LAST Chance for 100x Portfolio (2nd Opportunity – Don’t Miss It!)

you're that terrible feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you make bad decisions and then they backfire i know that's what a lot of you guys feel like when a project moons i told you about well that's exactly what happened over the last two weeks but now something has occurred that is giving you a new lease on your investment life find out what it is and why i've been yf dying to tell you about it and i'm gonna give you an opportunity to get some for free that could be worth a hundred thousand dollars let's get it welcome to bitboy crypto my name is ben everyday i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money then please make sure to hit that subscribe button today we're going to be talking about yf die and why you have a second chance to get in so pay attention but some of you guys are going to be able to get some for free i'll be giving away two yf die tokens on this video one lucky winner will win one full yf die and two winners will receive one half token each i'm only giving out two tokens total doesn't sound like a lot until you look at the current price at the time of this recording it's thirteen hundred and forty dollars but we'll get back to that price in a moment but what you guys need to do for the contest is like this video and then drop a comment down below about why you think yf die will move then give me your price prediction to be eligible for the contest you need to be a subscriber and join both the bitsquad telegram group and yfdi telegram group links are down below in the description the winners will be picked later this week and in a few minutes i'm going to explain how these tokens i'm giving away for free could be worth two hundred thousand dollars for real i must hate money but i love you so let's get back to the prize for just a moment here in the intro i said this is your second chance because after yf die went on a huge tear the price dropped for several days straight but that is normal in crypto why well some people in crypto learn the lessons from the last bull market and bear winter take profits when you can get them of course when you do that you lose the opportunity for the biggest gains you aren't ever going to make a 100x gain if you sell at 2x there's definitely a balance to be had between taking profits early to secure them and reaching the moon you can't really do both you just have to decide which kind of guy you are but with yf die a pullback was a good thing for many of you because it's a second opportunity to get in or buy more however the bounce back is already in progress and i expect us to make a higher high or a new all-time high by the end of the month if not within a week or two but that will just be the next out of many all-time highs for this project right now the price is coming in at 13.40 what if i told you 40k is actually a pretty reasonable target for this project would you believe me well that's exactly what i'm telling you and what i think it's in the cards let's break that down here for a few moments first you have to understand exactly how big the scope of this project is and the ingenuity that will separate it from others plus make the whole community money so if you watched either of our last two videos on yfdi then you would have heard me talk about safe swap and about launchpad safeswap is the hybrid decentralized exchange of the yfdi ecosystem and they refer to it as their flagship it's a hybrid dex because while it operates after listening as a dex the listing criteria is centralized yfdy isn't just going to allow any old rugpul or scam coin to jump on their platform to take your monies they have a strict criteria including lock liquidity and audited contracts along with safe swap the launch pad will also be a great place for newer projects to create their token and its platform but here's the one thing we didn't go into depth on the last video you can think of yfdy's dex as a better version of uniswap one that doesn't allow scam coins i mean that's great and all if you use safe swap instead of unit swap then you won't lose as much money from scams but with safe swap you actually will make money the returns generated from the safe swap platform go back into the community i guess they hate money as much as i do this distribution model is one that really fits the definition of decentralization very well because sure unit swap is decentralized but somebody making that fee know what i mean so with yf die you are getting a cut of the trades now let's bring up another crazy part of this ecosystem which is safe trade i know it's a little confusing since the dex is safe swap technically there is a difference between trading and swapping and swinging that's a totally different thing but safe trade is an automated trading platform designed to make you money by basically well doing nothing all you have to do is set up the bot and it's going to make some big returns but the bot is transparent so you see everything in every trade that it makes yfdy has partnered with a third party stack to create the perfect and open trading bot in the past there were huge projects in crypto who operated bots or other trading mechanisms to make returns for their people or at least that's what they said but the fact is many of them were not transparent you just had to trust that they were doing the right thing with your money and everything was on the up and up even though nobody was watching them and as we saw time after time they weren't doing the right things they were trying to steal your money and they did steal a lot of money you have to understand when you do things that are not transparent then there is an inflection point for people sometimes i really believe that exit scams and rug pools may have not been the original intention of the people who do them probably the majority plan it but sometimes it's kind of like this i think you see all this money rolling in it gets bigger and bigger and bigger then you look around and there's nobody there no one knows where you live or where to find you and if you're anon no one even knows your name so you hear a little voice in your head say take the money it gets louder and louder then one day it's yelling take the money and what do you do you take the money and run that's the downside to privacy but safe trade is fully transparent it's a safeguard against any funny business i'm not talking about a store that sells clown noses the point here to take away is that yfdi has done it the right way but those who did it the wrong way were still able to generate billions in market cap in 2017.

That's billions with a b your favorite show so imagine the potential yf die has doing it the right way now let's get a little more into the potential right now project is sitting at five million dollars not bad but still a low cap gym which i can't even believe is still under 10 million right now it's not going to be for long though guys i think yfdi is heading quickly to the top 100. it's an all-inclusive platform that is even going to add debit cards specifically for yfdi users to use them that means not only are people going to be able to use the platform digitally but even physically in the real world as well spending profits and gains is a good way to enjoy your bull market this is the top underrated divide project in my opinion with an easy chance to go anywhere from 50x to 100x imagine those gains if the price were to go up 30x that would put the project at 40 000 conservative in my opinion you also have to take into consideration that the project is pretty much the lowest supply in the game and is actually burning more tokens in one year there will only be a thirteen thousand nine hundred and fifty dollar total supply with a forty thousand dollar yfdy token suddenly my giveaway of two tokens makes me look extremely generous which i am but just don't start asking me for money a guy actually sent me a paypal invoice last week for 10 000 and all it said was just seeing if you would send me money to save my life true story i responded to him and informed him that he was dead with a skull and crossbones some people you know you give what you can here's where though things get really crazy for wife died in the prize if you were to win the first place prize in our contest and stake the full why of die token then you can make one hundred thousand dollars for free if you staked your token for two years you will get 144 returns a 2.4 x gain on a token that's worth 40k is right a hundred thousand dollars don't say uncle bitboy doesn't treat you right and he lets you tell people about everything the total opposite of that weird uncle on your mom's side you know the one that told you not to tell anyone what a creeper and as mentioned earlier forty thousand dollars might be too conservative for the price that would put yf die at a 550 million dollar market cap to put that into perspective in the very beginning of this bull market the slow time urine finance wi-fi peaked at over a billion dollar market cap so it's reasonable to think why if dai could get over a billion in the peak of this bull market putting the token itself at almost 100k as many of you guys know i am the marketing advisor for yf die so you guys are gonna get the play-by-play all along the way let me know what you guys think about it down below to enter the contest that's all i got be blessed good boy [Music] you

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