we didn't see that in the   run over the summer we just saw the crypto degens 
that's what we call them you know it's people that   will just throw money into anything hoping they 
get returns if they lose it they lose it uh it's   the people that are you know searching finance 
smart chain searching unit swap searching dex   uh dextools searching all those projects and and 
looking for ones that are super low caps right   but you know i think that when the mainstream 
finally comes to d5 and you've got these people   realizing like wait a second i could have made 
two percent on wall street this week or this   year and i could take that same money and i can 
put it into you know a staking platform a yield   farming platform and i can get 15 or 20 percent 
back like that's insane when people really start   to discover that those are great ways to make 
money i think they're going to come in mass to d5   so this article was really encouraging saying like 
hey you know with the biggest of run with as big   of a run as we had with devi over the summer the 
mainstream wasn't even in it and then you think   like oh if retail investors and mainstream comes 
in like how much bigger can d5 get and this is   to me decentralized finance is cryptocurrency 
like right it is what it's about bitcoin was   supposed to be the first layer of the money 
right well defy is crypto meets money you know   it's blockchain needs money so it's obviously in 
my opinion the biggest opportunity out there i   think a lot of those projects can be i guess bear 
market proof um that's that's not really true no   don't say that there's another thing is a bear 
marketproof project okay anybody tells you that's   crazy but what i mean is they have a chance to 
continue their use case over the bear market and   people still get excited about returns because 
it's making money so to me that's that's the   number one opportunity also i heard a theory 
on twitter regarding d5 like because ethereum   is obviously doing great there's going to be a 
wealth effect for ethereums they're going to have   they're going to feel like they have a lot of 
money and they're probably going to put some in d5   yeah i i think that's true i mean 
i that's why i did a video a couple   uh maybe it was a week ago uh maybe a week 
and a half ago talking about what i think   the top uh you know the top coins were going to 
be in the next week or so and it was all projects   related to ethereum you had uniswap uh ave uh and 
polygon and then sure enough they all pumped last   week so there's definitely a network effect but 
there's also like a larger speculation effect   that occurs when ethereum is doing well is 
you're going to see projects connected to   ethereum doing well and not only that like let's 
say sax guys like the the maxies hate it but the   berlin hard fork that occurred a couple weeks 
ago or last week whatever it was for ethereum   it worked like gas fees are much lower this week 
than they were last week and so that gives promise   also for e2.0 that it's actually going to be able 
to solve all these problems look at the london   hardwork that's coming in july they're going to 
burn billions worth of dollars of ethereum and   so when ethereum's hot these other projects 
do well anything connected to it does well   and so i think with that lowering of the gas fees 
and we you know continue to see that process over   the summer i think we are going to see anything 
connected to ethereum like absolutely crush it i   still believe by the end of this bull run ethereum 
is going to be a household name just like bitcoin   i think it's pretty household at this point i 
mean it's getting close yeah well like so last   time you're on our channel you jokingly called 
yourself an ethereum maximalist i take it you're   still just as bullish what what are your thoughts 
as far as uh price yeah so i i mean i have nothing   that i've seen to make me change my prediction for 
ethereum um you know i we were a little bit early   on calling the 2500 eath it took an extra couple 
months but we got there and now it's exploded   up to 3 500 i mean i don't know when people are 
watching this but as of this morning it was there   it had a little bit of a pullback so we don't know 
but it looks like 4 000 is pretty achievable for   ethereum even though bitcoin's not doing that 
great so i'm looking at by the middle of june   a five thousand dollar ethereum i'm looking at by 
the end of august to ten thousand dollar ethereum   and i still believe it can get to twenty seven 
thousand dollars um but sometime between halloween   and uh thanksgiving so i i mean i i think ethereum 
is is going to stay number two and there's so much   there's so many i guess good vibes as the kids say 
right there's so many good vibes about ethereum   now these gas fees have gotten lower that i think 
that's going to loosen up some of the stranglehold   that the negative narrative of gas fees has 
had on it so i think that's going to um you   know have a big effect what do you think is the 
bare minimum ethereum can reach this cycle like   bottom line it's got to reach this at the top ten 
thousand dollars like bare minimum there's no way   on earth i i said i'd shave my head but i'll 
shave my head on new year's day if it doesn't hit   ten thousand dollars by the end of this year now 
it'll probably be a very good chance it could be   lower than ten thousand dollars like by the end 
of the year because it would have had to blow   off top and drop fifty percent or whatever but 
i still think i think fifteen to twenty thousand   dollars is extremely achievable and likely 
um my twenty seven thousand 000 prediction is   just when you start doing the math of the 
market cap like it's a pretty bullish pretty   pretty moon boy prediction um but i do think it 
can get there and i think that we haven't seen   the retail investor right now we're seeing the 
retail investor in general interested in crypto   i saw an article that said 64 of people in 
america are interested in cryptocurrency   that is insane when you think about that number 
right but they're still not investing or if they   are it's very minimally you know maybe on uh robin 
