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we focus really heavily on the mom test my mom's a construction worker she can't even use facebook and i said i want to build something that she can use wait right yeah i think we all know what i'm talking about when i refer to my mom she can't use facebook so she's made it nft unlimitable because we've gone through that approach and everything we add we say can my mom use this so we don't do wrap ethan we don't do usdt or any kind of erc20 tokens because we want to limit the transactions when you go on interval you only need one transaction to do anything welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben every day on this channel i show you how to make money in crypto if you like money and crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button today i sat down with zach from mentable to discuss their platform the future of nfts and at the end we're going to tell you about our gigantic mintable nft drop the bit verse punks you guys are gonna love this so make sure you stay all the way until the end of the video all right guys i'm here with zach from mentable we've been having some really fun conversations before we came on because we got a lot of exciting stuff and we also learn you guys should check out the movie rock a doodle it's a a 90s animated film and then you'll see what my hair looks like today but zach welcome to the show thanks i appreciate it man yeah definitely glad to be right we've got some exciting nftp's to talk about i believe right yeah absolutely so we're going to be dropping uh some nfts with minimal we'll get to here in just a second uh but zach i want to start with you know if you could explain a little bit about what your role is with mentable and you know how mental came to be and what is the platform itself yeah i'm the founder ceo of instable principal is an open marketing place for nfts so uh you know anyone can come on and create a nft we're the only we're actually the only platform on the internet where you can make nft on ethereum for free with no gas costs so if you've got zero ether you know you're just learning about nfts you could go over and you can make it nft right now and get started and so we're an open platform anyone can come over create nft or they can start buying and trading in ftas and start you know making crypto uh we got started back in 2018 uh funny story i was actually the first person to ever make money with cryptokitties uh but i fell in love with nfts back in 2017 early 2017 before cryptokitties that's why i was um you know i was really paying attention when they were at the hackathon and i fell in love the next year i ended up making mintable as a tool in 2018 and it just kind of spiraled out from there and now you know we're one of the largest platforms for nfts um on the internet uh we have hundreds of thousands of users we have hundreds of thousands of nfts uh we've had millions of dollars transacted on the platform now we've got a lot of really cool tools and creator features for people that are looking to make an nft just really quickly like if you want to make a 4k resolution documentary as a nft there's only one place to do that and that's mintable right everywhere else you won't be able to do that um so we've got a ton of things like that that are really awesome yeah and so i remember i had spoken with somebody at mintable uh like right when you guys were getting ready to launch uh and we were looking at doing some stuff there we ended up doing it on wearable which we heavily regret um but i i think it's is it more advantageous for people who are creating uh nfts on mintable to make like longer runs of each individual nft yeah so mindable is really powerful for creating like even if you don't want to sell on mintable you should still use it to create just because the features that we give you um as i said like the 4k videos you can only do that on multiple right if you want to host your data on ipfs you can do that on intel if you want to host it on your own to server you can do that if you want to host it on our server you can do that we offer you so much more flexibility than wearable or opencv does uh it's like really really important for a creator to be able to do what they want to do and then the reason i said even if you don't want to use mintable it's on the blockchain so you can go post it on wearable open c and mintable all the same time right so triple the success to sell it yeah um so you know there's a ton of things like to give you an example we're the only platform that lets you add multiple images any kind of file that you want as a private file so if you want to have a pdf or maybe a behind-the-scenes video of your youtube channel or maybe you want to do a text file or even a zip file that's two gigabytes you can do that on your nft and that's unlockable content which only the owner of the nft can actually access and it's private and it's safe so we've scanned everything for viruses you're guaranteed you know it's it's safe to consume and this is really important because no other platform does this um so there's a ton of things like that that as a creator with the flexibility the options that we provide you know you should just utilize multiple just for that alone another example is if you want to make 2 000 nfts in a single transaction there's only one place to do that mintable and if you want to make it nft for free only one place to do that invincible right so these are things for creators that let them stand out where we offer a ton of flexibility uh in terms of if you're just an artist or if you're a youtuber or if you're a doctor me a documentary filmmaker or even a trader you want to sell your training calls there's so many ways you can utilize nfts on the devil yeah i really like that and now talk about the buying process on mintable like what is that like because i know we've seen some launches on openc that failed miserably because you know basically the buying process is very complicated especially if you're just taking rap teeth or things like that so what is the buying process like on mintable so look i've been in the nfc space for a while and when i've built mintable uh you know i built it for like since the late 2019 until 20 december 2020 we were building it we focus really heavily on the mom test my mom's a construction worker she can't even use facebook and i said i want to build something that she can use wait right yeah i think we all know what i'm talking about when i refer to my mom she can't use facebook so she's made it nfc because we've gone through that approach and everything we add we say can my mom use this so we don't do rap ether we don't do usdt or any kind of erc20 tokens because we want to limit the transactions when you go on interval you only need one transaction to do anything you never ever have to submit two transactions on interval that's the whole point and we've got a step further where we're the only open platform that accepts credit card so you can buy any nft on the blockchain that's listed on mintable with a credit card and it's not like a a middleman where you buy ease into your metamask with your credit card and then you submit your trading no it's literally you have zero money in your metamask you paid your credit card your nft is now in your metamask and so that's really powerful because again my mom my mom doesn't have either and i want her