Damn it, It won't go down for now… What are you up to dude ? I'm watching the Bitcoin price Oh no, don't tell me you're one of these suckers who wants to invest in Bitcoin now it has exploded ? Well, why not ? 'cause it's a speculative bubble bro, you'll lose everything when it explodes. Huh, what an original way of thinking.

You sound like Jean Kevin the economist on Twitter ! I just don't want to lose a fortune. If you wanted to invest in something, you had to do it five years ago. What about you ? Why didn't you invest ? How so ? Five years ago, you were my age dude, one bitcoin only worthed a few cents. Today, you would be a multimillionnaire ! Why didn't you do it ? I don't know, I wasn't aware I dOn'T KnOw, I WaSn'T awArE Look at you bro ! You're 26 and you still live with mom and dad ! Your room is disgusting, you're dressed like a four-year-old kid ! You don't have any dosh 'cause you spend everything in production teams to record videos for people who don't even care about you ! Moh, that's not true…

They care… You think I want THIS life ? No, I want to be rich and today, to be rich, I have to buy Bitcoin HOLY FUCK !!! DAMN IT ! JUST WHEN I BUY IT, IT PLUMMETS! I warned you dude 😉 I JUST LOST 4000 BUCKS !!! Well, you just have to do a product placement. yeah Okay now I'm at equilibrim. Listen bro, the day you'll understand that Bitcoin is only a notional currency and especially that money doesn't buy happiness, THAT day I have accomplished my big brother play. Yeah, of course ! Wut ? You're right bro ! Money doesn't buy happiness or at least until today! eh ? That's obvious ! Bitcoin is actually the missing piece of the puzzle ! It's the last currency needed to make money buy happiness.

I really don't understand right now. Look, you were talking about notionnal currency but except the Bitcoin, what are the five currencies most known in the world ? Huuuh, well, dollar, euro, yen, pound, and Mexican pesos ? Exactly ! And if we look at the history of each of those currencies, they all contributed, one way or another, to happiness, mais not completely WHAT?! That's not difficult dude, let's start in chronological order The most ancient of these five currencies is the Pound also known as Pound Sterling. It was inventted in the Middle Ages when most of people still thought that the Earth was flat. Fuck, how dumb they were ! Precisely, what stopped people to be happy at the time was its lack of knowledge about the world English people quickly understood that to reach happiness they had to place knowledge at the centre of their society.

Knowledge, which is found in… ?? Books ? Exactly ! So pounds are the currency representing knowledge, sinequanone condition to happiness. Nobody wants to hear "You're so dumb, you don't have any knowledge." Continue The second currency is the dollar, which is the logic line of the pound. Accumulate knowledge is good, but it takes time. Often years ! However, the life expectancy in Middle Ages until the dollar only rose of 13 years in seven centuries. Yeah, 27 years old, I would only have one year left YES !! The main obstacle to happiness at the 18th century was the low life expectancy. That's why Americans decided to create the $ as a symbol of health, 'cause to live longer meant to get closer to happiness, for them. That's completely crazy, since when Americans or $ mean health ? Don't tell me you don't see the obvious similarity between the dollar sign ($) and pharmacies' snake logo ? *Bruh* Let's move to the yen, now.

Or maybe should I say Japanese Yen or Chinese Yuen but that's the same symbol. Japan and China, How do these two countries look alike ? I'm warning you, Henry, if you make a racist joke… Work ! It's work ! Those two countries are known to be extremely hard workers. Therefore, Yuens or Yens are a way to represent courage, effort, and surpassing oneself, which is an essential component of happiness. You can't be happy if you stagnate your whole life. Can you, Kevin ? I will beat you up ! Let's talk finally about our currency, the Euro € Which has been created by the European Union. The word "Union". The € was meant to symbolize sharing, mutual assistance, solidarity, which lead to happiness. Wait, before €, haven't you forgotten… Pesos ! I just wanted to check your attention 1785, creation of Pesos, which actually are an anagram Posse ? Non, in English ! Posse ! which means, your crew, your team, your family So Pesos reprensent your family and friends, who contribute to make you happy.

And Bitcoin in all of that ? Well you said it yourself ! Bitcoin is a notionnal currency, from our imagination… Without imagination, no creativity, no dreams. Without dreams, no happiness. What's your point bro ? You see Kevin, happiness is when you have a family, and friends, generous enough to take care of you and to motivate you to work hard, so you can accomplish your dreams and not look like a dumb. The only bitcoin does not buy happiness, but that's only when it is associated with all other currencies that we'll can live peacefully. OH ! I'M BUYING IT !.

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