hood or paypal or whatever when the true retail   investor comes in you know the prices are going 
to go insane and that's what we're going to see   the thing people don't think about when you think 
about a 27 000 ethereum is we're not going to have   a 27 000 ethereum the same day that we have a 320 
000 bitcoin right you're going to see a a 320 000   bitcoin and then you're going to see it drop 
25 percent and that money flow into ethereum so   you're not going to see the peaks of both of these 
at the same time so um you know but i i definitely   believe 10 000 is definitely the minimum i think 
15 to 20 000 is extremely likely and then anything   above that is bonus this next question i want to 
spend a little time on because as much excitement   we're seeing for ethereum and eth 2.0 and 
the d5 ecosystem on eth we're seeing some   substantial excitement for cardano so would you 
give me your updated thoughts on cardano in 2021   and what you would say how much how many cardano 
ada do you need to be quote unquote wealthy   yeah so in in my opinion um i love cardano like 
enzo i i feel like a lot of times i make this   joke that i i'm in a love triangle with ethereum 
and cardona because when ethereum's doing good   we're talking a lot about ethereum and the cardano 
people hate us and then when cardano is doing well   we're talking a lot about cardano and the ethereum 
people hate us but we can love both you know like   we can believe in a future like like you can 
believe that like you know uh google and yahoo   were both going to be you know market share take 
up market share and and search on the internet   right but of course most people google was better 
you know has a higher market share a lot of people   know that obviously but in the decentralized 
platform space and decentralized web 3.0 you're   not going to just have one player like that's just 
not going to be the way that it's going to work so   i believe there's room for ethereum and cardano 
and polka dot to some extent i'm i don't like   polka dot as much as i like the other two my 
instructors the imagination i also love solana   i love elrond those are two projects that i really 
like as well they're in the smart contract space   um but for cardano specifically i've said 
this for a long time like even when cardano   gets super mega bullish and we start looking 
like well where can it get like i've stuck to   my same prediction which is about eight somewhere 
between eight and nine dollars for this bull run   um and i think we're still gonna get there for 
sure but the thing is is cardano is a play for   four years from now like i think we're seeing 
kind of a a mini not many that's not the right   word we're seeing a macro alt coin season so to 
speak when it comes to cryptocurrency in general   the last bull run obviously bitcoin was pumping 
the institutional money came in started putting   money in bitcoin that was kind of the end of the 
bull market right this bull run this judicial   money is is in bitcoin but now it's starting to 
flow down to ethereum and we're starting to see   a company like me too meitu over in asia put a 
bunch of money in ethereum we're seeing ethereum   etfs we're seeing institutional channels 
we're seeing the futures contracts we got   released on ethereum they went from i think it 
was like 27 million at the end of quarter four   last year to like three billion at the end of 
quarter one like insane institutional demand   i think in the next bull run i think we're going 
to see that institutional man demand start moving   to the other coins so you're going to see cardano 
start getting some benefits uh polka dot chain   link start getting some of those benefits um and 
then who knows i don't know if the institutions   will eventually you know put money in micro caps 
like we see in the the overall crypto market   but once that institutional money starts flowing 
into you know cardano and these other projects   that's when that's where the big money is like 
the retail investors pushed the blow off top   the institutions are what have made this in 
corporations as well not just institutions   but obviously microstrategy and um you know all 
tesla right we saw what tesla did with the buy   hopefully we're going to get news of you know more 
buys from corporations over the next few weeks   um as these earnings reports come out like i know 
maybe walmart well that's what a lot of people are   saying i think may 18th is the day that we get 
that report but i think what we're seeing is   for the next bull run that's where cartano's true 
potential is so when you start looking at how high   that price can go i mean i it's hard to say for 
the next bull run but if it were to get to eight   to ten dollars on this one you can conceivably 
see you know somewhere between 50 and 100 in the   next one uh would be achievable and so in that in 
that case if you say uh from basically let's just   say it's at one dollar now it's higher than that 
but at one dollar to a hundred dollars like that's   100x so you start working backwards and figuring 
out how much cardano you would actually need   to be a millionaire and you know the number 
i would think would be somewhere around you   know some somewhere around um uh uh ten thousand i 
think for ten thousand you could probably become a   millionaire down the road with cardano um but it's 
certainly not gonna be during during this bull run   so do you think speed is a factor uh how 
much of a factor do you think the speed of   launching these smart contracts of of of charles 
hoskinson and iohk and cardano staying competitive   with polkadot who is starting to form their adap 
ecosystem now how much of a factor will that play   i i don't think speed's that important because 
we're about to go through a bear market   you know like so a lot of these projects are built 
during the bear market um they they come to their   final form if you will during bear markets 
that's where the most work is done because   i can and i know you guys can relate to this like 
i'm exhausted you know like during a bull run like   even as just a youtuber like i'm exhausted like 