to be able to buy an nft she's got a credit card right and she might buy a 20 nft right especially if it's a picture of my face right and there you go there you go um yo just say maybe your mom would be interested in ft of my face oh maybe uh she would like that especially right now the the rock-a-doodle haircut yeah uh so yeah let's talk a little bit about um you know so you know average people are starting to just buy nfts at this point they have been for a few months now not people are just obsessed with crypto it's kind of like what you were talking about uh what are your thoughts in general um about where the overall nft market is right now because a lot of a lot of people are saying like oh and if these are crazed they're over you know people shouldn't really be focusing on them what are your thoughts on that yeah no i mean we saw the same thing in 2017 uh with cryptokitties right oh they you know they created these nfts and you know that's it it's over right and same with ethereum too that's not the case now in fact actually if you look at the statistics uh it's only gone up so we have more users more volume more traction across the board not just from interval of course principles also doing all that but on every nft platform there's more growth now than there was in february and march right it's continually to trim up and this is you know especially with something like mintable we built it for mass market so we have like literally a hundred thousand users that have never done anything in crypto before they don't even have an account on coinbase but they've gone and they're using a dap on the blockchain and they're earning crypto right which is really really powerful and that's not going to stop anytime soon um you know it's like saying that graphic design and online digital art is a great point right it's not going to happen uh and so the numbers just don't show that um in fact like cnbc just did an nft with us and we were all over cnbc for like three days straight we had uh multiple billionaires bidding on it uh frida tillman he won mark cuban was bidding on it uh the ceo of t-mobile was bidding on it um and so it's it's only getting you know more and more hyped up i think by the end of this year we'll probably have around three billion in volume globally yeah and i think that's something i agree with 100 you know the individual price of individual coins in the nft space they're going to go up and down they're going to move with the market but what people have to understand is nfts are here to stay and it's a true revolution of digital merchandise basically so um and we're seeing a lot of movie companies and you know all kinds of different you know nfl nba sports leagues getting interested as well and that should be signaling to people that this is here so i want to talk a little bit about what we're doing with you guys we're actually on the 15th this month uh going to be launching our own series on mintable called bit verse punks we're really excited about it uh we talked to you guys about it um about when we were gonna you know when we were putting this idea together and the idea is to kind of you know go piggyback off of the success of crypto punks because it's been one of the best-selling series in all of nfts for sure uh and we're gonna take our bit verse characters from our bit verse cards uh and we're gonna create uh you know crypto punk-like uh characters for each of those so it's really exciting they're gonna have utility where and do you want to talk a little bit about uh the utility that's going to go on these and then as well you know kind of the kind of the the allure of unlockable content and utility yeah so i think you know what you're doing is really cool because not very many nfts in fact i don't think i've ever seen nfts with this kind of utility so to give you an example uh if you own certain ones or certain months of the year for your channel you know you're going to be doing air drops to certain holders of different sfts right and so that's really cool because now maybe i want to buy when this drops i'm going to buy 10 of each right i'm going to do that strategically because i know that you're going to announce you know maybe six months down the road that this nft is going to get an air drop of some you know coin and at that point that value is going to skyrocket and so i can already be there ready to have the nfts on the market or to be able to make a profit on that or maybe i just want to because if i have 10 of them maybe i get 10 times the airdrop right and this is all unique economic value that is being built into the nft and so that's really cool and then of course the artwork is just you know fabulous it's awesome art uh and so from a collecting standpoint you know i would love to have this in my wallet and display it um but when you add that to the utility you have people that may not even care about your channel maybe don't even know you they're gonna buy it because they think oh i can flip this for you know a bad profit but then you're going to have all your fans that are also trying to partake in it and then for the people that are close to you or at least in america uh you'll be able to go to meetups and so you know hopefully you're you're around the south and the east coast and you can come into the meetups otherwise you know there's still i think you were telling me before that you've had like a ton of people that would fly into your meetups yeah quite a large crowd right and so having these private meetups for nft holders to kind of get access to this inner circle i think that's really cool as well and that's again something that you don't really see um i think i've only seen it like twice before what about being gary vee right that's what i was thinking of yeah right exactly and so you know if you're doing something that he's doing you know you're obviously doing something right um so i think these are really awesome and i think right now we have we have two main limited editions there's only 20 of them right uh and then we have well in total there's 16.

And so out of those 16 uh you know you're gonna pick and choose which ones you want based off maybe you get one of each uh it's up to you right but they're all limited and so based off of like your numbers and how many subscribers you have now the utility of them i mean they're not going to be around for very long at all so you know yeah i i i'm super excited well we're we're also very excited to uh you know be continuing to develop our comic universe that's actually what this channel started as uh in the very beginning and then we got into news and other things but it's it's always really cool for me to see things come full circle so if you guys want to check out uh our series launching on minimal on june 15th uh you guys can head on over to and you guys can see the uh the drops there on that date we'll of course we put them out to all our socials zach thank you so much for joining us today it's been uh very good getting to know mentable getting to know you and we look forward to working with you many more times in the future awesome thanks man appreciate it all right absolutely and everybody else make sure to drop some comments down below let me know what your favorite nft platform is and if you've used minimal let me know your experience as well that's all i got be blessed [Music] you

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