i can't imagine for all of the like i can't wait   until we have a bear market so i can like go 
on a real vacation and not have to wake up and   make videos or you know whatever like i love 
i love what i do don't get me wrong but like   i've had to put off stuff that i really want to do 
like i'm going on a two-week trip to alaska like   i can't do it this year you know how to 
do it next year in the bear market so   i think that uh you know for projects 
they're going through the same thing they're   they're exhausted right now and so i'm sure 
they can't even see in front of their face   they're working so hard so i think once the bear 
market comes in they can kind of have a reset   and look and so like if we were if this were a 
different part in the cycle like i think that   would matter more but right now everything's 
speculative right like we're not we're not   investing in cardano because we think it's going 
to be a great platform you're investing it because   you think it's going to be worth more by the end 
of this year than when you're putting money in   um but i think once we move to the next bull 
run in four years from now you are gonna look   there's gonna be more you know connectedness 
if you will between the actual use case uh the   market share of the platform so because of that 
like i think cardano they had the slow road map   they're kind of known for that and it is a little 
discouraging that they have to keep delaying stuff   over and over and over again but you got to admit 
it seems like a pretty smart plan like launch it   the peak of the last bull run right like launch 
the coin the peak of the last ball run and have it   come to its you know to to where it is now during 
the peak of this bull run where it's actually like   decentralized and having the governance and smart 
contracts and all that like seems like maybe that   was the plan the whole time you know to really be 
launching it during the heat of the bull run so   sometimes i think he planned it all like honestly 
i think i think he planned the entire road map of   cardano delays everything to be based upon the 
peaks of these markets so i think we'll see the   same thing in the next one and um you know it's 
exciting to look at where cardano and polkadot are   from the perspective of um they're both they're 
both about where ethereum was in 2018.

You know   towards the end of the year ecosystem starting 
to full starting to fill up starting to develop   but it's nowhere near where it's going to be so 
it's going to be a you know several more years   where we can really judge how big these ecosystems 
are and uh you know cardona's got the most engaged   community in crypto so anything they launch is 
going to do well they got a lot of launch pads   coming out soon card starter auckland finance 
we're investing in both those projects excited   to see all the projects launching on cardona 
cryptocurrency youtube usually is sort of the   first line of defense for new people coming 
to the space and learning about cryptocurrency   from your pov what are some of the top three 
mistakes new cryptocurrency investors should avoid   yeah i would say the number one mistake that a 
lot of people you know participate in i guess you   can say or make is not understanding what they're 
investing in and i think that you know it's very   easy when you come into the top of a bull market 
to make money on anything we know that but all   those people that are making the money at the 
top they're going to lose all the money because   they don't understand what they're investing in 
they don't understand the long-term potential   they don't understand the difference between 
um you know safe moon and you know ethereum   like they're just to them it's just something 
somebody told me to put money in so you have   to understand what you're investing in um that's 
number one and number two uh i would say getting   lost in between the euphoria and the depression 
because right now we're in euphoria i mean we're   not technically yet right but everybody's excited 
people are making money like things are great   in the bear market it will be like depression 
and when you get caught in between those two   emotions it affects what you're doing and so at 
the top of the market you're putting money into   stupid stuff you've never heard of just trying to 
you know whatever and you're talking about oh i'm   going to be a millionaire in three months in the 
bear market you're looking at it at an ethereum   that's 80 and you're saying oh god it's 
overvalued like oh this is so terrible like   imagine like getting you know a 40x or whatever it 
is approximately if you would have bought a theory   when it i think it went down to 79 or something 
at the low point after the march crash so   the thing is is you really have to understand 
the the weight that your emotions have on you in   investing i mean really that's what charts are 
charts are 100 psychology that's only tracking   human behavior and its tendencies to buy or 
sell based upon the value of an asset going   up or down i mean that's what charts are so those 
would be the two things the number number three   thing i would say um is just not taking profits 
you know understand like i'm taking profits now   a significant amount i mean we bought a new 
building so we pull money out to do that   uh that's a tangible asset in real life that um 
you know i have now that won't be going away uh so   taking profits along the way when you're making 
money like greed takes over people you know you   just say like they always say like you have two 
different types of people you know when they start   making a lot of money like one person they will be 
more like i want all the money and i'm gonna take   all the money i'm gonna keep it all to myself and 
they're gonna become very like miserly and stingy   and whatever they got other people that you start 
making a lot of money you start looking like   how you can help people and how you can you know 
how how you can grow your wealth but it's not like   you know where it's all you think about and 
i think that for the people that get really   stingy they get way too greedy with things i think 
like as long as you're able to take your profits   and help people or help your family or whatever 
the case may be you're gonna be in a good spot   when you start getting to a point where you want 
to keep every single penny every single time for   yourself you stop taking profits because you just 
think oh well if i take you know five percent out   here eventually that could grow into much much 
more down the road and that's how people get you   know that go from being worth nothing to a million 
dollars in a year and then back to nothing in a   year so um i would say you definitely want to take 
profits along the way whether it's a few percent   just use common sense if you have a coin 
that goes up three or four hundred percent   that's incredible money like you'll never make 
that in the stock market you'd have to compound   your gains on the stock market for like 20 
years to be able to get returns like that i   guess i mean i don't i invest in coinbase that 
stock uh peloton that's another one i have and   and like uh it might be able to double in price 
in five years i was told so like you know we're   so lucky in cryptocurrency that we have these kind 
of life-changing gains that we can get you got to   understand that market cycle i mean that's kind 
of part of being being educated and understanding   the emotions but the number one most important 
thing to learn in crypto is the market cycles and   that's how we all have been able to predict these 
price rises like our numbers may not be the exact   same but we all knew this was coming you know it's 
because we understand the history so understanding   the history getting educated learning to take 
profits and not getting caught in the emotions   of the market i think are the key ways uh that 
you're gonna be able to do well in cryptocurrency   cool and you're famously known for being the 
largest cryptocurrency influencer on youtube   i know you've made it very clear as well as our 
channel but what responsibilities come with being   a crypto influencer yeah we so like and you know 
this the more you grow the more responsibility you   have and i i think there's a lot of stuff that 
goes on um you know on the internet on social   media where people they just like they make up 
accusations it's like one guy said on twitter   today he's like oh you know i think it was on 
your thread about what to ask me or the interviews   like just ask him like how much money it would 
take for him to show a coin i'm just like like when it comes to sponsorships on these 
channels like i turn down 98 to 99 of   anyone who contacts me there's no amount of money 
that i would i turned down a million dollars for   a review one time and it's not about the money 
it's about the responsibility that i have to my   audience and how much and how deeply passionately 
i care about every single person that watches my   channel and i don't want any person out there 
to ever lose money now we understand the markets   work like we'll never be able to prevent people 
from losing money right i had a guy who he came   to one of my meetups and he said listen i know 
we we did a q a and he said i understand that   you always tell us like don't fomo into the top 
of coins find a good entry but i fomo into all   the coins what do i do it's like don't fomo into 
all the coins you have to understand that like   look when when a vid when a uh a coin starts to 
get popular whether it's print from awareness from   twitter or youtube video or whatever it is half 
the people that are investing in it in that short   period of time they're going to make money because 
they're going to turn around and they're going   to sell it to the other people that are buying it 
at the top and that's the way that a market works   it's just like poker right like in poker you know 
if you play the same way consistently over time   you'll make money if you look for good entries 
consistently in crypto you'll make money when   you're buying at the top you're not going to 
make money and so the responsibility is not just   to you know make sure that you know we're not 
just doing things for money it's not just to   make sure that we're talking about coins that 
have good upside certainly sometimes we can talk   about coins that we think have potential we don't 
know how they're gonna do um but it but it's also   giving the message of the right things to do 
to people like uh one thing that i'm very very   proud of is that you know people come up to me 
at meetups or like in miami we were at the miami   crypto experience conference and we had hundreds 
of people you know talk to me during that time and   uh from my community and stuff like that and 
you know they would all say if they happen to   talk to me about like buy better about leverage 
trading like they would always say like i know you   always say like don't get wrecked use your stop 
losses be responsible but yada yada yada you know   they're getting the message right but 
everybody's gonna be perfect everybody's   not gonna do everything the right way but making 
sure that we're talking about the right stuff   we're giving the right messages to people so 
they understand the best practice but you you   guys know as well as i do like getting wrecked 
is kind of part of being in crypto that's how   you understand that's how you experience um the 
you know things that down the road will make you   a lot more money because you make mistakes along 
the way so you know making mistakes along the way   in crypto is part of it and and having people 
feel like they have a place to go and talk and   not feel judged like there was a guy who um 
in my chat one day while i was live streaming   he said that he had just sold all of his aetherium 
for cardano and that was when cardano was at like   a dollar seventy you know at the very top 
and a lot of people in the chat were like   oh my god that guy's such an idiot you told us not 
to do that and blah blah blah what a dummy like   can't believe you did that and i was like okay 
guys stop listen this is not a place where we're   going to be here and we're going to criticize 
people for their decisions and say like you're   an idiot because you know you didn't do exactly 
what i said like that's a process people have to   learn that and so having a community and we have 
one of the strongest communities in all of crypto   um i love you guys i love you guys i believe i 
have the strongest community in all crypto and   you know part of that is feeling like accepted 
to like it's okay if you make mistakes like it's   okay if you do the wrong thing uh if if you get a 
bat it like the guy said meet up like he said like   you tell me not to fomo but i do like what do 
i do don't answer that in like a condemning way   we want our biggest responsibility in 
crypto is bringing more people into crypto   and shepherding those people and making sure 
they're having a good experience and are going   to come in and just turn around and leave 
because they lose money so there's a lot that   plays into it i i spend you know a lot of nights 
thinking about my responsibility and just how much   how much say we have over what happens in 
cryptocurrency and it's a beautiful thing   that we have the chance to shape narratives and 
have people understand that this is an accepting   community this is not a place where we're going 
to like trash people all the time so um that's   definitely something i think about a lot two 
things i just want to say one you do have a very   passionate community us as well i would encourage 
the audience watching right now check the comment   section and see which community is stronger 
we will see and two i've often compared it to   watching crypto content creators is sort of like 
watching sports broad commentators like stephen a   smith or skip bayless where you watch them to get 
a lay of the land and understand but also i would   never place a sports bet based on something 
skip bayless said that's me yeah everything   else it does come with insane responsibility 
and as long as you disclose any sponsorship   that's the most important thing for me yeah but 
uh by the way dude i totally understand what   she means like you can like try and get impart 
people what you've learned your best insights like   like but ultimately they just do whatever they 
want and go you know go into d gens like we just   like uh went to like a bitcoin meetup a bitcoin 
specific meetup and we plugged it on our channels   like anybody in southern california could come 
and i told everybody hey guys have a little bit   of tact though you know proudly say that you came 
because of altcoin daily but don't go there and   show your low-cap gem because this is a bitcoin 
meetup but still like tons of i was surprised   too many people came from our audience and still 
like plenty of people were like what do you think   about cardano what do you think about polka dot 
yeah okay and also dude i'm always surprised like   um when i meet people in real life who say they 
watch our channel and i say what what channels do   you watch they're always tons of people always 
say i watch altcoin daily and i watch bitcoin   and yeah that's just what people tell me 
i'm always surprised but that's pretty cool   yeah i love that i mean i know a lot of people 
like you guys know we're us we're friends like   we're friends in real life and um we know each 
other pretty well and you know we haven't seen   each other in person in a while can't wait to do 
that eventually but um you know always encourage   people like you guys are a great channel and i 
love your community and uh you know i'm always   like very glad when i hear people are listening 
to you and um you know some of the other channels   out there that are giving good information 
because i know you're good dudes you know i   mean that's what it boils down to and um you know 
you know how it is like social media is vicious   you know like they're out there like you know 
people say a lot of stuff about me i'm just like   literally not true they just say stuff like they 
don't understand people that watch our channel   people are in our communities like they know the 
kind of people that we are and they know what we   stand for and um you know as long as we're in this 
together we're bringing more people in i mean it's   it's all good so that's good to hear that you know 
a lot of your you know people you see listen to us   a lot of people that i see listen to you so ditto 
all right i think we've got two big questions left   austin which one you want to hit first i think 
i'll let you choose okay ben top three to five   low cap alt coins on your radar in may 2021 give 
it to us yeah so there there's three projects that   i've been like pretty bullish on for a long time 
um and two of them are finance coins and one's   not and we've done videos about these uh a lot of 
these in the past but um apy finance and frontier   and um uh nord finance these are projects that 
all have a lot of big backing we were talking   earlier about big backing like coinbase bax 
frontier uh there's a lot of big venture capital   money in apy finance and it's like sometimes what 
happens is you have some of these bigger projects   uh that are or you have some of these lower 
cap projects that have the big money behind   it and you're like what are what is going on with 
these coins here like why are these not exploding   yet it's like there's some stuff in play in crypto 
that a lot of people can't really understand where   some things you front run like you talk about some 
of these projects that do really well and or that   should do well based on their backing based on 
their tokenomics based on their fundamentals   and then they start to get a little push and then 
they kind of disappear and and a lot of people   like what happened did you sell all your coins 
or you know do you still like this because you   don't talk about every day crypto a lot of stuff 
is timing and so you know when we find a lot of   these projects that we think are very low cap gyms 
that have a lot of upside you know we're not going   to talk about them every single day but there will 
be a time where they have their part in the cycle   um i would say another project those are 
kind of three i kind of grouped together   these three projects that i really like 
that i think are going to do really well   to them refinance frontier um you know has a 
wallet it's got like i said coinbase's coinbase   backs like that should tell you everything you 
need to know another project that i really like   it's not necessarily like super low cap it is 
outside of the top 100 right now it's coming   in at let me see what number it is right now 
um right now it's coming at 299 so the top 300   uh ethernet chain i love ethernet it's a great 
project and a lot of people have seen it go   straight down and we started talking about it 
started doing really well they had a lot of   big releases a lot of big nft releases people are 
excited about it and then if you look at the chart   it peaked out at the end of march 
and it was just like stair step down   what it was is that you know a lot of these 
are private sales and they have a lot of big   investment money into it and then they have 
what's called vesting schedules and so over   time a certain amount of coins get released to 
the investors and a lot of times they're like   once a month once a quarter um i'm in one that's 
a five-year investing schedule so we don't get all   of our tokens for five years um but ethernet 
chose a very interesting strategy which was   they're going to release their private sale every 
week for 12 weeks and it was going to be over and   so what i think it was 12 weeks or maybe it was 
eight weeks ten weeks whatever it is it's over   now all the tokens are out there so now we've seen 
the price bottom and it'll start going up this is   nft project that you know they work with fernando 
tatis of the padres uh they had a muhammad ali   collection they've got a lot of big names tony 
hawk the winklevoss twins once again are behind   that one so that that's one that now should have 
hit a bottom and should be climbing back up um it   was doing pretty well up until uh you know the 
the market dropped a little bit but i i think   that's one that i'm looking at that i think is 
really well uh you know i'm gonna do really well   and then kind of in the same nft for the fifth 
coin i would say super farm i mean i love elio   he's a good friend of mine and uh you know we're 
actually looking at launching ft's on his platform   and you know really when you've got somebody like 
elio that's got as big of a platform as he has   and he's all in on you know gaming and nfts he's 
been talking about gaming projects for a long time   it's talking about doing skins for different games 
uh through super farm i think that's another one   that's that's going to be vastly underrated you 
have these projects these launch they got a lot of   hype you guys know this what happens is then they 
have to actually put out what they're going to put   out and there's a period of waiting there and 
i think that's what we've seen with super farms   out the gate it did real well and then they've 
been waiting to put out their their beta launch   you know they're they're launching their launch 
pad is coming out very soon um or maybe it's out   now i can't remember i didn't i didn't watch the 
video but i was talking about their launch pad   but this is one that we are going to be launching 
nfts on not our own fts we're working with uh you   know a lot of uh you know actually just had a call 
with an nba team a few minutes ago um i've got you   know several other celebrities and athletes that 
want to do an fts with us so that's one platform   we're gonna be launching a lot of those on i know 
a lot of people are looking at the same stuff so   um that those would be five that i'm looking at 
right now that i think are gonna do really well   the first three i'm looking at doing really well 
over the rest of this bull run i think those other   two ethernet and super farm uh you know probably 
over the next three months are going to kill it   so you're trying to form partnerships and you 
are forming them with celebrities or athletes   or notable people and you guys are going to 
make nfts together and you chose super farm   why yeah well when you think about um i know 
a lot of the connections that elio has with   a lot of the celebrities that he's working with 
and a lot of the the uh big names right but when   we're looking at something that is going to be a 
launch pad okay what are you really looking for   well you're going to want to look for something 
that's going to get a lot of awareness right   elio has a launch pad he's got a gigantic channel 
and a huge platform um so because of that he has a   way bigger platform than any other nft project 
right like who do the nft projects go to they   come to us they come to us for promotion so when 
you've got elio that's done all the groundwork um   and plus i just know he's a good dude so i trust 
everything he does um you know when you think   of that platform that he has and how how much his 
nfts have crushed it anything he's launched of his   own fts have done so well um it's easy to see that 
you've got that awareness combined with the the   know-how of doing it along with he's got the deep 
passion he's been telling about nfts for years   like he's been pounding this into my brain that 
this is going to be the next big thing for years   before it even was a big thing and it was even 
on our you know on our radar of course a lot of   people know like you know i've got the comic the 
comic series and stuff like that we're having an   nft comic book we had a wax release this was what 
the channel was this is what the channel started   as but like doing them as nfts wasn't on our radar 
until last year and so um you know i definitely   think that it's a platform to watch and you know 
i i know a lot about um kind of the inner workings   of what he's doing and so for us that's one that 
we're definitely looking to to do launches on so   you know why why would you go to you know another 
platform to launch something that's then gonna go   to other youtubers and ask them to promote it so 
i think there's a lot of built-in synergy there   um along as i mean i value relationships 
as well so that's a big part of it too i   understand he he checks a bunch of boxes the 
project and you just know him and you trust   him the familiarities you're going to work with 
him i get it and i and i shouldn't say you know   we like him too we do own some super farm and 
for me it's like as not a developer or not a   traditional code or background i look at the team 
and like for me that's a large majority of the   check boxes i need to fill to be like okay they 
seem like it's in capable hands but next question   elon musk is hosting snl tonight even though 
we're filming this a few days earlier and he   has confirmed that dogecoin will be mentioned how 
significant is this to the doge army and should   doge holders be worried about a massive dump later 
tonight do you guys hold any dogecoin i do not   but i don't know what you do aaron it's a no it's 
a no but i'm surprised some of my smartest friends   who understand what bitcoin is um are also like 
ethereum don't really do too much else they're   like into doge they're like excited about it yeah 
well i'll tell you this i i bought dogecoin um at   about one cent and i sold it at eight cents and i 
thought it was a genius and i had bought about ten   thousand dollars of it at a penny i sold a little 
bit along the way so i had made you know probably   fifty or sixty thousand dollars um on that and 
that was back when like things were going you   know super crazy i did not buy any doge after that 
until last week and over the weekend on saturday   i bought 80 000 worth of doge at uh 36 cents 
right now at the time it's filming it's 55 cents   so i have been anticipating this huge doge pump 
over this week and for me it's like looking at   risk versus reward at over 50 cents i would 
not buy dosh it under 50 cents where you say   i think it can get to a dollar in the next few 
months possibly especially with this week with   this stuff going on it always got to get to 75 
percent or 75 cents for me to double my money   on it i know the the math if you just ignore the 
math it's crazy i know right because you're like   the market cap like how in the world can it get to 
that but yet it just keeps going and so for me i   look at it more as like short-term trades and so 
um probably by the time people are watching this   i probably all sold on my dose because i want to 
sell it before saturday night live not after then   that's something you just learn in crypto like 
you buy the rumor you sell the news the rumor is   doge on saturday night live but what if they come 
out and they mock doge on saturday night live like   you know because i mean really elon musk's whole 
thing with dogecoin if people don't get the bigger   thing he's saying his bigger social commentary 
it's all money's a joke like that's what he's   really saying is that the dollar is just as 
big of a joke as dogecoin so let's just all   buy dose coin you know that's kind of his message 
in this is our whole financial system is a mess um   and so because of that um you know who knows 
what they're going to do on saturday night live   maybe it just gets a mention maybe just wear some 
doziers during his monologue like i don't think   there's going to get any there's going to be any 
kind of like groundbreaking news that you know   is going to make it pump but if there is going 
to be attention there is going to be awareness   i think the one thing that this whole entire 
dogecoin pump over the last couple months   uh wall street bets going back to all that i think 
the one thing this has shown us number one kids   on tick tock are stronger than people on twitter 
you know um but number two is just how much we can   really achieve and how much money there really is 
out there when we work together because it's just   people buying doge they're really working together 
to help you know move the price in crypto and   bitcoin ethereum like i think we get too caught 
up in thinking we're smarter than everybody else   um sometimes for sure i know that's a big problem 
is talking over people's heads and stuff like that   but if we could all just get our stuff 
together like we really could change things   with cryptocurrency like that's what that's the 
message i've gotten from this whole thing is if   you got all these kids that can all just kind of 
agree like let's work together and let's just buy   this coin and make the price go up like hey 
we could change the entire financial system   there's more of us than there are of them you know 
there's more of us that want to change the system   than the ones that want to keep it the same is 
really just all coming together and kind of you   know becoming one to do that which the kids are 
better at than we are so i never would have i knew   doge would be around this cycle and it would be 
talked about but i never would have projected that   it would have such legs this cycle when it was 
when it was you know in the news and it was talked   about last cycle for four legs dog legs do what 
what are the odds in your opinion that dogecoin   will have the same sort of legs or awareness 
you know two to four years from now next cycle   i mean you understand bitcoin does play a 
role in the crypto market i mean it's not   just i i hate when people call it joe coin 
like because really it's nobody's laughing   you know like trillions of dollars in market cap 
um it's absolutely crushing it um or not trillions   of dollars i'm sorry billions of dollars in market 
cap is the number four overall cryptocurrency is   the time we're recording this um so it's not 
really a joke like yeah the guy who started it   started it you know he named it after a meme but 
really that's all that it is i i think it does   have a role with liquidity it's the lowest price 
coin um outside or outside of v chain in the top   20.

So if you look at liquidity and trades and 
stuff like that like a lot of people are using   if you go look at the order books on finance 
or dogecoin even before all this happened   it's insane how many bitcoin is on each satoshi 
someone wants to do a little fun experiment go   check that out it'll blow your mind like look 
at the number of bitcoin per satoshi on dogecoin   and then go look at any other coin in the top 20. 
it'll blow you away it'll really kind of change   the way you you look at it so i do think dogecoin 
does play a role in the overall crypto markets   um is it going to stay in the top 10 for the 
next four years absolutely not like it will   drop out of the top 10 but it'll probably 
have a resurgence at some point um you know   we've seen that over and over again so i would 
like to say the dogecoin is the first coin in 2021   that has actually exceeded my price prediction 
for it so it's the first one that i actually hit   in exceed it was 25 cents i thought that was 
crazy you know um but it's kind of like well   beyond that so um i guess nobody can call me a 
moonboy thanks george but you are saying that   with dogecoin this time is different and 
there won't be any bitter bitter feelings   um no no you mean like in terms of um like uh 
there will be a bear market kind of for it or   what do you mean in terms of that no i was just 
kind of joking just because it's like yeah it's   like oh next cycle it's still going to be a thing 
but of course you know you know you don't want to   be holding too much doge or any doge in the bear 
market i was just no yeah it's just like i tell   people i mean you know about meme coins and 
and things like that like r and really i mean   like litecoin is kind of a meme coin right 
like litecoin and dogecoin there's not that   much difference between them right it's community 
that likes it obviously you know like coins got   more and and you know uh more to do with bitcoin 
obviously it's a fork of the bitcoin code so   it's got that going on but like really it's 
just people that agree to send it back and   forth you know that's all it boils down to 
it's not that much different than dosed coin   um if you look at something like monero that's 
a privacy coin obviously that's a lot different   um but you know i i think that it's 
got a role and i think that um you know   it's never going to be the currency of the world 
if that's what people are are thinking it's going   to be um but you got to accept it for what it is 
it's just a currency like that like it actually is   really a currency like most crypto currencies i 
call them crypto assets now they're not supposed   to be a currency but dogecoin is a currency for 
that community it's exploded into something bigger   we just have to accept a mean coin for what 
it is or even a currency coin for what it is   um it's not going to change the world it's not 
going to decentralize the internet it's not going   to cause anything to be censorship resistant it's 
not privacy coin it just is what it is so as long   as you're investing in it from that perspective 
and you don't have delusions of grandeur that   it's going to be you know that america is going to 
be exchanging dogecoin at disney world for a coke   then i think you'll be okay you just got to 
keep it in perspective and you certainly want   to diversify you don't want to only own dogecoin 
even though it has worked out for a lot of people   i'm happy for the people that made a lot of 
money with dogecoin it's been great to see   like i said i have smart friends who have 
made money on it and uh all that stuff   all right i think uh as we're winding down 
i'd love to hear ben just what's one of your   favorite songs at the moment and maybe something 
that people don't know about you and just final   thoughts to the altcoin daily audience one of 
my favorite songs wow you really hit me out of   the left field with this one um i like uh i listen 
to hip-hop pretty much exclusively atlanta hip-hop   i like atlanta hip-hop obviously yeah um i listen 
to uh when i drive my truck i listen to country   okay when i drive my dodge demon i 
listen to hip-hop that's that's the   rule the kids know the rule um so they they don't 
necessarily like riding in the truck that much   um but my favorite song probably is uh 
moonwalking in calabasas that song hits   really hard it's a good one the words are 
really good there's a part where he says um   like something to the effect of oh i heard your 
boyfriend's broke that's the gist of the line   oh i heard your boyfriend's broke that's tough 
look i really like that line that's a good line   um so that's a lot of people don't know i'm 
actually quite gangster i did think i was gonna   be a rapper for a large part of my life um so 
yeah that's probably my favorite song right now   love riding around with that one that's tough cool 
cool aaron's a big hip-hop guy too as much really   as am i aaron's a kanye guy oh my god right now 
yeah but oh hello you got to go through the cycles   just like crypto definitely ben thank you 
for joining us i always get such valuable   insights and perspective uh when i watch 
your channel so thank you for coming on ours   uh final thoughts yeah final thoughts i love 
you guys you guys are awesome can't wait are   you guys going to bitcoin 2021 is that in miami 
yeah we're not oh you're not are you going to   yeah of course i go to all the conferences 
now there's only been one there'll be two   no that's a bitcoin only conference right uh yeah 
they're probably going to try to assassinate me   yeah but i'm wearing her like what is that are 
you like bracing yourself like how do you think   the interaction is going to be with all the people 
there because they don't even want your moth to go   yeah i know that's so crazy well you know the 
thing about the bitcoin maxi cult is that you   know they're actually quite confrontational and 
uh aggressive um but i'm more confrontational   and aggressive so i can't wait to see uh i i want 
some challenge like come on let's let's challenge   me like if you hate me come tell me you hate me 
like i want to hear that um and then you know   we'll see where it goes from there but the thing 
is is that you know i know my community is going   to show up in droves for that uh because they my 
community shows up everywhere so i mean we did   a meet up in las vegas had 300 people there we 
talked about for like a few days um so i i know   my community's gonna be there they're gonna be 
strong they're gonna support me and and look i   like bitcoin i own more bitcoin than anything 
else these days actually believe it or not   um and so i support it i'm just not i'm just not 
in the cult so if they don't want to accept me the   call it's like i told uh you know tj my business 
partner i told him i said listen i'm gonna show up   but if there's red kool-aid there i'm not 
drinking it because i want to survive it so   um but they might use orange kool-aid and try to 
trick us uh so yeah that's it i'm excited to see   it yeah and probably everybody's just gonna go 
and have a good time and nothing's gonna happen   and it's all gonna be good probably 
yeah i mean that's what it'll be i'm not   i'm not scared i know a lot of the bitcoin maxies 
hate me but you know a lot of it's in good fun so   but yeah i can't wait to see you guys in person 
one day whenever you guys come to the next   conference and come out to california when things 
are back to normal here pretty soon hopefully   um and uh yeah i mean i i love your channel 
what you guys uh a decent amount and um you know   good luck on your channel growing you guys 
will be at a million before you know it too   ben's links are down below in 
the description see you tomorrow

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